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United States of America Inc.-the fall of a giant

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The USA Inc Rouge Giant is slowing down on its rampage. Although not out of kindness or mercy, and neither out of a better functioning democracy allowing for the American people to gain insight and control over what is done in their name and with their money and to be blamed on them.
The truth is that the Most Powerful Puppet to Play - USA as a nation of human, political, monetary and military capital to be used and abused - is being cornered.
The naked emperor will be stripped out of the illusion of clothes, the elephant will be reined in.
Sadly, the puppet masters who drove USA from a nation of respect and prosperity to a nation of poverty, crime, flawed democracy, social defragmentation and rapidly declining international influence and status - they will squeeze the last out of their puppet and then throw it to the scavengers as they set off to either early retirement or head for another, more viable and unexploited puppet.

The Puppet Masters
Who are then these Puppet Masters? Can they be rounded up and held responsible?
Instead of describing a group and then go on to the means by which it supposedly would rule the great movements on the world arena - risking the label of conspiracy theorist with all its connotations - I will start by first defining what such a group would need in terms of channels of influence and what interest the members would have to share in order to make such a group both possible as well as an asset to the members.

The common interest of the members would have to be the increase and consolidation of power - as in the ability to make others act in ways desirable. Why the members seek this increase in power is left to each individual to know - some say it is fundamentally a derivate of the human need for security in the struggle for survival encoded into the human psyche and behavior and although it manifests itself differently it is something all human beings seek. Different times and circumstances offers different ways of obtaining and wielding power. In todays world the main ways of influencing people's behavior is through information, money and use or threat of use of force. The objective is the same, however - to make others find it in their interest to act in a way I want them to.
And the proposed Puppet Masters would have to share the interest in making people act in such ways as to facilitate the increased power of these Masters.

Many people in todays world share values restraining the use of black mailing and coercion through use of force, financial means and information. Military aggression is signed away as a crime in many international agreements, domestic use of force is declared criminal except in specified instances, financial black mail and usury are crimes as is certain instances of using information as means of influencing others such as in the matter of attempts to influence parties of a court case, using false advertising towards consumers and government propaganda domestically.
The proposed groups of Puppet Masters therefore must know these regulations very well. And since in democratic nations there is not to be any power above that of the representatives of the people, the group would have to act without fear of being exposed for what it is - the group of those who can rule the rulers, the group of those who are masters not IN the game but OF it.

Just as power is the shared objective of the members, it is also through the use of the power of money, violence and information that it have to go about obtaining this. And if it is to be able to work at such a high level that it controls the actions done in the name and with the money and public institutions of the US people then it will have to work both outside and above the national level. It would have to be independent of the nation as such and instead work with the transnational system of power that spans all nations and people of the world. This at the same time as it has the ability to coordinate the powers of finance, violence and information within specific nations. Thus it would most likely have to have both national and transnational levels or at least national divisions coordinating with one another.

Last it would have to include members who together represent the ultimate in power of national and transnational systems of money, violence and information. And it would require these members to be able to collaborate and coordinate in some sort of meetings regularly.

Now what we have to ask is - are there such groups that fulfills these requirements?
The answer is without doubt yes.
Ready to shift its main focus to whatever nation/nations or union is he most profitable to pull the strings of, groups such as the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission are today deeply intertwined with the doings of the international systems of money, military and information and in specific so much connected to the doings of the USA within those systems that they have the ability to use USA as a pawn.
In his very well written article "The Global Elite: Who are they?" (1) Patrick Wood presents the conclusions of an elaborate research. He describes and identifies the means motives and members of the Global Puppet Masters.
Another source of information is the book "Tragedy and Hope" by Dr Caroll Quigley . In his book, Dr. Quigley writes:

"I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for
twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960's, to examine
its papers and secret records. I have no aversions to it or to most of its
aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its
instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its
policies ... but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes
to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to
be known."
The "Hope" in the title of Quigley's book represents the thousand-year reign of a collectivist one-world society which will be created when the "network" achieves its goal of world government. Quigley believed that the "network" is so powerful at this point that resistance by the common people is futile.
Hence, those who resist the schemes of the globalist planners represent the "Tragedy." By Dr. Quigley's logic, there is no point in struggling against this. He obviously did not share my personal optimism and hope that people rather be truly free then living in captivity with the illusion of freedom.

