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Horny Toads, Red Ants, And The Soaring Eagle!

Savin' Geronimo's Bones - A Chiricahua Apache !
My old dentist, who graduated from the University of Oklahoma, always respected me and was amazed that I graduated from OU with little if any financial help getting my degree. I worked at a mental hospital and sold Bibles in the summertime.
"I had a check-book with unlimited funds and joined a fraternity, which had its academic advantages," the doc would say, every time I visited him. We even made a yearly trip to see an OU football game for about a half dozen years, before I couldn't sit in the stadium, any more.
First of all, it doesn't take guts to graduate from a university, if you have a trust fund. So Bush didn't have to worry about making sure he fit in with the proper, "Ivy League" attire. Got a check book, buy what you want, or, ... what you think you need, then look down on the students who couldn't keep up. Bush had no "proper attire" worries; he was part of the Bush trust, that followed him to college. Can you imagine, being excluded from The University of Texas, so he takes a step down and gets in Harvard Law School. Guts? No! Pedegree. "I'll dress any damn way I please! Me, buy 50 dollar shirts? You think I'm stupid?" I must admit, though, that I was a member of a non-hazing fraternity called, Gamma Delta Iota! Bumper stickers and all, and boy did the Greeks hate it. GDI stands for "God Damned Independent." Maybe we should have called ourselves "anti-Greek snobs."
Bush was home free, laughing all the way to the bank. I had a friend whose dad was a big oil executive and could have easily footed his son's college, but he refused. They had a ranch, and his dad sold one cow and gave the money to him. 600 bucks.
"I went through college without any help. I expect the same from you," he ordered, and his son found a way, which did not include fraternity and keg parties. When you are funding yourself, it's a bit hard to see your money wasted on liquor in any form. Bush graduated from college as a practicing alcoholic, is my bet. This week's Time devotes the issue about Bush's college years. But let's hurry on. As of yet, I have not seen Bush make ONE gutty decision. At times I have to step back and reinforce what got us here, and how it happened, and guts does have something to do with it.
It took guts to be a rich kid and serve time in Vietnam.
It took guts to step outside his family, and not join a fraternity, where there was plenty of partying and plenty of "test files."
It took guts to give up a year or more, during or after, higher education, for public service.
It would have taken guts to admit and step aside, when Bush lost in Florida, and not call on his daddy and their million dollar lawyers in an effort to cause political chaos.
It took guts to head for The White House on 9/11. He didn't. And the moronish, hidden VP joke - Cheney's actions were gross and pukey and gutless, when we think about what he is asking our kids to do.
It would have taken guts after 9-11, for the president to step back and really take a LONG LOOK, ... throw all the ideas on the table and brain storm for months, rather than act out of hate toward one person in one country.
It takes guts to be a "FIRST RESPONDER!"
It takes guts to admit mistakes.
It takes guts to admit that the mistakes made, were not mistakes but were unlawful actions.
It takes guts to step aside and let others, more qualified, fix the mess you have made.
It takes guts not to try to cover-up mistakes.
It takes guts to not despise and not want to get even, carry a grudge, or to take a knee-jerk reaction when you've been assaulted.
It takes guts to apologize and really mean it, proven by actions.
It takes guts to be humble.
It takes guts to listen to others.
It takes guts to resign when the action should be mandated.
It takes guts to have a goal of being honest.
It takes guts to treat friends and strangers the same way.
It would have taken guts to have "redacted" the Karla Fae Tucker death sentence, since she was making a positive difference in prison.
It takes guts to fire/remove your Attorney General.
It takes guts to have an open White House, such that Congress can look for mistakes and cover-ups.
It would take guts to fire the worst vice president in the history of man-kind. Give us a break! Holding a grudge for someone asking him how his daughter and girl friend's child is doing?
It wouldn't take guts to pardon two innocent border guards. Bush's non-action stinks like a dead buffalo.
I, too, find it strange that the "anthraxed" mail turned up after 9/11, "while Cheney was a'plannin' his administration's next move. Would Cheney have ordered fresh anthrax to force public attention against Iraq? My retired Air Force brothers both believed it was coming from Saddam, but "I'm a'thinkin' it could've been just another plant by this administration to scare the people into "bein' caught off guards and into wantin' war with Saddam."  It's been proven that they have no respect for human life. A justified war? Strange that it has never been solved except that we know the anthrax came from our own military stashes.
Anyone who is stupid enough to believe Yale has Geronimo's bones in "The Skull And Bones Society Building," is stupid enough to believe anything. Geronimo's bones are layin' in an unmarked grave not far from where I am "a'writin'" this missive. Geronimo died in Ft. Sill, and there are many unmarked graves in Indian grave-yards all around us. I'm "a'thinkin'" that the Chief's bones are burried down near them rattlesnake populated "slick hills."  I know where Chief Stumblingbear's probably is and Chief Yellow Horse's is for sure; and I reckon Geronimo's bones are around there too. Unfortunately, back in those days, they didn't mark Indian graves like they marked the pale face graves. Two, whole different cemetaries. There would be good reasons not to mark Geronimo's grave, wouldn't you say? Some bimbos from some Ivy League University might not have the ethics that God gave a dog, and, actually, come up, dig up, and steal them bones. Litter them from here to Yale.
I wouldn't trust most "Skull and Bones" men as far as I could throw 'em. If women won't be allowed into the society, ... it's time to get rid of it. I figure the bones they have there is the bones of some deceased outlaw who populated the state, before statehood, in 1907. Yep, you've got it right. This year Oklahoma is celebrating its hundredth birthday. Do a google on Oklahoma+outlaws. "It's pretty good readin'!"
A real president would have made sure that horny toads were alive in Oklahoma. Maybe it was asphalt that killed the red ants. We celebrate the return of the bald eagle. Is it possible that the ants picked up some chemicals from old holes that had been covered, then taken into their dens, killed the queens? And our bees are now in trouble. Back when we were "yung'uns," we only had gravel for farm roads off the highway. Savin' our environment sounds like important presidential goals, as does saving the antiquities in and around the Mesopotamia Valley. It sounds like one of the first presidential duties is to mind the birds and the bees, and ... be a little bit humbled and respectable with history.
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