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Why/How You Risk Your Health, Future, and Life in Hotels, Motels, Rented or Used Vehicles.

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Why/How You Risk Your Health, Future, and Life in Hotels, Motels, Rented or Used Vehicles. Scented Fragrance's in candles, Plug-ins, and sprays, Vaso-constrictors, Naphthalene's, Benzenes, pesticides. Solvents, asphalt and more, may well shorten lives, cause pain, asthma, agitate hearts, lungs, eyes and all smooth muscles and a variety of other irritations, perhaps even Parkinson's and Alzheimers. What to do about them? Wake up and don't buy them! A Few Days With Johnny on The Spot 1)-John J. who had just gotten home from a trip to Minnesota had a terrible headache, his eyes hurt, and his throat felt tight-must is coming down with something, he thought. He was coming down with something, but not a cold or flu, and he'd never guess what in a million years. His ex-wife used to get many headaches, but he never did, today, however, he had one. He noticed also that his heart was racing a bit and his eye was twitching. He took off his new blue suit and showered, opened all the windows in his house and took a nap. 2)-He woke up about 9:30 PM in time to hear a helicopter sweeping low over his house. He started coughing and sweating, shortly thereafter. It wasn't warm out, about 72 degrees, but he was sweating and his throat was burning. He drank some water and then more water. His mouth was watering, yet his throat was dry, his eyes tearing and burning and he was thirsty. He watched TV for a while and then went back to sleep. The next morning when his alarm went off, he was having trouble opening his eyes and he was very sleepy he was feeling ill. Food was coming up on him, his vision was blurry, hands shaking, and he bit his cheek a dozen times in that day, something he had never done before. He, also found that he had to go to the bathroom several times that day, with the last two trips involving diarrhea, however, the headache was gone. After the last trip to the bathroom, he lost his temper and threw a bar of soap at a plastic glass on the sink with all the force he could muster. Later driving to the airport, he was cutting people off and bumper tagging slow pokes. 3)-Next day he had to fly to Georgia. He rented a car at the hotel and went to meet his client. Now, the damned headache was back. He was at the client's office for two hours and by the time they arrived at the restaurant for dinner he noticed the headache was gone. Driving must have made him tense, he thought, now he was relaxed. They sat at the table ordered and by the time the food came, he had asthma and a very rapid pulse. His lips were dry and cracking, he was sleepy and he felt a bit woozy, though he had no alcoholic drink. The scented, Sterno oil lamp at his table went out and the lovely waitress smiled at him as she leaned extra close over him to relight it. She handed him a note with her phone number on it. His heart was missing beats! He ordered a Dr. Pepper and drank it quickly and then another with dinner. The headache began to recede. 4)-After dinner they went to a poker club and played for hours and he won at poker, he was feeling better. Some time during the game, the symptoms disappeared. After the game, they dropped him at his car and he drove back to the hotel. By the time he got there the off and on again headache was back once again-and although it went away when he showered, it returned as he lay on the bed watching TV. 5)-After his breakfast meetings in the morning at his hotel, he called the waitress, she asked him if he would mind if she cooked and they ate at her town house. After dinner, she excused herself, and handed him a towel, soap and washcloths, along with a razor and can of shaving foam and directed him to a bathroom. After he'd shaved and showered, she beckoned him up to her room, they had memorable sex and he felt great. 6)-After that she lit some scented candles and put on some mood music and a soft-core sex film, in which she and another woman were lovers. It was not long before they were at it again and he felt even better. Ah! This was the life. He fell asleep and when he awoke, he had asthma, his lips were cracking and his throat was sore and dry and his eyes were tearing hurting and his head hurt again. He was starting to worry. He left her house and drove straight to the airport, amidst a worsening headache-it was extraordinarily painful, his neck was stiff, more than that, his voice was hoarse, and he was croaking as he tried to sing as he drove, and he was wheezing. He thought it was cold or stomach flu, and maybe a touch of bronchitis, it was neither. He was a physical wreck when he got home. He showered and went to the office anyway. Now he was feeling great again, but by now he was confused, so he made an appointment with his doctor, and later with his allergist, who sent him to an ear, nose and throat man. Almost everything was within the range of normality. His blood pressure was on the high side though, so his doctor lent him a portable BP machine and told him to take his BP upon rising and before going to sleep. He did that faithfully. It bopped up and back, between normal, low, and high. 7)-That night while he was lying