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A Little Theological Honesty Here...Merry Solstice

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It seems the Nativity Scene as typically arranged and understood is having a bad year with the worlds leading clerics. This year the Vatican has decided to radically change the scene, shifting it to Nazareth, and placing Jesus in his father's carpentry shop. Bethlehem is out as they go by the story found in Matthew's account. Luke's account is out.

On the other hand, the Archbiship of Canterbury has declared that the entire Nativity Scene as typically recognized is mere legend and really we know next to nothing about the events of Jesus birth. He admits it certainly was not on December 25th. And he is spot on.

This opens the door for what many are coming to understand but few are able to admit. It messes up the local Church Sunday School play.

Be that as it may, and in the spirit of yule time "funesty" (fun and honesty) let's take a more honest look at what really is the "Reason for the Season" going back far longer than a mere 2000 years ago, whatever happened.

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Plainly put, the story of Jesus' one year ministry as described in Mark, Matthew and Luke, is an astrological allegory of the journey the literal SUN takes through the twelve signs of the Zodiac in one year. The journey of the SON/SUN starts at the birth of the SUN and SON in December, brought forth by a virgin of all things, and ends just before Christmas on December 22-24, the time the SUN appears to be "in the grave" prior to being born again on the 25th by moving ever so slightly north again and heading towards spring. Jesus also spent his three days in the grave as we recall.

It is no coincidence that there are 12 tribes of Israel, 12, sons, 12 disciples, 12 Apostles, 12 gates to the city in Revelation, or 12 foundations to the city. 12 is the number of constellations that the sun travels through in one year on it's ministry through the heavesn. They are his loyal disciples too.

First of all why would I say that the Virgin brings forth the SUN and the Virgin bringing forth the literal SON of God later in print was not the original story? Because the older phenomenon is the sky story noticed long before it was made literal for the masses. On Christmas day, in particular 2000 years ago when during Jesus time, the Sign of Aries the Lamb was coming to an end, signified by the crucifixion of the Lamb in the Spring, the sky on Christmas morning showed an interesting sight.

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Just before sunrise, the SUN sits on the horizon about to be "born." At the zenith, the high point in the sky, at that moment, is the zodiacal constellation of Virgo, the Virgin who is MOST High, MOST Blessed, at that moment the SUN is born. Truly, and anciently, "and the virgin shall bring for the SUN." The prophecy says that "they shall call his (THE SON) name, Immanuel, which means "God with us." But the literal SON Jesus was never called Immanuel. However, the real SUN, as SUN of GOD is always Immanuel, always with us. The Bible even says of "God" that His power is from the rising of the sun until the going down there of." No one thinks this through. God's power is only good during the day is what this is saying. God's power ends at sundown according to this scripture.

Evidently this SUN GOD has not power after sunset, which of course is the real SUN and not the literalized GOD or SON of GOD. Malachi tells us that the Messiah, but calling him the SUN, "shall arise with healing in his wings." The wings of the sun are the rays that appear to jet out due to the way humans see the sun when they try to look at it. One of the great symbols of Egypt is the sun disc with great bird wings coming out left and right. It's an old symbol of how the sun looks to humans.

Let's move on a bit past the birth of the SUN/Son on Christmas morning. The Gospels say that Jesus was "about 30 years old" when he began his ministry. The SUN/SON was born in December in the sign of Capricorn back then which is the Goat, and may account for some of the Nativity scene animals that were later made literally true in the story. Each House of the Zodiac takes up approximately 30 degrees of the sky (30x12=360). So the SUN also is about 30 when it enters the next sign of the Zodiac in January, which just happens to be the same PERSON Jesus the SON visited when he began his ministry!

