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America And China; The Toxic Twins, One A Plutocracy, The Other a Toxic, Slave Labor Hypocrisy

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America And China; The Toxic Twins, One A Plutocracy, The Other a Toxic, Slave Labor Hypocrisy. A satire of factual and social significance. Parts of this article appeared in my Blog more than a year ago, but they bear repeating. They will appear again in my Novel to be published late fall 2007, copyrighted in 1994-THE UNIVERSAL TRAVELERS AND WHY THEY WOULDN'T STAY AT HOME AND WASH THEIR DISHES! America the Plutocracy! Neo-con, Outsourcing Toxicity and The Common-Sense, IQ Challenged American User Drugee's Have you ever smelled the fumes from Chinese plastic products? A printer or cell phone, or a DVD cover or a kid's toy or any of millions of plastic products? If not, you are in deep trouble, because those sensitive enough to smell them and be affected, have the common sense and the warning signs to get rid of them and fast! Those who do not are chastising their bodies with slow toxic death bringing trauma. Toxic fumes that, at the very least, give sensitive people headaches, eye-pain, asthma and eventually worse. What they do to their lungs, throats, mouths, is anyone's guess. Have you ever smelled tar/asphalt? When I was a kid, right after laying it you could walk on it and as it hardened into a gummy substance, before becoming solid as a rock, you could chew gobs of it, with no side effects. If you did that today, at worst, in the short term, almost immediately you would become very ill or die. In the long term you would probably father or, depending upon your gender, give birth to a spawn with the head of a goat, the body of Balloon-fish, the sensitivity or a block of concrete and the brain of a flea, much like... like... well like... d*ckhead Cheney Are you gifted enough to smell pesticides used in Mosquito spraying, and lawn care chemicals? If not, know this, the short term affect to those with sensitive organs, sets the eyes afire with burning, combined with a dry and burning throat, shakiness in the joints and mild to severe confusion and bewilderment, and depending upon degree of exposure, mild to severe acidosis and possibly death. In some, they also raise and lower the blood pressure, the heart rate in some and in others, lower both to the point of losing consciousness. Moreover, in some who merely absorb through skin, eyes or inhale/breath the same fumes, as do the mosquitoes, are affected with streaks of violence and temper outrages. Do you want people so affected, in the neighborhood driving an auto? Or cleaning a gun? Or getting into an argument with their mates or children? You can be tested for pesticide intake, just as easily as for alcohol intake, you know? Why don't we do that? Then no one in my neighborhood, where imbeciles run amok spraying everything that either moves or does not, with pesticides and herbicides-a slow way of dumbing down Americans, one neighborhood at a time. Oh, did I mention that using these obscene products affects the IQ, downward...HWG Bush and his wife must have bathed GW and Jeb in Herbicides and pesticides, no? We know that Tom DeLaye bathed in them, daily, if not hourly. There is a phenomenon in my neighborhood, a spring ritual of people coating their driveways with asphalt. One guy asked me if mine was concrete (it looks very gray because in eighteen years I have never once coated it.) I said no, it is asphalt. How, come then I never coat it? I am among other things, and architect, so I explained that if he looked closely he would see, in my driveway, neither potholes nor cracks. He said, but it looks gray, not nice and black. (His was all cracked and full of small potholes.) I ignored the idiotic comment and said, in contrast, although almost all of the driveways in our neighborhood were laid by the same builder-. He interrupted and said; you are the only one except those with concrete driveways, who never coats his driveway and-. This time I interrupted and said, and mine is the only one lacking the endearing quality of all the others of cracking and potholes. He said, yeah, why is that? I said, because I don't coat it ever. He said; coating is a maintenance, which protects your driveway! I said, no, it is a mythical ritual, concocted by those who sell the toxic crap you spread on your otherwise nearly irrefragable driveway, have sold those of the herd mentality. They have preprogrammed you to a fustian, toxic, Band-Aid, like the pesticides you spread on your lawns, which addicts you both to endless feckless repetition, and vain, expenditures of time and money, while at the same time shortening your lives, and those of all around you. You know, he said, they are right, some people are too smart