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ABCD's Of PoliticReligion: Avarice, Bush, Chavez, Dante, And The Deference's Between Bush & Chavez

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ABCD's Of PoliticReligion: Avarice, Bush, Chavez, Dante, And The Deference's Between Bush & Chavez Comparing GW Bush to Hugo Chavez, displays that the former, constantly pays lip service to God, but acts as if there is no God, while the latter seldom mentions God or Jesus but appear to act as they might... so far. Recall, "...these the least of thy brethren...." There is a story in the New Testament, Luke 4 and Matthew 4, write an extended version of what is only a brief mention by the writer most theologians established as having written the earliest of the four gospels, Mark, in, Mark I, the story consists of two short sentences. In Matthew (4:1-11), it is expanded to several paragraphs and in Luke slightly longer (4:1-12), but it is not to be found anywhere in John. However, in the eyes of those who have carefully witnessed the last 2000 years of human turmoil, the church, by shuttling the Temptation in The Wilderness into the, "so what, who cares," section of its commitment to mankind, is guilty of making life miserable for humans in two distinct ways. In the first, it has slandered God-given human sexuality with a full frontal attack for over 2000 years in many ways. They ignored that God, the prophets and Jesus (see especially, John 4:4-42) place no heavy concern upon human sexuality. That demonisation of Human sexuality created by the church, is manipulative and comes primarily from a desire to control human desire, and not for aesthetic purposes, or for morality's sake-because there is nothing immoral about a system of reproducing, which gives delight and was ordained by God. The sectioned named above, decries materialism, wealth, worldly power, shameless self-promotion, and avaricious selfishness. It was quickly shuttled to the dust bin of theology by the Early Christian Church, even more so, when they sold out to Constantine. Meanwhile by diverting mankind's attention with a condemnation of sexuality, (to the bewilderment of theological intellectuals and the joy of the Christian Right and Fundamentalists, the twin bastions of missionary position sexual mores and debasing of passionate sexuality) the church has winked at those who embrace the most devastating, damaging and despicable aspect of human endeavor, the only offense the prophets, Jesus and God deemed as without mitigation, avarice. Jesus in particular devotes more stories to the evils of avarice than to any other crime. The one thing upon which every intelligent theologian and political statesmen agree, (Especially Thomas Jefferson and his comrades), is that it was the cruelty of theocratic states across Europe which drove many early e'migre's to America in the first place. The excesses of Organized Religions (And that is not limited to the Inquisition) were the overriding reason for war, persecution and suppression of freedom. Therefore, then, how can man acknowledge that the principles of honor, justice, empathy, and peace be served within a theocratic state? For those, which are altruistic, unbiased and without a covert agenda, a theocratic state would be the least acceptable form of government. They and I prefer what we have, or rather that is, we had, until the advent of the new Fascism. There is no doubt in the minds of good men everywhere that the New World Order is a euphemism for leadership by tyrants, by men so evil they have and will stop at nothing to gain dynastic wealth and power. Their goal for Fascists is to use Christian Right Ministries in a two-fold manner; first, to psyche out the weak and engage them in dependency, leading them to believe that they too can become wealthy and without an education, unless it is at one the Christian Right Ministries approved, dumbed-down, Cult colleges, and second; to spy upon and either brain wash or eliminate the intelligent opposition. It is my belief that the numerous murders and bombings which are occurring, for example, in Iraq, are broken also into two categories: One is planned hits by the Bushites upon business owners whose businesses they coveted to sell to their cronies, the other is; "accidental" killings of those Iraqi's with an apposing point of view. These random acts of terror are a part of the Bushite plan to keep the people of Iraq and America, in terror. They wish to move several million Americans and Brits in to rule Iraq and maintain residency there, and are busily murdering and driving off in Diaspora millions for that reason, just as they are doing in New Orleans. When they feel they have a hold on the country, they will make a deal with the remainder, or attempt genocidal means, to eliminate the rest. They will do the same to Syria, Iran and Venezuela and then bring the war home and turn America, state by state over to the military and the mercenaries and that will give true Americans a reason to finally show some backbone. The Bushites have no compunction about using DU-238, (America is the only nation on the planet which uses this satanic poison product, which is not at all depleted, which name is a PR evil in itself and which half-life is 4.5 billion Years, which is the life of this planet