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What is 'the US Economy?' Where will it be Tomorrow? - Herbert Salit

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Message Herbert Salit


Today, only the feeble-minded, deranged and those who lie-as-they-breathe:

  • Still think that 'The United States of America' is the world's 'leading' nation and industrial power, the object of envy of all of the 'lessor' nations, and the world's irresistible 'sole remaining superpower.'
  • Still think that 'The United States of America' once was a good, decent society of honest, hard-working, ingenious, 'can-do' folks, striving hard to improve their own lots and those of everyone else, too, through a sensible, efficient and 'best-ever' system known as 'free-market' Capitalism.
  • Do not recognize that their 'exceptional' 'United States of America,' with its 'exceptional' American people, always has been fictional propaganda, and never has come close to existing in the real world.
  • Do not recognize that this society, by the facts of its deeds, is indistinguishable from The Roman Empire, the British Empire and Hitler's Nazi Third Reich, meaning that this society, The Yankee Homeland, really is The US Empire, even more-accurately known as 'The US Empire Menace.'

'Menace,' in the lexicon, reflecting the fact that this imperial state is the greatest-ever Menace to Humanity, the biosphere and all life on Earth. The US Empire Menace is the lord and puppet-master over all other Western Menace empire-states, who are fully-controlled, obedient vassals. Thus, The Western Menace, the combination of all English-speaking societies, the European Union, Japan and Zionist Israel, plus several 'wanna-be' states in Eastern Europe, the self-proclaimed 'exceptional' and 'world leadership' societies represent, in total, fewer than one billion people. By way of contrast, The Non-West, the former colonies of Western Menace empire-states, represent more than 6/7 of Humanity and this huge differential continues to grow.

All Western Menace empire-states, since the 'Reagan Revolution' began the undoing of The New Deal, have reverted to their habitual ways of being highly-wealth-stratified, extreme plutocracies. Thus, from that time to the present, with all of the manufacturing-outsourcing, de-industrialization and 'financialization' of Western Menace economies, the principal results have been an enormous transfer of wealth away from the former middle- and working-classes in every Western Menace society, especially The US Empire Menace's Homeland, to the uber-class, ruling-circles. Indeed, in the current very extreme and unsustainable 'end game' of Western Menace Capitalism, most Western Menace populations, 'the 99%' of each society, have been largely reduced to serfdom, with serf 'living standards' rapidly plunging down towards sub-subsistence.

The serfs, in fact, though few of them recognize this, actually are 'occupied' by the ownership classes. Further, the ruling-circles constantly plan new attacks aimed at taking all remaining domestic wealth, with ongoing, purposely-created financial 'shocks' and faux 'crises,' such as the 2008 'financial meltdown,' and, once again, today (Government shutdown). In every case, the plutocrats hope that the still-sinking serf class will be petrified into passively accepting the total transfer into the Capitalists' hands, as 'necessary,' 'emergency' measures, the few remaining unowned (by them) huge pools of public money, such as are now funding Medicare and Social Security.

Securing 'stratospheric' living standards for the plutocrat Capitalists has, thus, re-emerged, as it was prior to the New Deal, as the 'end all, be all' of every Western Menace society, in fact, the only purpose and goal of each Western Menace society. This is natural, as these Capitalists actually are the owners of every one of these societies. But, what is the source of all their fabulous, luxurious wealth? As all Western Menace societies now are nearly totally devoid of manufacturing, the obvious and correct answer is that 'the Western way of life' is fully 'imported,' stolen, actually, from The Non-West, thanks to the many holdover, completely one-sided arrangements from five centuries of prior outright imperialism. Thus, it is the case that all Western Menace societies remain parasitic blood-suckers on the lands and peoples of The Non-West. In other words, the age of brutal Western Menace imperialism, and all its rapaciousness, remains.

