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Humanity's Final, Final Solution: Resistance will be futile.

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Message Jay Esbe
I know what it is. You probably do to if you've really thought about it. No one really wants to think about it, but some of us do more than others, for we've seen it slowly inching it's way towards us, and we understand it's nature; It's like a lion in the tall grass, occasionally sighted as a possible movement in the corner of one's eye making the herd nervous, making it move occasionally. But it has an unseen accomplice. The final strike could be either one of them, but whichever one it is, it's purpose is one and it's stealth and surprise will snare the unaware. Are you afraid? You ought to be, but your fear should come from your own consideration of your situation, not your first instict, for it's your own instinct which is going to be lethal to you: Fear.

"What the hell are you talking about Esbe"? If you found yourself asking that question inside your own head before you finished the first paragraph, very good, there might be some hope for you. For to survive the coming attempt on your very life, you need to understand something essential to recognizing humanity's Final, Final Solution when it makes it's last move for you; the question which precedes the need: "What is the problem"?

"The problem" isn't difficult to see, nor has it been hidden from your view. In fact, it's being actively sold and marketed to you at every turn. It has a lot of different names, but there is one all encompassing term which suffices to describe it's nature: Security. Terrorism, illegal immigration, theft, assault, identity theft, and requisite wars or police actions to create "security", it's all "the problem", every day of your life, and if you don't believe it is, you are either much smarter than the rest of the herd, or you're living in a cave somewhere far away; somewhere where I find it highly improbable that you'll ever read this. And the reason it's all one problem, is because for those seeking it's solution, one Final, Final Solution does indeed exist: The database.

To understand why the database is going to become humanity's Final, Final Solution, you have to understand a few truths about human nature, and our history as human societies.
When one learns of the history of Nazi Germany, of course they learn of the government's use of yellow stars, pink triangles, and other symbols of "identity" imposed on "undesirable elements" to be "eliminated" from the "New Order". Maybe you think to yourself; "No one's ever going to put a yellow star or badge on me, I'll die fighting first". Good for you, but it's not going to happen again. History's hidden authors and actors learn from their mistakes eventually, and they've already learned enough to understand that any Final, Final Solution, has to be much better. It is.

In considering the attempt by the aforementioned evil men to rid their world of "imperfection" then, the outward appearance of yellow stars was probably the first thing which came to mind as the appearance of this evil, and I write of this because in most cases, it's probably all you thought of. If -however- you thought of the database, the unseen, the invisible "lists" which generated the application of the yellow stars, you're smarter than most people.

When Hitler embarked on the previous Final Solution to "the problem" as the Nazis saw it, and he lead the German people to see it, the central power behind the implementation of his hellish vision, was in fact the database. To say that the actual mechanisms of it's function were incredibly crude is an understatement; it was no more sophisticated than a pencil and paper, forms and file cabinets. In truth, it could have been compiled on potsherds, for the concept is as old as Rome. Crude as it was, it was good enough to "rid" Germany of twelve million "undesirables" in only a few years. As the systematic rounding up of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, Gays, liberals, intellectuals, artists, and anyone else who threatened the alleged "security" of their empire took place, the German masses only saw what they wanted to see in too many cases, and apart from "rumors" about the Jews, life as usual went on for many.

Imagine then, a better way, a more 'efficient" method, a less "noisy" way of rounding up a society's "undesirables"; a method so certain, so invisible, and so fast, not even Nazi Germany's "rumors" are generated; It relies on patterns, yet it leaves none for you to see. Imagine the database then as invisible, virtually instant, and universal. When you understand the difference between the visible marks of Hitler's Third Reich, and the weeks of investigation required to place them on individuals, and contrast it with the exponentially increased lethality of invisible marks achieved at the speed of electrons, you understand the true power of the new database. But do you understand human nature as well?

If you do understand human nature, doubtless you've seen enough life, read enough history, and seen enough injustices to understand the truth of the axiom "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". The database is absolute power. It is absolute power on a level inconceivable without invoking the omniscience formerly only attributable to a god or God himself. Do we then need to engage in a debate over the respective "merits" who wields it? I do not. Apart from understanding the nature of this government, and the government's which came before it, the axiom stands alone as an undeniable truth about the certainty of the conduct by human beings in possession of absolute power.

