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America I see it

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Message Eric Emminger

America Today...our motto, "In God We Trust" which even appears on the Federal Reserve Note (which we blindly accept as our dollar with no sound backings whatsoever) Congress had given their power to create money (Interest Free) with the backing of Gold (which is specificly in our Constitution) to the Federal Reserve which is in fact a Private Bank. It is said that those who control the money are by far a greater threat than standing armies. Yet, the Congress thought it to be in the best interests of the People they allegedly represent to give their Constitutional Powers of creating money to a Private Bank who charges interest to the paper they continually print without any sound backing. Our Dollar is on the verge of Collapsing. I ask to you, Congress, was it worth it?

The majority of Americans speak English as their Primary language but as a Nation we have NO Official Language...Why? Practically All Nations in this world have an Official Language they can call there own. Is having an Official Language that Americans can call our own really that offensive?

In 2005, our current President felt it was necessary to set up talks with the Mexican President and the Canadian Prime Minister, that meeting was and still is mostly secret. The talks consisted of the idea Sponsored by the CFR (Counsel on Foreign Relations) (I might also add at one time Dick Cheney was the Director of) That idea by the CFR and their so called independent task force is in a very well described pdf form found in their website it's called, "The Building of a North American Community" Where it talks of open borders, a Super Hwy from Mexico to Canada (which can only be accomplished by Emminent Domain costing the American People hundred of thousands of acres, legally stolen from them by the Government who is supposed to serve them, the People) It talks of the Amero which will replace the US Dollar. It talks of mandating your children to learn in Highschool in addition to English but also French and Spanish. It talks of allowing Mexicans to freely come into America to work, It talks of securing the outer perimeters of North America while at the same time to leave the US's borders open and free. It ultimately, will have an unelected government that the United States will have to abide by. That doesn't sound like we're going to be an independent soveriegn nation, to me anyway. Why hasn't the Mainstream Media given it the coverage it deserves? Isn't this something that every American should know or needs to know?

Elections: We're going around the Globe to spread "Freedom & Democracy" We give stern warnings of other Nations to change their ways, to have free and fair elections. Do we have Free and Fair elections here? A lot would say we do, I'm not going to bother accusing of voter fraud here but I will say that the machines we use to vote with, which have been on many occasions proven to have many flaws, yet we continue to use them. They, for the most part, have no paper trails so if you challenge the results, what will be re-counted? The Mainstream Media isn't all that fair either. Rudy Guiliani was claimed at the beginning of the election cycle to claim the GOP Nomination. Where is Rudy now? Ron Paul had consistently beat Rudy in most of the states Primaries and Caucuses, Ron Paul trailed Rudy very closely in one of those first states, He had twice as many votes from the people up until Florida. Right up to the time Rudy officially dropped out of the race, Ron Paul holds 6 delegates to Rudy's 1. Yet the MSM still feels it's justified to "blackout" Ron Paul as well as the message. At one time, years ago, the Debates gave each candidate reasonable time to be heard on issues that matter. Today, that is not the case. CNN's last night debate didn't even speak too much on the issues that our nation is facing. Ron Paul is the only one to speak up agaist the "technicality" bickering between the 2 "front-runners" to stop and to start Debating Foreign Policy. I guess Foreign Policy is irrelevant to CNN and the "front-runners" as is the Constitution. This is a very sad time for America. Most Americans will admit on how biased the media is...Yet, they continue to allow themselves to blindly get brainwashed. America has become a Nation of 2 parties. Republicans and Democrats...They do disagree on a lot of issues and policies but one thing they agree on (pay attn to their actions and records and you will understand) is Big Government, Over Spending, a Military Industrial Complex, Corporations, and quietly they support a North American Union. Our congress have handed the powers over to a Private Bank as well as the Corporations. We are and have been well on our way to a Police State, a Corporist State and the events of 9/11 put the plans into high gear. What is to become the America we Love?