This reflects the reality that most of the world's wealth is, and always has been, not in The Homeland or its empire-state vassals, but in The Non-West. In their heyday, Western Menace Capitalists used to, but no longer can, raid, at will, under the threat of armed force and mass-murder, that is, armed robbery, thieving away all the wealth their greedy little hands and ships could carry. Given that The Western Menace has become physically senescent and weak, while still being a bluffing bully, buoyed-up by past mystique, especially so for 'the sole remaining superpower,' they can no longer use either the techniques of domestic 'Disaster Capitalism' or past direct military 'Shock and Awe' to steal the wealth and produce from the increasingly-productive lands and peoples of The Non-West. However, The Western Menace still can, and does, use the (absurd) holdover status of the US Dollar as 'the world's international reserve currency' to steal wealth, to 'great' effect.

For example, the $1 trillion in 'new' money being 'printed' here annually by the Federal Reserve in its QE3 program can be used by anyone holding it to purchase anything, anywhere in the world priced and sold in Dollars, which is just about everything. This bizarre happenstance exists because as the international reserve currency, Uncle Sam's Greenbacks are considered as legal tender essentially everywhere, no matter how these Dollars came to be. Also, the $1 trillion annual amount above is known and visible to the world at large, as is the reported accumulated total Homeland regime 'Government' debt now claimed as just surpassing $16 trillion, though as many have pointed out, the correct amount of this debt, by now, most likely is well above $30 trillion. Just where would these 'missing' $15 trillion, or so, US Dollars be?

These Dollars are in the hands of the uber-wealthy 'Masters-of-the-Universe,' most-likely hidden away in secret offshore accounts, such as in the Grand Cayman Islands. A little over a year ago, the existence of many such accounts, held by 'Westerners' and amounting in aggregate to at least $20-$30 trillion US Dollars briefly was made public, until the 'powers-that-be' intervened, quickly squashing such non-apocryphal 'treason' and 'heresy.' This brief glimpse of such hidden treasure and then its absolute removal point to the fact that The Homeland regime of Uncle Sam has been, from at least the time when Crusader W. Bush was awarded his crown, secretly printing-up what I believe are dozens of trillions of additional US Dollars. These Dollars then are doled out to the very tiny true ownership class of The US Empire Menace, with some proportional distribution to the owners of The Empire's Western Menace vassal empire-states. [In such an arrangement, of course, the uber-wealthy do not need very many serfs, or their labors, perhaps explaining the genesis of the Capitalists' now-common derision of the serfs as 'useless eaters.']

These trillions of secret Dollars, as is well-known, have the same global purchasing power as do all other US Dollars. That is, The US Empire Menace is literally stealing all this new wealth directly from the rest of the world - from every society that accepts and uses Dollars. Further, by spending these stolen pieces of purchasing power carefully, the Robber Baron Capitalists have been able (almost) to conceal their existence. Added to this is the fact that these 'out-of-thin-air' Dollars actually constitute most of the wealth now in The Western Menace empire-states, including representing, by far, the largest component of 'the US economy' and all other Western Menace 'economies.' In other words, the 'economies' of all Western Menace societies are theft-based - these 'economies' are little more than grand schemes of 'theft-engines,' the largest of which are 'invisible' and fully dependent upon the lunatic holdover status of the US Dollar as the world's international reserve currency.

This means that most of the wealth circulating in all Western Menace 'economies' is derived not from traditional economic activities - agriculture, mining, manufacturing and some value-added services, though not 'financial services' - but stolen through one or another of the huge scheme of multi-tiered, multi-faceted Western Menace theft-engines, especially those run directly by the Government's money 'printing press.' To date, some of this wealth has been trickling-down to the serfs, though that share is markedly declining, for as noted, from the point-of-view of the plutocrat Capitalists, there is little rational need to continue to maintain most of the serfs. Only the filthy-rich and some of their less-rich colleagues and a few serf running-dogs (police-military, physical goods handlers and some other 'service' types) are considered vital, and will continue to receive their apportioned tiny shares of the theft-engine's fantastic thieving haul.

Thus, the answer to the title's first question is: 'the US economy' is mostly unreal, largely hidden and almost entirely composed of huge theft-engines!

