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The Greatest Threat to World Peace And Freedom: Who Really Enabled the Neo-con Successes! Part II.

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Who Really Enabled the Neo-con Successes! Part II. The Greatest Threat to World Peace And Freedom? Watch For My Plan To Weed Out Evil in Both Parties, Next Week, in Part III! How drug companies are trying to destroy women, how not having children led to the Bush victories, how Neo-cons are making huge profits on the war, how the Dems lost the middle and lower classes and more, and how I plan to fix it all. The greatest threat to our form of government, our national freedom, our peace and tranquility, our health and prosperity, does not come from without. None of the traditional foreign governments and nations is or should be our greatest concern. None of them are real threats. Americans were sold a bill of Goods by the Bushites. There is no such thing as terrorism, an "ism" is an anomaly, a twist of literary reality, a word out of place and contorted. Terror is what some (and damned few of those in the neighborhood in which I grew up) feel when their lives and stability are threatened. However, our advantage was that we grew up with a president which although he read Orwell's 1984 was not about to use it to subvert and betray America which was then engaged in a real war, with real enemies, who had top flight air forces and navies, as well as incredibly well supplied and technologically advanced Blitz Krieg ground forces, not a country one-twelfth our size, sans air force and navy, no means of sustaining a successful and victorious attack on th USA. From 1941 until close to the end in 1945, there was a real threat of defeat in WWII by the Axis. They had already smashed the armed forces of several eastern European countries, had Great Britain under air siege, and had intimidated Italy into (though reluctantly) joining them. FDR, the man who guided America through it's greatest threat in history, of which the current "terrorist threat" in comparison is virtually non-existent, cheered us with, "... all we have to fear is fear itself...." THAT was a MAN, not an incompetent, torturing, sadistic murdering, "terrorist," fruitcake. There is no single power on this planet, which can pose a severe, sustained, attack and threat to our national stability. As a little boy I and my mom during WWII were sitting in the kitchen when we heard an explosion, we ran to the porch in time to see a six foot wide, by three foot deep, by six story high, steel refuse duct, creak, hesitate, and then as if in slow motion, topple over diagonally blocking Menard street in Chicago, about 150 yards from our back porch. Fear? There was none, only anger and resolve. My grandfather and uncles, The Air Raid Wardens of the neighborhood, fully aware of the possibilities, armed themselves, raced across the street, and began to search for possible saboteurs. Our Air Raid wardens? They were no more frightened than if they were going rabbit hunting, nor did we, in the darkest moments of that war, allow ourselves to panic, instead we had courage. We needed nothing like a Patriot Act, or a Military Commission's Act of 2006. We didn't have those things because our president did not think himself superior to the rest of us, nor was he trying to defraud us in order to steal our Social Security, or everyone's oil. Terrorists? No one ever called saboteurs Terrorists; they properly called them saboteurs (That's what they were then and that is what they are now, except most Americans then were not neurotic cowards-pussycats, as many are now.) They caught the Saboteurs within a week or two, nor did they hang them publicly, nor were they tortured, nonetheless, we won the real war. The greatest threats to world freedom are none of the Muslim states, nor the "terrorist groups" they are too stupid to be real threats, they don't comprehend strategy, only tactics. Strategies win wars. Tactics, on the international scale (like car bombing non-strategic targets like school buses or restaurants, are stupid and idiotic) they only incur controlled anger, stronger resolve on the part of nations large enough to do real strategic damage, and now angry enough to tear up the planet seeking the fools who kill women and children. In the case of threats to America, it does, it comes from within, several domestic corporate philosophies, which together embrace a common ground. The words of Jesus, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do..." are most appropriate, but since I am not Jesus, to Hell with those he would forgive, they forgive no one, not even the innocent, and since they are doing unto others what they wish done unto them, F*ck them! Our threats come from corporate fascism and the head Nazi's are the Bushites, sadists, mass murderers, and demoniacs. I have added several industries, not so apparent back in the days of "Ike" and "Doug" to the warnings by General Douglas Macarthur, "Conservative Millionaire Japanese and German Millionaire Industrialists and Business men agitated and lobbied to start WWII..." and to famous MIC (Military Industrial Complex) warning speech of President, General Dwight D. Eisenhower-a prophecy come to fruition, now. I call it the Military Industrial Medical/Drug Energy/Oil Complex (MIMDEOC). This article wills most especially focusing on one division of it the Medical and Drug industries. Are the drug dealers... the "legal" ones, directly or indirectly, funding Al Qaeda? Yes they are, indirectly at least, but giving