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{Above painting by Pete Bagnolo.} I think the time has come to tell the president and vice president what America is all about. It was/is the most noble experiment in the history of humankind. It is about what God intended for all men, but which the avaristic have always tried to prevent. Bush, claiming to be a man of faith, should know that God, the eternal Father, had a strong inspirational hand in creating, through His Chosen Founding Fathers, a Declaration of Independence, a Constitution and Bill of Rights-two of the three things Bush has tried mightily to destroy with his treasonous Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act of 2006. By so doing he became the Anti-Christ, because he pitted himself, for the benefit of his avaristic, fascist supporters, against the Almighty Father, thus holding God-the Creator of all that is, in contempt. Further when The president strikes out at the people of our nation, or any people, he is showing contempt for God in yet another way, he is upstaging the Creator who engineered the living to be present in our era, and now those who aren't being slaughtered, are being reduced to poverty and shorn of dignity. More than that his slandering of men whose service in battle, men who displayed a courage which was as far above the "Y" base, as Bush's cowardice was/is below it-he who was too frightened to fight, even from the relative distance of the sky. America is about freedom and equality for men/women of every stripe, every religion and even of no religion. God, Himself, is to decide who lives and dies, not those whose hearts are filled with murder-those who want the whole world to buy into their Anti-Christ inspired evil prostitution of the role of Jesus. "By their fruits shall ye know them...." The fruits of murderers are plain to every man and woman of common sense. God did not create us to initiate new Inquisitions. He created us to love one another, regardless of our belief, to empathetically tolerate each other's peccadilloes, so long as our goals were trust, love and honor America is also about our brothers and sisters who are not as lucky or gifted as those who earn more-the poor, you know who they are-the people Bush and his fascist vampires try to suck clean of even their few hundred a month Social Security stipends-the people about which Bush allegedly wrote, in a class paper in his business course, saying, according to a former professor, "...the Poor are so, because they are lazy." I wonder, if Bush's father was not a wealthy man with influence, how his son would have made a living? Maybe as a drug dealer? He seems so much to favor the drug industry, bent on protecting them from well deserved law suits. America and love of God, is about something Bush cannot seem to acquire-empathy, which in the switch from Hebrew to Greek, One thousand, and nine hundred-thirty Â-five (1,935) years ago, was translated as love. Bush has his whole life been bailed out of tight situations. He has acted the part of an incorrigible, deviate-a fool. Some might quip, "he wasn't acting." Let us be a bit more charitable, at least for a moment, or two, because I say I do not think he knows when he is or is not acting. Had he grown up in my neighborhood, he would never have made it to adulthood, with his cowardly, contemptuous, smirking, snotty, in-your-face attitude, displayed only when he can hide behind daddy or the USA military, a group of men and women which he has twice betrayed; once long ago when he abandoned them during his "Military Career" and of late, in Iraq. He ABANDONED his peers, and he only did it because he could, because he always indulges himself, because no one ever taught him how not to, and because his family allowed it. I was in the service just a few years before he was. Had any others, then simply disappeared on some phantom mission, I can assure you they would have been charged with AWOL. He claims to support our troops. Is that why he provides, private mercenaries with NO-BID cash to buy bomb-resistant, air conditioned BMW's, (according to one of them, interviewed on the streets of New Orleans, during Katrina) while our troops are killed and maimed because their standard issue ordinance is not properly armored or cooled, and so shrapnel rips through and tears into their flesh, crushing through bone, and visceral organs and leaving our children either dead or maimed, sweltering in the 100+ degree heat of the desert, leaving their loved one's in pain and suffering? That is twice he failed his troops in their time of need. When Bush abandoned responsibility to his peers in the military during a war, wasn't that virtually giving aid and comfort to the enemy, twice, now? Isn't he then a domestic terrorist? Didn't he run scurrying away from harm's way? What was his father thinking when he allowed his son, after his own heroic tour of duty during WWII, to go AWOL permanently? Whom in the Hell was G W Bush working for while in the National Guard? I noticed that George Bush senior's father did not allow Bush senior, his son, to cop out of service in the air force in WWII, nor did he ask his son to have a comfortable assignment. Whose idea was the Bush virtual desertion of his responsibilities during the Viet Nam era? He did not return to Texas less a limb or two or in a pine box, and certainly not a hero, from Viet Nam, because he never set foot there. Why not? Lot's