so far.) They do not care, because they do not plan to live here once they have achieved their goals. America will be a cesspool-a toxic wasteland fit for no life. They will fence-off most of the people in the Blue states and simply spray those states with enormous quantities of pesticides/herbicides and other Toxins and poison gases. (This sounds like a plan straight from the "mind" of Tom DeLaye-a mind so soaked in DDT, it is wonder he can navigate across a room. The House ought to give him something akin to a Purple Heart... I know, they should give him a Pink Heart, or a Periwinkle Blue Heart, or Fuchsia Heart-or more to the color of his soul, a Black Heart) and follow that with Nuclear attacks of blanket bombing, strafing and more toxins. The fools that helped them, if they win, will fare no better once the fighting has ended. I would not count on the current crop of Democrats to stop them, however, they don't impress me at all. I wasted many phone calls, letters, time and money in their service and ended up with velvet and lace doilies instead of armor and steel hearts and a woman who wants to play Patti cake with murderers. There are no FDR's or Thomas Jefferson's running for office these days, only Beelzebub's. The Bushites have a conflict between God and scientist's, they claim. So, when they get ill do they go see a Minister or a physician-see what I mean about hypocrisy? Anyone with half a brain and a modicum of common sense has no trouble with acceptance of God and science. That is because enlightened people, people of intellect, of common sense, believe God and science are One. Among the varying sorts of prophets and other gifted enlightened religious men and women, were/are many great scientific minds. Only a fool would deny that the universe came into being and is maintained under and through the laws of physics, enabled by The Creator. Even Einstein, acknowledged freely that a divine intelligence was behind the creation and maintenance of the Universe and even those who are not particularly religious agree that the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, if nothing else, were sacred documents, inspired by a Higher Power. For many of those which are Conservative "Believers," science and God are mutually conflictial, but such people are not open either to innovation or intellect-for them a creator and the laws of physics are a conflict. However, it is perhaps more of a conflict for the Progressive Liberal Believers is to accept that Conservatives could ever welcome a state in which men bow to the reality of freedom of religion, brotherhood and empathy, things taught by Judeo, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and even pagan ethics-as it was pagans, like Aristotle, Plato and Socrates which the Catholic Church recognizes as the Triple Philosophical Pillars and precursors of a morality, ethics and acceptance, even intellectual logicians of a just and merciful God and the need, therefore for a just government. It matters not what religion men have, nor if they have none, great ideas come to some of them in every walk of life and without such diversity all citizens suffer. Right wing crackoheads are trying to do to Jesus what they did in Swiftboating Kerry, PR him into something he never was, a greedy, warmonger. Where once Americans had only Joe McCarthy with which to deal, now they have a nation of satanically twisted, avarists with which to deal. However, the ideals of freedom and justice for all are seldom expressed or carried out by either the hierarchies (men and women) of religious institutions, governments or corporations. What stands in the way? Avarice, the only crime listed in the 613 Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins, which throughout the world, after several thousand years of murder and rape for money, has still not been criminalized. Even though IT is the major force of all of the world's ills. Why do you think that is? Isn't it sexy enough? Hell, there are a cadre' of men and women to whom love and sex and marriage are three distinct and separate things. Some beautiful women may allow themselves to be seduced for satisfaction by men they are attracted to, but would never marry them unless they are/were very wealthy. They see their own beauty, sex and seduction as a means to hooking into marriage men who are very wealthy. Your Daddy's, rich and your Momma's good lookin'... It is because often even men who say they are justly generous and seem to give freely of their abundance, especially of their discretionary wealth-their excessive wealth, none of which they could gather without the cooperation of workers and managers, against which they more frequently, attempt to cheat and deny value, are not truly. Giving of one's discretionary overabundance is not charitable; it is merely false and shameless self-promotion and self-adoration, a form of public relations and advertising. I tell you truly this widow who gave two pennies gave more than all the rest (in the eyes of God). For they gave of their surplus and she gave all she had-her entire livelihood! It is in my mind, though not a prophecy, that the 9/11 disaster occurred for two reasons: The first because it was allowed by God as a punishment for the election by the Bushites, the Second because 9/11 may have