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Domestic Terrorist by any other name: Do you recognize them, and will you defend America?

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What part of illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous don’t people understand? Part 3

Domestic Terrorist by any other name: Do you recognize them, and will you defend America?

The Constitution of the united States of America (not "United States," a private corporate structure) is under attack from all sides. Most people in public office swear an oath of office (see http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_andrew_b_070809_you_swore_on_the_bib.htm) when they enter public servant life. What most have forgotten is that this oath includes the following:

"I... do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


I took that oath when I served in the Navy, as do all military, Police, Sheriff and other government people do. How many of us remember it?

There are those in our country who try to tell us that the Constitution is outdated and of little use to us today. Some also say that it is "flexible" and must change with the times and society. They overlook the fact that every public official still swears this oath to defend this Constitution, and yet completely forgetting it and are even violating that oath requiring them to defend against domestic enemies, regardless of the source. A law is NOT a real law if it is "flexible" and subject to interpretation.

Foreign enemies are obvious to most of us despite the U.S. being involved where it shouldn’t be too often. However, "domestic terrorism" is a horse of different color. When most people hear the words "domestic terrorism," they think of foreign terrorists working on our soil, like Al Qaeda, or some other "real terrorist" threat. Our government uses the word "terrorist" as if it were permanently hardwired into their brains, and it is to maintain fear and anxiety... a means of controlling the masses;

"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." Hermann Goering, Nazi Reichsmarschall

As most of the world knows, Al Qaeda has certain behavior patterns which they follow and which makes them, well, terrorists. They oppress people, kill, maim, steal and more, all for their "cause," their agenda. They don’t care who is hurt or killed, whose life is ruined in the process.

The sad fact is that "domestic terrorism" has been alive and well in the united States for many decades, and yet it goes completely unrecognized as "real terrorism" by most Americans. "Where is this terrorism lurking?" you may ask. If we first define "domestic terrorism," we will be able to then identify and locate such groups.
Domestic Terrorism: "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce... the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives. TITLE 18, USC; PART I; CHAPTER 113B; 2331. #5).

Domestic Terrorism: Groups or individuals operating entirely inside the U.S. attempting to influence the US government or population to affect political or social change by engaging in criminal activity. FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Flier.

What groups within the united States would fit this definition? The list is extensive, so allow me to ramble. As we’ve learned from earlier articles, anything that is unconstitutional, is illegal, and therefore "criminal." Criminal activities are more obvious. Unconstitutional activities are not because people don’t even KNOW what our Constitution says any more. Where is force, coercion, intimidation and threats used to further political objectives? Where are "persons and property" being unconstitutionally stolen? One of the greatest "domestic terrorist" cell in the country is the IRS, by all definitions of "terrorism," even its own, and their activities are supported by the Department of "Just Us."

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. What of the CIA, FBI, NSA and a host of other alphabet, black ops groups? Do they not fit the government’s own definition of domestic terrorists because of their domestic activities against the rule of law? Waco, Ruby Ridge, the present threats to the Browns in New Hampshire... Terrorist events. Are there more? Illegal immigration support groups, flaunting their agenda across the country in violation of national law and the Constitution for political reasons. Taking American money and benefits... aided by the employers who hire these illegals. They all fit the definition. All fall under terrorist activities.

And then there’s the open border insanity... allowing illegal entry of people by the millions, along with drug dealers, possible international terrorists, murderers, rapers, etc., purposely lowering the standard of living for millions, killing our people, taking our jobs, costing us all great amounts of money for their benefits, and all allowed and encouraged by a willing U.S. government, and Mexico. Is this supporting America or hurting it? Is such a government truly American, or something else... fascist, communist... dictatorial? It is a form of terrorism nevertheless.

The Department of so-called "Justice" tries and convicts two border patrol agents for violating administrative rules, but committing no crime, yet allow a criminal drug runner to go free? They fabricate evidence, suppress evidence and ignore Congressional subpoenas. They work with a foreign government to undermine American laws. That is terrorism at work.

Many government leaders are perverts... known pedophiles, supporting the sex trade, yet this has been suppressed, even by the BBC, who had a documentary on this huge, global problem, but were paid off NOT to show it on TV. Is America (not to mention the rest of the world) "OK" with people abusing our children, making them sex slaves? Is it NOT terrorism to abduct children and make them sex slaves?

What about Congress itself? Most of them are violating their oath of office and the law in multiple ways, on a daily basis, for political agendas. If they vote for an unconstitutional bill, they are terrorists. If they do not uphold the laws of the land, they are terrorists. They are NOT standing up for our Constitution or the Rule of Law, except for Ron Paul, and perhaps one or two others in some small degree. Where does this end?