of less fortunate young people, whether they were pilots or not, had no choice. Choice during the Viet Nam wartime era of a national draft is not one of the options available to anyone who qualifies as battle-worthy. On second thought, strike, battle-worthy, he may have been healthy enough to fight, but his peers were probably better off without him as wingman. His bluster, in elbowing the pilot who landed the Bush plane on the carrier, out of his way to boast, right in the face of God, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" Look at me; I won a war! This, from a man who shirked his responsibility in Viet Nam and who never faced the enemy, even for a moment. Bush's bravado only displays itself when he can hide behind legions of Secret Service men and women, the entire military of a large nation, the FBI and Justice Department, and hoards of fascist donors and congress-people. One on one with no phony laws to protect him, he is a brazen coward and has displayed that cowardice in his every phase of life, not more than now, when he showed the world he loved the use of the prime weapon of the coward, TORTURE. Only cowards do, and approve of torture and only cowards approve of capital punishment. Only a coward would unleash against a nation one-twelfth the size of his own, a nation sans air force or navy, the mightiest force of arms on the planet, so far. Only a coward would conceive of torture-concentration camps, of destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, so they could experiment with spying upon their own people, of removing dissidents and animal rights crusaders, with evil bills like ATETA, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and only cowards and traitors would hold men without trial, regardless of who they are, in Hell-Holes and call those who oppose tyranny and brutality in their own nation traitors. There are certainly traitors here in our nation, and here is how you can tell who they are, by using Jesus' method, "...by their fruits, shall ye know them..." Look at the fruits of Bush/Cheney and their peers: destruction of America's freedom, defecating all over the phrase from our National Anthem, "...the home of the brave, and the land of the free..." and all over the Constitution and Bill of Rights, appointing a hubristic, sycophantic, weakly educated, outlaw, to the highest and most powerful law enforcement position in the nation, perhaps the world, using our taxpayer based, national, military force, virtually for the private gain of the energy interests and for protection of pirates who have looted to poverty, a nation of people, of which there are because of his vigilante lawlessness, nearly one million now either maimed or dead, for personal gain, a people Bush claimed three-quarters of which supported invasion and would cheer that we destroyed a tyrant by attacking their country, because the Iraqi people, serving under a tyrant are our friends and want us there. Of the 1,000,000 casualties and 655,000 more Iraqi's dead and than in the five years before the war, that would mean that the deserter, and abandoner of his peers, G W Bush, by his own definition of the 1,000,000 wounded and 655,000 killed, he wounded 750,000 and killed 491,500 of his friends, people who virtually invited him to attack because they were oppressed by a tyrant, he says. He is obviously, a nice friend to have, but predictable. He abandoned his peers and 'friends' in wartime, at least twice, he did the same in his several unsuccessful 'business dealings' from which his daddy rescued him. He attacked a world class US Department of the Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neil, fired his partner in war crimes ventures, his Secretary of Defense, and soon, when he is indicted, will abandon his puppet master, Dick Cheney. Why? Because " by their fruits shall ye know them..." and look at his life's record so far. Look also at his supporters. His friends, those people who claim to be Christians who have recast the Prince of Peace into a nose guard on a football team, and into to a warmonger, those blasphemers, are the worst criminals on the planet. Jesus said, "... let the little one's come unto me..." and, "...whomever scandalizes or harms one hair of their heads, it would be better for him if he were hung about the neck with a mill-stone and thrown into the seas..." Gee, Lord, does that include teaching the young to hate Muslims, Jews and other Christians who disagree with their reinvention of Jesus as a fascist masquerading as a "Christian, which is the exact definition of the Anti-Christ? Muslims, Jews and the other Christians-the Christians which follow the description of Jesus created by the Apostles and the writers of the New Testament, they are the enemies of the mostly Southern Anti-Christ Fascist, "Christians" who are teaching children that it is a sacred thing to "die for Christ" killing God's enemies. Who, in their definition to these innocents, are God's enemies? Why, their enemies, of course, are whomever, these Anti-Christ Spawns, hate or whose goods they covet. Now, that is real Christian-like, isn't it? Well, if you are the Anti-Christ, to that kind of twisted mind, it is. If God-the Creator of life, and of the universe in all of it's Mathematical, Quantum, complexity, wanted anyone, dead, I am certain that He which made all things, would not need ANYONE, certainly, least of all a puny mortal, to help kill His