been commissioned by some of the very men elected or appointed. Thomas Jefferson and other leaders of this Republic within a Democracy, bear out the following, that the poor of the world are more so because of the wealthiest of the world. Their plight has not happened by accident, it has been part of the plan of World Bankers, who lend with loans impossible to repay and then foreclose, repossess and sell, leaving more poverty than before the loans. The result? When people are starving, they will accept money from anyone who can help their families, even terrorists who have ulterior motives. There is nothing new about Terrorism, there needs be no "War On Terrorism" that is a Hitlerite idea. We have always had terrorists and always will, we've just never had so many wimpy, cowardly, dependent people before, afraid of their own shadows. The greatest evils the world has ever seen are the works of greedy, grubbing, religious fanatics, whose hatred is fanned by the wealthiest and sickest men in America and the Middle East. Men who you would not suspect-men who sell beer, men who run communications empires, ministers and other false "holy men", men with TV ministries-all traitors, all avaristic assassins, whose every move is motivated and calculated by three unprinciples; profits, hatred and revenge. They have where the soul and the conscience should have been, a Black hole wherein burns a black flame devouring every ounce of decency, leaving only hatred and revenge and a need to fill that vast, Black hole, where empathy and love should dwell, that none the things they love can ever fill, because what they love is to sadistically harm others. Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp asked of Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday, in the film TOMBSTONE, when Doc said Johnny Ringo was motivated by Revenge, "... Revenge for what, Doc?" "For bein' Born," was Doc's insightful answer. These evils seem to move the majorities of the Bushites. Avarice, Hatred, revenge-revenge for being born, and no amount of wealth, sadism, torture, murder and other horrific deeds seem to fill the voracious black hole torn into the raw meat of their bodies, where a soul and a conscience, once dwelled, or should have. We need to eliminate the source of such corporate beings-large, incomes stolen from their own investors and American citizens. We need to cap the income of executives so no wealth large enough to hire terrorists to bomb our buildings and our citizens can ever be accrued again. The super wealthy have caused all terrorism-it takes great wealth to buy implements of destruction. Many of the executives of major corporations are still residing here, at least until it gets too hot for them or too contaminated. They are, indirectly, or directly, the sources of terrorism: Middle-eastern Oil Barons, Oil Barons who reside in our own nation, some in the White House and Congress, the World Banking industries, the arms industries, owners of media companies, TV Evangelists, the Medical Industry, the toy industry, especially the Video Game industry, even the beer industry, are the source of the world's terrorist financiers. That needs to stop. The Super-wealth of the greedy, in Jesus' own words, IS the root of ALL-Evil! To end such evil we need to tear out the roots and cast those roots into the fire. We need to tear out Executive Greed, by limiting total CEO and other executive compensation packages, to no more than 25 times the average compensation packages of all of their employees and that includes those of their contractor's outsourced employees and their own outsourced employees. And even cap that at $2.5 million a year. 25 times the average compensation package of all employees was the standard during and after WWII and remains so in much of Europe. In America, it varies from 400-550 times the total compensation package of all employees. That surplus is money taken from profits that should go to investors and employees, but instead goes to a handful of men and women who use it to spread poverty and terrorism across the world, even in their own nation. These men and women are the Chief Terrorist Financiers of the Planet. They finance car bombings everywhere along with their Middle Eastern Oil Barons and those in Great Britain who have sold their souls for dynastic wealth. The Guardian News in UK reported that 1% of the population of the world own 40% of the wealth of the world. In my lexicon, 1% of the population would own 1% of the wealth. In another study, 2% of the population own 50% of the wealth. In America 20% own 86% of the wealth. At the rate executive salaries are climbing, in short order the 20% will be devoured until 2% own 96% of America's private wealth. The New World Order, calls for 2% of this nation to live in incredible splendor, eventually earning 12,000 times the average compensation package of all their employees- (rather their serfs-slaves). Is that what you want? You say that is impossible? Well it rose exponentially, and therefore increasingly, at first slowly and them rocketing the last few decades to 22 times it's value between the early 1960's and now. Only 10 times it's present value would bring it to 5,500 times the average compensation package of its employees, it would not take long for that to double.

