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"Peter... Peter... Peter...?"

"Huh, uhh, err, Y-, yes, Lord, Here I am."

"Where my son, I do not see you."

"Err, I sleeping on the floor of my closet, Sir. If You open the door, You will see me."

The door creaked open and He peeked in. "Why in the closet? Are you playing hide and seek, Peter?"

"Ummm, well, uh, its quieter and warmer in here, Lord."

"Ahahahah, you are a funny kid, Peter."

"Umm, Sir, what time is it?"

"We already went through your sleep deprivation defense last time, Peter."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot."

"Listen, Peter, buck-up, I need a favor from you. I have something I want you to tell the world."



"Peter, there was a $5.6 Trillion surplus when President Clinton left office and the war has cost around one trillion dollars. $3.6-$4.4 trillion of the Surplus were earmarked for Social Security by Alan Greenspan and Paul O'Neil, but the Bushites gave it all away as Corporate Well-Fare to No-Bid contractor pals and weapons makers and the very wealthy so they could kick-back campaign money, making the rich even richer and the poor even poorer and keeping the fascists in power. So, altogether they threw away $6.6 trillion."

"My boy, there are 665,000 civilian Iraqi's dead above the five years before the war and about 3,000 Americans. Casualties; Iraqi's about 1,000,000, Americans 20,000."

"There are also, tens of Millions, are or soon will be, reduced from the middle class to poverty, and from poverty to destitution, thus unable to properly educate their children. America will become, if they are allowed to continue, as per the plan of the Bushites, a Theocratic Feudal Economy Fortress, made up of about 2%-4% extremely Oil-wealthy people, most of which will not dwell here in the USA, but will become, out of fear of the people and toxic conditions they have created, absentee landlords, living on mountain tops, in bunkers, controlling and supported by an additional 6%-8% military needed to protect the 2%-4% "Oil Made Royalty" from, and to control, the 90%-92% serfs/peasants. All but the 8%-10% "Oil Made Royalty" including their military protectors, will live lives cut short by industrial air, water, and food borne toxins and lack of health care.

"Peter, the war in Iraq is a laboratory for what the Bushites plan for the USA. I saw that the Bushites were comparing their "New Plan" of pacifying Iraq, by illustrating how they would do it if it were Los Angeles; sealing-off surrounding villages, and going town-to-town, block-to-block, house-to-house. That plan is obviously already in place for their take-over by force. Martial Law will bring that upon Americans, unless the people act now to stop the Bushites. That is why the Bushites are seeking to ignore the law, the congress and the courts and have eliminated Habeas Corpus. Eliminating Habeas Corpus was the most damaging step Hitler took in purging democracy from his Christian Democratic Party and thus from Germany. You and some others saw that several years ago-that is why I have chosen you and those others for this task.

"Right now more than 45,000,000-60,000,000 citizens are without proper medical care for their families in America. That will increase each generation.

"The $6.6 Trillion which the administration threw away making the very wealthy even more wealthy, and making 1,000,000 Non-Christians, who were alive and healthy before we attacked, now wounded or dead, was put aside by Clinton for jobs creation, healthcare and Social Security would have improved the health care of nearly 275,000,000. It also would have funded Social Security for the next hundred and fifty years. America and the world would also be much further away from nuclear obliteration, than they are today. Nuclear war has become eminent, because of the Bushites war-mongering and has upset even your European allies.

"Peter, the greedy and violent leadership of the coalition of Neo-Cons, fascists, bigots, and false religionists, has committed a great evil, ruined millions of lives over the next four generations of at least two nations, all that over what? Over avarice for the riches of oil, as you said years ago when you predicted this evil!"

"At Your prompting, yes, Sir."

"What, Peter, is the only of the 613 Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins not criminalized, as my prophets, I and Jesus, have said so often?"

"Avarice (greed), Sir. However, the church focused on sexuality as the prime evil."

