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You need the "1984" code book to realize that W dreams the bottom 99% would aspire only to a futureless life.

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He would have us all be boot cleaners and butt lickers so that his chums could be the only ones with hope.

The "1984" code book would explain all the GOP propaganda so clearly. Of course you can't get it unless you want a visit to the "Ministry of Love". The propaganda, mostly about "GWOT" and all of the crimes associated with it makes the common masses apathetic and in awe of their protector, big bro 43.

"Ownership society" means the GOP wants to take Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from the poor huddling masses. "Joe the Plumber" said that he and his friends were insulted by Social Security and wanted no part of it. Secretly the GOP hopes that those who don't contribute to their coffers, their top 1% "Ranger" and "Pioneer" pigs feeding at the trough would immediately suffer the fate of the unproductive in the movie "Soylent Green".

The secret is that Reagan ploy of trying to redistribute all of our money to the rich was only a model for W. Reagan might have succeeded in destroying the lives of the bottom 99%, but his tax cuts were revoked. Reagan's plots were expanded by "Bubble boy." The theory that GOP ghouls adhere to, and the vacuous W implemented, is that if there is no tax revenue then the social network programs would shrink-particularly if wars were implemented which naturally siphon off the majority of the tax revenues. No GOP leader was as empty-headed as big bro 43, who not only gave all of his chums in the top 1% huge tax cuts, but started 2 wars--against the unnamed "those who are against" forces of evil, without raising taxes. This has never happened in US history because the results would be predictably disastrous. How can you exorbitantly raise the cost for the US military and introduce a huge and expensive new "Orwellian" Homeland Security department without causing huge deficits? Throw into this toxic mix the typical GOP fare of paying no attention to their top 1% chums raping the unsuspecting US lower classes with the sub-prime mortgage scam-just the latest example of GOP deregulation failing, and you get economic catastrophe.

Herr Karl also hoped that if the dreamed for destruction of the social service network occurred, then the Democrats would have no programs to attract voters. Rove considers that having the common man suffering for a permanent GOP majority a fair trade as the bottom 99% is easily replaced. The GOP has always lied about their concerns for illegal immigrants-notice that the border security apparatus has not produced any results yet, and these unwashed masses can easily perform the tasks that the GOP has always hoped that non-blue blooded peons would provide-low-income, dead-end jobs such as boot cleaners and butt lickers. If the US had this residue of expendable people with no future then the each member of the middle class would fear that if they were not acquiescent that they would tumble into the pariah caste.

Now the GOP Senators gleefully want the big 3 US automakers-which represents 14% of the US economy, to fail. Who is going to come in to save them-to become the person to who introduces socialism to the US economy? No one other than that adherent of free-market enterprise big bro 43 will swallow up this role. It almost seems that the GOP planned it this way or that W is greatest flip-flopper in history-which is an anathema to the GOP. When he speaks of saving the automakers--and he will, he will proclaim that he was our protector in the "everlasting war against terrorism" so he'd naturally want to protect our economy also. Herr Karl will have him spew propaganda about how the Democrats allowed the economy to become weak and that W was just the man it as only he could prevent another attack in the homeland.

The GOP should be dealing with the fact that W's "GWOT" is tumbling apart as badly as his lack of governance has ruined our economy, but what is there that they could say? They can only hope that our failed economy will cause us to ignore the latest crises W's international policy has caused.

Big bro 43 did a secret a trip today. Maybe Rove will have the ignorant empty-suit W stand in front of another "Mission Accomplished" banner.