The truth is that in all aspects USA is bleeding - politically, military, monetary/financially, socially - and loosing relative to other nations in the world. The signs are there and are beginning to penetrate even into the media-bubble otherwise keeping the more unpleasant and unwanted parts of reality out of the minds of Americans.

Being an ex-patriot in USA and keeping connected with the world outside both by choice and necessity, it is so obvious. My Swedish currency (not tied to the Euro) is worth more and more compared to the falling Dollar (2), and going to Europe for family visits reminds me of the fall of another US currency - that of social capital made up of the perceived credibility and standing of a nation in the minds of people elsewhere, and the former allies in Europe are realizing that the dwindling US power allows for them to be more and more critical and more and more cocky.
Combine this with another obvious fact - just as the nation the American people are to a great extent in debt. Should the Dollar fall in value the monthly payment would increase to make up for the lost value. But unlike the national debt it is harder for individuals to declare insolvency and get away with it.
One of the strongest indicators of the shrinking respect for USA was when my father - a man grown up at a time when all good things came from USA and America was the savior of Europe and the beacon of freedom - expressed his disappointment.

Take Somalia.
Herald Tribune featured an article 31 Dec 06 (3) describing the loss of US influence in Somalia and Africa in general, making military proxy-force and violence through Ethiopia the last resort.

"Somalia may be the place that best illustrates a trend sweeping across the African continent: After Sept. 11, 2001, the United States concluded that anarchy and misery aided terrorism, and so it tried to re-engage Africa. But anti-U.S. sentiment on the continent has only grown, and become increasingly nasty. And the United States seems unable to do much about it.
A number of experts on Africa trace those developments to a sense not of American power, but of its decline - a perception that the United States is no longer the only power that counts, that it is too bogged down in the Middle East to be a real threat here, and so it can be ignored or defied with impunity
But the broader issue playing out here - the sense that Washington is not the kingmaker it once was - goes beyond Mogadishu. It is Africa-wide. And it is based on a changed reality: The emergence of other customers for Africa's resources and the tying down of U.S. military forces in Iraq have combined to reduce U.S. clout in sub- Saharan Africa, even as the United States pumps in more financial aid than ever - about $4 billion per year.
"The actual ability of the U.S. to influence circumstances on the ground in Africa has declined dramatically," said Michael Clough, a former director of the Africa program of the Council on Foreign Relations. "But the symbolic significance of the United States is still there. So we become the perfect target." "

Take Iraq.
Unless Balkanisation and civil war was pre-planned as a way to obtain the best terms for oil deals and military presence in the Middle East, then Iraq must be seen as one more example of lost US control. Hiding in the Green Zone and the few other areas the shrinking coalition forces can keep under control only as long as they are there, there is no way that USA can be said to have done any of the things publicly claimed as justification for the invasion-bring democracy, find WMD, win the war on terrorism. The costs for USA Inc in political standing and credibility internationally and domestically, human lives and in money can never be repaired - but they need not be since those making the sacrifices neither have to suffer them nor stay long enough to see the consequences of them.
When other nations gang up and form regional blocks of military, economic and social cooperation and exchange former betrayals and treatment towards others really begins to matter. And although the American people are at large unaware - by manipulation or by choice - other nation's people do remember and understand the actions done by USA even as the USA Inc decides that history is to be rewritten or that absolution is to be granted to themselves and all predecessors.
As written about Saddam Hussein's execution coinciding with the funeral and memorial arrangements of former President Ford in an article (4) on Information Clearinghouse:
"In the wake of the United States' recent facilitation of Saddam Hussein's hanging, we in the self-proclaimed "bastion of human rights" are in the midst of six days of mourning for a man would have swung from the gallows long ago had he been judged by the same standards as Saddam..."
This referring to the fact that Gerald Ford was just as much a created myth as the executed former dictator- a man whose power was a result of US backing and interventions(5).
Democracy Now highlighted (6) 27Dec facts pointing to Ford approving of Indonisian massacre and invasion of East Timor that killed 1/3 of the Timorese, as well as pardoning Nixon as part of a shady deal. Remains the pardoning of the soldiers deserting the Vietnam war - something we have yet to see Bush doing for all those finding that their trust, loyalty and their patriotic and humanitarian motivations are being abused in an illegal invasion based on lies.
During the Israel attacks on Lebanon earlier this year, Robert Fisk documented (7) the knowledge among the Lebaneese of the US involvement - both the military material provided to Israel as well as the discussions preceding the Israeli attacks in which Isareli officials was told the USA supported a military attempt to rid Lebanon of Hizbollah.
"You know, this has been going on for more than two weeks now. I'm traveling around the south, increasingly outraged at what I see, as a human being. And I'm not a Muslim. I'm not a Muslim. And I keep saying to myself, "If I was a Muslim, how much more outraged might I be?" I turned to an American friend of mine tonight back in Beirut before I came home, and I said, "You know, I've been watching this now for more than two weeks, and there's going to be another 9/11." There's going to be another 9/11, and then we're going to hear all the usual claptrap about how it's good versus evil, and they hate us because we're good and democratic, and they hate our values, and all the other material that comes out of the rear end of a bull that your president and my prime minister talk."
Allegations that USA encouraged Isarel to take out Hizbollah so that USA could attack Iran has a cruel and ironic twist - if not for USA intervention, Iran might still have been a secular democracy. As shown in an article from 22 Aug 2003 (8) - Iranians have not forgotten:

Iranians mourned this week the consequences of Anglo-American regime change as they marked the 50th anniversary of a CIA coup that toppled their democratically elected prime minister.
At a time when the United States has adopted a policy of preemptive action in its war on terrorists - and is portrayed here as encouraging student street protests - the 1953 overthrow of Mohammad Mossadegh's government is taking on fresh relevance for some Iranians

Terrorist threats requiring US backed military interventions are deprived of their historical context when presented to Americans in the mainstream profit oriented media. But on the ground people remember. In Somalia Ethiopia is backed by the USA as attacking terrorism. But knowing the past would bring into light the fact that those US today call allies are yesterdays thugs and criminals killing for other motives than those publicly acknowledged.
"The failed UN/US intervention of 1993 led directly to the triumph of the warlords, who plundered, raped, and murdered their way through the streets of Mogadishu, the Somalian capital, and reduced the country to Mad Max territory. The same deadly chaos - made in the US - now again foments more hate...
Like now the US mainstream media globally are repeating that Ethiopia felt 'threatened.' So the US trained, dressed and equipped Ethiopian army was threatened by a dirt poor country with no army? Give people a break! This far the US junta and the CIA again only fully succeeded in making themselves still more hated, and a couple of more million people very angry. Because a couple of thousand innocent people in Somalia are very dead, many are wounded, and they all have family and friends. And all know and understand it's not the Ethiopian or Ugandan people as such, but the US/CIA with their brainwashed 'leaders' and by them armed mercenaries which are responsible for the misery and killings. Paid for by taxes extorted from the US Americans and EU/NATO victims."
Somalia: US Foreign Policy and Gangsterism + Leaked emails(9)
The puppet masters of the USA Inc has done an Enron - betrayed and robbed the people who gave them the mandate and resources to run the business in the interest of the people of both money and trust and allowed most of those responsible to escape while leaving it up to the victims to carry the consequences and the bad reputation.
And if there is anything traveling has thought me is that even as communication improvements makes the world less difficult to span, it does not make it less confusing. And after having been saved from boredom while spending five hours in Copenhagen airport stop-over by a coincidental encounter with a now former stranger, avoided getting lost in Munich due to another such encounter, and many other similar events I know that without help and friendships we are very helpless indeed.

As Samuel Huntington supports by his reasoning in his book "Clash of Civilizations", the geo-political motives for forming alliances that kept otherwise unlikely nations in cooperation has been replaced by need for alliances based on trust and reliability - we gang up with those we have reasons to believe will share our values.
In the absence of such social capital of perceived credibility and reliability there is just economic and military coercion to achieve objectives. And USA is loosing power of both in relation to other players.
Democrats- sometimes with Republicans- in the US Senate and Congress is going against explicit White house directions and making stapling attempts to kiss and make up with socialist - democratic Latin American governments (10)- even those closely allied to the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who is both part of the Axis of Evil and called Bush the Devil in UN - as well as pay visits to Syrian President11. Hugo Chavez himself received a US olive branch(12), but although not completely rejecting the overture he declared that he would prioritize fostering the ties with nations more important to Venezuela - such as other Latin American nations.
In a near future USA will be neither respected not feared enough to ward off the consequences of having been the worse bully on the block. Sadly, it will be those least guilty - the American people - which will face the Blowback that will topple the naked giant emperor. The masters OF the game never go down when the players IN the game does.

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