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On the Eve of the New America, The Edge of Madness Returns

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January 3, 2007

For six years George W. Bush has governed like a dictator. He has imposed his will upon a pliant if not culpable Congress. The GOP controlled Congress abdicated their constitutional responsibilities for their party allegiances. They put their party before their country. The result was six years of unprecedented abuse and corruption. The result was six years of corporate gains and personal losses. The result was six years of unnecessary bloodshed over lies. Flat out lies. Faced with massive voter fraud in 2004, the American people finally stood up and said no more this past November. So many turned out to vote the powers that be out of office, that the fraud that did occur, was not enough to overcome the will of the people. Why do you think the GOP chose to not challenge the results in the final two Senate races? They knew full well what a complete investigation would reveal. In 2004, George Bush spoke brazenly of a mandate that he never had. This past November, the American people handed the Democratic Party a mandate Bush could only dream of having. Tomorrow, the new Democratic Congress takes that mandate to Washington. Today, on the eve of a new America, George Bush felt compelled to walk to the edge of utter insanity.

Today, the Wall Street Journal published Mr. Bush's warning to democrats under the guise of an op-ed article. In it, Mr. Bush pontificated about the "opportunity" he had to work with the democratic Congress for the final two years of his presidency. The piece found here:


is so full of the unbridled Bush arrogance and outright revisionist history, it was difficult not to take a moment and remind Mr. Bush of where he keeps getting it wrong.

"Together, we have a chance to serve the American people by solving the complex problems that many don't expect us to tackle, let alone solve, in the partisan environment of today's Washington. To do that, however, we can't play politics as usual. Democrats will control the House and Senate, and therefore we share the responsibility for what we achieve."

It is you Mr. Bush that has played politics for the past five years. It is you that has signed over 800 signing statements. It is you that has stifled dissent, or even debate. It is you that has generated the worst case of partisanship this country has ever seen. The American people have slapped you back sir this past November. They fully expect the new Congress to go to Washington and push the agenda for the American people, not your corporate cronies. The free ride is over sir. If the Dems understand their mandate, they will work hard to pass sensible legislation across a myriad of areas. If you choose to veto that legislation, it will be you that runs the risk. It is your party that then will have to decide whether to stand with a lame duck president, and run their risk the next time they are up for re-election.

"In the days and weeks since the November elections, I have been encouraged by the productive meetings I've had with many of the new leaders in Congress from both parties. I am hopeful we can find common ground without compromising our principles."

You still do not get it sir. It is your principles that were soundly rejected this past November. Your approval rating has not seen above 35% in two years. Your values are not American values. America is not about torture. It is not about screwing the poor for the sake of the rich and calling it "tax relief". It is not about pretending to do something about education and then not funding it. America is not about gutting the environment and calling it the "Healthy Forests Initiative". America is not about a leader who couldn't finish his tour with the National Guard, telling America's families that they do not understand "sacrifice." No sir, it is you that do not understand.

"My principles are no secret. I have campaigned on them in my races for governor and in two presidential contests, and I have worked hard during my presidency to translate these principles into sound policy."

While I agree that you campaigned on them, I disagree that any form of any "sound policy" has come from whatever principles you claim to have. Either way, this past November the American people spoke loud and clear and repudiated your policies Mr. Bush. It is time for sound policies that benefit the American people.

"I believe that when America is willing to use her influence abroad, the American people are safer and the world is more secure."

Influence? Maybe sir. Military? The answer is a resounding NO. The number one reason why people voted last November was your failed experiment in Iraq. The only answer is get out, and get out now. There will be no other acceptable answer for the American people sir. No matter how cleverly you try to dress it up sir. This war is over. The new Congress and you have two years to figure out how to get our kids home, or start getting your resume together. There is no debating this issue.

"I believe that wealth does not come from government. It comes from the hard work of America's workers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. I believe government closest to the people is more responsive and accountable. I believe government plays an important role in helping those who can't help themselves. Yet we must always remember that when people are hurting, they need a caring person, not a government bureaucracy."

Clever way to try and say you like tax cuts for the rich, but the American people are not fooled anymore. The American people realize that government must serve some greater good for those that are the least in society. They reject the Darwinian GOP model that says those that can survive deserve to. This past November the American people stood up and said no more to 400 billion for the infrastructure of Iraq and nothing for the infrastructure of America.

"These are all common-sense principles, and they provide the basis for how I will approach governing with the new Congress. We've proved it can be done: When our nation was attacked, Republicans and Democrats came together to pass the Patriot Act and reform our intelligence agencies."

The Patriot Act is a stain upon the history of this country. It was passed at a moment when everyone tried to come together as Americans and you took advantage of it. This past November, the Patriot Act and other civil liberty infringements were soundly rebuked.