around watching TV, he took his blood pressure-155/94, not so good, too high. Later while watching movie, he heard the helicopter again buzzing his chimney. The sore throat, blurry vision, and weakness returned and he felt like he was gagging and he bit his tongue and cheeks several times. In the morning, his blood pressure was 106 over 58. His normal was 124 over 70. In addition, his knees and elbows weren't working properly, they were shaky and he almost fell more than once. What the Hell, was going on? Below in the matching paragraph numbers, I explain, from experience and asking questions of those who suffered them, what might have caused each of the symptoms. I then checked them with medical guides online and physcians, for symptoms and reactions. We found that once the offending materials were removed and the areas around then were thoroughly cleaned, symptoms disappeared in most cases. The consistency of similar symptoms when encountering chemicals known to cause them and the disappearance of the symptoms when either the person was removed from the area, or the offending chemicals were removed and the area thoroughly cleaned, was good confirmation of the source of many of the problems. Having studied Physical Anthropology and consulting with a physician, an uncle, confirmed much of the research. The most common remedy recommended by doctors in such mild cases was removal of the suspected source of the problems, or removal of the person suffering from the presence of the offending chemicals. Paragraph 1 1)-The hotel room was cleaned with harsh solvents made from citrus fruit, the hotel housecleaning staff claimed. Citrus fruit was hardly the only ingredient, however. It probably caused the headaches, sharing blame with the fragrances that almost every hotel uses to cover up unpleasant odors. Most such fragrances, Scented candles, Plug-ins that exude fragrances, contain Vaso-constrictor's. They tighten the arteries putting pressure on the system, heart, and blood flow to all muscles smooth and otherwise. It causes the Blood Pressure (BP) to rise and limits blood to the brain, and eyes. It also dries out the skin causing cracking lips and more. There is a risk, in some people, that the rapid rise and fall of BP could cause stroke. Long-term exposure could cause diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, heart disease, and other cardio vascular problems. Many of the scented fragrances contain not only the Vaso-constrictor's, but also several carcinogens like Benzene and Naphthalene, which leads to cancer with exposure. The many other chemicals used there were probably not helping his health either in the short or long term. 2)-The helicopter was spraying synthetic Pyrethrum, or an Organo-phosphate, or carbamate, all of which are neuro toxic pesticides, implicated in Alzheimers, Parkinson's and assorted cancers. In addition, his neighbor was spraying for weeds, making him gag. The short-term affect is nothing to ignore, but long term is cancer. Pesticides are neuro-toxic; they affect the central nervous system, smooth muscles (visceral: Colon, bowels, brain, etc.). The central nervous system was agitated fraying his temper. Violence is a symptom not yet taken into account in the use of spraying for mosquitoes. Do more accidents and violence often occur after a few nights of spraying, to say nothing of adverse reactions for those taking prescription drugs which may be interfered with by the pesticide/herbicides? 3)-The headaches were common with those sensitive to such things, in situations in which fragrances sprayed into used and rental autos, as well as most hotel, motel rooms, and many restaurant bathrooms. The Sterno- like "candle" on the table may well have caused the heart 'skips' and the other shortness of breath and breathing problems as well as the cracked lips and rapid pulse. Those symptoms should be checked out by a physician nonetheless. It is not inconceivable that in a person with an unstable heart or BP problems, a stroke or heart failure, or a heart attack could take place from the elevated pulse, narrowed arteries, and breathing the exhaust from a Sterno-like "candle," often used in restaurants. Using those things without adequate ventalation which most restaurants lacks, is a horror waiting to happen. The caffeine from the Dr. Pepper reduced the headache pain by assisting in opening the arteries. 4)-He felt better here probably because he was away from the offending chemicals long enough to recuperate, but once back in the auto, the fragrances attacked his system again. 5)-No problems here, unless he forgot to wear protection in the clinches against STD's. However, I don't know of any company that makes condoms for the tongue. 6)-The scented candles containing benzene, naphthalene, are irritants as well as being carcinogen didn't help and neither did the vaso-constrictors, which constrict blood, flow, increase blood pressure and irritate the heart rhythms. 7)-BP up because of the various chemicals we ahve already discussed but which and then dropped rapidly when he encountered the Sprayed pesticide from the helicopter. The pesticides attacking the central nervous system cause erratic muscle reactions, hence the tongue and cheek biting, which can become a serious matter involving surgery and more.