to be practical. I said, and some are far too insensate, to comprehend that by pouring a sealant cover over a similar base, which has matured and either heated or cooled and absorbed, heat, cold, moisture and continues out-gassing, you seal in that which needs to breath, and it, in out-gassing downward into it's pebbled, and/or sandy base, is partially or completely frustrated and the gasses, heat/cold, unable to pass off into the air. Expand and contract sandwiched between two intractable layers, begin to fissure and crater. Left alone, they will not, unless inadequately prepared initially, crack or crater. You coat, I do not. Yours cracks and craters, mine does not. Eventually you will have to replace it with concrete. He looked at my gray, unacceptable driveway, looked frightened, at me, and walked away without further discourse. My driveway would have been concrete, but the builder had it laid before we bought it. That, however, is not the worst part of the story, on neighbor, put in a new concrete drive way. I breathed a sigh of relief-one less toxic odor with which to contend-a short lived presumption- a week later we awoke gasping for air, He had coated his new concrete driveway! Moreover, to escape the toxic odor he and his family left town for the weekend to avoid the toxic onslaught the rest of us had to contend with. When I brought that to his attention, to his credit and red-faced he admitted his culpability. I explained, laboriously his vain efforts and explain did he ever see the concrete structures, bridges, and buildings being coated? His answer was that when he coats it again he would let us know ahead of time. God seems to dearly love the comprehension challenged, He made so damned many of them. The longer-term effect of the use of feckless application of pesticides, herbicides, and solvents, many researchers agree, are cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinson's. And for what materialistic purpose? A cosmetic lawn, an unnatural conceit created to gain the approval of property owners associations, those gated-polyandrium-minded, ulcerations, of miscreant, oatmeal-brained, aciculate-headed, mephitic-tempered, opprobrious, self-indigent's, even ousted from their paradise-Hell. Do they seek a cleaner gizmo? Isn't it easier not to buy gizmos and to plant ground cover than the unnatural lawns? A natural lawn should stand about three to four feet high, not 3 to 4 inches high, anyone but a fool knows that. How hebetudinous, and logic-challenged are those who perniciously, intoxicate, themselves and their neighbors with such poisonous products with affects every single person who inhales them? Any person with an IQ above that of a bowl of avocado and chives, with or without vinegar, oil oregano and Sweet Basil, would know better. There are some people who believe it to be a ritual macho necessity to never read any labels, or if they do they revert to Orwellian Double-think and use them anyway, because after reading the labels of lawn care, garden and mosquito killing pesticides/herbicides, one would have to be mentally retarded or have a death wish to actually use them. You would be much better off spraying the lawn, flowers, plants or mosquitoes with Cocaine, Marijuana, or Morphine. Double think, is when a label tells you between the lines, that unless you dress in a $2.5 million dollar space-suit, complete with air filtration and toxic nullification, neutralization, system, if you ever mate, you will either father or give birth either to a retarded, autistic, severely handicapped child, or one which is socially amorphic. There-foreword, either you or any child to which you father or give birth to, will soon obtain/become, through lack of merit and due-diligence (or already are/have) a mentally disturbed, retrograded, central nervous system, which filters out consciousness, empathy, and conscience, an inhuman, inhumane, sensitivity-deadened, sadistic, toadeater, with an IQ below that of a frogs ass, who thinks wealth is the cure for your ills, in short you would become an inchoate, subjacent, lackwit... d*ckhead Cheney-a fate worse than death. Like the war in Iraq, selling these items to the witless, which are at best, severely b├¬ Ětise, which use them, to poison themselves, and their neighbors as well, into imbecility, and physical degradation, is all about money to the sellers, and buying and using them, is all about a desire to be viewed above their intellectual and economic, and educational station in life, mainly driven by an immense inferiority complex, common to those who are prone to be... immensely inferior. The Mosquito Spraying Scam Have you ever thought about mosquito spraying and lawn-care pesticides as the most blatant and prolific forms of drug abuse-drug-abuse, which is immorally, yet legally, forced