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Bill O'REILLY, George Allen, and Lynne Cheney - All UNAMERICAN

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Bill O'REILLY, George Allen, and Lynne Cheney - All UNAMERICAN

You gotta be kidding me. These guys are the most patriotic guys on the block. Get real! Why does politics seem to bring out the ugliness inside so many, losers?

Well, what can I say, as Obermann calls him, Bill Orally. Brother Bill was on David Letterman's Show last night, and he was in his, usual, self. Oh, ... he realizes that we bought into the Iraq War for all the wrong reasons; but, ... in a democratic society, you have the right to make bad, ... righteous. What does that philosophy mean?

Well, it means that if you go over to the neighbor's and accuse him of poisoning your dog, and with a machette, you take his right hand off, ... ah, ... that's okay because he was unlawfully, raising fightin' chickens in his back yard, which, in the state of Oklahoma is unlawful; therefore, it justifies your heinous act. By the way, ... it is illegal to fight chicken's in Oklahoma, ... and dogs too.

I digress, here, for a second. I was in the vet office waiting to get my dog some medication, when this young man came in with a big pitbull. The animal was friendly and seemed not in pain, but to our amazement, the dog had huge gashes, on both sides of his rib cages, and numerous other, tear injuries and abrasions.

"What happened to your dog?" I asked, as the dog seemed to be impervious to pain.

"Oh, ... he got hit by a car," and if you believe that, I have some land in Oklahoma that I can guarantee you, .... there is a large oil reserve under it. Illegal is illegal, and my bet is that the vet turned the kid in, for wagering money on dog fights. I'd hate to see what the other dog looked like. And speaking of dog fights, I will venture on.

Bill O'Reilly kept saying David Letterman and him were close buddies, they bowled together. As Letterman peppered Orally with Iraqi War, buckshot, O'Reilly kept defending our right to go into Iraq, because Saddam was a tyrant. Pardon me for a second here and let me regurgitate.

"Bill, if you start a fight with an innocent man, you've got jail time and a law suit anywhere in the United States. Can you dig that Bro. Bill? How long are we going to ride that old mare? Long enough to break her back, I suppose, and we we are dang near doing that. I've got to admit, that Bush cronies have finally come to an agreement on how to cover up our, short-guy bully of a president, and it is so "NOT PC."

Bill, you invade my home for nefarious reason, you'll get either some buckshot in your face, our a ball bat to the nose, ... several times. It's called, "Make My Day" law, Bill. Why? Because your entrance was unprovoked and illegal, no matter how you justify it. And if it is illegal in the United States, it should be illegal in Iraq.

First of all, how long did it take for you "neocons," to finally agree on a good reason for invading Iraq. Now that you have finally settled for one, seemingly "good" sticking point to our Iraq Invasion, which likely has been a virtual genocide in too many families, it's time to sell it to the Nation. Don't you get it Bill! You can fake catching a 15 lb. bass by using Photoshop; the fact remains, that fish wasn't even a keeper when you caught it. President Bush wanted to go into Iraq, years before he became president. I wonder what our "worthless" Supreme Court thinks, now, when they illegally gave the presidency to Bush nearly 6 years ago, and Iraq is in a state of genocide. How do you judge the Supreme Court? Huh? Anybody? Anybody?

Maybe you can justify it by the Twin Towers, ... but if I were a betting man, I would bet that if the 3000 killed in the Twin Towers had the ability to vote on going into Iraq, today, even from their graves, that would soundly negate the proposition. So, Bill, you are a justifying liar; and you can't justify a lie for 650 thousand deaths. It's called genocide, Bill. Get it? That doesn't fly in our society and even the world's society. We should want what is best for our world, and war isn't it.

Lynne Cheney was on CNN, The Situation Room, yesterday, selling her children's book and took affront on the fact that Wolfe asked her questions about one of her past novel's writing, which has homosexuality in it compared to Jim Webb's book, which portrayed graphically, pictures from real-life, sexual child abuse.

"Don't compare my novels to his; there is a whole lot of difference between my writing, (about lesbians) and Webb's. His is demeaning to women and children." And Webb's is based on fact - sexual abuse from adults to children. This is a lady who shouted over and over at the end of the last debate, "This is a bad man! This is a bad man!" after Kerry stomped Bush into the stage after every debate. Sorry, Lynne, but you can't have your seamy book and criticize James'. As a professional writer, you above all people should not be suggesting censorship. As a profession free-lance writer, I take umbrage to your unprofessionality.

Sadly, it is no fun, to watch ordinary people, like George Allen and Lynne Cheney, self-destruct in front of your very own eyes, at the end of a very close race. It's okay for Cheney to write seamy stuff, but it's not okay for Webb to write seamy stuff, based on reality, in his novels. Even with her new book, ... as an educator, I DO NOT LIKE Mrs. Cheney? Why is that? Because she is a "bad person." No! Because she has absolutely no respect of other, fellow creative writers. Creative writers should support other creative writers. And, in a political debate, everyone, including the wives, should be supportive of the other debaters. Ms. Cheney cannot do that.

And then, we look at the fish-eating grin of George Allen, after he pulls out his muck and mire stuff, that has nothing to do with the campaign. George has not a creative bone in his body. Face it, George Allen walked into his job with a silver spoon in his mouth. I wish my dad had made the money, Allen's dad did; maybe I would have or, at least, could have run for the Senate. Let me back off, here, and take a nasty shot.

"Mr. Allen, I do not like, nor do I support people who agree to censorship in our society?" Did you hear me? Can you hear me? George? George! I am waiting.

Why? Because it deprives the rest of us from making a decision. George, it would do you well to watch the National Geographic channel. They have a series that dwells on a cannabilistic tribe in the heart of the Congo. And the head of the tribe says, "If you feed your baby right and masterbate him enough, he will turn out okay." Whoops!!!!!! Shall we take National Geographic off of TV and burn their magazines and books? That is what you are suggesting. Would you like to know what I am suggesting?

Well, I'll tell you anyway. I am suggesting that any voter in Allen's precincts, not vote for the man because he condones censorship, .... which is unpatriotic and unAmerican.

Yes, I saw the grin on your face, George. It was the face of a man who is throwing smut around and getting it all over himself, because he's losing, and his action is a final, last grasp at victory, which he doesn't deserve. George, it's time for you to go out in life and find a real job, ... hopefully, not on K-Street.

So, ... there you have it. Three unAmericans! Lynne Cheney. George Allen. Bill O'Reilly. Good company, wouldn't you say!

(C) Dale Hill 2006

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