The use of pesticides to kill adult mosquitoes is a panacea and a huge profit maker for the pest mosquito management companies. They kill less than between 1%-7% of the live adult mosquitoes and you can kill far more than that by encouraging bats and certain birds to frequent certain areas. The spraying has all the possible carcinogens and other frightening chemicals and affects thousands immediately, but worse the build up of such chemicals in the system is extremely dangerous. The attempts at killing of adult mosquitoes are a sham because the diseases with which they frighten people into hiring them are about as easy to catch as a comet. The chances are millions to one against catching any of the several rare diseases and even if caught the vast majority of those catching never even know they were affected by if anything, mild flu symptoms. Mosquito spraying and lawn care pesticides are the most blatant and prolific forms of drug abuse, legalized, forced drug abuse, forced on those who know the dangers by idiot neighbors? Many communities lacking well-informed, properly educated citizens and employees on the mosquito control issue, have fallen into the trap of spending unwisely and possibly placing their constituents in grave physical danger. According to reports, it is alleged that the surest means of eradicating mosquitoes, if they are a radical health danger, which they are allegedly not always, is to seed standing water, ponds, leaf and wood chip piles and other mosquito dwelling places, with bacilli, sterile male populations, oil-water cover, and natural Pyrethrum; all of which kill larvae effectively. Spraying for adult mosquitoes is reported to be widely ineffective, killing less than 1% to 7% of adult mosquitoes. Moreover, it poses grave threats to health and ultimately to life, even among humans. There also appears to be no public assessment by unbiased medical toxicologists as to what the tolerance level of individuals is for such toxins. Increasing the dosage of the adult mosquito killing toxins would probably make them more dangerous to humans than they are already. Moreover, it is said that, after a time, the mosquitoes become immune to the toxic poisons used to kill them, while humans only become more vulnerable to them. It has not been publicly advertised or to our knowledge investigated: If or whether the chemicals used in spraying for adult mosquitoes interferes with medications people may be taking; or if the chemicals may cause adverse drug interactions; nor if they may pose extreme health hazards to certain people with allergies and other afflictions; nor if these chemicals represent, in addition to certain immediate symptoms, (which some victims may not recognize as resulting from pesticide applications), certain long term mental, body-health altering lifetime illnesses; nor has advertising or public information been delivered concerning the effectiveness of applications for adult mosquitoes and/or the personal dangers and symptoms that may result from applications for adult mosquito spraying; nor has the public been informed of the odds against being infected by each disease the pesticide companies claim to be carried by mosquitoes since 1999 in Northern Illinois, or the number of deaths since nationally state by state. One wonders what the medical profession has to say about the above and when they will begin to look into the problems cited here. If public information is accurate, in 8 years, 670 have died nationally. Of a population of 320,000,000 x 8 years, that is less than 84 deaths nationally a year for the entire nation. That is considerably less than the number which have been afflicted or died of asthma and a number of other ailments, nor has spraying for adult mosquito populations changed that, nor have those who profit from it informed the citizenry, town by town, state by state, why they risk making tens of thousands ill from pesticide spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes. Are they guilty of using fear tactics to panic some communities into spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes and not mentioning such small numbers of deaths and the generally mild nature of some of the diseases known to be associated with mosquitoes in Northwestern Illinois and the risky side effects of spraying? For instance, those profiting have not proved to have effectively reduced mosquito populations by spraying for adult mosquitoes, nor ever refrained voluntarily from spraying in communities where the odds are even greater against anyone dying or even becoming seriously ill than the national odds. In Illinois in 2003, one person died of West Nile making the chances of dying of West Nile that year greater than 15,000,000 to 1. In 2003, the epicenter of the disease has moved west with most cases appearing in western states. Why, then must 15,000,000 in Illinois be placed at risk because one person died in 2003? The answer $$$$$, there is a great deal of profit to be made in spraying for adult mosquitoes and more when chemicals rather than natural sources are used, and even more when the companies spraying makes their own chemical, witch's brew. Since it has been alleged that pesticides are heavily implicated in breast and ovarian cancer among women, and pesticides are alleged to be implicated, in the proliferation of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, and that perhaps spraying for adult mosquitoes is, by and large, ineffective, killing less than 1%-7% of adult mosquitoes at each spraying, after which it is alleged that the adult mosquito population then increases exponentially), and that the products in use appear to affect and cause a variety of human negative reactions and that a number of communities of well-informed government officials, who truly care about their constituency, rather than merely as tax-cash-cows, seeing this information have discontinued spraying for adult mosquitoes completely. It