money to Bushites which some have suspected all along were funding Al-Qaida for a 2008 surprise against an American target, just as many believe that the Bushites were involved in the 9/11 attacks, especially on the Pentagon, and perhaps on the WTC. Others and I were right about the WMD's and dozens of other premonitions, so don't bet against us on this one either. In the case of many Americans, the greatest enemy is the "Legalized" Medical/Drug Cartel, segment of the above group, of which women are the most exploited and unsuspecting victims. Men and women need to question and seek several opinions when faced with the prospect of being placed on long-term drug therapy and they need to do it aggressively I would like to give the men and women of America some hard news; only someone extremely naïve', lacking experience and sense, innate common sense, or foresight, would ever, under any conditions whatsoever, take any sort of medicine or chemical, when they are not ill, and the smarter ones never take any unless their long term health and/or life is at stake and even then get several opinions an carefully weigh the alternative options. It matters not if insurance will cover them all, it is far cheaper and healthier to pay it out of pocket than to face years of recrimination for not doing so. Many of the "Medicines" of today, which these money-grubbing chemical companies are concocting, are not natural curative materials, they are toxic crap, run-off petroleum byproducts that are most suspect as responsible for the massive cases of Chemical Sensitivity and allergies. These toxins were designed for profit. Those behind the making of toxic drugs, which often do more damage than healing, are nothing more than strategic profiteers (Pirates in White) who make drugs, which alter natural bodily functions of healthy people. These profiteers are the artificially, "legalized" street and drug store, Drug Dealers. The plan is to hook everyone on some drug or other. You think it is a coincidence that chain drug stores are popping up on every block across America? The drug store chain owners have seen the handwriting on the wall, and they want to drive the local mom and pop competition out of business, so they can do what drug dealers do, squeeze the prices upward, as they become the only choice for retailing the noxious, addictive drugs. America is so caught up in diversions from life and compassion, like Viagra, birth control and an unnatural fear of the slightest pain or discomfort or bodily inconvenience, that they will do anything to avoid them. Thus, they are hooked Big Drug firms, Legalized Street Drug Dealers are attempting to make every natural inconvenience appear to be a major, life or life-style, threatening disease. They are trying to addict everyone in the world on their drugs and for the rest of their lives, and are using the same scare tactics used so successfully by the Bushites to scare neurotic Americans into voting their way and giving up their freedom along the way. "Take this or get cancer," they say, and their favorite targets are women. Women, which according to every survey ever done are far more likely to make a doctor visit and consume "medicine" than, are men. The profiteering, artificially, "legalized" Drug Dealers, have targeted women and they have made women their most prized victims. It is worse than discrimination. The Legalized Street Drug Dealing Industry has frightened American women with cancer scares, "mid-life crisis" scares and more and are virtually blackmailing/intimidating them into taking prophylactic medication. They want everyone taking prophylactic medication. I know how to stop them; politicians don't appear to, however. That is because most of them are too F*cking dumb or caught up in making dynastic wealth. Drug companies should be banned from advertising on radio, TV, Cable and in periodicals and newspapers. They are acting in a treasonous manner by frightening people constantly dogging and nagging them with death and disease, all aimed at making them drug dependent. Drug companies should be nationalized and turned over to the major universities for research and sales, sans advertising. We do not need depressing drug commercials, doctors are perfectly capable of telling their patients who need drugs what drugs they need. The profiteering, artificially, "legalized" Drug Dealers, deplore people with good health, they want everyone sick and taking their drugs, or not sick and taking their drugs anyway (One Drug-dealing CEO sonofabitch said as much, "I want to see every American, healthy or not, taking our drugs every day!") a clear case of Prophylactic treatment, "preempting" disease. "Preemption"-sound familiar? It is right out of the Neo-Con scare'em and sell'em, and attack'em, playbook. They have made America into a nation of, self-centered, neurotic, hypochondriacs, who are even afraid of having babies. The Bushites' sick desire, to control a world of zombies who question nothing and never seek redress from those poisoning them into invalidism, is proof of their evil spawned heritage. They are trying to hook everyone on drugs and it doesn't matter if the addiction is physiological or psychological, you are hooked one way or the other and once hooked, you and your's, are well on the way to the destruction, including your progeny, if any. Taking The Pill merely to keep from getting pregnant is not only possibly injurious, it is not only selfish, it is stupid. If people don't want children, they shouldn't have unprotected sex or they can practice oral sex. Or, instead, they