The MSM has aggressively pounded in the minds of Americans that Ron Paul is a "long shot". Is this a reason not to vote for the man who has principles, character, moral values, COMMON SENSE? Wasn't Ronald Reagan considered a "long shot"? Truly sad in America, when the MSM and the elite few use their powers to silent the one person who truly stands for Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity, Hope, and above all the Constitution of the United States of America.

I agree with Ron Paul, it's not "him" we are for, he's simply a messenger who bravely has stood up knowing the dangers if and when he succeeds with delivering the messege, which is a very simple message, The Constitution of the United States of America. Any right minded person would understand and agree that Ron Paul consistently through his 10 terms as a TX Congressman that he is strictly for the Constitution. So, why does the MSM consider Ron Paul "radical" I never thought the Constitution was "radical" Ron Paul is also the only person running for the Presidency that is talking about the issues we face as a nation. He's the only candidate that is offering the people True Solutions. He's the only one warning us if we don't change Directions we will collapse as nation. I realize the word "Change" is by far overly used in the campaigns of all but if you check the records and do your own homework and not rely on the MSM to do it for you...You will then Realize Ron Paul is the only one who is Truely offering Change to America. We, as Americans, are lazy and ignorant in regards to getting involved when it comes to our Political System. I don't really blame us though for becoming discouraged by the greed, control freaks, the consistency of lying to the American People, the Deceit, the manipulations and the list goes on and on of our elected officials who allegedly represent us and have been sworn to uphold the Constitution. I had hoped, us, Americans would jump at the chance to get behind the one person who is actually speaking the Truth to the Americans. The one person who shows his Love for his Country, Constitution, and We the People.

Ron Paul has shown his self to be Couragous to stand amongst those determined to eliminate him, to those who ignored him, to those he attempted to belittle and humiliate him publicly. We as the People must stand Beside Ron Paul in this time of trials for our Great Nation. We the People must not waver as Ron Paul has never wavered on his positions, messages, his honesty has always held on strong. We the People must remain Strong in our Support of the only candidate that is truely Presidential. We the People must NOT give in to the frustrations we all are feeling by the actions of the MSM and the elite few. They are Few. We are MANY. We must continue to spread the word not of Ron Paul but the Message of Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity, and the Constitution. This election is bigger and most Important that we ALL need to remain Strong and Continue Spreading the Word. We need to be Creative. The mission is to Wake the Sleeping Giant, the Majority of We the People. We are the Light. Let us Shine. Let's continue to Honor the one Person who truely deserves to be Honored, Ron Paul. Let's NOT give up Hope. Let's NOT give into the MSM or the Corporists. Let's NOT give into their hate and Propaganda and their voice against Freedom and Liberty.

Let's Shake our Nation until we WAKE THE SLEEPING GIANT. Let's Show the MSM We the People Will NOT Be Silenced. Let's show the elite few Who Truly has the Power, We the People! Let us Speak OUT! Let us come together as One Nation, United in speaking the Truth. This is a fight they brought against "We the People". Let us Show them that We the People will NO Longer accept their Lies, their Special Interests, their mouthpeice of a MSM. Let We the People be Heard. The Message of Freedom will NOT BE SILENCED IT WILL NOT DIE. Let's rattle their Cages and get the Sleeping Giant to Wake UP. The Time has come The Time is NOW. The Sleeping Giant must be Awoken. Speak Out Now!!! Let the Truth Lead the Way to Our FREEDOM which is Under ATTACK!!! We have been Invaded This is the Real War against America and it's bigger than any Terrorists could ever dream of, This War has been declared against the People domestically. I am calling for the Sleeping Giant to WAKE UP NOW!!! The Sleeping Giant is our Only Hope of Winning. Let's Make our Voices Heard!!!

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I am 30 years old working a full time job (40hrs/wk) plus side jobs to make ends meet. I have been registered to vote since I turned 18 in 1996 as an NPA (No Party Affiliation) I have refused to classify myself to one particular group simply (more...)
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America I see it

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