Public corporations and greed are synonymous. That is why the necessities of life should not be profited by, but must be shared. Men are not given skills or understanding, to benefit them alone but are sent as gifts for the benefit of all, as are the strength and vitality of workers. There are plenty of luxuries upon which men can profit f they cannot control the avarice and the contempt of others and for their Creator, and poor self-control. That is one of the many other more secular reasons why necessities of life should be nationalized everywhere in the world. It matters not if men accept the existence of God; there are simple decencies and altruism, which even the beasts of the fields display toward each other, with no thought or even knowledge of public relations. The trick in following the ideals of human beings like Jesus is to keep the words and actions of Thomas Jefferson clearly in mind, and isolate both a Theocratic and a Corporate influence upon government and there are myriad ways to do that, but we have taken none of the more specific means of doing so. I would like to hear from you on your ideas of how to do so; meanwhile I have a few of my own. In thinking about men of great innovation, we must acknowledge leading thinkers of various fields, geniuses not so selfish as to claim for themselves their powers of achievement. It is God, who delivers to some men genius and only the avaricious misunderstand it's source. Those attribute their success to themselves, and therefore incite within the greed that kills. Great gifts are given to a few to test their character, those of no character, hoard the fruit of their giftedness. Those of great character share it, teaching others, until all can benefit. Men like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Michelagnello, Jefferson, Franklyn, Ghandi, Einstein, Planck, FDR, and many others-men who offered not merely a thing someone else might have thought of eventually and rather soon after or even before, but a thing so rare that were it not for the inspiration of one, perhaps with the cooperation of many, who shared their view but lacked the vision, audacity or uniqueness of presentation to bring forward and make their dreams and those of others a reality, and to do so unselfishly, could not have happened. We cherished the founders of our sacred nation and its equally sacred documents for scarcely 200 years before the vultures attacked and destroyed them, and even after we defeated them in World War II, here are Hitler's followers running our major corporations and financing terror across the world, and for what? To get even richer. They must be stopped and to do that we need extraordinary men and women, to which wealth/greed are meaningless, but to which altruism, the justice of God and the satisfaction of a job well done and a just compensation, benefits, and job satisfaction, are all they desire. Instead, we are getting Congress people to whom the villains of the film, The Distinguished Gentleman, are heroes. Can you name for me a handful of men or women who have entered the White House or Congress neither lacking major wealth or seeking and leaving with Major Wealth? We must also make it impossible for our government's employees to leave office wealthier than their salaries can make them. Their incomes and accumulated wealth must also be capped. How do they accumulate great wealth on $135,000 per year anyway? Had the Bushites been among the nation's founders, they would have joined with Great Britain and sold us out for wealth, and then taken over the management of America as a colony without a Constitution of Bill of Rights. Who, Then Shall Lead? Now, we come to which of the current world leaders most represent the true views of some of those listed above and many like them to which avarice was not a contagion, men like Jesus. The traditional nominees might be, the Pope, The President of the World's most powerful and wealthy nation, which most would expect to be the most generous nation, or the leaders of other churches, or major charities. To my knowledge, no pope in history has won the Noble Peace Prize and only one sitting USA president has, Theodore Roosevelt, who drew up the 1905 peace treaty between Russia and Japan. Jimmy Carter won the prize in 2002 but he was no longer president and his award was for decades of work for peace. Today no man of any religious hierarchy, or of government, especially not of ours, or those of Britain or of some Middle Eastern nations, has such a candidate. Certainly no one on the banking industry, certainly no one in the rogue and unconstitutional Turtle Island thievery of the Federal Reserve, or the World Bank, especially not in the present times. There are perhaps two men. One or two in industry and innovation, which qualify, the family of Bill Gates comes to mind. Certainly among the wealthiest people of the world and of them by far the most generous, but still giving of his discretionary abundance, but giving from the heart, at least, and with a philosophy of generosity and best wishes for humankind. However, I think we need to nominate a man of government and philosophy combined, and since this is my award, I shall name it after my family-The Antoinette Jesus-IuzzoNolo, Award For Peace, Justice and Generosity (after my mom, both families of my birth and the Prince of Peace). My nominee is without question, President Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela, a man as unlike our president, as Jesus is to Satan. Many have said to me, he is running the only real democracy on the planet. In my own view, as a very