I began this essay with the stalking lions for reasons which will now come to be fully understood; the database is no longer far away, it's right here, right now. You are only an instant from the one move which has thus far, kept you out of it -if in fact you're not already in it-. Most of you are already in it to one degree or another.

As we return again to "the problem" known as security, and we ponder the nature of the instant, universal, invisible database, the final political movement which springs the trap comes into view; "National ID". Not the card, the law. The database is already fully constructed. It's been silently built over the last fifteen years, and you enter it every time you use a credit card, or a "customer loyalty card" -to allegedly save money on your groceries in exchange for having your purchases tracked-. If you were unaware of it -and you probably were- I will tell you now; the database at your local supermarket which tracks your purchases has it's origins in the Pentagon, as does the very web through which you're accessing this article. Supermarkets, banking, retail, government agencies, all of these unconnected databases have been constructed already, and their singular perfection as one big all seeing eye awaits nothing more than a an act of congress permitting a few clicks of the mouse to interconnect them.

What can those who attain this absolute power learn about you, and what can they do about it? The short answer is "everything and anything they want". Did you think you could avoid the database by paying cash and refusing to use the so-called "customer loyalty cards" at the grocery store? You didn't escape as cleanly as you thought you did. Not only did the bar code store the purchase anyway as unknown, but there's a good chance that you're carrying a product which now contains a chip the size of a speck which can be read without anyone ever touching you. That's right; it can be read from 20 feet away by someone with the right tool to do it. It's called RFID: Radio Frequency Identification Device. It's already been placed in products without consumer awareness. Each chip has a unique serial number. The serial number resides in the database, and the database contains the identity of the object, the purchase, and all the information about the purchaser; today it's bank account information and past purchases. Tomorrow it's going to be everything; medical records, driver's license number, license plates, arrests, finger prints; your every possible interaction connected into one interlinked and internally communicating database, searching for patterns as "red flags". When it's final, when the legislation passes and the connections are made, the ability to effect your quiet, efficient, inevitable arrest at the point of your next purchase will have been attained; Absolute power.

The implementation of the Final, Final Solution right now requires only one more move; Legislation. What about the yellow stars and pink triangles, what about some kind of visible "imposition"? They don't need it. If you were born here, they already have your finger prints. Maybe you've gone into an out of state bank had had your finger print taken? As I warned; Universality. There will be no pattern for you to see, no "group" to observe the fate of, nothing tangible for you to discuss with your fellow concerned fellow citizens; the domain of the pattern and it's power to act against human beings will be exclusively theirs.

The issue of illegal immigration, and the apparent "mystery" of how it is that the vast majority of American citizens can demand border security, and have their wishes ignored with such impunity, for so long has been a mind-numbing presence in the media over the last year. It also has an answer you're not going to like.

Opponents of an actual physical barrier to illegal entry into the United States fall into one of two camps; total fools, or those intentionally and nefariously seeking a "technological" solution to the problem as preferential. The technological solution is the final move, and the technology has already been built and can be implemented virtually overnight. All that remains is the legislation, and in truth, it's only a formality because the President has already undertaken the program outside of the law. I'm not concerned about wire-tapping phone calls I get from Europe. This -as usual- is a diversion, a strawman. I'm concerned about the database, and about the impending connections. Before it was allegedly banned by congress for lack of oversight, it was called TIA: "Total Information Awareness" and fifteen billion was ear-marked for it's budget. It's not gone, it's only been moved into what are otherwise known as "black budgets", the current recipients of the fifteen billion never seen by anyone outside the inner circles of select intelligence committees or in basements in the Pentagon.

The legislation which will forever create a new technocratic "enabling act" from which there will be no escape has been evolving over the last few years as a solution to "everything"; Terrorism, crime, and yes, "subversive elements bent on harming America". "Illegal immigration" is the flavor they've determined you are willing to swallow.

If you don't have a problem with illegals being on the receiving end of "National ID" as a "solution" to illegal immigration, you haven't done much thinking. Illegal immigrants are only the pretense, their national identity cards nothing but the visible and irrelevant manifestation of what happens to you too; the universality of the database.

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Jay Esbe is a writer with a background in cultural anthropology and comparative religion and lives in Seattle Washington.
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