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Russia Hacking the Election the Inside Story

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In the last few articles I described a soft coup . There is a strong inform and influence operation against the American people still going on. The big question today is whether Russia had any influence on the election.

In a few moments of lucidity, people hired by the originators of the operation weighed in. Their job was not only to destroy media opposing the Ukrainian coup, but weigh results. One of those results show the Democratic National Party hiring Russian propagandists and actors.

"It is entirely possible the DNC hired online trolls, regardless their geographic origin, to undermine the US President Elect, since their party is currently reeling from a crushing loss. Perhaps the DNC is hiring Russian trolls to wage guerilla warfare on Donald Trump's nascent administration. I have no proof, so I put this in the form of a question."- Joel Harding

In response, another senior wrote: "Perhaps we could stop telling the Kremlin their ops were so successful, when there is little evidence their activities did anything to affect the outcome, and now for something completely different. Good news . Russian propaganda is being ignored in the United States."

We know by now that Alexandra Chalupa was the person in charge of the Democratic National Committee's "ethnic outreach" efforts. According to Yahoo News, she was one of the 16 people that shaped the national election in 2016. In the Yahoo story journalist Michael Isikoff described her as a normal person that shaped history.

Alexandra Chalupa has been the voice behind saying Russia illegally interfered with the election. And according to her story, she was almost hacked repeatedly while researching Paul Manafort. The Democrats say this caused the Clinton defeat. No one explained why "researching" Paul Manafort, an American, would excite Russian attention.

Strangely, every article about her neglects to mention that Chalupa and her family are not Democrats as suggested. Instead they are admitted ultra-nationalists bent on sending America to war with Russia by any means possible. And they are vocal about it.

None of the articles connect the fact that the Clinton loss is personal for the Chalupa family. At least 2 of them were going to the White House as advisors and cabinet members.

The many articles about Chalupa or a Russian influence on the election fail to mention the Chalupas admitted to violating federal law a couple of years ago. She was part of the leadership that overthrew a country the US was at peace with. If investigated, with admissions in hand, it could mean 25 years in a federal prison. Should someone tweet @realDonaldTrump?

The articles don't touch on the fact that Alexandra Chalupa has almost instant access to "state sponsored actors" or hacktivists through Ukrainian propagandist Irena Chalupa. The Ukrainian emigres would do anything to get Hillary Clinton elected that starts a war with Russia. Do any of the articles state the Chalpupa family glorify Stepan Bandera, groups like Pravy Sektor or the murders of innocent civilians in Ukraine?

Both Alexandra and Andrea Chalupa started what was known as Digital Maidan in 2014. Andrea Chalupa is a writer, journalist, and producer in New York. Andrea helped launch online video for Conde' Nast Portfolio and AOL Money & Finance.

Digital Maidan brought what turned out to be the Euro-Maidan coup in Ukraine worldwide. What they did was set up a means that millions of people could coordinate and lobby government officials around the world as well as raise money for the ensuing coup.

According to the Ukrainian Weekly, "Ukrainians and their supporters took to social media messaging service Twitter to digitally bombard subscribers with targeted messages to specific media and high-profile recipients, with Twitter "storms" occurring on January 20 and 27 worldwide. The effort, known as Digital Miadan, gained momentum following the initial Twitter storms. Leading the effort were: Lara Chelak, Andrea Chalupa, Alexandra Chalupa, Constatin Kostenko and others. The Digital Maidan also highlighted the Internet and social media as the most popular means for Ukraine's citizens to get the latest news."

The Digital Maidan was also how they raised money for the coup. This was how Ukrainian emigres bought the bullets that were used on Euromaidan. Ukraine's chubby nazi, Dima Yarosh stated openly he was taking money from the Ukrainian emigres during Euromaidan and Pravy Sektor still fundraises openly in North America.

The "Sniper Massacre" on the Maidan in Ukraine by Dr. Ivan Katchanovski, University of Ottowa shows clearly detailed evidence how the massacre happened. It has Pravy Sektor confessions that show who created the "heavenly hundred." Pravy Sektor snipers were shooting at people and police. This created conditions for the coup. This paper is taken serious academically and is currently evidence in a Ukrainian court sorting out what happened on Maidan.

The admitted involvement as leaders of Maidan by both Chalupas is a clear violation of the Neutrality Act and has up to a 25 year prison sentence attached to it. But does this make them ultra-nationalists hell bent on starting a war between America and Russia? By itself the answer is an obvious no. They still need to be investigated by the Department of Justice for the above stated crimes though.

The Chalupas are OUNb Bandera. This is a political affiliation in the same way as saying you are a Democrat or a Republican. They were taught from a young age that Stepan Bandera and the Ukrainian Waffen SS are the role models to follow after they grow up.