Progressive Theist, anthropologist and Theologian, he is also the closest thing to a leader, practicing An Imitation of Jesus, on this planet. I include in that sweeping assessment institutions which should be among the leaders for such award, but infinitely far behind Chavez, the hierarchies all of the world's Organized Religions. Moreover, he does so without constantly calling attention to his "devotion to a "higher father." Recall that Jesus eschewed those who broadcast and advertised their "piety". Only satanic hypocrites and fiends cry God, and then murder 1,100,000 people in five years. It is the ideal of good and Godly men and women of society to strip from the world, all profits made on human necessities. This, Chavez is attempting to do, and at great personal risk. The most murderous and evil men on the planet wish to kill him, Godless men of avarice and depravity. They wish to kill him because he stands in the way of their adding to their Store Houses of Wealth, the very things Jesus condemned. Jesus spent much more time castigating those who hypocritically stored up wealth, as he did any other thing. Men who blasphemously take easily in vain and attempt to recreate the man Jesus, because they believe not in him, either as a man of God or as God. These men are the true terrorists of the world, the worst humans ever to set foot hereon. I have seen in Hells Fires, the soul of a man-a minister who is trying to recast Jesus as a "nose Guard" a killer, a villain, Satan cannot wait to get his fangs into this Monstrous Minister who has blasphemed Jesus and God The Father. He does so freely, because he does not truly believe either exist. If he did, he would have kept his Big Fat Mouth Shut. Truly holy men and women do not acquire wealth. Truly holy men and women, do not acquire the physical appearance of people of the overindulgences of wealth, their prayer and fasting makes them unable to appear so. They appear clean, washed, and bright. This hypocrite is no prophet and he lies when he says God speaks to him. God has never, ever spoken to him. Men who desecrated all that is sacred of our nation, its honor, its pride, its altruistic reputation, its sacred God Inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights and its decent citizens and their precious natural resources and even those of the rest of the world, are frying in hell, now even before they die. These men are those of which Lincoln said, "We come not to throw out our Constitution, but to throw out the men who have perverted our Constitution." Those men, the Bushites, have no claim on being the definers/sayers of patriotism or holiness, for the only thing they hold dear, is neither God, nor country nor its citizens, only themselves and their most precious possession, that which they love even more than their own families, their avarice. They would, as I predicted years ago, at the first sign of trouble, leave America because they have no love of the land, the people, or its sacred documents, as evidenced by their attacks upon it, and want only to let nothing stand in the way of their unbridled avarice. One has already left America, recognizing that for them the climate was very familiar-much too HOT, it reminded them of their home to be for the rest of eternity. What kind of a man breaks the fourth commandment and takes the name of God in vain at the same breath, denigrating his father, who gave him the seed of life and blaspheming God at the same time. God has NEVER spoken either to GW Bush, or anyone he knows well, this I can guarantee you. In a dream I had, much like that of Dante's vision in Book III, Inferno, of The Divine Comedy, I saw in that same Hell a large collection of men and women. My guide in this dream was the Bard of Firenza, Dante Alighieri. He took me to the darkest reaches of the Hole of Hell and there I saw the most amazing thing-a thing not the Pope, nor the Archbishop of Canterbury, nor the Delhi llama, nor any other man of God knows or has yet seen. There, everywhere, were herds and hoards of men and women. The light was like that within a Steel Foundry, all red, orange and yellow, they were all afire, with flames of red, orange and yellow, and the worst, the purifying flames of blue and white, for them would never come. But within each of these Shades, (for that is what the soul in the form of a body but ethereal, were called) there in the place where the soul of people good and true, would have resided, there was a deep black hole, and within it burned a Black Flame-the flame of Hell-fire, that of the irredeemable. And the stench that rose from these was unendurable, so we kept our distance. It was the odor of death, of the deterioration of the organs of the body, of the most horrific combination of that and of putrid feces and body odor imaginable-rather unimaginable, for no one could imagine it. As my eyes adjusted to the strange light, I began to see more clearly those therein. Soon I could even make out their features. But there in that Hell-hole, I saw few adulterers, I saw few polygamists, I saw few unmarried lovers, I saw few lovers within the same sex, I saw few middle class people, and fewer still, poor people. I saw many politicians, many militarists, very many very wealthy people, many industrialists, especially those who made weapons, solvents, pesticides/herbicides, drugs, executives of large drug companies, many physicians, many in the practice of Juris Prudence, judges, lawyers and others and many police and security officers and an abundance of Prosecutors, Attorney's General and States Attorneys and a goodly supply of