Even the judicial system is corrupted. Federal, State and local judge and attorney activities are unconstitutional and violate Due Process and the Rule of Law right in the court rooms across America... believing they are above the law. Unlawful use of force to achieve control and power over people, take their money, and to suppress rights. The Appellate and Supreme Courts themselves violating Constitutional law, and people’s rights... a law unto themselves.

Then there’s the "Republican vs Democrat" facade created to give Americans the illusion of choice... yet those who are trapped into playing this game are simply playing the terrorist game... political agendas, "us vs them" thinking, and worst of all, supporting their party’s illegal and unconstitutional activities at all costs. This is blind party spirit and is serving terrorism’s goals. The Democrat and Republican ideologies are terrorist in nature.

The use of voter fraud, stealing elections, manipulating votes with machines, against majority of American thinking and will. They don’t care, they are terrorists using power against us all.

What about Police and Sheriff departments, and local city governments that do the same? What feelings do flashing lights from a police or sheriff vehicle in the rear view mirror elicit in us all? Fear, anxiety, stress, frustration. Most of those being so terrorized by the proverbial traffic stop are doing no harm to anyone or doing no damage to anything. A stranglehold around the necks of Americans with everything from unconstitutional taxation, unconstitutional licensing, unconstitutional ticketing, unconstitutional registration, unconstitutional fees, unconstitutional permits, etc., all for the almighty dollar, and control.

Police and Sheriff agencies, along with the military, being prepared to attack Americans, especially those who resist this lawlessness. A police state supported by U.N. soldiers on our own soil. Martial law being prepared. Internment camps built to house "dissidents" and those who oppose this corrupt government. Police not being "peace officers" any longer, but are "law enforcement officers," training as military now, willing to suppress freedom under the color of law. Traitors to their oath of office.

Government practice is to instigate divisions... race, wealth, political divisions, religion... all to maintain disorder in society so all Americans won’t come together... unify... against the "real" enemy and problems we are facing... the real terrorists, THEM. Fear mongering, war mongering, hate mongering, terror mongering... They instill unrest and division for political purposes.

They claim finances are tight and withhold many necessary services to Americans, infrastructure repair, and other things, while they freely print bogus money to "pay" for their pet projects like wars, and no-bid projects to profit their corporate buddies, and the debt falls on the American people. They are terrorists.

Property taxation, also unconstitutional as applied today... just don’t pay this "property rental fee" for your own property and see if the property is really yours. Try resisting these terrorist practices and their illegal behavior and see what violence, threats and coercion really are. When a government can step in and take someone’s home they have paid for, free and clear, and sell it for unconstitutional property taxes... this is terrorism.

What about mainstream media? Do they not run cover for these groups, suppressing the truth and facts of law, reporting what they want people to hear? Are they not controlled by corporate and government interests for political purposes? Is this not treason as well, and the "created terrorism" they report on daily to instill fear and insecurity in the population, all for political gain and control, is it not part of domestic terrorism at work toward their agenda? They manipulate information, suppress the truth, lie, and attack anyone who stands against any of these issues, all for political gain and power. The only traditional media people showing worth are Lou Dobbs (CNN) and Keith Olbermann, (MSNBC) and they could do better.

Did you hear on the news about the past IRS losses against citizens who legally challenge them? Of course not. How about the many other real news items reported by many of the alternative news outlets across the Internet that go completely unmentioned by most mainstream media? Bias? Thought control? Manipulation for ulterior agendas? Distractions and entertainment to keep American’s minds off "the cowards behind the curtain." Hannity... O’Reilly... etc., don’t want the truth... they mouth government and company propaganda. Terrorists.

A good example of media bias: Ron Paul, running for President, was given token coverage by most of the mainstream media in the beginning, obviously because they figured he had no chance of anything. Now, however, with his winning at least two of the major debate polls, and gaining much ground in funding, and interest across the Internet, they completely ignore him. It’s a black out. Why? Because he threatens to harness the anger and frustration of the American people who realize the problems in America. He threatens these terrorist organizations and their power base because his message resonates with most Americans who have the chance to hear it, so they suppress this message for political reasons, and promote the status quo power base of Obama, Hillary, or any of the others who don’t have the courage to speak the truth, but can buy an election. Certainly mainstream media is a terrorist ring.

And then there’s the Medical profession and the FDA. Partners in suppressing natural health products, technologies and practices, and supporting corporate drug cartels that peddle mostly useless, and toxic, drugs to the masses, including kids, for every sniffle or rash known to man, all for the power and the buck. The FDA, among others, is actively fighting to remove natural health products from citizen’s hands and putting them under the power of the medical profession and drug companies, thereby assuring greater health problems and suffering when it could be minimized or completely eliminated, and all to keep the money flowing in the big business of disease and sickness. Terrorist groups, yes.

