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The March of the Sycophants - How Do You Un-Inspire Them?

Message Paul Sedkowski
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What makes otherwise rational people betray their fellow human beings and brown-nose their higher-ups even when it's not required? What makes them believe their own lies? Even when their servility runs against common sense or majority interest?
Media are the number-one instrument of social change. They must be fair and indepenendent - or we all perish.
A Psychological Condition?
Let's first consider an analogy: the wimpy boyfriend who upon witnessing his girlfriend being accosted by thugs volunteers to kick her for them.
Here's another one: How about a warped version of the Stockholm Syndrome? The self-appointed, self-righteous guardians of the truth and "rightness" simply identify with their superiors and role models - and try to please them at all costs, and damned be everyone else!
How else would you explain the apalling posture of the vast majority of representatives of the popular mainstream media?
It couldn't possibly be a self-serving, perfidious mind-set to begin with, could it?
Who Are The Real Villains?
While I enjoy a good conspiracy story as much as the next guy, I don't believe that our societal woes today are directly due to some shadowy controllers wanting to rule the world. The arch-manipulators on top of the government or corporate structures and the behind-the-scenes grey eminences are not ass-kissers and sycophants themselves. Surely. One can almost understand them: of course they'd like to have their unlimited power, money and control at everyone else's expense. They're in it for themselves!
They're a tiny minority and would never in a million years be able to take control of the whole society without a little generous help from their uncritical well-wishers.
And that help is willingly and blindly provided by the middle level bureaucracts, politicians and journalists - poorly educated aparatchiks and useful idiots in mid-level management positions or positions of moderate influence. People who have little actual knowledge or competence, but boy do they know how to wag their chins!
But what's in it for them? Why do they distort and lie - even to themselves? Is it about safety? Security? Career advancement? Personal satisfaction? An illusion of power? A real honest belief in the rightness of their reporting?
You see, with this small army of self-righteous holy men of media, government and other key social positions, who needs conspiracy theories!
The real villains are among us. They look like us, talk like us and have no more smarts or knowledge than us. In fact, the less knowledge they have the easier it is for them to do what they do. Ignorance is, after all, the necessary condition for arrogance. After all, pompous, indignant and self-righteous thug-journalism sounds much more convincing if they believe their own rhetoric!
Suck-ups of the world unite!
So how to these glad-handers operate? Well, the standard M.O. is to gang up on their victims and to attempt to bring them down at all costs. And who are their victims? Obviously, anyone who threatens them in any way if only by involuntarily exposing their opportunistic and sycophantic actions and incompetence.
If you only pretend to be charitable, then when the real Mother Theresa walks in, you simply have to bring her down, right? If you don't - her mere presence exposes your fakery.
And the more of you like-minded fakers you can rally to do this thing together, the easier it becomes to make even Mother Theresa seem like Devil incarnate!
How Do We Know They're Wrong?
The proof is of course in the pudding. You measure their rightness or wrongness by looking at what they've accomplished. Are we better off today? Are we better informed thanks to them? Do they inspire? Do they provide balance and objectivity? Do we get multiple views to consider?
Not quite.
By doing what they do, they make the society at large believe that black is white, good is bad and freedom is dangerous. Thanks to them, America - and the rest of the world - is now waving goodbye to its basic and inalienable human rights. Thanks to them, we're all going bankrupt - because they never dared to expose the scam that is the Fed-driven monetary system. Thanks to them unjust wars are being fought, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and corporate and government-level thieves are protected. Thanks to their sycophantic agenda covered by a holier-than-thou pseudo-morality, we're all spiralling down the sinkhole of history with little or no recourse.
Nice job guys and gals!
Which Political Affiliation Do They Represent?
Are they Democrats? Liberals? Republicans? Progressive? Fascists? Something else?
The truth is they're all of the above - and neither. Surely you've heard sensible statements from people you would generally oppose, or outrageously disagreeable ones from people you'd normally expect to support.
No. Sycophants do not belong to parties, other than for convenience's sake. They follow the lines of power and money. They offer to kick their girlfriends if the thugs are loaded. Simple as that.
Soviet Media Vs Mainstream Western Pundits
Today this sycophantic Western media behavior has become outright complicity with the powers that be. Everybody would be everybody else's policeman now if these spineless, semi-intelligent "reporters" had their way. We're heading that way already.
Just the way it was under the Soviet regime. Listening to CNN, Fox, NBC or CBS - or reading most of the "top" papers and mags - feels increasingly like state-controlled media from the goold ole days behind the Iron Curtain. But there is one important difference.
Many "communist" journalists simply "did their job." Their sucking up was demonstrably, if subtly, put on and they ususally didn't engage in fiery public defenses of their masters or their masters' lies. If they did, it was perfunctory at best. But when the microphones were turned off and only trusted people were around, you would hear the truth. Many even attempted in-between-the-lines digs at the communist establishment and the public soon learned "how to read" the news to extract even a modicum of truth.