drug abuse, encroached upon those who know the dangers of which their idiot neighborhood users are ignorant, or know but are too stupid to comprehend or acknowledge? Why aren't these drugs under prescription use only? What? It is okay to use a drug on your lawn which fumes are breathed by everyone in the neighborhood, but illegal to use cocaine, or marijuana, which effects no one but you? How about reversing that trend? Many communities lacking well informed, properly administrators leave the life and death decisions, which should be met by toxicologist physicians, to doltish, pesticide and lawn-care janitors? Educated citizens and employees on the mosquito control issue have fallen into the trap of spending unwisely and placing their constituents in grave physical danger. According to reports, it is alleged that the surest means of eradicating mosquitoes, if they are a radical health danger, which they are allegedly seldom, is to seed standing water, ponds, leaf and wood chip piles and other mosquito dwelling places, with bacilli, sterile male populations, oil-water cover, and natural Pyrethrum; all of which kill larvae effectively. Spraying for adult mosquitoes is reported to be widely ineffective, killing less than 1% to 7% of adult mosquitoes. Moreover, it poses grave threats to health and ultimately to life, even among humans. There also appears to be no public assessment by unbiased medical toxicologists as to what the tolerance level of individuals is for such toxins. Increasing the dosage of the adult mosquito killing toxins would probably make them more dangerous to humans than they are already. Moreover, it is said that, after a time, the mosquitoes become immune to the toxic poisons used to kill so few of them, while humans only become more vulnerable to them. Have people ever thought about solvent, and pesticide, Herbicide drug interactions with whatever medications they may be taking; or if the chemicals may cause adverse drug interactions; nor if they may pose extreme health hazards to certain people with allergies and other afflictions, or cause intoxication similar, but more dangerous to that of alcoholic beverages including severe acidosis (This it appears to do, in some); nor if these chemicals represent, in addition to certain immediate symptoms, (which some victims may not recognize as resulting from pesticide applications), certain long term mental, body-health altering lifetime illnesses; nor has advertising or public information been delivered concerning the effectiveness of applications for adult mosquitoes and/or the personal dangers and symptoms that may result from applications for adult mosquito spraying; nor has the public been informed of the odds against being infected by each disease the pesticide companies claim to be carried by mosquitoes since 1999 in Northern Illinois, or the number of deaths since nationally state by state. One wonders what the medical profession has to say about the above and when they will begin to look into the problems cited here. If public information is accurate, in 8 years, 670 have died nationally. Of a population of 320,000,000 x 8 years, that is less than 84 deaths nationally a year for the entire nation. That is considerably less than the number which have been afflicted or died of asthma and a number of other ailments caused by the mosquito killing pesticides, nor has spraying for adult mosquito populations changed that, nor have those who profit from it informed the citizenry, town by town, state by state, why they risk making tens of thousands ill from pesticide spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes. Are they guilty of using fear tactics to panic some communities into spraying for Live Adult mosquitoes and not mentioning such small numbers of deaths and the generally mild nature of some of the diseases known to be associated with mosquitoes in Northwestern Illinois and the risky side effects of spraying? For instance, those profiting have not proved to have effectively reduced mosquito populations by spraying for adult mosquitoes, nor ever refrained voluntarily from spraying in communities where the odds are even greater against anyone dying or even becoming seriously ill than the national odds. In Illinois in 2003, one person died of West Nile making the chances of dying of West Nile that year greater than 15,000,000 to 1. In 2003, the epicenter of the disease has moved west with most cases appearing in western states. Why, then must 15,000,000 in Illinois be placed at risk because one person died in 2003? The answer $$$$$, there is lots of it in spraying for adult mosquitoes and more when chemicals rather than natural sources are used, and even more when the companies spraying makes their own chemical, witch's brew. FEAR, the way to sell products and wars!

