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A book review, an intellectual review, as well as a mental health review.

One of the great evils warned about by Jesus and the prophets is the terrible sin of despair. Despair is a wrong, not because of depression, but because the offender has lost faith, or never really had any. The Christian Right appears to delight in Despair. So much so that the god they claim to worship is a despicable character, created by skilled writers of blasphemous fiction, which those who read, and write the ancient classical and archaic languages would only recognize from the history of demoniac civilizations, like Sodom and Gommorah, Ur, Caligula, Nero, the Communism of Mao, Stalin, the Fascism of Adolph Hitler, Edi Amin and G W Bush.

The non-intellectual wing of the Christian Right Community has committed a sacrilege and blasphemy, (to say nothing of the secular crime of high treason), because they have accepted the fiction of a cynical team of writers, who depict the god they describe as a homicidal, Demonic, maniac, and touted these despicable properties as "holiness," and used that as an excuse to support and urge the slaughter of their chosen Muslim fantasy enemies. The god they worship in a fictional series, unlike most parents, creates man and despises him, always wanting to torture kill him in the most sadistic ways imaginable. At the same time, it sets up an elite of those who accept this tripe as God-sent. Prophets seldom come to pat Organized Religions on the back but to urge them to drop their foul practices and act as good men and women should, with compassion for ALL.

I would ask any man or woman, any parent in their right minds, would you torture and in the most horrifying ways murder your own children even if they, like all humans, were "sinners"? I would think, if you had a brain cell and a conscience working the answer would be, a resounding NO! No, because the conscience is a product of the God I worship, who is not an insane murdering Marquise de' Sade in a toga.

The culture of death includes many things that either left or right despise, and a few things they both despise, but I see no difference in anyone, left or right, who wish physical and mental evil of any sort to others, born or unborn, fetes, with or without soul. Unfortunately, the mass audience of such fictional, blasphemous tripe as the End of Days crowd, lacking teeth, swallows whole, does not read the archaic languages of Jesus and his environs: Archaic Aramaic (Jesus' own language) archaic Hebrew, Greek, Coptic and Latin. The Archaic languages are not much like their modern counterparts and those modern counterparts cannot be used for translation, if they are, the translation is far from what was originally written. That is something most of these uninitiated fiction writers are too ignorant to know. Moreover translating from one or more of those archaic languages to another is no mean task. Even the standard translations, which appear in today's copies of either Testament, are error filled at best and specious at worst.
The things included in the lexicon of despicable acts of the Culture of Death are great in width, depth and breadth, and in their calculated and abominable repertoire', they include; Rape, slander, abortion, torture of any sort, murder, capital punishment, preemptive war, the disposal of any toxic solvent or chemical, use of pesticides, herbicides, radio-active particles, genocidal hatred, even if never carried out, merely expressing it is an evil thing, also indulging one's own cowardice is one of the most insidious and odious evils, and plucking the grain of sawdust from the eye of your neighbor, while ignoring the plank sticking out of your own, is an act of delusional, self-deprecation, in reverse, obviously without the conscious understanding of the one doing the criticism.

The only segment of the Culture of Death the Christian Right chose to honor by opposing its practice is abortion. In so doing they leaped on a bandwagon begun by Judaism and Catholicism, as Johnny come lately, when they favored every sort of new life prevention imaginable, under the influence of Margaret Sanger, while today, hypocritically embracing the other evils listed above.

What the Christian Right delights in is finger pointing-identifying and vilifying the peccadilloes of others, (Hollywood, "Liberals" a term few of them can define), and which finger-pointing Jesus condemns. What the Christian Right ignores is self-examination, which Jesus requires-"Pluck not the spot of dust from the eye of thy brother, while out of Thine own eye there juts a beam," "Judge ye not others, tend to Thine own soul's degree of sinfulness," "Judge ye not others, for as ye judge them, so shall ye be judged!" The Christian Right ignores these kind of observations and admonitions of Jesus', it prefers, fictional and Old Testament violence, (the very things Jesus so loudly admonished), but to them, no matter, he was just musing when he said those things, over and over and over again. The Christian Right so reminds one of the Fascist Right, Hitler's Christian Democrats, as he too tried to mold The Prince of Peace, Jesus, into a Wagnerian Siegfried.

The violence they advocate, however, is directed at punishing anyone but themselves and carried out by anyone but themselves, (unless they can do it from an invulnerable, well hidden, deep underground shelter/bunker, like the cowardly Cheney does). A kind of cowardice, of which G W Bush and his entourage and puppet masters are the supreme measure.

So unenlightened are some of those who read ancient texts without knowing the archaic languages, Cultures and customs, that they see only what they wish. If they failed at comprehending Shakespeare, or even in high school, failed to qualify for an English Literature Course, they cannot succeed at comprehending the bible. In the classroom, many would miss the subtlety and subliminal message when reading and barely comprehending only the most cursory information- marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness. The very clear sign of deficient understanding, and less self-examination that that of the average dead tree stump.