When the Iron Curtain fell, former Soviet block journalists came back with a vengeance. They could finally speak the truth. This is perhaps why today's Russian Television , for example, is - emphatically - leagues ahead of anything the US or British media dare to muster. Hey, they even show you BOTH sides of each story they cover! I never thought I'd see the day when I'd turn on RT and think anything positive about it at all. Consider this: when's the last time you've seen a Hamas spokesman on US TV going head-to-head with an Israeli government official? Both given equal time? Or a "climate denier" battling it out with a Gore-ite without the sycophantic anchor taking the well-heeled side?
Sure, you've seen some of them now and then - shouted down or otherwise cut off or belittled by the thug "journalists" who interview them. SOME decency still remains in the media. Precious little, but it's all we've got.
But when is the last time anyone in the mainstream media did a hard-hitting, meaningful story which actually helped the people to at the very least know the truth? Can you think of one? I can mention a handful, sure. Mostly from the bygone days and mostly somewhere on page 73. The rest - 99.9% of it - is nothing more than front-page sycophantic propaganda.
This is precisely why WikiLeaks and other non-aligned news organizations - including of course OpEdNews - are our society's final hope of making a positive change. Not just America. Everywhere.
Brief Case Studies
Let's take WikiLeaks and Julian Assange to start with. He's got the wrath of all the mid-level functionaries against him. The bureaucrats and the annointed pseudo-journalists all working tirelessly to bring the so-and-so down.
Why? Because he's a better "journalist" than all of them put together, for one. Because he's more intelligent, coherent and knowledgeable on just about any topic than any of them. Because he reflects the real majority of people and doesn't appear to be sucking up to anyone in particular.
Because he jeopardizes their jobs and raison d'Ã tre and exposes them as frauds.
So they rip into him. He must be queer. No, he must be a condom-abuser. A rapist. An arrogant ass. Too aloof! A hacker. A CIA tool. Unimportant. Too important...
Sure, their most receptive audience can only be the semi-illiterates or the intellectually lazy, but they are the majority so as long as the illiterate public listens - they're ahead.
They have balls all right. Mosquito-sized. And like mosquitos, they bite and sting very painfully and irritatingly in spite of their insignificant individual size.
Consider just a handful more examples of the most iconic "burried" or "distorted" stories which are now shaping all our lives.
JFK. From the start, most logically-thinking people knew there was a conspiracy there. They were called nuts whenever they spoke out. Blatantly falsfied or incomplete "investigations" (in this case the Warren Commission) were embraced by all the ostrich-journos, blessed and uncritically endorsed. Permanently. NO self-respecting sycophantic mainstream journalist will EVER have the balls to look into this case even today, soon 50 years after the fact.
9/11. The same as above but multipled by some 3000. The logical thinkers continue being dismissed and called conspiracy nuts and are NEVER countered with logical arguments to the contrary. Only slurs and ad hominem attacks will do.
Why have none of these traitors ever dared ask HOW a tenth-or-so of a building - or a tenth of ANYTHING - can squash 9/10th of something underneath it a near-free-fall speed... to DUST? You don't have to be a physicist to ask "how much would that top tenth have to weigh to accomplish this feat?" And what material in the world could anyone possibly come up with that would behave in this way? To deflect this kind of logical reasoning they say that they're not physicists or structural engineers and they defer to experts for their opinions on that. Nice one, dude. And if a brick falls on you, you won't say that your head got bashed in because you're not an anatomist?
A thought-provoking footnote at this point: Assange dismissed the 9/11 conspiracies and caused a furore amongst those who demand a re-investigation. He is, I believe, dead wrong on this one. Just like we ALL were wrong about it until we started investigating it for ourselves, often years later. But the interesting thing about this is how people turn on Assange for having an (uninformed) opinion. So with all the truthers now beginning to stab Assange for being a "denier"... might this not be a case of the pot calling the kettle black?
ClimateGate. I've seen people I greatly admire buy into the nonsense that is the "we-cause-the-global-warming" myth even when faced with clear logic to the contrary. Why? Because they think that if you deny this myth it must mean that you wanna continue burning oil and polluting the planet. I don't know any "climate deniers" who even remotely think that. Quite the contrary! But to even consider the notion that we can not possibly be the cuplrit here, to challenge the corporate and government-controlled scientists, all you have to know is this one simple fact: even the uber-climate-profiteers like Al Gore admit that man-made polution adds somewhere in the range of 1-2% of CO2 to the atmosphere . And the other 98%? Well, erm, that comes from the oceans. And the sun activity? Irrelevant. And the self-exposing leaked emails? Taken out of context.
Why is ClimateGate so important? Well, because if they can't make this lie work, they'll have a hard time charging you and me heavy extra taxes, see? And so the sycophantic journos will discredit anyone who disagrees. They're all for taxing the hell out of you after all, just so their masters won't spank their disobedient behinds!