could take up knitting or play Mahjong or Electric Football, or solitaire, or take lots of cold showers and go help the poor, cook and serve at food and soup kitchens. Now the cynical drug dealers instead of trying legitimately to find cures for diseases are trying to come up with cures from being a human being, especially a female Once again the targets are women. They are offering a means to eliminate being a woman. They don't like women, but they like their money. The profiteering, artificially, "legalized" Drug Dealers, now have a drug protocol that makes the "inconvenience" of menstruation null and void. Anyone who takes that crap has no sense whatsoever, and if they are letting their daughters take it, they are idiots. The drug dealers are also trying to intimidate women into taking SRRI's, to avoid going postal over their children. Now at least one hospital is trying to coerce women into taking these drugs, even trying to get laws passed to force them to become drugee's on drugs which make them passive Stepford Wives, the masturbation fantasy of drug company executives. They want women to think they are violently insane and they want to label them as such for the rest of their lives. Cowardly physicians are falling into line-drug all the women into zombism, that stop the lawsuits, won't it? No, try being a physician, that's what will stop the lawsuits they so richly deserve having filed against them when first the practice to deceive their trusting patients, for profit. These drug company, slime-bags, morality challenged, delusional pigs, mass destroyers, and sometimes murderers, would have people nullify their male or female humanity for convenience? And what of the consumers? Are the drug takers insane, or just common sense bereft, greedy and stupid? Everyone at every chance should be suing the Hell out of them. It is not hard now to see how GW Bush Got elected. Are the people who surrender their lives and futures to their physician-emissaries of the drug dealer corporate culture insane, or just common sense bereft, greedy and stupid? Buck up and fear nothing, ladies and gentlemen and call "terrorists" by their proper name, saboteurs, or Legalized Street Drug Dealers, and don't fear them, you are more than their equal and you do not, any more than my father and grandfather did, need a Patriot Act or a Military Commissions Act of 2006 or of any other year, nor do you need to do what a doctor, who in many cases is nothing more than a Pimp for the drug dealers, ask you to do, before you try to nail down the truth, with some tough questions. Ask, what is the prognosis if I skip that drug and take something natural or nothing at all? What will the difference be? Ask more questions, have him bring out his PDF (physicians Desk Guide, the ultimate reality check on what's in drugs and often the symptoms and problems associated with them. Also ask your doctor to put in touch with you others who on the same therapy. Ask him to organize a discussion group of those taking the same drugs. He probably won't do a group therapy session, or even arrange one, but he should Psychiatrists do. Please write your congress people; Senators and Representatives and tell them to rescind the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006, immediately and to create laws forbidding Drug companies from doing public advertising and meanwhile stay away from drugs of any kind unless they are curative drugs for a disease from which you are suffering. Never, ever, take drugs for pleasure or to avoid a responsibility. If you do, you are a sucker and will continue the disaster of selfishness, which got us into the mess we now find ourselves in. Investigate your physician and the drugs he offers you and why. God bless, America's men and our women, especially our future mothers and protect your children when you have them from politicians who want to send them off paid by our taxpayers to fight for oil companies or any other entities at our expense and for their profit, and either come back maimed or not at all. The greatest threats to America are here on our soil, and they are fascists, Nazi's, politicians, law-dogs, Legalized Drug-Culture Street and Drug Store Dealers, pimps for the oil and chemical companies, and those doctors who are pimps for all of the above, wittingly, unwittingly or otherwise. Bushites don't want them sued, so, we should sue the Hell of them and the Bushites. Go get'em before they come get you. I don't take their addicting drugs, without lots of research, and especially not for very normal and purely human, inconveniences, they are not diseases. If I am not ill, I do not take "preemptive" drug treatment for a minor physical inconvenience, unless I would be facing an uncommon threat of a disease or a real epidemic, or surgery, or other trauma, and even then, I am very resolute and careful and ask many questions. I see "Prophylactic" treatment, unless there is an over-riding danger, as just a way of profiteering at my physical and economic expense. If your doctor is trustable, give him a copy of your legally binding Living Will asserting clearly your philosophy on healthcare. Or you can do whatever you are told to do by a doctor, and become a legalized addict. You have free will; the choice is yours. Watch out also for fakery and fraud using scare tactics to get you to pay for mosquito spraying for adult mosquitoes. That, is far more harmful to everyone than mosquito bites are to the very few they infect with diseases which for the most part are no more harmful than a mild case of flu. Spraying