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Abuse of The Courts, Leads to Downfall of DA in "Fiasco"

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Abuse of The Courts, Leads to Downfall of DA in "Fiasco" Apparently, using a mix of withheld evidence exonerating the defendants, innocent, student, Lacrosse players at Duke University, Reverse Racism, Sexism and fraudulent rape charges, a DA met his Waterloo In North Carolina. The big question is how did the case ever progress to an indictment. DA Disbarred Over "Fiasco": His Fate is Not Yet FINI, However The first time I heard of the Duke University rape case was in April of 2006. Over the next, few days I watched with interest all of the machinations of the prosecutors, "witnesses," parents and others. I wrote my newsletter, (which preceded and slightly, overlapped my Blogspot, which preceded and overlaps my association with OpEdnews.com) with the following Comment: "There is the case of the Duke University Lacrosse team being accused of rape. Here is my take and predictions. The case will be moved to a prosecutor who has ambitions of running for higher office. He will attempt to go foreword with the case. The case will be exposed as fraudulent. The Boys are innocent as charged. The prosecutor if he does follow through will be justly dealt with, disbarred and perhaps have criminal charges filed against him. He will also face civil suites by the parents of the boys and possibly other interested parties. God is unhappy with the rash of "Frame-up" jobs by scurrilous prosecutors and wishes to make an example of this case. Look for results some time in Spring-2007." Later in early June 2006, I abbreviated the above comments in my last newsletter and copied part of it, later to my existing blog. Remnants may still be at http://bagnolosprophetics.blogspot.com on June 9th, 2006, in it's archives. This makes, according to those who track my so-called "prophecies," dozens of detailed predictions, which have occurred as I predicted. None of them were based upon popular opinion. Most were against what others thought was even a valid speculation. None of my speculations were ever incorrect. Here are a few of the more notable public ones. Those that stood out for those who kept track: President Clinton: 1994 "Fascists want him out. He won't send Taliban "Protection money-$2.35 Billion dollars to "protect" the pipe-line Halliburton et al, etc., wants to build there. They will stop at nothing to usurp the will of the people and will try to impeach or assassinate him. The goal is a new president-a fascist, or Neo-con; I believe GW Bush will elected in 2000. If elected, he will declare war on Iraq, and if not stopped, on Iran, Syria, Korea, Venezuela and America. He will obliterate the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and thereby Habeas Corpus, and perhaps strip-up a new Civil War in America. Elizabeth Smart: "The itinerant carpenter who was interviewed is not guilty. He will die in custody or before his innocence is validated. She (Elizabeth Smart) is alive and well, kidnapped by a nutcase-self-proclaimed "prophet." She is within an hour to one and one half hour driving distance from home (Within 50-75 miles). She will be recovered alive and well." The Washington Snipers: "Two men, black, one much older, are not driving the "white Van" "witnesses" claimed they were, and will therefore not be caught in the "road-blocks" because they are not driving anywhere. They are parked-have a dark sedan, older model, Burgundy or dark green, or some dark color. They are not driving because the shooting is being done from a parking lot of either a motel or hotel. Guns are in the back seat or trunk of that vehicle. They are either staying at the m/hotel or sleeping in their car. The authorities are seeking the wrong vehicle and therefore will not snare the shooters." 1999-Tom DeLaye: "Will be indicted and censured or otherwise forced to resign. If justice is done, he will go to jail." (POST NOTE:When is the bastard going to trial?)