Women, Children and Pesticides Since it has been alleged that pesticides are heavily implicated in breast and ovarian cancer among women, and pesticides are alleged to be implicated, in the proliferation of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, and that perhaps spraying for adult mosquitoes is, by and large, ineffective, killing less than 1%-7% of adult mosquitoes at each spraying, after which it is alleged that the adult mosquito population then increases exponentially), and that the products in use appear to affect and cause a variety of human negative reactions and that a number of communities of well-informed government officials, who truly care about their constituency, rather than merely as tax-cash-cows, seeing this information have discontinued spraying for adult mosquitoes completely. It has been alleged that spraying for Adult Mosquitoes, is primarily a profit-making venture and no more than a cosmetic, placebo, gesture, and if so, is therefore unnecessary and preys upon the weaknesses and fears of those not properly informed to make sufficiently well informed decisions about such matters. Since drug application by the oath and law of those administering drugs, weigh the benefits against the dangers, it is our contention that such has not been done in the case of spraying for adult mosquitoes and if it were there would be no spraying for Adult Mosquitoes and that therefore citizens cannot make an informed and safe decision about such matters. Present your local mosquito control board with FOIA requests if your state has such measures, otherwise petition municipal or county authorities for contact information about those who are getting ill from the spraying, contact those people and form a powerful voice of reason in stopping the useless contamination of water, air and human vessels with pesticides. The inducement of fear, found so effective by the current administration in Washington to selling scams to the severely, poorly informed public, continues to be a factor in selling every kind of snake oil for every single poorly perceived and worsely researched fraudulent End-of-Days, scenario. Is it now true, as some are claiming, that in the last five years Europeans and the Chinese have surpassed Americans as the best-educated and unformed citizens on the planet? Well, at least more so than 54,000,000 who voted for the current Anti-Christ's and his followers here and in Great Britain and in the low art of panic peddling. PS-While we invite knowledgeable persons who do not work for or are associated with pesticide companies to post non-toxic comments, we are certain that negative comments concerning this blog will appear and past experience has taught us that such comments are usually from those who may profit from use of such chemicals or of uniformed sycophants and puppets of same. Many years ago, a cousin of mine made huge fusses over anyone wearing perfume, smoking or wearing too much hair spray in her home. Came to the point where she stopped inviting such people over to her frequent parties. She said those things gave her headaches and asthma. I thought she was a fuss-budget. (What has budget to do with fussing? In fact, what does the term/phrase mean, really?) In the mid 1980's I noticed that certain laundry detergents and those little, flat pieces of cloth or paper that you put in your dryer, fabric softeners, made one smell like a public "restroom". I finally stumbled onto grocers called Fresh Fields, which was bought out by Whole Foods, which unscented everything, including fruit and vegetables! (Just kidding about the produce.) As the years ticked by, I began to notice that anytime I entered certain people's homes, especially their bedrooms or laundry rooms, I would get asthma, shortness of breath, headachy (people love to give tours of their new homes, even without being asked, I never could see the purpose of that). I never, ever got headaches before, except once when I caught a pass and ran into a wood fence surrounding our football field-knocked down, flat-out cold for a few seconds. Aside from sizing up fields from then on especially the locations of fences and other obstructions, I began to size up people's homes. The home's which dealt-out headaches and shortness of breath, had a few things in common; scented candles, plug-ins, and fabric softeners. Some had all of those things and more. While I was still teaching, going back more than 15 years I wrote constantly to manufacturers, congress men/women and health agencies of my suspicions that these fragrance emitting objects contained vaso-constrictors (which cause headaches, sore throats, containment of saliva, thus blocked saliva glands and interfering with neuro-muscular activities and disruption, much like pesticides and herbicides (different sides of the very same coin) which could lead to serious consequences, like asthma or worse, and also contained carcinogenic chemicals, like Benzene and Naphthalene derivatives. No longer would the thought of bathrooms with Jacuzzis lit by dozens of different size candles be appealing, nor waterbeds with silken sheets, washed in raspberry scent. Now those things made everything smell like a public bathroom. The sheets and other things dried with the fabric softener also give some a crawly, itchy feeling as though large spiders or toads were creeping along up and down one's chest, legs and back, a chemical irritation symptom I am told. Moreover, recent tests on children's clothing showed that fabric softeners are an incredible fire accelerant, igniting up to 30 times faster than clothing without fabric softener. Another cousin of mine bought a new computer and when she opened the carton in which the printer was packed, before she even set it up, she had massive