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Seeing Red: Season's seethings from the edge.

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Message Jay Esbe
"Liberals cost us the war". Sooner or later, someone's going to say that in your physical presence and you should be planning for that eventuality. There's no point in taking a "reasonable" tone when you issue the following rebuttal, unless of course you want them taken completely by surprise before you sucker punch them: "You had 6 years of a Republican Congress, you had 6 years of a Republican Senate, you had every single budget request met and then some; the Democrats actually insisted on giving Bush more money to fight this war. Your Republican President had 6 goddamned years to win an unnecessary war he chose to start; a war which those who advocated he undertake it predicted would be over in "6 weeks to 6 months at the most". You're a crying little spoiled baby; you got everything you asked for on a silver platter for 6 years and it's an unmitigated disaster adults now have to clean up. So shut your big fat stupid mouth, you've already done enough damage". Then by all means, feel free to punch them right in the nose; they've destroyed your country and gotten tens of thousands of our kids killed and maimed for nothing. It's really the least you can do. And now here is my message to the people who voted for Bush in 2004, and have finally abandoned this tyrannical bastard and his criminal war: You shut up too. You've twice proven you're too stupid to ever warrant having your opinions considered. Unless you'd like to go on record with what a great big ass you were, there's nothing I want to hear from you either. Unless it's to say that you intend to abstain from voting in 2008, just shut the f*ck up. You want to atone for the damage you've done to the country? Do that: Commit to sitting out elections. Face it, you don't make good decisions and if you voted for Bush in 2004, you obviously don't learn from your really bad decisions until it's too late. And that brings me to my final point: It is too late. It's too late to salvage Iraq. It's too late to salvage George W. Bush. It's too late to salvage America's reputation -formerly undeserved but that's another story- of being a "force for good in the world": The cat is out of the bag, and whatever illusions 60 years of post WWII American propaganda managed to impart into the minds of the world's citizens, has been shattered by this administration. Get used to the fact that you now live in a nation more disliked and mistrusted than any other nation in the world and it's not going to change any time soon. It's all too late save for one thing: It can always get worse. And unless you, the people who make bad decisions because you're either stupid, or worse, are not negated from our public discourse with finality, the same a**holes that lied America into two failed wars on false pretenses, are already firmly on the path to do it all over again with Iran. If you're just stupid, just shut the f*ck up. If you're worse than stupid, I hope my fellow concerned citizens from the smarter half of this country will grasp the gravity of the situation and issue a few pre-emptive -yet demonstrably retaliatory- strikes themselves. To them I say: Your "Civility" is only going to be used against you so I suggest you embrace fighting a war that actually could save what's left of the United States, and stop enabling these morons and monsters with your soft spoken reason; this is an enemy right here that only understands one thing and it's time for you to stand up and let them have it. Bill Kristol is a good example of something worse than stupid; Much worse. That he's managed to navigate the United States freely, appearing in public, advocating what he advocates after what he's already done, and that no parent of a dead or maimed US troop has found him and beaten his smirking face in for it, is an example of what's been lacking in this country. Were my kid rotting in a grave right now because of this appalling war, I'd have made a point of finding the man and at the very least punching his lights out. Senator Jim Webb had the right sentiment when he said he wanted to "Punch" Bush. I'm only sorry he didn't. Had he actually done what he felt like doing, and punched Bush in the mouth, although he'd certainly have been arrested, he'd have the Presidency in 2008 if he wanted it. To my so-called representatives: It's not too late to enter the Presidential race. Punch Bush in the face and I assure you, you'll have a real shot at the office. But you won't even stop giving him our money to feed the bodies of our children into his criminal meat-grinder. I expect absolutely no courage from you so I'm sure I'll never be disappointed. Five kids died in Iraq today. But they didn't just die; they were murdered. They were murdered by a group of people who valued naked American military power more than the truth, more than the laws of this land, more than the laws among nations, more than the 60 years of American progress they've destroyed, and finally, more than the value of human life. As surely as the arsonist who burns a neighborhood is a murderer, so too are the people who started this war, and so too are who aided and abetted it. It is time to avenge the kids who've died. It's time to fight a very un-civil war at home. It is time to start seeing the blood on the hands of your fellow citizens; Time to see red. Pick a target and commence hostilities. You might even have to start in your own family. When the mouth opens to defend all of this, when the mouth opens to cast blame on those who opposed all of this, tell them to shut the f*ck up and when they won't, you go ahead shut it for them with your fist. And once you start, don't negotiate, don't stop, don't cut and run; defeat them. You know it's all they'll ever understand.
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Jay Esbe is a writer with a background in cultural anthropology and comparative religion and lives in Seattle Washington.
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