Despair is a crime against God and nature; it is the curse of Satan. Hope is the gift of the good God.

Despair, is wrong when it often drives people to do horrific things to others. When we say despair we do not mean, depression, we mean proactive vengeance against others for a misperceived or imagined, or delusional, offense. Coveting for instance is not merely the natural desire to have what others have. Desiring to improve can be an inspirational motivating force. However, desiring specifically something or someone another possesses and conspiring to take it away by any means possible, that is covetousness.

This god, the one End of Days, fanatics, plucked from the pages of a novel (meaning fiction, if you are a Christian Rightist and reading this, you know like a fairy tale, but gorier) seeks every means to catch His human creations doing anything for which he can nail them to a cross, and that is just the beginning of their suffering. That such stories appeal only to minds already demented, to minds which enjoy the concept of torture of others, (Hence their addiction to Bush, the present embodiment of Marquis de Sade.) who act out, what the Christian Rightists fantasize about, and sometimes carry out and hate themselves and those they carryout with.

Their god, is one very familiar to those who read the archaic languages. That god exists, a place of torrid temperatures and flaming environs-the god they worship, judging by the fruits of that god, which are the culture of death, only minus abortion, which they think makes them a bit holier than the other psychotically violent, criminally insane. That they stand against abortion, but no other violence, is a massive hypocrisy born of delusion and masked awe of Judeo/Catholic theology.

Those writers of fiction, who have twisted scripture into a demented tale of despair, and their readers, have created a different god. Theirs is a god of incredibly inconsistent and psychotic, demeanor. In the belief system of more ancient Christian religions, Judaism, Muslimism and others, the Almighty Creator of the Universe, did so out of love of His Creation, especially the brightest star of His creation, man, who according to the prophets is either a step above or below the perfection of angels. That never seems to have occurred to the readers of such specious, fictional, garbage, and those who swallow it whole sans use of teeth.

Despair is a form of cowardice, hopelessness and a disbelief in God. It means that one iss faithless and that one wishes all were destroyed because that one cannot bear to live with ITSELF, any longer. That kind of despair indicates no faith in God's redeeming feature. That type of despair, drives one not to merely commit suicide, because misery loves company and one in that sort of despair which loves evil, does not want anyone to supersede him, wants no one left alive, that might prove him wrong. This is because in reality, he does deep down realize that he IS wrong, that a loving God would neither torture not destroy what He has created out of a violent need for vengeance, which some perverted minds call justice.

Leaving even the planet intact is not acceptable to those whose despairing souls are already waiting for them in Hades, even while their demented minds and bodies roam the earth making life miserable for themselves and everyone which they encounter and even many more which they will never meet.

The words of Jesus were pretty clearly against hatred, bigotry, violence, murder, killing, racism, of any sort, they are all anathema (meaning, if you are a Christian Rightist reading this, a very firm NO, NO! UH, UH, don't you dare!).

Jesus said, "By their fruits shall ye know them."
A)-The fruits of the good, are love, empathy, peace, tolerance, kindness, giving benefit of the doubt, patience, shaping the sword into the plowshare, caring for and nurturing, all that God created, that is what the base word for what was translated as "Dominion" meant, a Middle Ages/Dark Ages translation of totalitarian Dictator Kings, reigning with the torture and violence of Satan. While the men God loves, reigned with sovereign diligence and empathetic, concern and care for ALL which God created, respecting, all men, all women, the land, air, water and the heavens.

B)-The fruits of the Evil one, are destruction of both the fruits of men and God, torture, killing, slandering, bigotry, gossip, lying, warring, burning, bombing, strafing, beating, burning, poisoning, bringing nature to ruin, through the destruction of the land, air and water, which are acts of defiance and contempt for God and all He created and hatred of all that is goodness.

Now let us do a pop-quiz that even the least enlightened among us can comprehend. It consists of just four parts, A and B.

1)-Which is the God of Jesus, A or B?

2)-Which is the god of Satan, A or B?

3)-Who is the God/god you worship, A or B?

4)-So then, by their fruits you shall know them; do you know yourself? Is the God/god you worship A or B?


3-If you are a decent, loving, tolerant, patient, empathetic, peace loving, non-violent, kind, non-judgmental human being human being it is A, if your are into and supporting destruction of both the fruits of men and God, torture, killing, slandering, bigotry, gossip, lying, warring, burning, bombing, strafing, beating, burning, poisoning, bringing nature to ruin, destruction of the land, air and water, you are evil and it is B.

4)- If you are a decent, loving, tolerant, patient, empathetic, peace loving, non-violent, kind, non-judgmental human being human being it is A, if your are into and supporting destruction of both the fruits of men and God, torture, killing, slandering, bigotry, gossip, lying, warring, burning, bombing, strafing, beating, burning, poisoning, bringing nature to ruin, destruction of the land, air and water, you are evil and it is B.

Congratulations, if your answers were 100%, you are going to heaven, if not you are going to... Crawford Texas.
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