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The article "Bush makes surprise Iraq visit to close out tenure" at

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states "More than 4,209 members of the U.S. military have been killed in the war since it began five years and nine months ago. It has so far cost nearly $576 billion.
There are about 149,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. At the troop-level peak in October 2007, there were 170,000 U.S. military personnel in the country.
The new U.S.-Iraqi security pact goes into effect next month. It replaces a U.N. mandate that gives the U.S.-led coalition broad powers to conduct military operations and detain people without charge if they were believed to pose a security threat. The bilateral agreement changes some of those terms and calls for all American troops to be withdrawn by the end of 2011, in two stages."
Remember how the GOP, particularly those in the huge list of big bro 43 surrogates, accused Obama of being a surrender monkey for even speaking of timeliness. How W's boys talked about general horizons for withdrawal? All of the stink about conditions on the ground that McCain was always blathering about. Poof-that all disappeared. Iraq did the sane thing and laid out when the hated occupier-the US, had to depart. Big surprise!
The article can't even give W any propaganda points as it concludes "Bush credits last year's military buildup with the security gains in Iraq. Last month, attacks fell to the lowest monthly level since the war began in 2003.
But the successes are still viewed as fragile and reversible. Intermittent but high-profile bombings continue to shake confidence and the remaining high tensions between rival ethnic and religious groups raise questions about what will happen in Iraq after U.S. troops start withdrawing."

That doesn't deter his surrogates from providing us with misinformation. It always the plan for more than one person to go over Herr Karl's propaganda points with a minion throwing in a new twist. I wouldn't do well in Room 101 of the "Ministry of Love". When Perino starts talking about how the SOFA means W was successful, if I had a Julia I would be ratting her out.
The article "Perino: SOFA Means U.S. Can 'Celebrate The Victory' In Iraq» at

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states "Ever since Iraq's cabinet "overwhelmingly approved" a proposed security agreement that mandates the full withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of 2011, the White House has been engaged in a rhetorical dance - in large part due to President Bush's long-held opposition to "artificial timetables."
On Monday, White House press secretary Dana Perino tried to mold the agreement to fit her boss's view, saying that the withdrawal time line contained within is only "aspirational" and tied to conditions on the ground remaining favorable. (It's not). Today, Perino went further, claiming that the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) represents a celebration of victory in Iraq:
Q: Can you remind us again why this agreement is not the timetable that the president fought so hard against? [...]
PERINO: This is a mutually agreed to agreement. And that's what one of the things that is different about an arbitrary date for withdrawal when you say you're going to leave win or lose. We believe that the conditions are such now that we are able to celebrate the victory that we've had so far and establish...a strategic framework agreement."
Remember how big bro 43 always pratted on about how he listened to the military commanders? Well he wouldn't be having his spokesperson going about victory if he did as the article concludes "The most recent National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) completed last month suggests that Perino shouldn't be bringing out the champagne bottles just yet either. The new NIE reportedly warns that "unresolved ethnic and sectarian tensions in Iraq could unleash a new wave of violence, potentially reversing the major security and political gains achieved over the last year."
In fact, even CentCom commander Gen. David Petraeus will not use the term "victory" or "winning" regarding Iraq. But more importantly, as the Wonk Room's Matt Duss has noted, there will never be any "victory" there. "Let's understand," Duss writes, "there is no plausible scenario in which the decision to invade Iraq can or will ever be vindicated. In the best case, we will have simply averted disaster."
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The article "Senate panel cites Rumsfeld for abuse policy -- Ex-Navy counsel believes interrogation techniques caused deaths and injuries of U.S. military in wars" at

deals with a report that took eighteen months to prepare and states "U.S. abuses against detainees led to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq, according to testimony by Alberto Mora, the former general counsel of the Navy. ''There are serving U.S. flag-rank officers who maintain that the first and second identifiable causes of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq - as judged by their effectiveness in recruiting insurgent fighters into combat - are, respectively, the symbols of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo,'' Mora testified."
Who is ultimately to blame? The article continues "It traced the abusive practices to President George W. Bush's written determination in February 2002 that the 1949 Geneva Conventions didn't apply to suspected al-Qaida and Taliban detainees. Condoleezza Rice, then the national security adviser, and other Cabinet officers took part in meetings where specific interrogation techniques were discussed, the report said."
W's boys in blue derailed our land of laws as the article continues "Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Air Force Gen. Richard Myers' decision to cut short a legal and policy review of the techniques ''undermined the military's review process,'' the report said. Haynes' effort to cut short the legal and policy review was ''inappropriate and undermined the military's review process,'' it said."

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