Of course, the upcoming loss of the Dollar's 'exceptional' status in the world will immediately change all this. Gone for good will be the Federal Reserve's genie-like power to transfer wealth to the biggest holders of 'secret' hoards of its newly-printed US Dollars. Gone will be the entire Western Menace's ability to import huge boat-loads of material goods in exchange for Uncle Sam's soon-to-be-worthless Dollar bills. For once the Dollar no longer is the international reserve currency - a demotion already in progress as the BRICS nations, and many others in The Non-West, increasingly are using their own currencies in bi-lateral trade - the volume of Dollars already out there will make it likely that total Dollar in-convertibility, into any Non-Western currency, quickly will follow. Otherwise, the Western Menace theft-engines would continue to operate and steal, at will, as they now do.

Thus, the answer to the title's second question is: 'the US economy' will be nowhere tomorrow, as in won't exist once its multi-trillion-dollar theft-engines get shut-down - immediately following the US Dollar's long-overdue demotion from being 'exceptional.'

However, once all Western Menace currencies become fully in-convertible, that is, 'funny money,' Western Menace societies no longer will be able to import 'the Western way of life,' and, much worse, rapidly will become very short of fuel and food, as most of these they import. At that point, only 'the 1%' in each Western Menace society will be fed, housed and clothed, while 'the 99%' serfs, with dead vehicles, starving and frostbitten, likely will be forced out onto the streets. Given the militarized-police-state natures of all Western Menace Fascist empire-states, they universally will respond with hugely-excessive force, precipitating open conflict. However, any large-scale street-fighting with major serf slaughter, will not be able to be stopped once started, and thus, 'serfs-on-the-streets' spells total doom for all Western Menace societies and their ownership classes. To this destructive chaos almost certainly will be added the very major effects of strong 'blow-back' from much of The Non-West, the former imperialist colonial victims. In short, all Western Menace societies rapidly will become extinct, and all this likely will happen within just a few months, or even weeks, from the end of Uncle Sam's financial 'exceptionalism,'

Note: The recent call by the Chinese Government for the world to 'de-Americanize' is a sure indication that Non-Western nations certainly realize that co-existing with The Western Menace is just as impossible as trying to live with metastatic cancer - either one kills it or dies from it. Thus, today, depending on where one is, 'West' or 'Non-West,' there are two 'well-understood,' competing visions for the future of Humanity:

The world of the future, as envisioned and lusted-for delusionally by Western Menace ruling-circles: All wealth will be totally in their hands, and, as today, there will be a very small ownership class controlling a narrow pyramid of wealth. Pesky, useless serf populations in all Western Menace empire-states will have been reduced by 90%, or more, leaving only some service folks, physical goods handlers and obedient military-police types. The Project for The New American Century (PNAC), by some miracle, also will have been pulled-off successfully and The US Empire Menace still will sit atop the world, in total, uncontested hegemony as the only military power of any consequence, printing-up Dollars, the only extant currency, in care-free bliss to steal ever-more wealth from the increasingly-productive, wealth-producing majority of Humanity who comprise The Non-West. This plutocrats' trans-Oz fairy tale imagines that their Yankee Empire and 'Western way of life' will last 'until the Sun goes dark.' Of course, all this is more insane than even the most incredible, grotesque, fantasies ever imagined by any sentient being, this side of the Andromeda Galaxy!

The likely world of the future (The vision of The Non-West): As noted above, all Western Menace societies soon, very quickly and probably very violently, will crumble, completely. No Western Menace society will be left standing. Further, The Non-West most likely will not permit anything Western Menace to remain on the planet, meaning all Western institutions, cultures and 'Western-until-death' people will be eradicated and expunged from the Earth. It is possible that surviving populations of Western serfs might be permitted to remain, on the severe condition that they demonstrably, and permanently, abandon all Western behaviors and ways of thought - a tough proposition. Thus, 'The Death of The Western Menace' and 'The Post-Western Menace World' are near-term certainties, most-probably to be achieved by 2025, with a 50% likelihood by 2020.

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