priests, ministers and other Organized Religionists. Some I recognized as high profile "People of Religion," especially those who are TV evangelists. Also I saw some People in government, in industry, in media and some I did not recognize then, having never seen them before, but which I have seen since on TV and in magazine and news-papers, and they were people in industry and in governments of other nations, I recognized them from the dream, but aside from that I had never seen their faces before-they are People who have financed the Bushites and mercenaries. They are among those whose souls were so depraved that they are already in Hell and therefore hold in contempt other People and laws and God. My guide, Dante' Alighieri told, me that when a person's soul is condemned to Hell while that person's body still lives on Earth: In the state of Hell, even within a person's earthly presence that person is given to know by instinct that for s/he there is no redemption. And in knowing that, instinctively, s/he acts in accordance, in a lifelong fit of rage, secluded beneath an exterior, which is so twisted to appear apparently calmly. There is no longer any need for him to even make the slightest attempt to be a civil creature, for the beast within, and the soulful presence there in Hell, forbids it. When this occurs it is only possible to deny the reality of the state of such a man's soul by those who are hopelessly Unenlightened, or overcome with diversions of many kinds. Hitler was such a man, so were Stalin and Mao, and so, now, at the top of many of America's industries, politics, and some Organized Religions. Those whose souls, my guide told me, who are already suffering their eternal place of turmoil, have no compunction about doing the unspeakable, the unthinkable, for they know no worse punishment can befall them and they cannot be rescued. As a result, so deep is their contempt for their Maker and for those who still possess their souls within, that the ones already condemned spend their waking hours trying to pervert all men to acts of violence. They torture all they can reach, provoking them in the most enumerable, hubristic and hateful ways possible. Their only desire is to bring more souls down to Hades with them and so in open and arrogant provocation, they dare others to kill them or try to do violence to them or to others in spitefulness. This is their way, if they can bring others to do violence, of dragging those others into Hell with them-misery loves company. In addition, there in Hell, I saw Chauvinists of every sort, of every race and ethnicity, and religion. Some of which faces I did recognize immediately. They had no concept of the totality of humanity and just as the avaristic love only money, and hate those that stand in their way to collect greedily all they can, no matter who or how many they hurt (recently they murdered and caused harm to millions in Iraq) none had a sense of embracing all men or women or both. They hated all except those who paid them homage, and even those, they held in contempt. They brooked no small imperfection in others not of their race or ethnicity or religion. They had lost their way and treated others in the way they do not wish to be treated. Some represented religions against all others, some represented no religions but hated all that truly were holy, some represented races, or nationalities against and hating all others, some represented a gender and hated the other, or a political stance, or any of a myriad array of beliefs, but they hated the others more than they loved those they feigned protection thereof. Some hated only white people. Some hated only black people, some hated men some children, even those yet unborn, and some hated women, some hated men. Some hated everyone-most of these were already the Shades of which Dante' spoke. "What is a truly evil man," the Dean of Lourdes asked of St. Bernadette and the uneducated young woman answered from the heart, "One which truly loves evil and loves to do evil." Some of the Bushites, would do harm to people even if they made no profit doing it, but since in the way of making their profits men are hurt, then they take more relish in hurting still more men. Among those whose souls, have left their bloated bodies and are awaiting them in Hells Fires, are three "men of religion." Ending "The Glory of War" To that end, medals and other honors for acts of violence in battle should be eliminated, and hereafter governments should only acknowledge as heroic, those who act selflessly, altruistically, with no ulterior motives, in all phases of life. No medal is necessary for the brave, it is the nature of good men to be so, and it is the nature of others not to do so. Our rewards for altruism, come from on high, and we know that honors given on earth for good deeds detract from those given from on High. Rewards therefore from below, take away rather than amplify our purity. "Those who reflect the glory given them by men for altruism, already have their reward, there shall be no other for them. Those who commit Supra-evils deeds-their souls are already tasting their eternal reward for that, but some will suffer here as well as there." We expect sacrifice from others and ourselves. We expect it because we expect men's consciences to guide them; "No greater gift is this, that a Man shall lay down his life for his friend." We should strive to make life livable for those Jesus called, the least of God's children-those with the least advantages; the alienated, disenfranchised, and marginalized. With that in mind, in a few generations there would be