for adult mosquitoes kills about 1%-7% of the adult mosquitoes and chases the rest away to your neighbors downwind of you. The only effective ways to kill them is to destroy them before they hatch and there are many natural ways to do that. Everyone who endures being sprayed by Organophosphate or Carbamate pesticides and herbicides, which are neuro-toxic poisons harmful to every living creature and suspects in Alzheimers, Parkinson's and implicated in several cancers. Certainly do not use those products in your garden for cosmetic purposes; you will pay with your health in the end. It is no accident that the cancer rate has burgeoned parallel to the cancer rate as the use of pesticides/herbicides, once restricted to farmers, by has grown like wildfire since 1984. And stay off some of the "Medical" Quackery websites that make every single, harmless symptom, an excuse for them to send you running to a doctor and endless invasive testing, only to find out there is nothing wrong with you and they want to give you some psychedelic drug and label you as a nutcase hypochondriac and then pass your file around to every doctor at their hospital labeled, Sucker-sap, wack-job. That is exactly what they do. Which brings me to another point, we have to get our medical records made sacrosanct, NO one, but no one, should see them but you and those you designate of your own free will. No other doctors, no hospital administrators, NO ONE! Find a doctor you can trust (not an easy task) and let him know in unequivocal terms what your healthcare desires are and what your limitations are for drug therapy and invasive testing and make sure he knows, that you know that MRI's are often more specific and accurate than a couple of more expensive and more profitable systems. Let's dump the insurance companies and use my system. We want the following Bills entered for vote, for this week, check back next week for an extended list: 1)-Pass laws forbidding any gift, campaign contribution, fund raising, donations, assistance, in-kind or otherwise, dinners, cocktail parties or other advantages derived from corporations, corporate PAC's or anything from corporations. There must be an amendment to the Constitution, whatever is left of it after the fascist "security measures" I warned against, were passed. There must be a stronger separation of Church and State and an equal separation of Corporation and State. 2)-Lobbying must made anathema, Lobbying of the sort carried out in recent decades is unconscionable in a free society of a Republic, within a Democracy. Penalty for giving or accepting anything from a Lobbyist, exile, or worse, like perhaps being tied naked and covered with honey over an anthill? 3) A complete investigation of the ties to terrorists and profits by The Carlyle Group and to Vice President Cheney. Break up the company and subject it to trading with the enemy or hoping to profit from war. 4)-Forbiddance under penalty of death of trading firearms or ordinance with other nations, friend or enemy. 5)-Rescinding of the Presidential War Powers Act. 6)-Declaration of war, since congress, apparently, according to Rep Conyers, "...does not read most bills we vote on..." must be by referendum state by state, making use of the same system that elects a president. 7) Appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate war crimes, high crimes and misdemeanors and to investigate Halliburton and the private Bushite armies like Blackwater, Twin Canopies and others. (Elliot Spitzer is a man of Integrity) 8)-I am Catholic, however, I resent that the pope, first as Cardinal and then as pope, sent letters to bishops announced in my church and all others that, in essense, support of a candidate that did not condemn or support abortion, was cause for virtual excommunication. The present pope, and before as cardinal, must be admonished in the strongest terms, even by seizure of church funds and forbiddance of churches donating to political campaigns. I am Catholic and against abortion, but no one, pope or otherwise, who heads a self-declared Sovereign Nation (Vatican City) to avoid lawsuits, can infiltrate an election of another Sovereign State. Doesn't anyone have the guts to tell him off? I sent him two Emails, neither of which was answered. 9)-Finally, the president and vice president should be impeached or indicted by use of a Special Prosecutor with a judgment of Capital Punishment of or banishment after being stripped of all wealth. 10)-Ban spraying for Adult mosquitoes with neuro-toxic pesticides and ban the over the counter sales of ANY chemical pesticides/herbicides, That's it for right now, but we'll be getting back to you congress-folk real soon now with more.... stuff. Watch For My Plan To Weed Out Evil in Both Parties, Next Week, in Part III! PS: The last tiny little part of how I am going to fix it all is coming soon. I will announce it next week and judging from the response to some of my writing, some of you will love it and others will... well, probably hate it or sigh, and some will say, OHMYGOD! He is going to show us how this will be done, honestly? Is Pete is whacked out for real? A clue. Wings, swords, lightening bolts and sandals, and the smell of fire and brimstone. S & G! Oh, yeah and it may cost you $10.00 or $20.00 bucks each, but maybe you can get what you need at a discount store in the mall.

http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/manage.php?submit=view&storyid=30298: Also See: Drug Makers Want Women of Childbearing Years

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