Health Scares. Uncritical promotion of would-be epidemics and non-existent health-scares is another example of great disservice the media and other mid-level influencers perpetrate on our society. And when the scare blows over, they never come back saying "gee, we were wrong in supporting the corporate scientists, we'll be more critical next time and actually ask them probing questions." Thus when the next scare does arrive, they don't even have the imagination to write their propaganda in some new, more inventive way! Congratulations.
Federal Reserve. Their super-economists insist that currencies can't be backed by gold because there's not enough of it! And it's so much better to just print the money you need when you need it without any backing. And the idiot-journos buy into this shite! You could work the entire world's economy on one brick of gold, if you had to. But each spec of dust of it would then simply have to have that much higher value! Logical, isn't it? Just that realization alone should tell you, the investigative hounds that you are, that something's not right here! But no. You write uninformed drivel that supports the collectivist liars who pay your bills. And you are thus complicit in the disastrous economy everyone BUT YOU is suffering from!
Embezzlement. On September 10th that arch-manipulator Don Rumsfeld went on record saying that some 2.3 Trillion dollars went missing. Oops! Further US billions today are reported missing in Afghanistan - and elsewhere. So where are you, oh investigative hounds, who expose those frauds? Which ONE solitary mainstream journo among you bothered to ask "Mr Rumsfeld, where is our 2.3 trillion dollars now?" I know where you are. You're all lining up to kiss the asses of these very embezzlers!
Now, let's take another out of ten thousand examples. Anti-smoking fanaticism. I'll devote a little bit more space to this argument because of how seemingly "obvious" it is to everyone who never did any research into this. Even smokers agree with the party line these days.
This one is particularly telling because it illustrates just how effective the government-led and sycophant-powered psychological manipulation really is. Because it's self-propagating. And now, no one even bothers checking the facts any more!
But would it shock and amaze you to discover that the supposed "countless thousands" of "scientific" studies allegedly establishing beyond any doubt that smoking "kills you" are all based on, essentially, only a handful of original (incomplete) studies? And that ALL of these studies are statistical and therefore prove very little beyond...statistics?
Go ahead and look through even a small sampling of the so-called scientific papers (as I have done) and find just ONE shred of irrefutable medical proof that Surgeon General's actually and unequivocally right.
As one former California testing lab owner told me, "it's all bogus science and manipulation of statistical results, and it's all about political extortion and control - but look how effective it is. No one dares to question it any more!" If I accept the official premise to be true, then after some 20-30 years of habitual smoking, I'm gonna kill myself. Okay. But you, as the passive smoker who only occasionally comes in contact with me, you're gonna die even quicker. Great logic, mate. So, second-hand smoke is worse for you than then the smog you breathe and from which you can NOT escape. You believe that? Most people don't, but... most will NOT object - not in public anyway. And our sycophantic journatistic posers? That's a religion for them now. It gives them righteous power!
Most importantly, it serves as a case study in how to manipulate and force the masses to do something they don't want to do... and to do so with a sense of guilt. And to report on one another. How else could you get them to pay such extortionate tobacco tax?
Finally, what about all those new laws the government is making up and passing all the time? Who's ASKING them to pass those laws? Are you? Who among us so badly needs laws which prohibit, say, the growing of your own food? Why do the legislators continue legislating? They criminalize you with their nonsensical laws on a daily basis.
Why isn't the Western press on top of this? Why aren't they exposing it?
Because They're Yellow.
And they don't check the FACTS, these ill-educated excuses for journalists. Not in any depth, anyway. The probably don't know how. But like all self-righteous sycophantic ignorants, they all feverishly convince themselves that they're right. They mask their cowardice and lack of knowledge and hard work with poorly-constructed attacks on anyone who opposes them.
Operation Bootlick
In a very recent Newsweek column, one fawning sycophant known as Ben Adler summed up the stance of American journalists in their united condemnation of Julian Assange, when he wrote that "[mainstream] journalists don't like Assange because they refuse to engage in advocacy," citing their well-known "commitment to objectivity and non-partisanship!" Nice one, Ben. Your promotion is assured. Meanwhile, keep promoting Obamacare will ya?

So How DO You Un-Inspire The Sycophants?
You can't. You just need to replace them and ensure that the new cadre knows right from wrong. Somehow...

I'm convinced that the righteous men (and women) that they are, they will remain "right" even after the tides change. When the knowledge of their ongoing fraud finally becomes public - and it will - they will with equally indignant fervor assure everyone that they always stood for the truth and always supported the current version of it, past evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Say a lie enough times and it becomes the truth. They'll turn on a dime and get away with it. Why? Because they've learned that most people don't read. Most don't know history. Most trust authority or authoritative demeanor. Most are... wannabe sycophants.
Meanwhile, they keep selling us out.
Kick ass and take their uncritical-thinking names, I say.

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