The CIA... involved with drug trafficking of heroin, crack and many other drugs... making the "war on drugs" a joke and impossible. Is that not treason and terrorism against America?

People involved with election fraud... rigging machines, stealing past elections, knowingly circumventing our Constitution and laws... all domestic terrorists.

Of course, the lobbies which swarm in D.C. are criminal in nature... bribing Congress into activities which are often clearly unconstitutional, all for money and power. Selfish interests in corporate and other groups which do NOT have Americans best interest in mind, and often are detrimental to us all.

Anyone who can honestly research these issues, and believes there is NOT a conspiracy across the country against Americans, is hopelessly caught up in the matrix created for them over the decades... and which will eventually consume even them, likely after it is too late for them to act.

The government doesn’t want you to think at any level above subterranean because if you do, you will see what is going on and get angry... VERY angry. Critical thinking has been virtually eliminated from most of the population. Courage to follow up on this thinking is attacked at every level. Domestic terrorism has been dressed up as "freedom,"and "democracy."

The list continues. What of 911 and the obvious government involvement at every level? They created this "terrorist" event, and a new "enemy," to create fear in us, to control us and remove freedoms, and to empire build over the bodies of hundreds of thousands of others. Does anyone believe for one minute that people with box cutters could take over a plane full of people, escape the best military in the world, fly expertly into buildings, and bring down structures designed for this type of damage, three times in a row? Would any man, especially our pilots, fear a box cutter if his life or the lives of all onboard were at stake? Are we to believe that dozens or more Americans are that cowardly to not stand up against a box cutter? A government killing over 3000 of its own citizens, and destroying major buildings with explosives and blaming it on others is clearly terrorism in extreme, and we’ve bought the government lies, hook, line and sinker, accepting their "middle east conspiracy" story without ANY investigation worth a hill of beans. Do you believe such a government wouldn’t resort to another 911 event, or bio-terrorism, or health plague to maintain control, blaming it on Iran or some other "enemy?" How about martial law and the suspension of the 08 elections under false flag operations? Not in America?

Remember the flash in the pan attack in 2001 by "terrorists" using anthrax, killing 5 people and threatening two of our Congressmen? Weapons grade anthrax, which could only come from U.S. labs. Where did that story go? This was never "solved," and the FBI ordered the anthrax at the lab destroyed, (See http://www.opednews.com/articles/genera_sherwood_061222_anthrax_attacks_on_u.htm), as it would have opened the issue to public knowledge that the U.S. is engaged in bio-terrorism, and in manufacturing weapons grade bio-agents... agents that they could easily use, and likely will, against Americans. We condemned Hussain for doing this and our government routinely infects Americans with bio-agents in inoculations, flu shots, etc. Those responsible are domestic terrorists.

The recent bridge "collapse" in Minnesota brought cries for investigation to discover how it happened, yet the three 911 "collapses," a hundred times worse, were covered up and the evidence destroyed rapidly so no investigation could show that the buildings were demolished using explosives. Hundreds of researchers across the planet have the proof, and evidence. Why didn’t the media do their job and dig for the truth like these people have?

We have one single video of the bridge "collapse" and it has been released and will be studied openly, yet the dozens of video’s available of the Pentagon are suppressed, and the hours of video of 911 which clearly show the demolition proof, are ignored. Does anyone see a problem with that?

Traditional media helped in the coverup by not showing the actual physical facts now available from hundreds of websites, including countless videos and CD’s that clearly show the collected evidence of demolition in N.Y., and more. Youtube.com and google.video.com have this evidence. Experts in physics are ignored. Military and civilian complicity were at various levels. The people who KNOW full well what actually took place are supporting domestic terrorists if they say nothing. They are our own people, but they are now our enemies. They are either grossly ignorant, or cowards and traitors. They are domestic terrorists and deserve punishment.

Is the U.S. use of radioactive depleted uranium in the Middle East, in multiple countries, NOT the work of terrorists? Our own soldiers are getting hammered by this. Heard of Gulf War Syndrome? A government that will use such deadly material on its own soldiers, knowing full well it will cause permanent damage to them, AND their spouses, through body fluids with radioactivity in it, is clearly a terrorist organization. What better way to weaken our military men and women?

How about our government participating in torture, removing habeas corpus, and performing illegal wiretapping? Do we believe it isn’t "terrorism" because "we" are doing it? Are we biased... blind to this evil? Patriotism is far more than waving a flag and "supporting" our troops as they go off to fight and die. That is NOT being a "good patriot." How can we allow others to fight and die on foreign soil, supposedly for all of us, yet we, here, in domestic comfort and ease, see serious and threatening illegal and unconstitutional government and other terrorist group activities going on daily, even for decades, and most of us won’t lift a finger to make a stand against THIS domestic enemy in our own back yard?