headache, sore throat, burning eyes. She said it exuded an odor straight from Hell-smelled like Chinese, plastic death. She put it in the garage to out-gas; unfortunately, it never did so she took it back to the store, which manager thought she was crazy. I bought some poker chips, made also in China; they smelled much like the printer, some of the chips, in fact, were the same colors as the printer. I called them, leftover plastic, and offspring of printer, Chinese, death, chips. Since the weather was warming (It was March), and sometimes I left the garage door open, so my pals and I could play poker, and drink beer and pop, listening to baseball games. I put the chips in the garage to outgas. Six months later, they still smelled Like the offspring of the printer, (the chips not my friends) so, I added, as in the German language, a string of impressionist words; Chinese, toxic, plastic, death, sons-of-a-printer, poker chips. A bit later I bought a board game with plastic parts, five minutes after opening them, they were banished off to the garage. The chips were still there, out-gassing. As I said above, I had been writing Federal agencies for more than a decade insisting that many scented candles and plug-ins contained carcinogenic chemicals, as well as vaso-constrictors, (which narrow arteries) but only recently was that verified in an email from a NYTimes article, which I receive online to avoid the formaldehyde from the newspapers, (I often wondered if the Congressman Henry Hyde, RTD. from my district, ever had a sister named Formalda...(Hyde). Finally, friends and I asked the question of each other, who are the people who own all this toxic offshore stuff and how do they live with the smell? Well, we put it all together in that afternoon. Are they the ones who voted for GW Bush? Most of those we knew who used these products seemed addicted to fragrances and had surrounded themselves with constant inundation of hair sprays, deodorants, fragrance-emitting plug-ins, fabric Wipes, as well as those Christmas trees hanging in cars, to kill the odor of their other carcinogenic habit, cigarettes. They also used scented bathroom sprays, soaps, shampoos, detergents, plastics, leathers, fabric softeners, and a jillion other sweet smelling products, which after odor was toxic. Most were oozing with synthetic, petroleum byproduct, toxic fragrances, which had virtually deadened or sensitized and thereby blocked and damaged a healthy olfactory system. Most of those who suffer from the scent addiction, and it is an addiction or at least an affectation, not only cannot figure out why they have constant headaches, but if you tell them, they say, "But I like them!" A neighbor was told by her doctor that she was deathly allergic to dogs, but she has three of them, so she gave the same answer, which was as insipid, thoughtful, unself-indulgent, evidence of an withered IQ, which measures below the weight of her six-month old child be, as possible, "But I like them!" The answer was typical of a person who is a wit, but only half the people know it. However, she was not alone. Her doctor, instead of losing her as a patient, his eyes filled with the greed of a new and constant customer, which he could ply with bribe and perk laden drugs, hooked on toxic fragrances and now on toxic masker's of the symptoms, drugs which between the allergies and side-effects they are treating will make her a frequent-buyer, patient, gave her not one, but several prescriptions. The doctor who told me the story was a friend of mine. I asked why he didn't play hardball with her about getting rid of the offending dogs. His answer was, "Because she'd only find another doctor who would prescribe for her and I would lose a patient." Another doctor, a female, a neighbor had the same kind of story and attitude. If you have a vivid imagination and are as expert as I at by hyphenation, stringing four letter words together into page long rants, you can visualize my answer to both of them. My pals agreed that people with such self-indulgent weaknesses, probably voted for Bush and probably own a Land Rover, or a HUMMER, which they can neither steer properly, nor park, nor keep out of the hands of the Mechanics, and are stopping every 50 yards to fill it with gas because their efficiency is measured, not in miles per gallon, but gallons per mile. Those who are numb to the odors are those who virtually douse themselves or shower in fragrances. Another source of toxic China Syndrome are plastic cell phones, whew! They are the worst, mine is metal and old but I won't trade it in on a plastic, Chinese toxic, death fumes emission, cell phone and when they can no longer update mine, I will go without. Well, they no longer make fragrances from natural ambergris, (acres of whale vomit, but good for non-toxic fragrances) from which the great perfumes have been made for hundreds of years because either there are too few whales or the few that there are have learned to take bicarbonate of soda after a meal. Maybe now people can learn to do one of two things, chuck the carcinogenic fragrances or live with the headaches and the fatal results, As for my wife and I, we have found that almost everything you don't buy at Organic food stores, such as Whole Foods, is toxic in some way or other. These products and many more unnamed here, have several things in common; they are toxic, or carcinogenic, or allergenic, or both. Many toxic items are made of petroleum byproducts and are products outsourced, offshore and the people who buy them have no clue as to the dangers. Most frightening is that many doctors, including allergists, don't have a clue either, even after examining someone suffering from such products some often compound their patient's injury by prescribing drugs which