"Peter, we both know human sexuality is not evil. It may be, under some conditions, ill advised, and even predatory, but often, as in John 4:4-42, it is mitigated by circumstances. By focusing on sexual adventures instead of greed, Organized Religions grabbed everyone by the throat. Because all people need love and affection, and they are told by Organized Religions that sexuality is evil, they feel guilty about something, which is a normal desire, which I placed in the hearts and souls of men and women to bring them closer together. When people falter through weakness of the flesh and because of deprivation of necessities, (however, not of Sleep, Peter), or of denial of needs, when they ask, they are easily forgiven.

"Avarice is an evil, not a mere sin. It is a lust for power and control, and more and more wealth, even if it means depriving others, or of killing hundreds of thousands, or even millions. It is therefore, the only one of the 613 Commandments and the Seven Deadly Sins, without mitigation. I give no mercy to the greedy, ever. Avarice is the greatest evil on the planet, as I, Jesus and my prophets, have often pointed out, and which fell on deaf ears, even in the churches.

"Covetousness is not merely desiring something someone else possesses. That is normal. Covetousness is lusting after something or someone, which reside in the company of another, and envying and overtly or covertly planning to take it away. Covetousness was the motivating factor in the attack on Iraq. Hypocritical pandering to the unstable fears of the uninformed, uneducated and racists, among certain Christian groups was merely a sugar coating to gain their votes and support. The vast majority of those voting for either party in America do not hate God. Swing voters often change parties, so often one or another party has consisted of a good number of the same people from one election to another. Therefore, those who say the Democrats hate God or are atheists are calling people who were Republicans in a previous election, Godless. That is stupid! People move freely from one party to the other and most of the wiser ones love Me (God), but simply do not want men conceiving of and administrating a theocratic state, and neither do I. Whenever men have constructed a theocratic state, it has always been a disaster, and easily corrupted, as were the Inquisition, the Crusades and the excesses of the Reformation on both sides. I gave men free will and government shall give them nothing less. They can love and worship me, or not even accept that I exist, free will is their gift and free will does not exist with a gun at the head of an atheist.

"Some of the rich and powerful want more power. Ultimately they want absolute power-they want MY power. They want to be gods. The church ignored that because they wanted money from the wealthy and could not chastise them and still get their money. Condemning sexuality controls everyone because all men and women desire physical affection by my edict.

"The walls, and floors of Hell are lined with Organized Religionists, politicians and rich hypocrites, as Dante said.

"Iraq is now a living Hell. Your congress should impeach the hubristic Sons of Hell who wish to erase the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Shall I reiterate what you said rightfully? I and I alone inspired the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and NO man shall put it aside for any reason. It is as sacred a document as any bible."


"Here is what I want you to do; prevail upon the congress to criminalize Avarice in the following way so that we will have defeated several Goliath's with one stone. Greed is the only evil of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Commandments, which is not criminalized, even though it is also the only evil which I will not mitigate.

"Peter, I say, make love not war, fools. Make life not death, fools. Hey, Pete I sound like Mr. "T" now, do I not?"

"Yes Sir, you do, THANK Go-, err, thank You!"

"Peter, have you been doing penance for your sins, from birth to today, for distractions from fixating on Me, since your childhood?"

"Yes, Sir, I have. But not always successfully, Sir."

"I will be the judge of that sort of success or lack thereof, and NO ONE ELSE! Sin, you will recall, in the Greek (Hamartia) is defined as a correctable mistake, as missing the mark, not as evil.

"Now, Peter, companies which outsource jobs are avaristic and therefore evil because they deprive people of earning a living wage, and of a respected place in society, and therefore deprive them of the pursuit of happiness, so the business owners and shareholders can make more money. Therefore, they will be heavily penalized and taxed. Executive salaries will be capped at 25 times the average income of every person working for a company, and that includes the workers working for their contractors and their outsourced jobs as well, with a cap at $2.5 million per year. The rest of what would have been their salaries, bonuses, and stock options, will also go into this plan. The money will be used to support a NO-COST Health Care Plan for 300,000,000 Americans.

"Companies, My son, which pay rank and file employees the highest wages, benefits and pensions, (which, by-the-way must be placed in an invulnerable trust, escrow, against which NO ENTITY MAY BORROW) shall be in favored status and will likewise receive generous tax incentives. Americans are promised; life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, corporations are not. Therefore, men, women, children and families shall come before corporations and executives. Men shall excel for the pride of utilizing their skill properly and thereby prosper in wealth and justification.

