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Sheeple: You are free to do as you're told

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chris rice
Brain scans revealed that the politically biased are virtually addicted to lying to themselves to maintain their view that their party and leaders are flawless. People of both political "sides" are equally affected by bias.

When viewing truth that doesn't suit our ideals, most of us deny it and go on as if it never happened mainly because few of us even understand the way bias affects us and makes us completely irrational.

Millions of Americans suffer from this, and nationalism bias runs even deeper. Most people think that blindly believing what our government tells us is patriotism. That is false.

Most people doubt that our leaders would ever do anything that isn't in our best interest. Most of us live in a delusional reality based on denial as a result. By definition most of us are in fact "sheeple".

Sheep, fasten your seat belts.

Freedom of Press: All media outlets owned by 5 Mega-Corporations. CNN controlled. CBS controlled. Fox controlled. MSNBC controlled. ABC controlled. And that means your entertainment too.

Decades of controlled TV and radio indoctrination has brainwashed us into lifestyles and thought patterns of ignorance. Polls revealed that Americans know more about the Simpsons than the 1st Amendment. Most don't even notice when they shred or manipulate our rights.

The two political parties have merged into one system. They have become a hybrid, especially the "Neo-cons". What exactly are they trying to conserve?Now both parties embrace both "big government" and "big corporation". Corruption, how is that good for "the people"?

They've maxed out the national debt. The Dems still vote in favor of Police State programs (and the rest) that we can't afford as a nation. They also enjoy those tax-cuts (for the rich), but you probably don't.

As everyone pretends that our government is good in its entirety, they build their system of economic, political and technological enslavement. "Democrats" are just as guilty.

American Sovereignty: The elite outsources our jobs for bigger profits. Our government has allowed corporations to grow out of control.

Not only do politicians get pay-outs, but they usually own stocks in the companies (or have other incentives) that profit from their decisions and our problems. The bigger the disaster the more money they make. This includes 9/11, Katrina, Bird Flu, War in Iraq, etc. 151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War and you allow it.

In pop politics there is no right or wrong, left or right, liberal or conservative - only which side gets the most perks.

Freedom of Religion: Leaders converge our political and religious biases to better manipulate our minds. They don't practice what they preach, but your bias tells you they do. (Spitzer, Jimmy Swaggart, J. Edgar Hoover, Al Gore, etc.)

To be a politician you must also be a liar. Do you faithfully trust them?? Bush has gotten away with challenging over 750 laws. And Congress has allowed it (including the Dems).

Bush and Kerry have each admitted being members of the elite secret society known as "Skull and Bones." S & B has no more than 800 members at any given time. This fact actually made the "news" but everyone ignored it because Reps and Dems are equally biased. Bush has eleven S & B members in his cabinet (but it's only a coincidence).

It doesn't matter because it's been proven that election results can and have been hacked but nobody cares. Our democracy is destroyed because people REFUSE to see the plain truth as bias and ignorance marches on.

A bias brain scan study revealed that when people see contradictions they sub- consciously lie to themselves and then the brain's reward centers fire next. That's right, when biased people deny they also get a sort of rush, that parallels drug addiction. You may be experiencing this right now.

We've all been programmed to live in ignorance and false realities after decades and generations of ignorance promoting TV and radio. And they know that most people are biased or just don't care. So how can't they know that they can do almost anything they want? Their conduct reflects this over and over: remember the Vice President's arrogant "So?"

It used to be a few bad apples; now it's a few good apples, and everyone's too biased to accept it. People think that our nation can't crumble. Nationalism bias has us refusing to accept that it's slipping when we see it happen. Bias combined with ignorance allows it to happen! But it's that fear that drives it.

Our government had prior knowledge of 9/11...they had about as many TIES, indicators, and ways to stop 9/11 as this article has talking points....and allowed it to happen.

They declared that our "freedom" was attacked by the "terrorists," but only the Fed is attacking our freedom. The motives of the Islamics had nothing to do with your freedom, but Bush and both sides of Congress declared that. "The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today" -GWB

Even the History Channel says that FDR allowed Pearl Harbor to happen since he had prior knowledge. Pearl Harbor was investigated NINE times, but 9/11 only once. Why hasn't anyone been held accountable for 9/11? (besides Moussaui who didn't even take part in the attack). The F.B.I. hasn't even issued a warrant for Osama for 9/11 citing "...lack of hard evidence".

The 9/11 Commission was biased with an absolute lack of cooperation from the White House that underfunded them. They reported many inaccuracies while omitting key issues and provided the final report with 28 blanked out pages FOR STARTERS!

Many things have changed since 9/11 including the almost complete dismantlement of the Constitution. But many of the programs were already started under Clinton. So why doesn't the media ask the hard questions? Whistleblowers face possible criminal prosecution. The F.B.I. spies on reporters. The C.I.A. has reporters embedded at CNN. And reporters have been 'detained' in Iraq for saying the wrong things. Just to name a few.

The media is controlled.

Post 9/11 Terrorist: "Defenders of the Constitution," "anti-globalization bloggers," "anti-war protestors," "Property rights activists" and more- government documents say so. Congress passed the unconstitutional Patriot Act the first time without even reading it. Now it's been expanded. It basically voids the Constitution.

Fourth Amendment: annihilated. Freedom to Protest: Get added to the terrorist watch list. They're proliferating high tech weapons to stop protesters, and developing high tech mass broadcast psy-ops capabilities, and are now spying on social networks (Myspace) all in the name of "fighting terrorism."

After 9/11 they said the terrorists probably have suitcase nukes. 400,000+ illegals cross the Mexican border each year. So instead of increasing security which would slow the flow of cheap illegal labor to their corporate sponsors, they allowed campaign contributions to trump national security. They built concentration camps and turned it into a wedge issue debate, while informing us of their new high-tech security plans.

The Afghani/Iraqi wars were already being drawn up before 9/11. Now they say that we need to attack Iran. After each Cabinet member has been busted lying about every single reason we went into Iraq.

Meanwhile the Dems want "Universal Service," meaning every male/female between 18-42 is subject to a mandatory draft. (But then the Dems claim they're the ones trying to defend our liberties).

Truth: It was always the Dems who were big government, even before they all went hybrid.

The Middle Eastern wars were planned before 9/11 by the "Project For a New American Century" (PNAC) think tank. Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, & Donald Rumsfield are PNAC members. In total there are 16 PNAC Bush administration members, plus Jeb Bush.

Is America the land of opportunity or the land of coincidences?

Mainstream media (MSM) finally reports that the NSA literally taps virtually every single phone in the country. First Bush was caught tapping a few thousand and said that only they were being tapped. Before that he said there weren't any unconstitutional wiretaps at all. He lied. He lied again. And you allow it.

They have nearly complete histories of all of our phone calls/conversations, emails, search engine records, and all pages that have ever been on the internet. They monitor everything we buy and do; that can be tracked, and have so much data that they probably can't effectively mine it all...yet.

Go back to sleep America; your government is in control. Here's American Gladiators. Here's 56 channels of it. Watch these picturesque retards bang their skulls together and congratulate yourselves on living in the land of freedom. Go back to sleep, America; your government is in control. You are now free to do as you are told.

Part II will cover REAL ID Act, global tracking devices, impeachment and the meaning of democracy.

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