only serve to complicate the problems and are also often made of petroleum by products. Note that I called these toxic "illnesses," injuries. I did that because they come not from an organic infection but from a toxic attack on the body. We do not call a bomb, which injures people, an infection or an illness. Neither do we say that a bullet, or a poison is an infection. These are sources of injury to the body. Perhaps cancer is an injury to the system, an interference that does not come from infection, or when viruses are the cause of cancer, it is because; they damage cells causing mutations of cancerous growths- (take note class-action lawsuit attorney's and researchers). Boys, Girls, or What? We use to have two sexes, male and female. You could often tell them apart by their dress and visible body parts, even if they were not naked. Now I am not quite sure how many we have. Sometimes I think tree, sometimes one. Perhaps to younger people this is not so confusing and doesn't really matter, but us older folks have trouble with stuff like this. Now, I have nothing against homosexuals, of either gender, so that is not what I am talking about. No, I am talking about Homophonies, or heterophonies, or lesbo-phonies, black/white phonies. I am talking about straight kids, who are not black, and some adults (that is even worse). These are people who are neither male or female homosexuals, nor lesbians, nor blacks, but they dress like a combination of all four-not their best or most original look, bro. We now also have a society of adult, single, working women, young people, some minorities, who are much to "busy" at their jobs, the malls, buying ring tones, CD's, enhancing body parts, and males who now worry as much about their appearances, hair styles, clothes, music and gossip as females used to several decades ago, to vote. Our society is fast becoming one in which many males under age 50 act out in a way that that makes the term uni-sex and adolescent, seem appropriate. As long as I am on the subject of social acceptance, I have a few other pet peeves, so I'll put it to those of you who actually, and with some skill, played, in organized leagues, the games of baseball and/or softball. I see so many males of various ages, and races, many of which I doubt could even hoist a bat to their shoulders let alone have the stones to actually step into a batters box and face a 100 mph fastball, wearing baseball caps, most of which are either being worn backwards, or sideways. I mean how many people could be catchers when they are not driving slouched down in their car seats so that their heads are barely visible to other drivers? I say make it impossible for any male to purchase or wear such gear unless they could prove they had played, and with some degree of skill, in Organized Leagues, either game. All males should be forced to register for a License which verifies whether or not they are or have ever been a genuine Baseball Softball Organized Baseball Softball League Member, and if they are wearing a baseball cap and they are not registered as such, they are to be banned to house arrest for the summer season, with no TV or video games. If the hats are on sideways or backwards, the penalty should be doubled. Also, what is with the multiplication of bald guys, wearing red or black tee shirts, and heads shaved by age 17? Some people are watching far too much cable TV. I expect that soon "males" will be seeking breast enhancement and dying their hair like high school girls. Oh, and while I am at being a curmudgeon, what is with white guys wearing their pants so that the belt area is down around their ar*e, the crotch down around the knees, cuffs being trudged upon, shredding into rags, shoe laces undone, shoes flopping open like elephant ears, and shorts with pants legs way too long, getting down close to the ankles, and wide enough to house the legs of a very fat Rhino? Oh, also what about white guys wearing wool stocking caps in summer? Hey, guys get your own thing/look. Black guys created these styles and can pull them off well, when white guys do it they look like morons and morons who are not in the least bit original. Hey, white guys who now dress like black guys, start your own look, something that will say, hey look at me I am original. Maybe say, umm, like wearing girl's panties or jock straps and bustier over one's regular clothing, like sort of a sadly outdated, male version of Madonna. Now that would be an original... I think. Hey, I have a semi-related medical, toxic, philosophical question, relating to this headline: Boyfriend Arraigned In Murders Of His 26 Year Old Pregnant Girl Friend And Her Unborn Child! If they can arraign a guy for murdering two people, when the same state refuses to indict those who abort unborn "children." A bit hypocritical, wouldn't my logical, unself-indulgent, intellectual, readers who are laden with cool unbiased, and/or, scientific or law education, say? What we have now, is a Plutocratic government operated covertly by the Toxic Military Medical Industrial Complex, which blatantly uses Fundamentalist Organized religionists, whose cynical leadership has enslaved them to a fictional mal-interpretation of the bible, mixing Old Testament violence and subjugation of other races and women, deftly combining all to keep life short and expensive for citizens of the new Plutocracy, once known as America the Great Altruistic Democratic Experiment. The keyword here, above is "Experiment." Using that descriptive word was a BIG mistake. It indicates "...an impermanent factor of life..." (James Thurber), an instability-something which may not work and therefore should be eventually replaced, like wives, husbands and underwear.

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