This would be Aquarius, the Waterman for the SUN but John the Baptizer for Jesus the SON. Same story. One in the sky, one made literal on earth. Same Story! Both SUN and SON are baptized by the Waterman during this month and both increase, that is keep moving towards Spring for the SUN or into his ministry for the SON. Aquarius and John, the Watermen on the other hand, must decrease and while one sets, the other is decapitated. It is no coincidence that when Aquarius appears to rise again six months later at dawn instead of sink at sunset, the head comes up first opposite Leo the Lion, sign of Herod who had him murdered literally. Aquarius, in the morning sunrise looks beheaded by Leo who is going down. Could this be why later in Jesus ministry Herod thinks that John the Baptist is coming back from the dead or had risen, because Aquarius is rising again after going down six months earlier? Is this a heavenly astro-theological tale made literally true?

Also, at sunrise and prior to Christmas day, the three stars in the belt of Orion the Hunter rose vertically and followed the sun across the sky all day, only to loose it in sunset. Every winter morning this scene would progress with the three "Magi" rising higher and earlier each day chasing the SUN/SON. When the story was literalized, it lost it's common sense. In the literal story we find the Magi saying, "We have seen his star in the east ...." They then proceed to follow it West with it ending up turning south and hovering right over the place where Jesus was. It would be a dumb thing to see a star looking east, watch it go over head in time and then turn west to follow it to Jerusalem.

You'd play this game ever night for awhile. First head east, then look up, then turn and head west. I doubt this was the plan of the Magi who could not have been that stupid. However, when not taken literally we have the three stars, neatly aligned in Orion,s Belt rising like hikers in the east and heading west following the SUN or SON that has to be in the West to find. Great astro-theology but a bit funky when made literally true. It might explain why Herod could not see the same Star and had to ask for the Magi to find Jesus for him. It was taking place in the sky, not the palace. A good Gnostic would say "of course, this is where the story comes from."

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Well shortly after Aquarius and John slip off the scene and Jesus goes on his way, he goes immediately into the wilderness to be tempted not to be all he can be by Satan. This would be the SUN, rising from Winter and heading to Spring and then being the Most High at the Summer Solstice, but still weak as it is early in the game. Jesus might still be too young, too weak to continue, so Satan, i.e. Darkness tempts him to be not be Jesus the SON or SUN. The darkness of Winter does not want to go and wants to prevent the SUN/SON from en-lightening the world, or as we might say, Satan does not wish Jesus the SON to take away the sins (darkness) of the world. Darkness in the human psyche is the world of evil and fear...the world of Satan. Jesus as the SON, just like the SUN might just overcome the darkness of winter and Satan if he can't be disuaded at this weak time of his cycle.

But alas, you can't stop the seasons, so Jesus and the SUN go to Spring and Easter, which is the time when the SUN has the same strength as the dark, when day and night are Equi-nox or Equal Nights. It's Easter because the SUN rises due east and gives SON worshippers a direction in which to pray on Easter morning. Satan is well on the way to being defeated with the SUN/SON being crucified literally in Aries the Lamb, (April-Easter) which Jesus was also called and the SUN in Aries the Lamb as sign of the Zodiac. For the SUN the crucifixion takes place where the Celestial Equator crosses the Ecliptic and the Sun sits right on the intersection of it at Easter, and for Jesus it happens, same time in Jerusalem, literally.

It is not coincidence that the Age of Aries the Lamb, which ended with the SUN moving into PICES due to the progression of the equinox every 2190 years or so, around the time of Jesus coincides with the death of the Lamb of God, the Son, Jesus. It is a symbol. "Behold, I am with you, even unto the end of the age," said Jesus. This was not the end of the world as some think, but the Lamb Jesus would be with them until the end of the astrological age of Aries and then Pices the Fish would begin. It is also no coincidence that the symbol for the SON/SUN's Church is the fish, nor that in the age of Pices Christians were to be "fishers of men."

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Dennis Diehl is a former pastor of 26 years,  who outgrew the Literalism of Fundamentalism.  He writes about Pastoral and Church abuse and is available to speak on such topics or be helpful to any church suffering under abusive (more...)

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