Andrea Chalupa's webpage expresses this through the colored lens they are taught history with. "My parents were born in refugee camps in Germany 90 miles apart in 1945; their families survived the Soviets and the Nazis. So I always try to keep that in mind."

According to Ukrainian nationalist scholar Taraz Kuzio, in 1945, Yaroslav Stetsko was still asking Hitler for armies to continue the fight on the Eastern front against the Allies. After Stepan Bandera was imprisoned, it was the Ukrainian Diaspora in the US that were commanding the Nazi battalions in Eastern Europe. The Chalupa family are the grandchildren of Bandera soldiers.

But OUNb still has to exist today for this to be real. Since 1991, the OUN has been in control of Ukraine and when it looked like that grip might weaken, they ousted OUNm Victor Yanukovych.

According to the Ukrainian Weekly in a rare open statement of their existence in 2011, "Other statements were issued in the Ukrainian language by the leadership of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (B) and the International Conference in Support of Ukraine. The OUN (Bandera wing) called for the release of Ms. Tymoshenko and Mr. Lutsenko, and demanded judicial proceedings based on democratic ... the correct response on the part of both the diaspora and Ukrainians in the homeland would be a boycott of representatives of Ukraine's authorities. Similarly, the International Conference in Support of Ukraine (formerly known as the World Conference of Ukrainian State Organizations) appealed to Ukrainians around the world to participate in a complete boycott of the Yanukovych regime,"

What is OUNb Bandera? They follow the same political policy and platform that was developed in the 1930's by Stepan Bandera. When these people go to a holocaust memorial they are celebrating both the dead and the OUNb SS that killed them. There is no getting around this fact. The OUNb have no concept of democratic values and want an authoritarian fascism. They believe firmly in a police state where every person is a nationalist or a nobody. The above statement by the OUNb show one real underlying reason to overthrow Yanukovych.

Going forward to 2014, in a Huff Post article Sept. 1 2016, Andrea Chalupa described Sviatoslav Yurash as one of Ukraine's important "dreamers." He is a young activist that founded Euromaidan Press. Beyond the gushing glow what she doesn't say is who he actually is. Sviatoslav Yurash was Dmitri Yarosh's spokesman just after Maidan. He is a hardcore Ukrainian nationalist.

In January, 2014 when he showed up at the Maidan protests he was 17 years old. He became the foreign language media representative for Vitali Klitschko, Arseni Yatsenyuk, and Oleh Tyahnybok. All press inquiries went through Yurash. To meet Dimitri Yurash you had to go through Sviatoslav Yurash as a Macleans reporter found out.

At 18 years old, Sviatoslav Yurash became the spokesman for Ministry of Defence of Ukraine under Andrei Paruby. He was Dimitri Yarosh's spokesman and can be seen either behind Yarosh on videos at press conferences or speaking ahead of him to reporters. From January 2014 onward, to speak to Dimitri Yarosh, you set up an appointment with Yurash.

Today 20-year old Ukrainian Sviatoslav Yurash is Deputy Director of the UWC(Ukrainian World Congress) Kyiv Office. Not too bad for volunteer work. He is now on the fast track to leading Ukrainian nationalists worldwide.

Andrea Chalupa has worked with Yurash's Euromaidan Press which is associated with and supplies the state level hackers for Ukraine.

Another involved Chalupa we need to cover to do the story justice is Irene Chalupa. From her bio - Irena Chalupa is a nonresident fellow with the Atlantic Council's Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center. She is also a senior correspondent at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), where she has worked for more than twenty years. Ms. Chalupa previously served as an editor for the Atlantic Council, where she covered Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Irena Chalupa is also the news anchor for Ukraine's propaganda channel She is also a Ukrainian emigre leader.

Aaron Weisburd and Joel Harding have strong connections with StopFake and Euromaidan Press providing "fake news websites" which became the rage lately. Weisburd (@webradius ) provides information to hackers that attack American based websites. Weisburd and Harding are both state level players in the info, inform & influence, and cyber world. The skills they don't have, they can field quite easily.

So when we get to Alexandra Chalupa's story in Yahoo it reads a bit differently. "An e-mail message within the WikiLeaks dump of Democratic National Committee data suggests that the Yahoo account of one DNC staffer may have been specifically targeted by Russian hackers. The leaked message from DNC staffer Alexandra Chalupa includes a photo of a screen displaying a pop-up alert in Yahoo Mail warning, "We strongly suspect that your account has been the target of state-sponsored actors."

Important Action Required
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The Post goes on to note that the "individuals with connections to the Russian government" who did the hacking and provided documents to WikiLeaks "were 'one step' removed from the Russian government, rather than government employees." The paper notes that "Moscow has in the past used middlemen to participate in sensitive intelligence operations so it has plausible deniability."

