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Why no one in the media will tell you the obvious and what should be done.

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Message Jay Esbe

Why no one in the media will tell you the obvious.

Smiling Joe Biden claims to “have the only plan for Iraq”: Partition. While it sounds like a plan, so does using “insurgent sensitive teleportation” to remove Al Qaeda and the Shia resistance to separate corners of the universe; and it’s about as viable.

Roughly 2 million people died during the partitioning of India and Pakistan, and need I tell you that the conditions there, were far more favorable to an idea as radical as partition than they are in Iraq? Partition is one of those pie in the sky solutions that sounds good until you think about it for two seconds. If the United States can’t even keep the peace in one city, just exactly how could it convince 30 million people to go to their respective corners as the Sunni supported Al Qaeda shoots at them? And how does it miraculously transpire that Al Qaeda is suddenly defeated so a partition could happen. Let’s face reality here; if the forces which would prevent partition of the country, could be defeated, you wouldn’t need a partition of the country. “You got a better idea” I hear someone asking? Yes. In fact, even I didn’t, this idea is still simply ludicrous. Joe Biden is simply one of those guys who was born both articulate and full of sh*t to his gills

The better idea hasn’t changed; the United States needs to get out, in full, and immediately, and let the Shia defeat Al Qeada. This has been the problem all along; the United States is attempting to referee a civil war in which it’s goal is to prevent either side from winning; The administration doesn’t want an Iraq aligned with Iran, and it doesn’t want an Iraq run by the Sunni’s courtesy of Al Qaeda. But those ARE the choices, period. It’s going to be one or the other eventually, and because Al Qaeda is such a statistically small faction relative to their enemies, and the Sunni are a definate minority, the current role of the United States in Iraq amounts to nothing less than daily support for Al Qaeda; they’d have been wiped out years ago were the United States not interfering.

Reality check: “They” are NOT going to be able to “follow us home” if we leave, because the Shia will defeat them very quickly when we leave.

Aside from the delusional Americans left in the red states and the contemptible GOP AND DLC fascists still willing to play to these idiotic delusions for their own hold on power, who is actually happy about this war other than Bin Laden? Not Iran. No one want s a major war next door to them. And neither is anyone else in the region save for the Saudi Royal family who demand that Bush continue to insulate them from the possible consequences of his imbecilic actions. Maybe they should have to actually deal with their own sh*t for once? I think so.

The President of Iran is neither stupid, nor is he “crazy”. The regional solution to Iraq is for the United States to stop with the utterly false charges against Iran, and to immediate establish diplomatic relations. There is absolutely no doubt that the Shia are going to eventually prevail. Would you rather have them prevail after another 3,000 U.S. casualties? Or would you rather acknowledge REALITY, and start negotiating directly with the Iranians? What does the U.S. have to lose by negotiating with Iran? Nothing. Certainly not the option to turn the entire country into a glass parking lot. We have always had that option in dealing with anyone. Only the most monumental asshat would EVER have invoked the possibility in a situation like this. And for anyone who has a problem with Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power, you need a short course in both history, and the current treaties. Iran is a signatory to the NPT. They were actually given their nuclear program and accompanying technology by President Gerald Ford. They have the explicit right IN WRITING in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes, and there isn’t a shred of evidence that they’ve done otherwise. NONE. So just as with Iraq, U.S. charges that they’re about to “wipe Israel of the map” with an A-bomb are as absurd and baseless as the charges that Saddam was going to deliver a nuke to New York City if he wasn’t stopped. It’s a lie by proven liars.

Of course the real threat is George W. Bush. To get out of Iraq and secure our troops, our nation, and to move forward with productive negotiations with Iran over the fate of Iraq, he needs to be held accountable through impeachment. It’s not happening, nor is there any evidence that it will. Democrats have gone the same route they went in 1968, choosing instead to embrace the coporatocracy and military industrial complex as the U.S. tax payer is bled dry and people die by the thousands. They’ve openly admitted that they’re using the war and allowing it to continue, for their believed to be political gains in 2008. And the faction of “blue dog” democrats who’ve undertaken to subvert the party’s majority position, in favor of this ruinous debacle, are controlling the party. These same people will absolutely support a major escalation of war in the Middle East through an attack on Iran if they are not stopped now, no matter who wins the White House. Electing a Democratic President will NOT alone prevent another war on baseless allegations, and if you think Iraq has been a national nightmare, just wait until the U.S. launches major air strikes on Iran, killing thousands of Iranians. You think we’re isolated and loathed by the world community now? Just fail to stop the treasonous, lying, complicit Democrats (dems in name only) before the 2008 elections and I assure you, we’ll be widening this war in accordance with your worst nightmares under Hillary Clinton’s deranged menopausal command.

The subverting factions of the Democratic party have the full support of the national media as they refuse to impeach Bush and Cheney. The last poll taken regarding impeachment was in 2005 online by MSNBC and showed 87 percent of the respondants favored impeaching Bush two years ago. Nothing was ever or has ever been mentioned on any network regarding this poll and the results, nor has another one ever been taken. But suffice it to say, we do know that 51 percent of the American people say they would want impeachment if Bush lied about WMD, and we also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that an overwhelming majority of Democrats would support impeachment today. The question is not why Bush has not already been impeached; the question is why not one television network or even a major News Paper or magazine with national distribution, will poll the American people and provide the results. The answer to that is as obvious as the connection between media ownership and the multinational corporations stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from you through this war.

The Media are absolute enemies of the American people and have proven it every way from Sunday. Absolutely NOTHING has changed since they participated in furthering Bush’ lies about WMD in Iraq. Nothing. They will not even connect the most obvious of dots and tell you that this war as it stands, is a choice between a Shia victory, or a Sunni victory, and that we are –again- supporting Bin Laden. They want it that way; they NEED it that way. They are absolutely as guilty as Bush: Tim Russert et-all. They’ve been lying about Iran every bit as flagrantly as they parroted Bush’ lies about Iraq. “Wipe Israel of the map” has become the new Iraq/9-11 connection. It was never said. And they know it. “They report, you decide”. NO! People do not “decide” FACTS.

It ought to go without saying that neither the White House, nor the Pentagon gives a goddamn about your protests. Nor does Nancy Pelosi want to hear from you either; Although the Majority leader for the entire nation’s congress, she will not even accept email outside of her State constituency. You can just go to hell as far as she’s concerned. The anti-war movement needs to wise up and THEN rise up: THEN they need to take their protests where they should have been all along; to the offices of MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and NBC in Rockefeller Square New York, and using civil disobedience, shut them down in a way which gives them nothing to report but the overwhelming opposition, both to the war, and to THEM for their war propaganda. Otherwise, expect nothing else but day after day of Anna Nicole Smith type stories and continued decimation of your country as the corporate war machine prepares to continue this war under the democrat you think you’re electing to stop it.

The “mainstream media’s” “interests” are the true fountainhead from which all that has committed against the American people has prospered in it’s murderous perversity. Stop marching on the White House and Pentagon. You can literally force the media to cover the true level of opposition to this insane policy. They’re even all in one place. It's time for the American people to "follow them home": Until you do that, they will continue to control the picture.

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Jay Esbe is a writer with a background in cultural anthropology and comparative religion and lives in Seattle Washington.
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