January-2006-Neo-Cons/Fascists: "I am making a painting of Hell from Michelagnello's Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel. All of those, whose portraits I paint thereon will either be indicted, fired from their Government jobs, or die. I predict and will again next year (2007) the death of Jerry Fallwell. Unless he publicly repents, he will die by May of 2007 before Memorial Day. The rest, Pat Robertson, Pope Benedict, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al are in everlasting difficulty and will remain so, too proud to own up and take the blame for mass-murders and more. God knows, He knows." The Tsunami More than a week before the Tsunami, I had a vivid dream, "Last night I had a very odd dream-I hope it was just that." The following is a brief description of that dream, which was reported in my then Newsletter. More remnants can be found on my blogspot when I dreamt of another lesser storm at seas on July 17 2006. My daughter reported a similar dream a week later: "You may recall that ten days before the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, which occurred at 00:58:53 UTC (07:58:53 local time) on December 26, 2004, which created a massive Tsunami, I entered in my newsletter that dream saying that more than 200,000 would lose their lives. I drew a picture of the hotel from which I dove into the water in that dream. Later videos of the Tsunami showed a duplicate of that hotel. My daughter's dream featured the same hotel. There is a record of that report following the second such dream a few years later 7/17/06 in my Blog under the title, "Prophetic Dream." All told, more than 150 premonitions, predictions and speculations have been written, many more spoken aloud and published in Newsletters, columns, articles novels and a theology book. In Raleigh North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong lost his law license, his reputation has been destroyed and the now disgraced North Carolina prosecutor appears to have ended a long career. He has been charged with "intentional prosecutorial misconduct" in the attempted prosecution of the Duke University "rape case," which never was. Fighting the trumped up charges has cost the families he fraudulently accused lacrosse players and their families, millions of dollars in lawyers fees, and there is little doubt that they and other interested, affected parties will soon be filing. Defense lawyers for the boys are pressing criminal charges to be filed against Nifong-perhaps Criminal contempt, perjury and more. Defense Attorney Joseph Cheshire said "Some people will take that as being mean-spirited and kicking somebody when they're down," "But we believe that this issue is enormously important and it carries significant precedent and (the judge) ought to be the one to make that decision because it happened in his court." Nifong's career, thirty years as prosecutor in Durham County, is finished. Up until a case, he was seen as an honest man, something hard to find in politics and law. Mr. Nifong was disbarred Saturday, 16-June. Only the day before, he had tearfully told his staff, he planned to resign as Durham County's district attorney. Meanwhile, a disciplinary committee stated publicly that former District Attorney Nifong's prosecution of Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann was politically motivated, "fiasco." Despite the fact that there was DNA evidence of several men in the accuser's, (a female stripper) underwear and body, none of the DNA matched any of the defendants from the lacrosse team, nor was the police were able to place any of the athletes at the scene. Apparently, that information was not passed on to defense attorneys. Nifong, therefore, was able to elicit indictments against Seligmann and Finnerty fourteen months ago, 2006 and a month later against young Mr. Evans. Perhaps the defense attorneys can delve also into that mystery. This writer believes that another step should be taken. All of those organizations, which savaged the boys, ought also to be sued and if they are non-profit organizations, ought to have their tax-free corporate licenses revoked by whatever state they hold such licenses. Attorney General Roy Cooper, of North Carolina when he took charge of the case stated that the here boys were "innocent" victims of Nifong's "tragic rush to accuse." Not long after Mr. Nifong was disbarred, Seligmann's attorney Jim Cooney said, firmly: "I don't think any of us are done with Mr. Nifong yet." Mr. Nifong's wife, Cy Gurney, made an inexplicable comment; "It's a day of resolution - for us and hopefully for the court system." The ethics panel said, "There is no discipline short of disbarment that would be appropriate in this case." Mr. F. Lane Williamson, a Charlotte lawyer who led the panel, stated that Mr. Nifong's political ambitions led to a splash of publicity, which in turn led to a "fiasco" in which innocent young men were indicted and the state's legal system suffered embarrassment and disrepute. Mr. Nifong, however, denied that his pursuit of the case had anything to do with politics. Mr. Williamson said, "We had a prosecutor who was faced with a very unusual situation in which the confluence of his self-interest collided with a very volatile mix of race, sex and class. " Perhaps he had hoped to use the "race Card" in his favor, by drawing Black notables to rush in and bolster his "Nobility" of defending a black stripper against what he could paint as privileged young, arrogant white men, taking advantage of a poor black working girl. Perhaps further he'd hoped to dupe women's rights organizations into helping him blitzkrieg the Media and prospective juries? The ethics panel said that Mr. Nifong had misled a judge and defense lawyers about DNA from a private laboratory. Mr. Nifong insisted that he never lied about the DNA, but he did admit that his statements to the media, which stirred anger, resentment and prejudice, were unethical. Mr. Nifong's disbarment takes effect in 30 days. Doug Brock, a lawyer for the North Carolina State Bar, the state agency bringing the case, said, "From his very first involvement in this case, Mr. Nifong weaved a web of deception, which continued up to this hearing." A lawyer for Mr. Nifong, in the ethics case, Mr. Dudley Witt, indicated that Mr. Nifong was an, "old-school prosecutor" and that his inexperience at dealing with the media and with a DNA report other than from the state laboratory, cost him dearly. Witt admitted that although Nifong made a number of mistakes, including missing the unknown DNA matches, that, "He's a very truthful guy." The father of one of the lacrosse players, Kevin J. Finnerty, said, "I think that was justice. I think it was appropriate. I think it was leading there anyway, and the chairman said so. It was a nice gesture on his part, and gesture accepted. Justice served." "To me, it's kind of like the guy who's going to be executed Wednesday and he figures out on Tuesday night how to tear up his bed sheet and hang himself so he can be in control of his own destiny," said Joseph B. Cheshire, The defense lawyer for one of the other players "My reaction is we take no pleasure in this and that people should realize that the North Carolina criminal justice system is strong. We've got the North Carolina Bar Association presenting this case and the North Carolina attorney general making a fair and independent investigation," said another of the father's of accused players Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III, also involved in the case, also, said that Mr. Nifong might have imposed upon him further legal strictures. The disciplinary committee stated Saturday -June 16, that Nifong lied when he told judges more than once last summer that he was unaware of any information, which might mitigate the case against the athletes, therefore had nothing helpful to give their attorney's. That massive law suites will be filed is without doubt, but they ought also to be aimed at those who rushed to judgment, those hate filled organizations, which had the boys, tried, convicted and emasculated, not because they were guilty, but because they were males. Those male-hate groups need to be eradicated, wiped off the planet, just as the Klu Klux Klan was ages ago. America needs no more bigots hiding behind .orgs and disgracing the name of Women's Right's. For some of such groups, it is not Women's Right's, for which they are fighting, but the destruction and defilement of male's-that is their foul agenda. Such fascistic organizations need to be put out of business forever. There is no justification for such bigotry in America. Some of them are fronts for lawyers trying to make a name for themselves as Feminist defenders, when in reality it is their greed and hatred of the opposite gender, which drives their black souls. We need no bigotry based on race, religion, or lack thereof, nationality, gender, or Profession. While we are speaking of such injustices, we need to eliminate the injustice of persecuting/prosecuting/torturing, in medieval ignorance, and unreasoning, malice-filled hatred, people afflicted with the disease of alcoholism. They are no more criminals what those who suffer from diabetes. Less than fifty years ago diabetics and those with MS, died in jails because ignorant fools accused them of drunkenness. We also need to eliminate the organizations, which unreasonably persecute those who are afflicted with the disease of alcoholism. Such unforgiving, vengeful people need to be counseled by psychoanalysts. More than that, those who get their jollies, sanctimoniously, at the expense of those afflicted by a disease, which exhibits a shortfall of alcohol eating enzymes, need to be put out of business also. I suggest that male-hating organizations and those who hate people afflicted with, and victims of, the disease of Enzyme deficiencies, which causes the allergic/addiction cycle called alcoholism, need to be charged with Hate-Crimes.

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