"When our economy was struggling, we worked together to pass tax relief that has helped our economy grow, create jobs, and raise the standard of living for the American people. When we saw that our public schools were failing our children, we came together to pass the No Child Left Behind Act, insisting on high standards, accountability and better options for parents."

YOU passed tax relief and most of it went to the wealthiest Americans. It has not spurred any kind of real recovery in this country and the last election showed that Americans have had enough of your playing fast and loose with the facts. It is time for sensible taxes for those that have the most in this country. The NCLB Act occurred before you had complete control of both houses, but either way, you forgot to fund it.

"Our priorities begin with defeating the terrorists who killed thousands of innocent Americans on September 11, 2001--and who are working hard to attack us again. These terrorists are part of a broader extremist movement that is now doing everything it can to defeat us in Iraq."

No sir. You still don't get it. We now know the truth. We know that the people who you claim perpetrated the atrocities of 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq. We know that Iraq had nothing to do with WMD, al Qaeda, or 9/11. We know you lied sir. What you have in Iraq sir is a civil war, not extremists trying to stop the spread of democracy. The priorities that the American people charged the new Congress with are real simple. The war is over, get the kids home and get them home now. The new Congress has two years to figure it out, or we will elect a new group of people to do the will of the American people, not the corporate elite.

"In the days ahead, I will be addressing our nation about a new strategy to help the Iraqi people gain control of the security situation and hasten the day when the Iraqi government gains full control over its affairs."

Allow me to save you some time sir. The answer is no. There will not be another 20,000 of our kids to be used as targets for your failed policies. The answer is NO. You may choose where to send troops, as Commander in Chief, but Congress controls the money. You know; the money you keep pouring into the coffers of Halliburton? The mandate set by the American people this past November is very clear. There will be no additional troops, there will only be the reduction of the current troops. If the Dems prove to be unable to carry out the will of the people that put them in power, then they will lose that power in just two years. The debate is over. The war is over. It does not matter how much you insult the American people next week sir. That it would take you four years to design a strategy is insulting. To hear you ignore the Iraq Study Group and every clear-thinking military expert is insulting. To hear you even utter the word sacrifice is beyond insulting, it is vile. You do not understand the concept of sacrifice enough to comment on it. You use the dead to your advantage, design flawed policies, and then wrap yourself up in a blood stained flag and dare to lecture anyone about sacrifice? The answer is no sir.

"But we can help Iraq defeat the extremists inside and outside of Iraq--and we can help provide the necessary breathing space for this young government to meet its responsibilities. If democracy fails and the extremists prevail in Iraq, America's enemies will be stronger, more lethal, and emboldened by our defeat. Leaders in both parties understand the stakes in this struggle. We now have the opportunity to build a bipartisan consensus to fight and win the war."

Clueless, arrogant George. For four years you were the picture of partisanship. Now you expect to have a shred of credibility in calling for the very thing you disdained for four years? No sir. Once again, it is not about republicans or democrats, it is about Americans and the Americans have spoken. The war is over.

"America's priorities also include keeping our economy strong. The elections have not reversed the laws of economics. It is a fact that economies do best when you reward hard work by allowing people to keep more of what they have earned. And we have seen that businesses can expand and hire more workers when they have more money to invest--and since August 2003, America's employers have added more than seven million new jobs."

Our economy is not strong sir. Not for average Americans. There are no laws of economics that dictates handing back billions of dollars to the richest people creates any wealth or opportunity for the poorest. That is the failed Reaganomics your father once called "voodoo economics." How many jobs were lost under your watch sir? Remember, no more fast and loose with the facts. You can stand up there and claim the economy is doing well, but Americans know better. They are working harder for less money and healthcare is even more unaffordable. Your Heath Savings Accounts are a scam, and your refusal to allow negotiating for lower prescription drugs has also been rebuked.

"It is also a fact that our tax cuts have fueled robust economic growth and record revenues. Because revenues have grown and we've done a better job of holding the line on domestic spending, we met our goal of cutting the deficit in half three years ahead of schedule. By continuing these policies, we can balance the federal budget by 2012 while funding our priorities and making the tax cuts permanent. In early February, I will submit a budget that does exactly that. The bottom line is tax relief and spending restraint are good for the American worker, good for the American taxpayer, and good for the federal budget. Now is not the time to raise taxes on the American people."

So many lies, where to start? First of all, the tax cuts have not spurred any economic growth, let alone "robust" record revenues. The economy is a walking disaster. There are two Americas, as John Edwards is fond of saying. The rich have done very well under your tenure, but the poor have seen the American dream be robbed from them. Next, you have not cut the deficit in half. You are playing with the numbers as usual. You project ridiculously high deficits, and then when they fall short, you claim that means you actually did something. Nonsense. The American people decide what are the priorities sir, not you. You had four years and chose the Iraq debacle as the priority for this country. You want a lesson in fiscal restraint; you can start there because the American people have decided it is more important to concentrate on the American people. As for tax relief, the American people have always agreed that targeted tax relief for the middle and lower classes are a good thing. It is those tax cuts for your base that we are demanding be reversed. We do not think that Paris Hilton needs a tax cut, nor do we believe that by cutting her taxes, she will create new jobs. Now is the time sir to restore fairness to the tax system. You can try and cleverly package it up by trying to scare the American people that the Dems are "raising their taxes". They will not buy it. By saving billions on the war, and making the billionaires of this country pay their fair share, the funding priorities for the American people that have been ignored for four years can be center stage again.

