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Calling Out the Cons

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My motivation is pure. My anger is righteous. My patriotism will withstand any legitimate scrutiny. As part of the clear majority of Americans who share this sentiment, and whose tax dollars pay the salaries of the public servants charged with governing in our best interests, I demand that the rogue band of obvious war criminals at the top of our government be impeached and removed from office immediately, tried fairly and punished to the full extent of American and international law for their crimes. The people did not choose these criminals to lead us. They were nefariously appointed to office against our will and have held our country hostage for six years, wreaking havoc on our Constitution, putting our troops needlessly in harms way, causing thousands of them and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis to needlessly die, and spending us at light speed toward bankruptcy. We must no longer suffer these murderous fools. JP ***** It's time to put the bootlickers of George W. Bush's Neoconservative Anti-America in their place, folks. They are not the mainstream. They are not the majority. They are the foot soldiers of the new fascism with which the top cons seek to disastrously transform our great country. They thrive on the politics of fear and obfuscation. They rail against entitlements, yet they believe they are entitled to an America that serves their interests at the expense of all others. There can be no doubt that the actions and attitudes of these wholesale frauds have the true patriots of the American Revolution spinning in their graves. The Perpetraitors I'm talking about the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the O'Reillys, everybody else at Fox News Channel, every covert neocon infiltrator of the "liberal" mainstream media, every small-time, ultra-right media thug that wishes they had Rush's audience and his ridiculous golden microphone, and all the listeners and viewers that parrot the crap spewed by these Bush league broadcasters. 20 Questions for the Bushies So sorry all you poor cons, but the disingenuous semantic spin machine is breaking down. Nobody outside your hopeless little minority clique is buying your self-serving propaganda. It''s time to put your money where your pompous, fraudulent little neocon mouths are. If you can't definitively answer every one of these questions, you better damn well start asking them and demanding the definitive answers yourself. Refusal to do so will only cement your status as a self-serving, justice-be-damned neocon. 1. Why is it that five and a half years after the fact, there has yet to be a comprehensive criminal investigation of the events of 9/11? 2. When will it happen? 3. Why is it that five and a half years after 9/11, Osama bin Laden, the guy who allegedly masterminded the whole thing, has yet to be charged or indicted in the attacks? 4. Why is it that not a single person in the government that was supposed to be protecting the 3000 people who were murdered on 9/11 lost their job or received so much as a slap on the wrist? 5. Why did the Bush administration originally oppose the creation of a commission to study the 9/11 attacks? 6. Why does bin Laden's wanted page on the FBI website not mention 9/11? 7. Why did George W. Bush say he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive" in the days immediately after 9/11 and then six months later say he was not concerned about him? 8. And why did he lie about it during the 2004 presidential debates? 9. Why did George insist on including the famous 16 word Iraq/Africa uranium claim in his 2003 State of the Union Address, when his own intelligence people had forced him to remove it from a late 2002 speech, and had repeatedly told him it could not be substantiated? 10. Why is it that nobody in the Bush administration ever talks about the documents that purported to reveal a uranium deal between Iraq and Niger? You know, the ones that are proven forgeries? When will they be investigated? 11. Where is the clearly defined, scientifically supported Bush administration alternative to the Johns Hopkins study revealing more than 650,000 Iraqi war related deaths that Bush says is not credible? 12. What's the noble cause? 13. Why have so many of our troops been sent to Iraq without adequate protective gear and communications equipment? 14. Why have military families had to spend their own money to buy this vital equipment to send to their loved ones in Iraq? 15. How can the Bush administration legitimately claim to be fighting a "war on terror" in Iraq when our own Pentagon has said that ninety-five percent of the violence there is coming from Iraqi citizens turned insurgents? 16. How exactly is it possible to build and train Iraqi military and police forces to the point that they can fully provide for their own security if well over 80 percent of Iraqis want us gone yesterday and a full two-thirds think it's okay to kill Americans? How are American forces supposed to know who they can trust? How can they possibly be sure they won't be killed with their own weapons and tactics by Iraqis who turn on them in revenge? 17. Why did this president claim, in April of 2004, that "a wiretap requires a court order", when the illegal warrantless wiretap program he authorized had already been in operation for nearly three years? 18. Exactly where in the Constitution is the term "Unitary Executive Branch" defined? 19. Exactly which part of the Constitution places the president above the law, able to ignore it as he sees fit, simply by issuing signing statements? 20. Why did this president add one of his signing statements to anti-torture legislation claiming the authority to ignore it at his discretion if, as he has repeatedly claimed, "we don't torture"? If he has not authorized torture and other violations of international law, why did he need to sign legislation (the Military Commissions Act of 2006) that effectively grants retroactive immunity for such violations? How about it, cons? Do you think it's possible for you to wake the hell up and actually do something positive for your country? Lob the personal insults at me to your cold, empty heart's content. Put me in your wholly disingenuous, convenient little "anti-Bush equals anti-America" box. Rant all you want about how I hate our country, hate freedom, hate our troops and hate this president because I have the nerve to publicly denounce his reckless policy. Call me a coward. Call me a traitor. Your attacks are meaningless, except for the way they amplify your obvious aversion to authenticity. The real America haters within our own borders are the ones trying to turn our country into something it was never meant to be for their own selfish benefit. They think nothing of treating actual human beings like little toy soldiers, saddling us with unimaginable debt, shredding our Constitution, ignoring urgent domestic needs while they command illegal overseas wars, and destroying all that is good about America in the eyes of the rest of the world, because their mission is all about them. These pathetic bastards couldn't care less about the death, destruction, or shattered lives of survivors left in their wake. For them it's all a means to an end. It's "unfortunate collateral damage." It's all okay because it serves their noble neocon cause. They're the real cowards. They're the real traitors. They're the kind of terrorists that Al Qaeda can only dream of being. They must be removed from office immediately and punished accordingly for their mountain of crimes. They have never represented the real America and they never will.
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