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Why Donald Trump for President?

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Message Herbert Salit

Why Donald Trump for President?


I do not intend to vote in November, maintaining my years-long 'streak' of non-faux-participation in 'American democracy.' Nevertheless, and not just because he also hails from Queens, I am quite convinced that 'The Donald' not only is in a class-by-himself, but, is the only person visible - 'running,' or not, that is - who ought to get to warm that chair in the Oval Office.

Why? Not because of his political positions - some of which are nonsensical, though a few are quite wise - but, because Trump has openly and uniquely displayed his great interest in listening to others, and to having his assessments and opinions thereby changed. These traits - unknown among professional politicians, and most business tycoons - if properly applied, could enable a Trump presidency to protect the lives of tens of millions of Americans, perhaps, even many tens.

Otherwise, it certainly appears that all the rest of the Republicans - save perhaps the 'impossible' Rand Paul - plus Wall Street's 'darling' Hillary (and also probably Bernie), clearly intend to plunge fast-forward into full-scale, major war, which will prove nothing short of totally-disastrous and deadly. Yes, these other 'candidates,' as with so many 'leading, important' people, these days, are quite delusional and berserk, mistaking the world of 2016 for the late '90s PNAC era of 'the sole remaining superpower.'

The Yankee Imperium - still often and incorrectly referred to as 'The United States' - even with all of their NATO puppet-vassal empire-states in tow, and all the king's horses and all the king's men, too, cannot stand-up to Russia, alone, in any war in the Eastern Hemisphere. But, Russia is not now alone, and never again will be! Russia, ever since the Yankee-driven 'Ukraine crisis' of 2014-to-the-present was kicked-off, have been strategically joined-at-the-hip to 'Four-to-One' China.

Four-to-One, that is the level of preponderance that 'Center Country' - the world's largest, richest, most-industrialized and best-educated society, who soon will be the globe's 'sole superpower' - rapidly are building up to, at a minimum, vis--vis the ever-declining, doddering, crumbling, fully-Fascist Yankee Imperium.

Thus, Uncle Sam now already is outgunned by Russia-'Four-to-One' China in his favorite 'play-space' - the nuclear arena - by two-to-one, while this disparity grows daily, and Uncle's more-than-30-year-old 'arsenal' rusts apace. In conventional forces, the imbalance is even bigger, and also continues to grow quickly. War, then, rapidly will go vastly against the Yankee Imperium, and should they 'go nuclear,' everyone, and most-likely everything, in the 50 states will be completely destroyed - vaporized into oblivion as if nothing ever had existed in the former land of 'purple mountain majesties.'

It also is the case that all Americans easily could, and will, die even without WWIII 'being declared,' should the BRICS, SCO and other Non-Western nations abandon 'The Dollar Zone,' something that, in fact, already is in progress. For once the Yankee Imperium actually needs to buy their largely imported (stolen) 'American-way-of-life' - immediately after their Dollar is rendered into inconvertible, unacceptable 'funny-money' - then it will be (largely-absent) gold on-the-barrelhead, or, even worse, the Yankees will need to live by what they produce only, which is very little that's tangible.

While 'the 1%' will hog most of what there is, 'the 99%' serfs will be crushed down into sub-subsistence 'living-standards,' and most either will perish from this, or in massive, military-police smack-downs in response to the serfs taking-to-the-streets in the crazed animal desperation of starvation, frostbite and deprivation. Either way, the outlook for the serfs mostly is massive death, until they are at least nearly fully-eliminated. The ruling-circle Capitalists, by the way, wouldn't mind this, as they have been for some years referring to these former 'American people' as 'useless eaters.' Is there any way to stop this mega-nightmare in whole or even in part?

Yes! That's precisely where president Trump comes in! For The Donald knows that more war - the Imperium right-now is pursuing a dozen empire-building wars, around-the-globe - especially big war, against big, very strong societies, only can lead to death and destruction here (as well as elsewhere, but Yankees and other Occidentals historically have shown little concern for the lives and well-being of other, 'lesser' peoples). As a win-win-oriented, successful, 'deal-maker' businessman, president Trump will not pursue death and destruction as the way to 'make America great again.'

Now, it is quite true that The Donald, as well as just about everyone else in the public-eye, does not yet realize that 'America' never really was 'great,' and certainly cannot ever become 'great again.' All Western Menace societies, especially the English-speaking ones, such as the Yankee Imperium and the English-shrunken-Empire, are terminal short-timers here on planet Earth, inexorably locked into ever-tightening death-spirals. Then, what good could come from a Trump presidency?

As I've mentioned, possibly, hopefully, saving the lives of tens of millions of Yankee serfs. This society, even if it avoids a direct plunge into WWIII, now is unsustainable, unstable, and soon will be 'history,' having long-ago descended through the point-of-no-return. But, if the final leadership - president Trump - can manage to become enlightened enough - and he is the only one visible who possibly could achieve this - it will be seen that Occidental, including Yankee, serf populations just might be able to earn themselves places in the imminent 'Post-Western Menace World,' which will result from the onrushing, unstoppable, total 'Death of The Western Menace.'

There would be 'catches,' of course, rather huge catches. Former Yankee and other Western Menace serfs would need to abandon all things and ways Occidental: their highly-consumptive, wasteful, disposable, consumerist 'lifestyles,' as well as their crazed, hate-based notions of being 'exceptional, including the ingrained Occidental double-think championing the counter-natural hyper-worship of the 'free, unfettered individual.'

Could the former 'American people' and their Occidental counterparts be successful in making these radical, unprecedented, uplifting changes? History to date suggests that the answer may be no, but, given that there is no other 'way forward' for today's Western Menace serfs, those with enough humility and mental flexibility might yet rise to embrace these 'unexpected' new ground-rules for survival. But, the serfs won't even get this chance unless it's The Donald in the White House!

Incidentally, 'the 1%,' and all their serf running-dogs, and all their kin, have absolutely no chance of surviving for more than another handful of years, so they might as well head for the windows of tall buildings right now and add their putrid selves to the many data-points regarding the 'law of gravity.'

PS: 'All bets are off' if the Robber Baron ruling-circles, through their fully-owned, obedient Government marionettes, succeed in assassinating The Donald, which most-definitely is 'on the table.'

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Herbert Salit is a writer living in Los Angeles. He can be contacted at herbsalit(at)roadrunner.com.
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Why Donald Trump for President?

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