"By balancing the budget through pro-growth economic policies and spending restraint, we are better positioned to tackle the longer term fiscal challenge facing our country: reforming entitlements--Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid--so future generations can benefit from these vital programs without bankrupting our country."

Sigh. Saying you have done something does not mean you have. The budget is not balanced sir. Furthermore, the American people have spoken loud and clear about Social Security and Medicare; stay away from it! They can see that you scheme is to dismantle the programs, not save them. Your lies no longer work sir.

"One important message I took away from the election is that people want to end the secretive process by which Washington insiders are able to slip into legislation billions of dollars of pork-barrel projects that have never been reviewed or voted on by Congress."

Have you no shame sir? You have not vetoed one spending bill in your time working with the Congress controlled by your party. No pork was too fat for you and NOW we are to believe that you understand that earmarking is a bad thing? Please.

"But we can and should do more. It's time Congress give the president a line-item veto."

What??? Allow me to clarify for you sir. The elections in November were a clear mandate against how much power you have had. The answer is not to give you more power. Once again, the answer is no.

"The strength of our economy also requires us to address some of the biggest issues facing the American people--greater energy security, comprehensive immigration reform, and affordable health care. While progress has been made in each of these areas, we must do more. I look forward to working with Congress on these difficult issues."

The usual throw in items for you. Things like affordable health care always end up getting lip service but nothing else. No more sir. With the money we will be saving from stopping the war and restoring tax sanity to the super-rich, we can address things like unaffordable health care. You have made no progress in these areas sir, but now Congress will be forcing you to over the next two years. I hope you genuinely bend to the will of the people and work to resolve them.

"Our Founders believed in the wisdom of the American people to choose their leaders and provided for the concept of divided and effective government. The majority party in Congress gets to pass the bills it wants. The minority party, especially where the margins are close, has a strong say in the form bills take. And the Constitution leaves it to the president to use his judgment whether they should be signed into law."

The poor civics lesson aside, I do not recall this president speaking about how the minority party plays any role in the form bills take when it was the Dems in the close minority. I remember Mr. Bush bragging about how 51% was a "mandate", that allowed him free reign.

"That gives us a clear challenge and an opportunity. If the Congress chooses to pass bills that are simply political statements, they will have chosen stalemate. If a different approach is taken, the next two years can be fruitful ones for our nation. We can show the American people that Republicans and Democrats can come together to find ways to help make America a more secure, prosperous and hopeful society. And we will show our enemies that the open debate they believe is a fatal weakness is the great strength that has allowed democracies to flourish and succeed."

Mr. Bush, you simply do not get it do you? If your inference here is that the Democratic Congress cannot pursue the agenda the American people have charged them with, you are sadly mistaken. It is not a political statement to raise the minimum wage. It is not a political statement to demand that our kids come home now and that not one more drop of blood is spilled for the lies you have perpetrated against the American people. It is not a political statement to demand that the leaders of this country pay more attention to the citizens of America, than they have the citizens of Iraq. It is not a political statement to demand accountability, to uncover the truth, and to charge the guilty.

What is a political statement is to take to the pages of Wall Street Journal on the eve of the new Congress and try to threaten, bully, or scare them. It is a political statement to try and pretend that we are not in this grand mess because of you sir. It is a political statement to continue to parrot your own lies, about Iraq, terrorism, 9/11, tax relief, the economy, No Child Left Behind, or any number of other distortions and wrap them up in an article that clearly indicates that you have not learned the lessons from this past election.

In November the American people stood up and overcame your voting fraud machine to slap you and your policies down hard. Whatever "principles" you think you have were also slapped down. The American people stood up and spoke quite loudly about what they expect from the new Congress. They expect us out of Iraq, now. They expect tax sanity to return to this country so the rich start paying their fair share. They expect some attention to be paid to our infrastructure. They expect investment in making prescription drugs affordable. They expect healthcare and college to be affordable. They expect people to matter, not corporations. They expect the voting system to be overhauled and fairness returned to the democratic process. They expect progress after six years of inaction. They expect accountability after six years of corruption. They expect the truth after six years of lies. They expect the guilty be charged and integrity restored. And through it all sir, they expect you to learn the lesson of this past election. It is not about you, it is about us. On the eve of the new America, it was so sad to be brought back to the edge of your madness sir. You work for us. At least for two more years.
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