has been alleged that spraying for Adult Mosquitoes, is primarily a profit-making venture and no more than a cosmetic, placebo, gesture, and if so, is therefore unnecessary and preys upon the weaknesses and fears of those not properly informed to make sufficiently well informed decisions about such matters. Since drug application by the oath and law of those administering drugs, weigh the benefits against the dangers, it is our contention that such has not been done in the case of spraying for adult mosquitoes and if it were there would be no spraying for Adult Mosquitoes and that therefore citizens cannot make an informed and safe decision about such matters. Present your local mosquito control board with FOIA requests if your state has such measures, otherwise petition municipal or county authorities for contact information about those who are getting ill from the spraying, contact those people and form a powerful voice of reason in stopping the useless contamination of water, air and human vessels with pesticides. The inducement of fear, found so effective by the current administration in Washington to selling scams to the severely, poorly informed public, continues to be a factor in selling every kind of snake oil for every single poorly perceived and worsely researched fraudulent End-of-Days, scenario. Is it now true, as some are claiming, that in the last five years Europeans and the Chinese have surpassed Americans as the best-educated and unformed citizens on the planet? Well, at least more so than 54,000,000 who voted for the current Anti-Christ's and his followers here and in Great Britain and in the low art of panic peddling. The sheets and other things dried with the fabric softener also gave me a crawly, itchy feeling as though large spiders or toads were creeping along up and down my chest, legs and back, a chemical irritation symptom I am told. Worse however is the affect on the central nervous system of some of the toxins in many fabric softeners Moreover, recent tests on children's clothing showed that fabric softeners are an incredible fire accelerant, igniting up to 30 times faster than clothing without fabric softener-an especially great danger to children.

Most of those who suffer from the scent addiction, and it are an addiction or at least an affectation, not only cannot figure out why they have constant headaches, but if you tell them, they say, "But I like fragrances!" Well, they no longer make fragrances from natural ambergris, (acres of whale vomit, but good for non-toxic fragrances) from which the great perfumes have been made for hundreds of years because either there are too few whales or the few that there are have learned to take bicarbonate of soda after a meal. Maybe now people can learn to do one of two things, chuck the carcinogenic fragrances or live with the headaches and the fatal results, As for my wife and I, we have found that almost everything you don't buy at Organic food stores, such as Whole Foods, is toxic in some way or other. These products and many more unnamed here, have several things in common; they are toxic, or carcinogenic, or allergenic, or both. Many toxic items are made of petroleum byproducts and are products outsourced, offshore and the people who buy them have no clue as to the dangers. Most frightening is that many physicians in general practice, including some allergists, don't have a clue either. Even after examining someone suffering from such products some often compound their patient's injury by prescribing drugs which only serve to complicate the problems. The best thing medical personnel can do to properly diagnose such problems as we have discussed here, is to carefully LISTEN to their patients, and clear their own minds of pat answers! Note that I called these toxic "illnesses," injuries. I did that because they come not from an organic infection but from a toxic attack on the body. We do not call a bomb, which injures people, an infection or an illness. Neither do we say that a bullet, or a poison is an infection. The upshot is read the damned labels of everything you buy and if you do not know what an ingredient is, look it up before you buy and stay away from known toxins like pesticides for any reason, and solvents. Don't participate in the binge of stupidity that make people think that spreading asphalt on their driveways every year has some benefit, it has NONE! Use your head, you are sealing in moisture and heat and that will cause your driveway to crack and pot. I have never sealed my driveway in the 20 years I have lived here when it was newly poured and I have no cracks and ZIP potholes. Everyone of the neighbor's coat their driveways each spring and they are always cracked and potholed by the next spring. Besides the stuff are incredibly toxic, burning throats, eyes and making head and eye pain as well as breathing difficulties and coughing. What can you do? Frequent your City Hall and petition for them to use the most effective non-toxic, larvae mosquito killing materials and no spraying for adult mosquitoes. You are forewarned that not buying any of the items mentioned here will most likely not hurt you, but buying and using them, and in the case of scented candles, you do not have to burn them to be affected by them, is iffy at best.

Find a good physician who is very knowledgeable about the matters we spoke of here, and pursue your best interests with him/her. But share my thoughts with him as well and your own experiences. I have been studying these matters for most of my life, and suffering them ever since my two year brush with polio, simply use common sense. The best patient is an informed, educated, scientific, researcher, who renders his own experiences to his doctor. I am not a physician, so take everything I said here, with a grain of salt, it is 99% experience in my own near death, and 1% commonsense. Good Day and God Bless!

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