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A Counterfeit World

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 The past 27 years has been a lonely journey I would not have wished upon my worst enemy. From the very beginning when I began rereading my Bible with “new eyes”, checking and rechecking every seeming contradiction within my King James Version with the original tongues and studying the historical context in which it was written, the more alien my fellow humans seemed to become. I had always known that the path Christ chose was a lonely one but did not fully appreciate just how lonely that journey was until I finally recognized the “truth” He spoke of to Pilate and the utter frustration Jesus must have felt when He had to ultimately recognize that His Disciples, at the end of His ministry, still did not understand His message of salvation, to the point He had to point out to them that there were many secrets that he could not share with them because they were not yet ready to receive them.

As a human being, I guess I could lie and eventually convince myself that what I have learned is not the “truth” of which Jesus spoke of, but honestly, I fear God. It was the first thing I learned in my early Pentecostal upbringing, to fear the Lord Thy God because only then could you fully appreciate the “love” He had for us, His creation.

What did I learn? First of all, I learned to reject all the thousands of sermons in book form which were written by the early pioneer Protestants as just so much ignorant gibberish, understandings of the Holy Scriptures based on no more than either a “convoluted”or “painful” extrapolation based upon narrow sixteenth and seventeenth century sensibilities. And as for the Mother Church, regardless of what propaganda you were exposed to at your religious University or from the established denominations, it died and became something foreign to the Savior in 325 AD when an Emperor demanded that the Bishops all teach the same theology and decide once and for all who they were going to worship as God. The purpose was two-fold, to give Constantine unbridled authority, secular and religious, over his citizens and to head off perceived religious armed conflicts.

In a nutshell, the Bishops gave the Emperor his Nicene Creed which, with tongue in cheek, said that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were “of the same”. Even though it has changed several times through the centuries, it still remains worded that the Trinity are “of the same”. I have no problem with that. The problem comes when it is applied through the same convoluted and pained exercise of Church authority, thereby becoming “are the same”. Plainly, for the first 325 years after Christ's ministry, He was viewed by the world, and even His own Church, as the Son of God. Now, He became God and was forever separated from the rest of the world faiths and mankind. Unless you turned your back on the faith of your father's and surrendered yourself to this new Priesthood and Temple factions, you could not call yourself Christian and were in danger of Hell Fire.

For stating what I am about to say, I have been labeled by my fellow Christians as either one of Satan's Chief Demons or the reincarnation of Satan himself, come to lead the faithful astray. So, you have been warned.

To understand why Jesus came, you have to understand the Old Testament. Even though most of it was written between four hundred and one hundred years before the birth of Christ (a couple parts dating to maybe 800 BC), it did come from a memorized history, something widely done by primitive peoples. I have to assume they got most of it right. Islamic detractors of the Holy Bible point to all the incest going on and say that these books could not have come from God. My answer to them is simply, then why did the Prophet have to reestablish the “Law” for the Muslim people? Where your morals and view of the world any different? No, they were not and why the Old Testament should be viewed as a fairly accurate portrayal of the times.

Anyway, a quick read of Genesis to me shows the creation story following closely to what the scientific community refers to as “evolution”. The original words used, again regardless of the accepted “strained” explanation, allows for greater periods of time than the “day” used by the original interpreters. And, you don't have to go any further than the story of Cain and Abel to know there were others in the world besides Adam and Eve, the first human beings created by God, and their children. God marks Cain's forehead to protect him from others. What others? Cain takes a wife in the land of Nod. What wife. Seth, another son of Adam and Eve, also takes a wife. What wife? Simply, the “seed of God” was intermingled with the “seed of evolution” when these unions occurred.

What did God do after that? Well, for one thing, He sent a flood to kill out the seed of Cain, saving Noah and his family, the seed of Seth whom responded to God's commands. After that, God chooses Abraham to be the father of His “chosen” people who would keep His commandments and laws. Of course, we know those descendants from Abraham to be the Hebrew, the Muslim and, by faith, the Christian; all supposedly worshiping the same God. He gave us the example of Sodom and Gomorrah

because they were an “inhospitable” people. The “chosen” were then given into Egyptian captivity and eventually released through Moses, the Law Giver. With the Law in hand, the “chosen” were then given the Promised Land in which to settle and live as God had commanded. As in other primitive cultures, failure to strictly follow the law brought a penalty of death. It was as though God was working with a creature that was more “animal” than “human”. And, from the record, it would seem so. With my understanding, the God of the Old Testament was not a God of revenge versus the God of love found in the New Testament but a God using the Law and retribution to re breed the “God seed” back into mankind.

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So, why then did Jesus come? After 1300 plus years of living under “The Law”, God must have thought man had evolved enough to accept the mantle of a human being (as that which He created when He made Adam and Eve) instead of an evolved, possibly trainable animal in the guise of humanity. How mistaken He would be.

