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Why George Bush Wants To Destroy America

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06/11/07- President Bush is now considered, to many Americans, the worst President of all-time.  From shredding the US constitution, to pre-emptive wars and failing to protect the American people from the attacks of  9/11, there are many, many reasons why George Bush has one of the lowest approval ratings ever for a U.S. President.  However, many people do not realize why George Bush seems to act as an enemy of America.  Is it because he is dumb?  Is he just a really mean dude?  Is he a power tripping freak?  Well he might be all of the previously mentioned things but the real reason that he seems to be an enemy of America is because he has an agenda that most American's do not know about.  It is a plan that his dad spoke publicly about.  It is the dream of implementing a

Video: George H.W. Bush speaks of New World Order on September 11th, 1991  Exactly 10 years prior to the horrific attacks of 09/11/01.

  What is the New World Order you ask?  Stop reading this right now unless you are ready for some really bad and really scary news!  The New World Order (commonly referred to as NWO)  is a plan by the worlds elites to rule the world.  A one world government that will break down borders between nations and allow total control over the land.  Currently, in the US, the North American Union is being set-up which looks to merge the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Have you ever dreamed of ruling the world ?  Many people have dreamed of ruling the world in a good way however,  the truly wealthy and powerful have a much more sinister plan and are in the position to actually carry out this plan to encase the worlds people under their control and RULE THEM!

Money is power.  This is why it is the worlds wealthiest people that are in control.  These global elite are so wealthy, so powerful, that they actually control the President of the United States and many other elements of the government!  If you pay taxes, you are giving money back to these powerful elites that run private banks such as the Federal Reserve. The bankers behind the "Fed" are some of the elites behind the NWO that hold secret meetings and conferences to keep the general public off-limits.  The following is a quote from David Rockefeller, one of the NWO leaders and one of the most wealthy bankers in the world.

"All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
 -David Rockafeller

In his book Memoirs, published in 2002, David Rockefeller, Sr. made the following remarks, startling in their frankness:
 "For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

People that support the New World Order agenda will give several reasons why the NWO plan and human population reduction is something that needs to take place including; overpopulation, food shortages,
 and global warming.

The New World Order agenda of global domination calls for a population reduction of 80%.  This means that 4 out of 5 people in the world will be eliminated!  It is much easier to control 1.2 billion people than it is to control 6 billion people.  Control over the people will entail enacting a military/police state which is currently being implemented in many countries including America and now in the Middle East.   For anyone that doubts that such evil could exist only needs to look to China where one-child policies are the law.  Woman in China are given forced abortions as the government imposes on it's people's liberty for the sake of population control.  China is basically the New World Order role model the the elites want America and the rest of the world to become.

Elements of fear are being used to get the populations to give up personal liberty and to accept this police state nightmare of surveillance and harassment.  These fear tactics include carrying out self-inflicted "terrorist attacks", as a pre-text for war.  The Iraq war is a way for the NWO Army (USA) to spread it's control into the Middle East!   The troops in the middle East initially thought that terrorists were a real threat to America.  As the war drags on, a large portion of the troops now see the war for what it really is; a way to gain control over the people and resources of the Middle East so that the New World Order agenda of control and domination can be spread throughout the region.  US Vets of the war have even formed VAIW, Veterans Against The Iraq War in opposition to the false war!

Another tactic is to destroy economic strength of the America through implementation of unlimited illegal immigration, getting everyone into massive debt,  and the destruction of the U.S. dollar.  As the economy worsens, jobs will become scarce, crime will run rampant as people buried under enormous debt levels will become desperate.  The American people will then be reliant on the US government for food and shelter.  Once dependant on the government, the people will surrender all rights just to survive.  China-like slave camps will operate throughout the US and if the NWO has it's way, a micro-chip will then be required for everyone.  Anyone that refuses to take the chip will be taken, by force, to special detention centers!

Rights of the people are then stripped away including Constitutional rights that once provided freedom in the United States of America!  Bush has authorized martial law provisions that will give him dictatorial power over the U.S. people in case of another "crisis" (terrorist attack, etc).  Once Martial Law  is declared, the government will have authority to take over anything and everything.  People will then have their guns taken away so that they will be more easily rounded-up and taken to detention centers for "security".  Hundreds of these detention centers are currently constructed in the U.S. and are waiting to be filled! 

Once detained in these prison camps, the people will be completely powerless and forced to accept whatever the rulers decide is best for you (keep in mind the 80% population reduction goal!) Just as the victims in hurricane were Katrina disarmed and placed into a sports stadium and held at gunpoint, these prison camps will be manned by armed guards! 

People across the globe are beginning to wake-up to this sinister worldly plan as the internet continues to educate people who seek the truth.  However, the majority of the population still gets their news and political information from mainstream media sources.  This is very bad because the large majority of the mainstream media is under control of New World Order backers who have news people to lie, spin, and manipulate the real story so that the people will remain oblivious to what is really taking place in their own country and around the globe while the people are brainwashed by fake news reports, altered stories,  and non-stop news about Paris Hilton and other Hollywood drama rather than learn about facts that truly effect them. 

Will the American public and the rest of the world seek the truth and take action or will they give-up on freedom and let the New World Order have their way with them?

911: The Greatest Lie Evers Sold, By Anthony Hilder 
Memoirs by David Rockefeller (book)

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