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The Year of the Woman

By       Message Philip Wood       (Page 1 of 1 pages)     Permalink

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The GOP has a new catch phrase; they are quite adept at creating catch phrases. Their new one is that this is the "Year of the Woman;" I am inclined to agree that it SHOULD be but my definition of Woman and theirs are miles apart. Most of the "God fearing" world believe that a supreme being created humankind in the form of one Adam & Eve. Atheists may give credit or lay blame on Mother Nature, Aliens or a Darwinist evolutionary fluke. Insisting that mankind stemmed from something with a prehensile tale that got caught in something and torn off. At any rate as the story goes Eve at the prompting of Satan in the guise of a snake got them kicked out of Eden. The ladies of the world have been catching hell ever since because after all it was their fault we've been burdened with fig leaves and the necessity to work for a living. Before SHE screwed up all we had to do was wander around naming animals.

This is the premise we have based our beliefs on for the past 5,000 years depending on your religious affiliation - or not. All right, so be it but I have to question the order of God's "greatest" creation. I rather think that someone got it mixed up a wee bit. And I don't believe that it was a woman. God had the ability to create species that propagate without the necessity of gender. There are numerous examples of this though they tend to be small and seldom mentioned. The one notable exception of course being the "Immaculate Conception" which Mary's husband Joseph probably never actually accepted. Men aren't the most trusting of souls particularly if it involves the possibility of some other male using something that is exclusively theirs. Heaven forbid that another male might even use it BETTER than they have! I think the truth of the matter is that "God Created Eve & Adam." Adam was the afterthought. We have been told that Eve's purpose was to help man, but when has man ever listened attentively to anything a female has had to say other than YES? To this very day he complains bitterly that she talks too damn much and never says anything! Without actually listening how in God's name would he know? No, I think God Created Adam as a helpmate for Eve because he was looking ahead and knew the day would come that she would require someone to do the yard work and take out the trash while she was busy feeding the baby, changing it's diaper, doing the housework, raising the children, doing the shopping, running the errands, paying the bills, balancing the checkbook, going to PTA meetings, holding down an outside job, consoling her Man when he has a bad day, finding the remote for him and providing a receptacle for his favorite plaything.

But of course MEN produced the written record of our past! Men to whom God spoke telling them that in the beginning woman was to be helpmate but that along the way she was reduced to chattel. Somehow he never spoke to Women, or did he? I think there was probably another version of the Bible out there somewhere but that a bunch of males found it, got together and used it to roast not weenies but the Vulvas (along with what they were attached to) of the Ladies who dared to lay claim to having been spoken to by GOD! How dare they! OK, so on a tiny few occasions it has been accepted as fact. Apparently someone believed that the Divine one did on off days whisper into a feminine ear now and then. Joan is likely the most notable example, probably because it would have been nearly impossible to successfully eliminate the multitude of witnesses to her acts. Of Course St. Joan, like the vicious Vulvas went up in smoke and like the pair from Eden got kicked out of the Holy place, i.e. was excommunicated. And typically after five hundred or so years the Patriarchy canonized her and stuck a St. in front of her name. They say they did this for Holy reasons but the truth is it was due to feelings of guilt. Like most of mans "feelings" they got swept under the carpet for a VERY long time before it could be brought to the light of day and examined. So, some men way down the road, (after all the ones who are committing the evil that's going on right now) will probably get together and rationalize that "hey, WE didn't do it, it was a bunch of guys a long time ago that did those really bad things. We should call attention to it and make ourselves look like really good people! We can declare their victims martyrs and use taxpayer money to erect a memorial to them. That way people are less apt to be aware of the "stuff" we are trying to prevent them from discovering that we are doing right now!"

Yes I am firmly convinced that the "weaker" sex is the stronger, wiser, better sex. God didn't create woman as a helpmate God loves balance and he created woman to balance out man whose ego and testosterone generally keep him off balance, keep him involved in one fracas after another or several at the same time. Wars, Guns, Bullets and Bombs, Munitions and Missiles, phallic symbols to compensate for his fear that his biceps aren't as big as his next-door neighbors or his car as fast and powerful and that maybe his "willie" is too small. God gave the female of the species a softer gentler voice so she could communicate with her man without making him feel threatened hence turning on his fight or flight mode. God gave her more patience than her counterpart so she could persevere in the continual work of attempting to reason with her man to keep him from fertilizing battlefields with the blood and guts of her children Unfortunately she's not often been successful.