In order to prepare for the body that Jesus would occupy, we learn that Mary, the woman who would bear the Christ child, came as a result of the intervention of Angels and the Holy Spirit with her mother who was barren and long past the age to bear children. Then, we are told that Jesus came into being as result of the intervention of Angels and the Holy Spirit with Mary, a virgin. In my mind, that is twice removed from the “seed of man”, or “seed of evolution”. Why? I suppose to make Christ's DNA as close a match to Adam and Eve's as possible.

What did Jesus teach or reveal of the Heavenly Father? Well, for one thing, as you think a thing you have done it. How about God is a Spirit and desires to be worshiped in the Spirit, right after telling everyone, “to render unto Caesar's that which is Caesar's”. We know that every time the word “love” is used, it means to “understand”. We know that Jesus was not God, but the Son of God. Arguments that say Jesus was with God from before the beginning of creation are correct, but that does not make Him God anymore than I am my mother or father, even though I was with each of them from the moment they were born into this world. We know that Jesus HATED the money changers at the Temple and whenever the term love was used to apply to money, it became Alms giving (giving to those who had not earned it), reported by His disciples “to cover a multitude of sins”. Jesus thought, in fact, giving Alms was more important or equal to giving Tithes. We know that Jesus brought an end to “The Law” (which cannot save) and forever banned the use of blood sacrifice to atone for sins. We know that all are sinful from the example given of the Adulterous who was to be stoned. We also know that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and that it resides in all of creation.

By this own words, Jesus HATED the Priests and Pharisees of His day. And, by statement while standing on Temple grounds, placed the Holy Spirit, not within the Temple, but in every person that lived. Just what is this Holy Spirit. Well, we know that it always existed because of the many references to it prior to Jesus arriving. In my mind, it is the “truth” to which He testified to and the only thing that makes any sense of His ministry; that the Holy Spirit is the voice of God; be it a gentle nudge, an intuition or a feeling about something, it is the armor of God, the Holy Spirit, spoken of in the Scriptures. We also know that while Jesus laid in the grave, He preached to those in the Spirit Prison (which He called Paradise) the way to salvation “who were unto the days of Noah”. Any one reading this think that Jesus required His new converts to take Baptism? Or join one of those yet to be created denominations that call Jesus God?

Now for some truth. This all begins to shake out that Jesus came to set mankind FREE into the Holy Spirit and direct communion with the Father, the Creator of the Universe. No more Priests. No more Pharisees to interpret “The Law”. No more “Law” to determine whether a man is to be saved or not, just the ever presence of the Holy Spirit guiding each one who will allow it to do so. The Apostle Paul is blamed with bringing back the Temple or Church. Yet, he did no such thing. The word he used so often that was interpreted as Church was actually Ecclesia with which he constantly reminded the various City/State congregations that were part of a greater whole, with Christ at its head. The word that justifies a house of worship or group of like minded worshipers is Kuriakon. No where is that word used in the Bible by anyone.

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Reinforcing this is the admonishment that all sins can be forgiven except to “blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, for it is said he hath an unclean spirit.” Another graphic wording, with a double meaning to me is, “It had been better for them to have not known the way, after having known it, once again the dog eats its own vomit and the hog that was washed once again wallows in the mire.” Since we already know that the Holy Ghost or Spirit is the “will of God” in one's life, to blaspheme against it is to thoroughly convince oneself, through doctrine or dogma, that the Spirit is telling you one thing when it plainly is not. Those able to do this, and there are MILLIONS who do on a daily basis, regardless of how Saintly or knowledgeable they present themselves, all have “unclean spirits” and by their own actions or inactions cannot be saved. The follow up to that clearly defines those who follow the Holy Spirit in their lives are human beings (as Adam and Eve were) and those who do not are referred to as dogs eating their own vomit and hogs rolling around in their own defecation, animals.

The “faith” that present-day Christians cling to and echo throughout their worship services is just another red herring. It means nothing because we are told in the Scriptures, “faith without works is dead.” That's pretty plain isn't it? Works is always the outward sign that God is in them. Didn't Jesus tell His disciples that the people would know who they are from by their works? And, in Revelations, at the Last Judgment, all are judged, both great and small, out of the Lamb's Book of Life, “...according to their works.” Not by their faith, their denomination, who they were in life, or what God they worshiped, if they worshiped God at all. No, they are judged “by their works”.

Remember the day that Jesus told His disciples that if they had faith the size of a mustard seed, they could tell a mountain to move and it would move? He didn't say they had to have faith in Him, did He? No, just that they had faith. Another time we are told that many will perform miracles in His name but when they stand before Him at Judgment, He will tell them to leave because He did not know them. How does that happen? Clearly, there is a process that determines whether the miracles they did was at the will of God or their own will. And, what process is that? The process of relying upon the Holy Spirit for direction and fulfilling the direction it gives. Beyond faith, beyond denomination, beyond The Law, beyond any religion, beyond all considerations which can be devised by man, those who follow the will of the Holy Spirit in their lives are the “Children of God” and will be saved in that hour. They will have proven they worshiped God in the Spirit by making that worship manifest itself through the flesh by their actions.

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