"Peter, all the people will be issued a sturdy, Income Status Card, by the government, stating their income level or lack thereof. The sturdy, Income Status Card, shall be the basis of their charges for healthcare. Whenever anyone needs medical care, they shall make an appointment and present to doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists, psychiatrists, pharmacies and all other health care facilities, the sturdy, Income Status Card.

"Then, by and through the sturdy, Income Status Card, they shall be charged or not charged. Those making under $50,000 a year income pay nothing. Those making more than that, in escalating increments, according to income, shall pay more. Or they can all be treated freely, but the rich and the cheating, outsourcing, treasonous companies, betraying their own people and nation for money, which have forgotten, What doth it profit a man if he gains the riches of the whole world and loseth his soul in the process, will remember now. They, now, shall profit nothing, BY MY EDICT!

"Peter, Physicians shall make house calls or be fired. Their pay will be the same as that of other professionals, similar to the income of professors, like you; they shall work for the joy of it and still make a good living, but they shall not become very rich, just very comfortable. If they are sued for malpractice, the fund shall cover their defense, so they will need no gouging malpractice insurance. Drug companies shall be nationalized, as shall all corporations dealing in necessary goods, their work taken over by major universities; these shall include all oil companies and all utilities, all water companies, all medical companies of any sort, including drug manufacturers, all necessities of any sort shall be sold at cost. Universities shall become major employers. All luxuries (defined as anything unnecessary for a person's work) may make as much profit as possible. Athletes and other performers, especially those in the arts, or gamblers, entertainers, who use God-Given gifts, shall be allowed to exceed the $2.5 income cap.

"My boy, the IRS will be dissolved, it is no longer needed. Income tax will be replaced by the special taxes I mentioned, including a Federal Retail Tax on all goods purchased by anyone, excluding, food, fuel, water and medical care, and the FED's shall share all Federal taxes with each state, as needed.

"The goal of this once holy nation shall be the welfare of its citizens first, and then, its corporations, a distant second. Competency and fulfillment, shall be always the criteria for hiring, not nepotism or political patronage."

"Do you have any questions, my son?"

"What Time did you say it was, Lord?" There was no answer to that question just a raised eyebrow. "Oh Sir, Why did you not tell me the Bears would beat New Orleans?"

"Peter, One reason was because I had not yet made up my mind who I wanted to win. The New Orleans team's success up to now was a slap in the face to the Bushites. However, you long suffering Chicago fans, voted well and deserve something after putting up with The Cubs and the Bears for so long. Besides, I like Chicago more than a few suburbs. Chicago is a City, which takes good care of its poor and homeless. I have seen neighborhoods in the suburbs where people did not want the homeless fed or allowed to stay overnight in churches.

"I heard the same thing, Lord."

"Oh, on another topic, Lord, would you like to play electric football with me? You know the game which Death Played with Bill and Ted in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?"

"Err, hmmm, and I made you my prophet, right? Just kidding. Maybe we'll play one day soon. Right now you have work to do and so do I."

"What work do You have, now Sir?"

"I have to thwart some avaristic Billionaires, some Energy Traders and auctioneers, some War Profiteers, and some predatory fools. So, rise and shine, my boy, you have a lot to do!"

"You mean get up now, I can't see the clock from here on the floor in the closet, what time did you say it was?"

"I didn't."

"Oh, shi-, err, Hel-, I mean Oh, heck it's 2:30 again!"

"HAHAHAHHAH, Funny Keedo!"

He said this while whooping and slapping His huge thigh, thereby shaking the house with His thunderous, roaring, laughter and then He started to evaporate. I shouted out to Him, "Wait! Hey, Lord. Just a minute, please! Who will win he Super Bowl on February fourth, the Bears or the Colts? Oh, yeah and You didn't tell me who would win the World Series in 2007, yet, either!" However, He kept right on evaporating, smiling and laughing, and like a giant Cheshire Cat, His face was the last thing to disappear. He wasn't going to tell me again. Shi, err, Heck!
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Professor Bagnolo has majored in: Cultural Anthropology, Architectural design, painting, creative writing. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, he was offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
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