no "Least of God's children," all would be cared for in every way possible and the vast majority would be gainfully employed. The enormous amount of money stolen from the American and Iraqi People these last several years, added to the mega-profits of the oil companies, medical and medical insurance industries, real estate industries, and even the water bottlers of the world, and gleaned by the world's richest people, a bare handful of billionaires and multi-millionaires, would shelter, warm/cool, clothe, insure, employ and feed, the world. Instead, a relative handful live like Emperors and 80% of the world live near or below bare subsistence levels. Why people have accepted this inequity, is hard to understand, but now, with the war against the lower and middle classes escalating to murder and assassination that tolerance may end. Why must there be a handful of Super-wealthy while the rest struggle to survive? Loom around at the multimillion dollar homes and condominiums in Miami and other places and ask yourself who enable these people who flaunt their ill-gotten wealth at the have nots? Then ask yourself why you tolerate it, knowing that many of them are funding terrorists in Washington and around the world. Osama may be our enemy, but he is not the enemy of the Bushites. He shared in the wealth of Carlyle Group through his family, and he worked for Bush and counted the Bushites as friends and enablers. Now, we are to believe that he no longer is? How is it possible for one man to hide from all the nations seeking him? It is not. He is financed (besides his own wealth) by Bushites in an Iran Contra-like operation. Chavez is pointing the way to stripping the avaricious of their worldwide hold on world wealth, at least in his nation) which now resides in the hands of a relative handful of power grabbing families. Many of them are using it to help terrorists. I have written more than once that the power grabbers of the world need to be removed, to be put out of business and put away from gentile society. I had thought this could be done by peaceful means, on that opinion, we shall have to see. With a growing Army of Mercenary hit men in the employ of corporations, it appears less likely. If we want to get Halliburton we may have to do it through the courts and with the military, and we may have to do the same to get the Bushites. Nancy Pelosi does not seem to possess a barometer for weighing grievous faults. An end must be put to profits on the necessities of life; fuel, health care, essential foodstuffs, water, essential shelter and essential clothing. More than that, the making for sale to civilians and governments of war materials, implements of war, ordinance, weapons, toxic chemicals of any sort pesticides/herbicides, solvents, radioactive materials and more should be ended. No nation should be allowed to ship sell, or give such things to other nations and the first concern is to stop the manufacture of all of the materials mentioned here above. One day when everyone realizes that the only things that are not conspiracies are acts of God and all of Babe Ruth's original home run records, (which was also probably an act of God) everything before or since have been conspired to make money, things may change. In this life, either you are part of a conspiracy which succeeds and are a hero, or not a part of another which succeeds or you are a victim-those are the only two choices. Below are the links to some other columns, which define my approach to ending the rule of Fascistic avarice: http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_professo_070314_why_we_need_to_have_.htm http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_professo_070306_how_to_regain_our_fr.htm In men like Chavez, if the Fascists don't kill him, there may hold the hope of the future for those among us to which avarice, covetousness, and power grabbing, hold no interest. Those three crimes are like three demons together in one Monstrous Evil, the flipside of the Holy Trinity. Since our system of laws is based on biblical views of evil, avarice is the only evil which is not criminalized, and that is peculiar, is it not? God would rather men fornicate with every willing woman on the planet, and women with every man, than compile in our banks vast sums of wealth. To God the sight, sound and smells of lovemaking are a balm and the sight, the clinking of gold, the splashing of oil and the grotesque and gross stench of violent death is an abomination in the nostrils of God. "I shall welcome adulterers, petty thieves, whores, and scoundrels, into my kingdom before avaricious hypocrites." Like Chavez, if I were president, I would work to nationalize the drug industry, the fuel, water, food and Military Industrial Medical, Oil Energy Arms, Complex (MIMOEAC), turning all of them over to the universities to run. No nation needs billionaires nor multimillionaires and it is the search for vast wealth at the expense of workers and others, which is the bane of a simple, loving, peaceful life on Earth for the greatest number of people. Chavez may be the only real Jesus Figure in government in the America's right now, maybe in the world, which does not preach hypocrisy and steal from the poor and the middle class to give to the rich and loathsome. Whether after all is said and done, Hugo Chavez continues to be a beacon of hope for the poor, or falls into the web of corruption by which most are captivated, we shall have to wait and see. So far, however, I would quickly trade one thousand Bushites for one Chavez.

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