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Rampage Killings: Who, When, & Where

By Larry Sparks  Posted by Larry Sparks (about the submitter)     Permalink
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The list of communities becoming members of the school house shooting club has noticeably increased in number and frequency and not just in the American homeland but in communities around the world. Parents, school officials, clergy, government, and community leaders all seem to be at a loss as to the explanation or reasons behind such seemingly growing numbers of senseless violent anti-social behavior.              Just eight days after an Omaha Nebraska mall shooting November 5, 2007 leaving eight dead in its wake, two days later a gunman walked into the New Life Christian Center in Colorado Springs Colorado killing five and one day later Las Vegas experiences a shooting attempt on school children at a bus stop wounding six. It is no wonder everyone is looking around and asking, “What is going on?”              Just one day before Valentines Day 2007, a mall shooting occurred in a Salt Lake City Utah resulting in five deaths. Of course the Utah mall incident is paled by the Virginia Tech. School shooting that took place just two months later on April 16th where 32 students were shot dead leaving 23 more wounded forever as fear and apprehension etched the minds of those who witnessed these events first hand.             Luckily, we have yet to achieve or surpass a killing event considered the worst school massacre in American history that dates back to May 18, 1927 where 45 were massacred, leaving 58 injured. The doer in this instance was a school board member who was upset by an increase in property tax that was levied against his farm to help fund the building of new school facilities. The increase in tax resulted in his farm going into foreclosure.  Still fresh on many minds is the April 20, 1999 Columbine school massacre in Jefferson Count Colorado that left 12 students dead and 23 others wounded.              For many, these rampages are a mystery. They shouldn’t be. In every instance the psychologists paint a portrait of the shooters and killers and we know what pushed them over the edge. These individuals are all characterized as loners, angry, frustrated, paranoid or delusional. But these characteristics do not occur in a vacuum; they are accompanied by social events and issues outside the direct control of the individual: divorce, psychological and physical abuse, financial issues, rejection, and job loss. Isolation follows with anger and rage because these individuals are at a loss in how to resolve their inner conflicts. Authorities all agree these social victims feel powerless, unseen, and unwanted. They lose all sense of hope or escape.             Society labels these individuals as neurotics, emotionally unstable, and mentally ill. Yet these labels fit the profile of many who we know as relatives, associates, friends, and even some in our own immediate family? Over three fourths of America is now classified as mentally ill. This huge number is established by those who are bound and controlled by addictions. When there are personal, social, economic, and other problems most automatically withdraw and are not as sociably accessible as before.  

Of course there are those who can boast, Yea but we didn’t go out and shoot anyone.  True, most of us didn’t go out and shoot someone, but there is more beneath the tip of the iceberg than what meets the eye. These incidents are clearly becoming a result of unaddressed social issues. Is it possible these shooters are more a victim of their culture than simply social misfits?