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On occasion a Margaret Thatcher, or a Hillary Clinton will appear on the scene and will accumulate and exercise a certain amount of POWER but it is always MALE power. Currently there are a number of Sarah Palin clones and of course Ms. Palin herself who are vying for some of these positions. Ms. Palin retains enough feminine wiles to convert even the staunchest Republican Closet Gay into considering her not as a Candidate for public office but a roll in the hay. Wiles, but not actual femininity. I suspect that deep down she bears a bitter hatred for Men and delights in stealing their thunder by spouting masculine rhetoric better than they can. Of Course her wiles i.e. T&A gives her a definite advantage as an attention grabber for men. In any case neither she nor any of the others offer anything that any other man couldn't offer equally well. There are other Women who certainly exert powerful influence without actually climbing into the Political bed, Ann Coulter for instance but feminine influence? I hardly think so; there is no shortage of those who have questioned whether or not she wears a silicone filled brassiere with a jock strap rather than lace panties.

There are two types of "successful" women in Washington these days. In order to maintain their "positions" both types must spend a great deal of time under any number of Men. Of the two, the type that actually possess the feminine qualities our leadership is in such dire need of will Never but Never be elected to any public office. At least not in a Nation who's Bible belt has the width and breadth of the one encompassing the U. S. of A. As for the other "type" in a sense they have joined their sisterhood "professionally" at least from the standpoint of pleasing the men folk by staying in bed with them although it be fully clothed. As for their "influence" they are well aware that men don't generally accept input from anyone whose genitalia is different from their own, this applying to gender as well as size.

America really could use a Female President about now, oh yes, and a Congress and a Senate and particularly a Supreme Court made up of at the very least 50% women, REAL women. The kind that realize that while the "stronger" sex will go out and shoot every deer in the forest to feed their Machismo that the kids are going to need to be fed next year and the year after that and so on as well. The kind that realize the same thing about catching all of the fish in the ocean and that all of those coal mines and Nuclear Power plants may be great for building Bank Accounts but when there is no longer any safe air to breath or water to drink a fat portfolio won't mean a hell of a lot. The kind that knows that her Great Grandmother fed her Grandmother and her Grandmother fed her Mother healthy home cooked meals consisting of real unadulterated non-Corporate produced, non-untested cheaper additive laced so called food labeled with pretty lies. That they didn't raise their children on McDonald's Convenient Corporate Crap with made-in-China Happy meal come-ons that make CEO's happy but don't really do diddly for their children and that in the long run are just one more nail in America's Coffin. Women who realize that their Mother's and Grandmothers may have paid a few dollars more for shopping for products made in the USA at the General store where her Cousin and little sister had a job than at Wal-Mart who sent her Fathers Job to Taiwan or Vietnam or China but so what? The Middle Class was prosperous enough to afford to pay a few dollars more. These are the people we need in Washington. These are the people we need steering our ship of state not into another war zone but a harbor where the Children who they have given birth to and nurtured through childhood will be safe. Offspring who have grown into young adults and are recognized as being too precious and valuable to the future of humanity, America and the World to be sacrificed on the alter of Wars for Corporate profit.

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The So-called Tea Party is a shill for the Corporate Controlled Government that has seized our Nation and is pushing the Female Political figure just as it did the African American one and for the same purpose. Their candidates as usual are not what they are painted to be. Their Palin women are masculine dominated not the feminine women we need. If you look carefully the only thing the "Momma Grizzlies" are giving birth to or nurturing is more neocon masculine BS. The Tea Part is indeed having a party but they aren't serving tea nor are they serving middle class America. They are serving up what is left of it on a political platter like the head of John the Baptist to the Corprastocracy for lunch. There isn't enough of it left for a decent Dinner. Our representatives are supposed to be our peers. They are the Peers of the Wealthy Elite whom they do represent. Those who would represent us are muzzled and kept far away from the Halls of Government. They lack the finances necessary to buy Million Dollar seats on Wall Street or in the Halls of Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the White House. The halls of Justice have become the halls of injustice. Wake up America, you are being bled to death by parasites that have convinced you they would guard your slumber. Your only hope lies in pushing the qualities of the feminine to the forefront and establishing balance to this insanely masculine driven world. The right wing domination of which amounts to a wrestling match with the God whom they falsely profess to believe in. It is a fools folly but their loss will be ours as well for this fragile sphere we call home is irreplaceable,


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After 60 years I still retain enough naivete- to believe world peace is possible but being a realist have to face the fact that I won't be around to see it. In my youth some well meaning folks tried to teach me to respect my elders but my (more...)

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