I just do not know where to go with my anger anymore as one reads that seven more U.S. troops died today in Iraq.  Seven more families will have that knock on their door while this incompetent government in Washington, D.C. has their war of words as leaders of both parties grab the microphones.  What both parties are failing to understand is while they have their war of words, real human beings namely our soldiers continue to actually die.  While all of you worry of your political futures, the family members they leave behind are worried how they will survive into the future.


Our esteemed politicians are not using our military force to actually fight those that attacked us on 9/11; they are using them to quell the violence of this sectarian war between the Sunnis and the Shiites.  Excuse me; it was al Qaeda that attacked us.


Oh but these Iraqi politicians do learn from our elected officials bad behavior when they are not doing all that they can to end this violence.  It is their responsibility to do so.


President Jalal Talabani is reported as saying, "I will go to the U.S.A and stay nearly three weeks to lose weight and have some rest and relaxation ... away from meetings and work," Yet seven of our troops died.  Perhaps when our American embassy in Iraq is completed he can recreated with our State Department officials and take a swim in a pool that we are funding through our tax dollars.


As we fund this war in Iraq, I suppose that many Americans are being squeezed till they can give no more and they will have little for any vacation for them to rest and relax.


The AP also reports “on Sunday for a trip to the United States that was expected to include a medical checkup. The trip came four months after Talabani was rushed to a Jordanian hospital where doctors said he was suffering from exhaustion and dehydration caused by lung and sinus infections.” Note to Talabani, how many of your citizens have died from far worse?  Many U.S. soldiers are coming home wounded beyond belief which is far more detrimental to them than exhaustion and dehydration.  They are coming home without limbs and with brain injuries.


If we are going to deny anyone access it should be this man since it is evident that he is guilty of dereliction of duty to stop the madness that is killing our soldiers along with his citizens.


The AP also reports, “Senior Shiite politician Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim flew there aboard a U.S. military aircraft Wednesday for further tests to determine if he is suffering from lung cancer, according to members of his staff.” So, we the tax payer are funding the flight of this Shiite politician for medical tests?  We want to determine if he is suffering from lung cancer when his citizens are dying in Iraq?


Normally, I am a compassionate person, but my compassion goes to the many innocent people that have lost their lives in this immoral war.  I have very little compassion left when it comes to even these Iraqi politicians.


Now here is the real lunacy when one reads, “Army Gen. David Petraeus, the senior American commander in Iraq, told the Army Times newspaper in an interview Friday night that U.S. forces were focusing on an insurgent who is "sort of an affiliate of al-Qaeda."  They are sort of an affiliate of al-Qaida?  Here is a newsflash to our esteemed politicians, al Qaeda is in Pakistan and guess what Pakistan has?  Pakistan has nuclear weapons.  Yet, that country is our ally?  Whatever happened to President Bush’s statement, “You are either with us or the terrorists”? 


In 1979, Al Pacino starred in a movie called, “And Justice for All” in which one of his famous lines within that movie was, “You're out of order! This whole trial is out of order!" There are many times when one feels like saying to this federal government in its handling of this war amongst other vital issues, “You’re out of order, the whole federal government is out of order”


In closing, my prayers go out to the family members who lost their loved ones today over in Iraq.  One doesn’t even know how to express our collective sympathies anymore when this government refuses to listen.  One only wonders how many of our elected officials in Washington, D.C., in future trips to Iraq will take time to recreate in that multi-million dollar embassy built at tax payer’s expense.


Author’s note: My email address is, xmjmac@optonline.net