What are the reasons for boycotting?

-Hypocrisy.  And to get the man's attention, their pocketbook needs to be affected."  The hope is that the media will pick up on it and report it.
-We need to have each others' backs, because our real opponents LOVE it when we eat our own.  Bottom line, we're making things far too easy for the right-wingers.
-"Black folks at DKos, 3% of the site users, about 30% of the banned and rating pulled users"
-"the pushback against the racism is being meted as harsh or harsher a punishment, and disproportionately so, than the racism itself."
-kos has decided to hand over the site to bigots
-"people on this site have been bullied, hounded and harassed, and the racist rhetoric has gotten horrific."
-"This what this boycott has to be about: being able to all work together to bring about the change that is so desperately needed in this world."
-"the blatant racism that can be read in the links to sberel's diary and blue jersey mom's."
-"to bring an awareness that we do have racism at this site and hopefully people will consider what they are saying."
-"it's about this community's response when [the result of the purge] was brought to light."
-"The marginalized in society should not be marginalized on a progressive / liberal site."
-"In order to elect more and better Democrats, everyone needs to work together instead of letting wedges, personalities and personal biases take priority over the common cause."
-"Its something I have to do.. . . I have to feel good about myself.
-Making false accusations of racism a bannable offense will lead to a disproportionate number of bans on black people because that is who is more likely to call out racist diaries
-The Purge is just another supposed law and order effort that is actually "criminal injustice in metaphoric microcosm."
-This is about integrity and holding ourselves to a higher standard. This is about speaking truth to power and demanding of ourselves the same mature, level-headed, respectful hearing of what others are experiencing as we demand of the critters who clog up the halls of Wall Street and K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue."
-If we don't get this right within Daily Kos, how the hell do you expect us to convince anyone else that Progressive perspectives will solve anything?
-" mocking, condescending posts belittling the boycott tonight has only made this decision easier."
-"if my joining the boycott sends the message to the POC in this community that they are not alone, it's the least I can do."
-"protest the admitted arbitrariness of the bannings"
-"show him the effect of our absence: fewer hits, less money"

What criticisms do boycotters have of Markos Moulitsas?

-Kos should have stepped in earlier.
-Kos didn't look deep enough into the history of disputes, so it was unfair to punish everyone involved.
-Kos doesn't "fucking get it."
-Kos missed an alleged pack of 30-40 trolls coordinating on Facebook, but penalized 30% of the active membership of Black KOS.
-Kos is arrogant, hasty, careless, sloppy.  He double's down instead of admitting fault, and doesn't treat race issues seriously.  "race issues are like a stratavarious.  and markos and daily kos treated it like a kazoo."
-Kos is planning on using a majority vote to give himself cover on whether or not comments are racist, so that only the most obvious interpersonal racism gets punished
-certain people were punished because "they were well respected members of the community who supported outspoken diarists like Adept".
-kos "
has chosen to equate the hostile racism of a coordinated group of posters with the self-defense and righteous anger of black folk defending our president and our political views."
-kos didn't address a major incident that occurred in December
-people were punished for calling out racism on this site
-Kos quickly reinstated people who were on a list of offenders given to him after they complained
-"Kos is doing what all bad refs do: he's missing the cheap shot foul and calling the reaction."
-kos is either too lazy or too craven to take for insisting that users do his job for him in moderating the site
-". . . . he was throwing out the good with the bad.  He was silencing some of the very voices this blog needs to hear the most, and doing it carelessly."

What justification have some people given for the behavior of users that were punished?

-" Adept and TiMT were being goaded for so long it was ridiculous."
-one user was targeted after getting into it with Meteor Blades, another for noting site demographics
-People uprated adept2u's comments even if they didn't agree only because he was targeted so often by a HR brigade.
-People were so mean that they would snipe at people like adept2u and TiMT in diaries they weren't participating in.
-Rec'ing adept2u was the only tool available to validate his viewpoint.  and it was just maddening that the only option to defend a legitimate point was to rec comments that were, objectively, over the top."
-"adept and timt had been goaded past the point of no return"
-People acting in self-defense looked like bullies due to timing and lack of knowledge.
The bigotry resulted in some actually rational users getting so pissed off as to lose their freaking minds during a much too long period of the threads becoming the got-dammned wild west of bigotry and hatred."

What changes would boycotters like to see?

-There should be ZERO tolerance for racist comments on a progressive blog (as in, user booted after racist comment #1)
-for people such as sberel , robinswing, and others to "feel that Kos has somehow addressed this unfortunately disproportionate punishment, and reassured AAs that this is safe and supportive place for them to blog."
-Solve the problems of trolls, zombies, and right-wing operatives (if possible)
Identify need, remedy, core rules/values.
-an apology to the Black Kos community
-fairness, but no specific demands
-"Markos, or somebody, fcs, paying closer attention to what has caused the division and fury instead of attempting to just kick the division and fury out.
-"I think the only way this site will ever be truly welcoming to minority voices is for change to come from the top down"
-What I want to see more than a change of heart from Markos? I want to see a flood of diaries on the rec list titled "I'm Sorry". And, you all know who you are.
-kos should moderate the site better or hire a moderator

Where have banned and boycotting Kossacks moved to?

The People's View, including adept2u
The Motley Moose
Critical Mass Progress, including the Criminal Injustice series.

Why are some people not boycotting?
"I don't care about the issue that is being raised."
""To challenge all of you next week."
""Somebody needs to keep an eye on the chicken coop."
"Various commitments to scheduled diaries and groups.
"Troy Davis, the jobs bill, Nevada election, etc.
"If I thought Kos was a bigot I would join the boycott.  But what I see is an attempt to use the race card to intimidate one of our own."
"I am not going to boycott this site because justice and prevention of harm were given precedence over group identity and deference to an authority figure. On the contrary, that's exactly what, as progressives, we should all wish for."