Most Americans seem to be "OK" with all this illegal terrorist activity because so few are doing anything about it. That is a shame... a travesty. Laziness, apathy, selfishness, fear and ignorance all play a part in this process, and we are only hurting ourselves and our posterity. If our Founding Fathers were here today, they would be at the lead of another revolution, considering they dealt with a far less threat than we do today.

How many even KNOW what the Constitution or Bill of Rights says? "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these (Constitutional rights and freedoms) ends, it is in the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new Government."

There are hundreds of thousands of TRUE patriots who are blazing trails in this wilderness of corruption, fear, cowardice and greed, and they are to be applauded. They do this for YOU and for ME. They do it for freedom, our children, the Constitution and the rule of law. They do it because it HAS to be done or we will lose this great republic. They do it facing ridicule, castigation, hate, often being ostracized from family and friends... and ALL for truth. Those in leadership positions, and in the military and Sheriff or Police positions should be ashamed of themselves if they are actively aiding and abetting these terrorist groups. You support unconstitutional activities, and this makes you terrorists.

Is it love for country to bury our head in the sands of ignorance, entertainment and traditional media pablum and call those who stand against this evil, "conspiracy nuts" and other names, or harassing and oppressing them, especially without actually disproving the evidence? No one wants the truth anymore. People like lies, deceit and fraud. People want freedom to be free and easy, but it isn’t. It didn’t come easy and free, and it can’t be maintained easy and free if we do not maintain it with law and truth...

"whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it." Patrick Henry.

Should those who complain about this country and the corruption just leave as some suggest? "America, love it or leave it," they shout... but this is just an excuse for ignorance and fear, and mouthing government propaganda. No one wants to believe these things about our own countrymen, including this author, but to ignore the facts is disastrous. Ignoring a cancer won’t make it go away.

"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it … [through] brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods." Aldous Huxley, speech at the California Medical School in San Francisco, 1961.

America, the most drugged society on earth... Do you wonder why now, and do you believe these drugs aren’t affecting our minds and attitudes? Is the apathy and mindless following of criminals and terrorists, drug induced or drug enhanced? Is there NO one who cares anymore?

If... IF Americans believed we were being attacked, that survival as a nation was at issue, that patriotism was making a stand for law and the Constitution, and patriots were those who showed love for their country and their neighbors, who realized who the enemy was and how they were working... how diligent would we be to defend ourselves? How earnest would we be to stop this corruption and attack, to rebuild our infrastructure, to shore up our education system, to heal our land and environment, to work to be more healthy and demand natural health care? How serious would we take becoming self sufficient in alternative energy, and local food production instead of depending on corporate America power, and food grown thousands of miles away, which are easily controlled? How much would we minimize encroachment into our freedoms, hold leaders accountable, and get our nation’s financial house in order? How serious would we take our open borders and the illegal invasion of foreigners into our homes and lands? How diligent would American businesses be to "stay in America" and provide jobs for Americans rather than putting profit ahead of country and their own people? How quick would we stand to defend our children?

If you believe these things aren’t happening, you are already such a victim:

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." Dresden James.

Thomas Paine wrote: "Reason obeys itself. Ignorance submits to what is dictated to it." Turn the TV distractions and entertainment off for at least one hour per evening and research these things. Get online. Get the facts and truth. Do the research. Prove it yourself. Don’t stay asleep. Read the books, buy the CD’s or DVD’s, watch many of them online for free. Get together with others and begin taking action. Write your representatives, roar like the giant we once were... do whatever it takes to become part of the solution. If we do not stand up for law and our freedoms, our Constitution, and each other, we do not deserve the liberty, freedoms and wealth we still have left, and we will eventually lose it all... GUARANTEED.

The sad fact is that most who read this will likely continue on in their matrix of blindness, forgetting what they read here and living their lives as if everything were going great. After all, that is the free and easy thing to do, but payment for all these things is surely occurring now, and a much greater payment is coming down the road like a Mack truck, even to the point of many losing their lives. People can either make a stand now, while there is hope and means to change things, or be run over later when it all falls apart. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

For more specific information, Google or youtube.com any of the above subjects. Go to the below websites and study them and all links from them. Sift out the lies and misinformation... often government planted to try to discredit those standing for the truth. Get together with friends and family and discuss this. Make a plan to make yourselves and your communities safer. Exercise your Second Amendment RIGHT... soon. Be willing to seek the truth above comfort and lies. Look at the evidence for yourself... ALL of it, before deciding. Don’t be the puppet and good little slave government wants you to be. Help defend and take back this country!

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