enemies, if indeed He had any. The God/Creator, cannot possibly have enemies, enemies are a threat. There are none who pose a threat to the Almighty. The God I worship did say quite clearly, THOU SHALT NOT KILL! There were no mitigating clauses attached to that forbidding Command, just, quite simply, DON'T KILL ANYONE! That ought to be clear even to a moron. My God, the God-Creator of life, the God Who made life, teaches life, not killing. For if one truly is attached to the culture of life, then that one, stands against every form of killing, otherwise is a hypocrite. That means against Torture, Capital Punishment, Euthanasia, Preemptive War, abortion and violence of any sort. That God, my God, certainly would see as anathema; Creating a vicious school in which the curriculum teaches children beneath and slightly above the age of reason that murdering those who will not convert to the Fascist brand of "Christianity" School, which advocates, do unto them before they can co*k their weapons, or even buy any? Does that include blistering, bubbling and melting the skin off the tiny limbs of children-toddlers, with phosphorous bombings, or Napalm, or rip their little bodies to jelly with dozens of slugs from a .50 caliber Gatling Gun? See, those things are the things a coward orders other men to do, when he cannot, or will not take part in them, personally-too squeamish. Heroes do not order men to do what they cannot stomach, that is why Heroes do not kill babies, toddlers, children, women, old people, or unarmed men. See, Bush admitted he did not have the stomach to watch Saddam's hanging-oh, how cute and sensitive, he is, isn't he? A cute, sensitive monster whose murderous actions were committed so his friends could steal oil that is produced and shipped for less than $1.00-$1.50 Cents a BARREL in Iraq, to sell at between $50.00 $81.00 a BARREL in the USA, while it was selling in Iraq before the war for $00.05 a gallon at the pump and is now selling in Venezuela at $00.12 a gallon at the pump and in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran for the price of a chocolate bar, and selling it here in that same USA for $2.25 to $3.87 a gallon at the pump, stealing money from the very American's he claims to be doing all of this for, how quaint. Looks as though those evil men in those evil, countries with cheap oil; think more of their citizens than Bush in America, the home of the brave and land of the free, thinks of us. To Bush, we are a cash cow for his oil buddies, who he may be setting up, with cash galore and threats, to create a terrorist incident just before November 2008. Bush and Cheney claim to LOVE AMERICA, but their "... fruits..." display that they hate AMERICANS, and they especially seem to have contempt for our troops, since they have them prisoner in a Hell Hole and refuse to let them out of it and when they do come home treat them like crud and try in congress to strip them of their rightful medical coverage. Can't spend any money on them; that would be taking it away from the NO-BID traitors. It would seem, that this president lies and cheats at every thing he does. Recently he lied, or immensely and creatively, exaggerated, about terrorist attacks he foiled. (These allegedly planned, attacks, I believe were hidden in the same holes, in which the WMD's were buried, I betcha. Holes in someone's head, I think.) Ask Keith Olbermann about that fiasco Bush related in his "State of the Union Message" last week. (More reflective of the state of the Bush mind/sanity, if you can find either functioning, than of the Union) A man of deep and abiding, prayer, gets the impression, that Caligula, Nero and Hitler were, in the time before the birth of Bush, (just months after the death of Hitler; time, enough I am told for a reincarnation to occur), his playmates or his educators in the Hell that spawned them all. Bush is the Anti-Christ, the Anti-Robin Hood, who murders and steals from the poor to give to the rich. How noble. What must the world think of a people, who were too damned busy at the malls, or the taverns, or their careers, to go out and vote? And what of those who did and voted Red, once the hated color and political view? What were those who did not vote, doing which was so important that they allowed a monster to become president of our Republic? What must the world think of the 65% of Americans eligible, who did not vote in the election of 2000, and of the 59+%, which did not bother to vote in the election of 2004? Nice going, slackers. If it were up to me those, who didn't vote would lose their citizenship or be deported. Some, I am certain, are sorry that they voted for the Anti-Christ, and many were probably misinformed. Some, I know who are decent, God loving, people, voted for Bush because of the abortion issue, coerced by a cardinal and again when he was pope (A clear signal that foresight, is clearly not one of this pope's gifts). I know some who did vote for Bush the in 2000, but not in 2004. I know some that did both times and are now in deep sorrow for their mistakes, because they now realize that there are bigger issues than abortion. There are some who wish privately they hadn't, ever voted for Bush, but publicly, are in denial. God and the Angels who used to protect America, (And I pray, still do), have been in Mourning since November 2000, and furiously so since November 2004.
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