The terms used are almost lifted from Andrew Aaron Weisburd's own words. He has been working for the Ukrainians since the beginning of 2014.

What we have is a woman that has the means, method, and opportunity to have the hack done on her behalf. Why was she singled out daily when more important people to the campaign were not?

According to the Daily Mail, "Craig Murray, who is the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan and associate of Julian Assange, flew to Washington, D.C. for emails".He claims he had a clandestine hand-off "near American University with one of the email sources. Murray said the leakers' motivation was 'disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the 'tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders"

Today the Chalupas, UCCA, CEEC, and the rest of the emigre groups involved with them are trying to overthrow the election and Constitution of the United States. The candidate doesn't matter anywhere near as much as the system of government does. The US system needs a lot of work to make sure this doesn't happen again. I detailed how it happens in the emigre super bloc series.

Alexandra Chalupa was and is working for the interests of OUNb. Her goal if realized will fill the White House with Chalupas and CEEC emigres getting cemented in policy positions for years to come. With the Atlantic Council staffing Clinton cabinet and advisory positions, war with Russia would be inevitable. The Ukrainian emigres have been trying to accomplish this for 50 years.

Today, with Chalupa, the emigre groups are getting pretty close to what needs to be termed sedition. Andrea Chalupa has started a new Digital Maidan called Treasonous Trump.

Treasonous Trump
Copyrighted Image? DMCA

What is Trump treasonous of? He is treasonous to the fact Chalupa won't spend the next 4 years as an advisor in the White House with her family members. Trump is treasonous to the idea that they want a less democratic and more totalitarian government and would accomplish this at the policy level. Most of all Trump is treasonous to the idea that the US should go to war with Russia because the losers of WWII got together and still lost the election.

Her website was started to promote another violent insurrection, just like she did at Euromaidan. What is interesting is when you scroll down the languages listed are English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, and Turkish.

It follows the gist of the group leaders that Donald Trump has already put on notice that they will lose political power. It also shows some like the Muslim Brotherhood and Gulenites that will be deported if Trump has the legal means to do so. This follows the flow of my last article. She is making it easy for OUNb Bandera, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Gulenites, the Syrian groups supporting Al Nusra & ISIS, the Albanian and Kosovar KLA supporters to join and keep support in the White House.

Most of all, Trump, like him or hate him, is treasonous to the idea that our policy makers will look like this photo below. Pictured in the middle with his SS officer uniform and actively fighting for the Nazis is Stepan Bandera. If these people make it into policy positions, this is how hard our government will fight terrorism and nazism in the future. Our war is not with Russia. Whatever your political slant, progressive or conservative, our war is with subversion.

Copyrighted Image? DMCA

Decide. When you look through the Clinton support structure the number of fascist groups with old world nazi ties, Holocaust, and genocide crimes are staggering. According to Kiev, Ukraine will be starting the next crimes against humanity within a few days. It was approved by the Atlantic Council, which was going to staff the Clinton White House.

According to Voice of America, "KIEV - To speed up the process of liberation of Ukrainian territory in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions need to choose radical version of relations with breakaway republics said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov."

Turchynov wants to shut off all humanitarian cargo and water in the next few days and create a larger humanitarian crisis. He thinks that starving the people of Donbass will end the conflict. This is the same people that claim to have gone through the holomodor (forced starvation). His radical strategy is in his words based on the Croatian scenario. In just the Croatian "Operation Storm" nearly the entire Serbian population was killed or displaced.

"I believe that there is appropriate experience of Croatia, which at the beginning of the 1990s, was in a similar position with Ukraine. Then the young country was opposed by Serbia. Serbs created a separatist region in Croatia, recognizing only Serbian laws. Accordingly, if we want to accelerate the process of the liberation of their territories - you need to choose a radical variant ",- said Alexander Turchinov interview Liga Business Inform published on 16 December.

Oleksandr Turchynov noted the positive action of such a scenario in Croatia in the early 1990s: "tough economic blockade made fast enough to create the conditions for the de-occupation of the territories."

"Some analysts of the Atlantic Council expressed the need to interrupt the Ukrainian economic and social connection with the occupied areas of Donbas in the first week of December. American experts insist that in case of termination of the supply of water and other resources, social and economic blockade, it would complicate the existence of these republics and to project a great discontent and discord in the occupied territories ", - says Alexei Chicken correspondent of Russian service of " Voice of America ".

In Donbass and America today, the foxes are in the henhouse yelling that the chickens are coming. The chickens are coming.

If the stakes in the electoral process aren't clear at this point, it's because you agree with them. Work needs to be done to move America back toward center. Trump has offered many reforms and needs to be held to them. We need Congressional term limits to limit the power of small well funded special interests. We need to prosecute when real crimes are committed instead of looking the other way. We need to be America again.


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