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What Will It Take?

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Message Marti Oakley

As American's, I think we have become so lazy, so willing to be led, we have lost our way. We are saddled with a government that on every level has lied to us and continues to lie to us..... a government that on every level works against us and in favor of big money and corporations and most of us do nothing. Most of us don't even object. Many of us will try to align ourselves with those who have shown they despise us.

Too many of us will believe what ever the government says rather than risk being called a "conspiracy theorist". God forbid you should doubt or question anything! You might not be "patriotic". And what the hell does that mean these days? It means nothing. We have forfeited our country, our sovereignty, our way of life and quality of life to individuals who view us as "human capital".....something to bought and sold, traded and bartered. In the eyes of our own government we are dispensable and quite frankly a nuisance.

And what does happen if you do object? What if you point out that what we are being told, doesn't add up? What if, for instance, you site the mountains of evidence from experts all over the world that 9/11 could not possibly have happened the way the government says it did? Well then, you're a "conspiracy theorist". Not only hate America. You aren't a patriot and you don't love God and if a natural disaster hits then it's all your fault! What happens if you join millions of other people who are sounding the alarm that something has gone terribly wrong in our country?

What if, you are one of those people who are jumping up and down and protesting the stripping away of our rights, the loss of privacy under the total surveillance state, the coming police state and martial law? Well just want the terrorists to win! If we have another 9/11 type attack it will be all your fault because you didn't love America, you weren't the right kind of patriot, and you are a conspiracy theorist. And..... you don't love God.

What if you are one of those people who realizes that illegal immigration that is unchecked contradicts the story that, a) We are in a war against terrorists b) we must submit to REAL ID or other domestic internal passports in order to be safe, or, c) That there really is or was a terrorist threat.

Does it occur to anyone that if terrorists were trying to gain entry into our country to harm us, our southern border would have been sealed off immediately after 9/11? That NO ONE would be able to jump a fence, dig a tunnel, hide in a trunk, walk across, swim across or otherwise enter this country without the necessary clearance to do so? If the attacks on 9/11 were really those of foreign terrorists and the government truly thought or believed that another attack was possible by these same "terrorists"......wouldn't the first reaction have been to seal off our borders immediately? Yet here we are all these years later with a growing illegal population that is comprised not only of indigenous populations from south of the border, but a fair number of Chinese (14,000 now that China will not take back) and more than 4,000 Afghani's, and countless other illegal entrants into our country......all while we are told we need to give up our rights and liberties, not to mention our jobs and way of life.......or we don't love America; we aren't the right kind of patriot. We are "conspiracy theorists" and we don't love God!!!

How about the efforts on state and national levels to establish a DNA database? Does that sit well with you? Look at just the last seven and a half years of actions by this administration and our congress and tell me if you see anything that would indicate to you that this government is attempting anything other than complete devastation of the common citizen, the complete ruination of our country. Can you really tell me that a national DNA database wouldn't be used adversely? That there isn't some other agenda most likely at the bottom of this effort, to enable the government not only to track us, but to develope ethnically devastating bioweapons based on our DNA? (hint: They're already doing it!) Well too must be a conspiracy theorist, and un-patriotic, and you must hate America and God to boot!

I suppose I could site other issues, but I believe I have made my point. I would much prefer to be called a conspiracy theorist, than a fool. If anyone can produce anything other than the official version of 9/11 that proves that it happened the way we were told it be it. So far, not even the government has done that.

If being patriotic means that I now must support the loss of civil rights and liberties or face possible incarceration as a "domestic terrorist" for speaking out against the trashing of our Constitution, the subversion of our laws, and the policies of this government that have cost so many their lives while war profiteers in our government enrich them selves.......then I guess I am not the "new" brand of patriot. I prefer the old of country first and foremost and the freedom to say what I believe to be true and the willingness to stand up and defend it......against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I want to know when it became unpatriotic to exercise my duty to dissent. When did voicing an objection to government policies that have harmed so many become an unpatriotic act? How does that equate to hating America? It seems to me that those who hate America are those who have gone along with this assault on our nation that came not from terrorists from "over there"......but rather from those who wrap them selves in our flag while plotting our demise.

I also believe that those who rage that we must hate America if we don't comply with the current policies are those who are cowards; those who would willingly forfeit all for a false sense of security. This is the new brand of patriot and one that I find disgusting.

As for God......I think he has left the building along with Elvis. How anyone could believe that God would approve or condone the horrendous actions of this government, the deaths of more than a million Iraqi's, the development of biological weapons to kill off indigenous populations or to target ethnic groups for eradication........that any God would bestow his blessings on a country that has by its silence condoned so much bloodshed and devastation, that commits sickening acts of torture and has ruthlessly killed and maimed so many and sits by idly while millions go hungry, is unbelievable. Do I love God? The better question would be......does He still love us? Have we given Him any reason to?

With the coming police state and the declaring of martial law religion will be tolerated only so long as the churches encourage their congregations to comply peacefully. Once that is done, religion will cease to exist as we know it. In the end, I may end up in jail or I could end up in a FEMA camp. Ultimately I could end up dead. But one thing is for sure, this is one old lady who will go down fighting. Call me what you will, but I will never give up the fight.

Marti Oakley (c) 2008

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A new president but the same old crowd runs the Washington District of Criminals. We are under attack from all quarters by our own goverment. I have written for more years than I care to admit about the corruption of our government. At some (more...)
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