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Shame on Humankind -- We Deserve What's Coming!

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Message Roger Pool

A collection of beings that is too afraid or too lazy to ask the question: "why?" do not deserve the label "civilization" and are merely insects waiting for the end to come. I am tired of waiting for other people to wake up, get a clue and see what has been staring them in the face.

Mankind deserves the extinction that will come with absolute certainty. We have a handful of greedy plutocrats herding us like sheep off of a cliff. I can't call that criminal because the sheep deserve what they get, especially, if they refuse to look for the secret power the plutocrats use against them. The sheep will willfully get in the cage because some idiot tells them that "it's the law" without even questioning the assumption under which that law was created.

All left handed people are an abomination and genetically defective. Because we are in the majority, and because "we" control all the knowledge and wisdom, we have the "power" to make a law to rid ourselves of the left-handed menace. Sounds crazy doesn't it? That is because it is crazy but we do not go a moment without accepting some idiots fool notion continually throughout the day. We never question why we do anything anymore.

The folks that own everything have decided that you are all idiots and they have a plan to eradicate you because you are using too much oxygen and destroying the environment. Never mind that they have deprived us of all resources and knowledge to actually solve the dilemmas we find ourselves in. I guess you are indeed just using up all the oxygen, if you accept this idiotic premise. You should do us all the courtesy of removing yourself from the playing field if you are too afraid, too lazy or simply not willing to do anything so drastic as wanting to live.

All of humankind can die knowing at least one of us understands the reason why. We will die because so few of us apply simple logic to our existence. We really never have. If we did think about it, for one second, we would round up the Religious whackos, the Atheist whackos, the "We are God" whackos, the confused idiots and march them into the sea. Who would be left? I guess I would be alone. Now, before you write me off as some kind of arrogant self-absorbed nut or one of the confused on my way to the nearest body of deep water, you might hang on a bit and learn what no one on this planet is bothering to teach you.

The Red Herrings Are Schooling

We are spoon-fed the confusion and idiotic notions of our ancestors. We believe that just because they came before us then they have old knowledge and we had better listen. What a joke. If one looks at history, those folks did not have it figured out either. History is simply the lesson: "Don't let it happen to you". We study history like it is a road map that we should model ourselves after. Is it logical to expect different results? Our entire education and perception is based on a number of confused assumptions and false premises. All of which are wrong. Let us now take a logical look at the main red herrings or illogical assumptions that have lead to this complete debacle called "Humankind".

Religion, Atheism and Me is God

First let us take religion out of the equation because it is easy. God hates religion and here is my proof: What logical structure teaches failure and impotence? Why would a perfect being, that is logical because perfect implies logic, expect a human being to kneel, grovel and wear funny hats and pajamas? What logical God would create a multitude of conflicting rules, books and expect human beings to fight over it? What God would create a doctrine that leaves a person without the ability to perceive that God? What logical God would create a being so stupid that it would voluntarily comply with that ritualistic man-made nonsense? A logical God would not create and condone religion. That logical God would punish all who engage in that destructive behavior and if one looks at history then it is easy to see the truth in that fact.

The "Me God" crowd is even easier to dispel. If man is God then I invite those who are gods to break Natural Law. All that it would take is just one violation to convince me. Perhaps if they could turn themselves into a rock I would be satisfied. If you think you are God then you are a confused God and have no power. Perhaps "a God" is not the right term for you...maybe "a Idiot" is the right term.

The final fallacy is the most fun to dispel because many otherwise intelligent people have been fooled by the notion of Atheism or what I deem "Scientificism". I know how beguiling it is because I once was fooled by it. That is, until I started applying logic to its method and assumptions and took a good look at what actually exists.The Scientific method depends on test and observation in a quest to understand and build a body of knowledge. Here is the faulty assumption: All experience is collectively subjective and one cannot draw objective conclusions from subjective data. Game over. In order for human beings to know conclusively that the observation is indeed what is occurring we must be able to concretely determine that our senses feed our brains the truth. Because our senses are used to manipulate the tools, we use to measure the universe, in the course of our "Scientific" tests, we cannot rely on the observation to accurately or truthfully conclude anything of substance. Just because every human being relies on the same flawed observational tools does not logically prove a single theory. Our senses cannot even show us the present because by the time the light and sound hit our brains it is already the past. No human being can make any honest conclusion about "what is" by only studying "what was" and especially if we are denied a look at "what will be".

This arrogance of objectivity is the biggest trap. We insects ignorantly assume that because we cannot determine the pattern of a seemingly random set of objects or events then we conclude that no knowable pattern exists and we hold that that conclusion is valid. It is insanity! It is illogical conclusion based on flawed perception. Said another way, we cannot see what we cannot see or hear what we cannot hear. To dismiss the existence of things simply because our limited senses cannot detect beyond their physical capability is absolute idiocy.

The Fallacy of Fate and Free Will

We assume there exists only one spectrum with regard to our existence. Either our existence is scripted start to finish where we have no choice but to live through a pre-programmed set of pre-determined events or we have unlimited potent free will and are complete masters of our own destiny. Some have even taken the approach of arbitrarily mixing from the two extremes and claim a more enlightened approach. Because in our limited capacity, laziness more accurately, we are unable to think past this model and we again ignorantly assume that is all the choice we have available to us. Regardless which approach you take in this model, one can only conclude that life has no purpose or meaning. What is the point of being dragged though a horror film or being bounced around like a pinball? Similarly, what is the purpose of one's existence if one cannot determine what they are, what to do or where they are?

A Subversive Thought

All of this nonsense, that we have been fed by our ancestors, we eat like gospel because we each individually are either too afraid or too lazy to ask the question: "why?" There is another approach and it makes complete logical sense. More importantly, it gives a human being a noble purpose and value that neither science nor religion will ever produce. Even more importantly, it expand a human being's horizon and perspective beyond our cognitive ability so that we can finally take control of our lives and take responsibility for ourselves so that we do not voluntarily place ourselves at the mercy of other idiots.

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