 These killing rampages are not unique to America. High profile rampages have occurred in Germany, Japan, Egypt, Canada, and in nearly every country on the planet and disturbingly in increasing numbers.  In November 2007, eight people, including five boys aged 16 to 18, the 61-year-old headmistress, a 42-year-old female nurse and a 25-year-old single mother, were killed at the Jokela High School in southern Finland.  Are these killers victims of their cultures, or are they misfits as a result of their family upbringing or inherited genetic predispositions? The answer to this question can be easily determined because these incidents are not random, but occur mostly during certain times of the year. There are exceptions to the following rule, but they are far and few between.             Tracking history of these events, we find that massacres of five or more are seasonal. The season lasts for about a five month duration that begins in September and ends in March or begins in October and ends in April depending on the calendar year.              What makes this season unique is that the time begins with the Aurora Australis and ends with the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. These events are triggered by large swarms of electromagnetic electrons ejected from the sun that bombard the Earths atmosphere causing the negative ions in the upper atmosphere to light up as vales of light stretching across the night sky. Humans are transparent to these particles. However, the positive charged electrons also attach themselves to the negative ions in the human body. The more emotionally unstable a person is, the more negative ions they possess. The jet stream drags these positive electrons down from the extreme northern and southern hemispheres into the lower latitudes.  This occurred in the case of Virginia Tech. In an unusual situation, at the time of a Northern Aurora, the Jet Stream came down across mid America and dipped down over the Eastern Seaboard to as far south as the Florida panhandle and came back up its own Eastern edge and gave the area over Virginia Tech. a double shot of stray electrons. This is basically what happened at Columbine in 1999. The Wisconsin shooting by a police officer occurred during the peak of a solar bombardment that was funneled directly from the polar region into Wisconsin. Anomalies occurring outside the usual Aurora cycle are the result of extended Auroras that arrive or stay longer than the usual five month period or the result of solar flares during sun cycles.             Those that are already emotionally unstable become even more volatile. This explains why homicides and suicides, and even massacres increase during this same season. Depression, also a contributor, is on the rise during this period because full spectrum daylight also decreases during this time period. Further evidence that this season is special; the death rate also declines twenty five percent worldwide. Because culture is progressively becoming more unstable and mentally ill, explains why shootings and massacres are on the rise particularly during what can be called the five month neurotic season.             Looking at the time line of tragedies on the campus of Cal. State University at Fullerton California we can see the suicide record vividly played out with the Aurora time line.             April  1977: Richard Drapkin, 31 committed suicide by jumping              April 1979: Susan F. McNeliy, 24 suicide by jumping              March 1982: Thomas Hinegardner, 26 suicide by jumping             March 1984: Gordon McMahon, 36 suicide              Oct. 1984: Edward Cooperman, 48 homicide             Oct. 1985: Luom Pham, 20 suicide             March 1987: Gregory Hannah, 40 suicide             Sept. 1987: Steven English, 27 suicide             April 1988: Staff. Sgt. Richard Bottjer, 30 excusable homicide             Oct. 1990: Daniel Eggleston, 18 suicide             Sept. 1998: Daniel Eggleston, 18 suicide             Jan. 2007: Michael Zyram, 43 suicide What appears to be an anomaly is an on-campus massacre that occurred on  July 12, 1976 where seven Cal. State Fullerton students fell victim in the basement of the campus library when custodian Edward Allaway went on a five-minute shooting rampage. What is different about this incident, is it occurred during the peak of a solar maximum. Alloway was a victim of abuse from taunting by his fellow workers. Similar to the Auroras, the Earth is exposed to excessive solar radiation during solar maximums which explains Allaway’s seemingly erratic behavior. On July 12, 1976 the Earth was in the path of a solar wind storm loaded with positive charged electrons setting off an Aurora.                         All college campuses can look to their time lines and find an identical mapping of tragedies. Emotional instability of the American culture is clearly a social issue that is long overdue for being addressed and directed at schools, churches, big business, and government. Why are these particular institutions singled out? The killers always go to the source of their pain. If it is a parent or spouse, they are first in line of the shooters wrath and If it is a school, a religious institution, a government agency, or the shooters workplace that is the source of pain, this is where the anger is unleashed and where they see their own faults in their victims. Malls are often a last resort where anger is directed at society at large.              The current Aurora season ends sometime in March of 2008 when the media once again will report yet another series of massacre of 5 or more. With the growing unstable social and political climate in America that is to be highlighted by a presidential election in November 2008, who is going to stand up and take the blame for the inaction for not working on a Public Policy directed at a cure for the addictions and mental ills of the American culture? Beginning in 2008 the world is once again faced with the beginning of yet another deadly solar maximum season that will last 12 full years. Scientists expect this solar season to be the deadliest in human history. We have always known who, when, and where, we have just chosen to ignore or deny it and continue to erode the freedoms of society through reforms that further contributes to the social problems and psychological instability of society.                                                                   

Excerpts from the book:  The Harlot and the Beast.


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