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Phil Gramm: A disgrace and sad representation of a former US Senator

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To those who have heard Phil Gramm's remarks, who is now a "key financial adviser" to John McCain's Presidential campaign, people have to wonder if he is now senile or simply a bitter, nasty old man that cares nothing about the American people. His comments were disgraceful - and are the epitome of the GOP and their view(s) of the American public. In this writer's opinion, Phil Gramm is a perfect adviser for McCain's campaign, proof and evidence that together, they represent everything that America despises about the GOP - and proof that compassion and concern about the American people are the last items on their agenda in seeking the Presidency. If it wasn't already a movie title, they could easily be described as "Grumpy Old Men."

I am insulted and astounded that Phil Gramm would call the American public "whiners" when our own government has destroyed the world's premier democracy, and in the process, bankrupted one of the richest nations in the world. These two are living examples of why the GOP must be defeated at all costs - as their most recent comments and desire for war and raping the American economy are "status quo" for the GOP, and Phil Gramm's remarks are an insult to every American alive. This is one old codger that needs to be put out to pasture where his venom and disregard for the public is only able to be voiced to others that belong in a category of their own, soulless, void of compassion, and completely out-of-touch with the American public.

RAW Story ran an article that summed up some of Gramm's comments, however, it only touched on the issues and problems the public faces and must deal with after seven year of the Bush administration and GOP control - which has turned out to be the most horrific and obvious disregard for the public this country has ever witnessed: Obama Pounces on McCain adviser's 'mental recession' gaffe: 'America already has one Dr. Phil'

After sticking his own foot in his mouth on Social Security, Republican presidential candidate John McCain was forced to repudiate an adviser's description of economic hard times as a "mental recession" Thursday after opponents pounced on the remark.

Former Sen. Phil Gramm, a key economic adviser to McCain, told the Washington Times that worries about the sluggish US economy sinking into a recession were just in everybody's head.

"You've heard of mental depression; this is a mental recession," he said, noting that growth has held up at about 1 percent despite all the publicity over losing jobs to India, China, illegal immigration, housing and credit problems and record oil prices. "We may have a recession; we haven't had one yet." (See video.)

In the four years that I've been writing this Blog, I've attempted to be courteous, professional, and always publish material with substantiation; I'm not one for wild conspiracy theories, and find it easy to discount almost everything passed down by a MSM that is controlled by the "Corpacy" using quotes and news sources that show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bush's Presidency is based on lies and corruption. This last insult by Phil Gramm takes the cake, and rather than take it lying-down, it's time to call it like it is and unmask this soulless jackass - something the right-wing pundits do on an every day basis, albeit with no substantiation or rationale for their remarks that border on criminality and treason.

Americans have watched the GOP outsource most of America's heavy manufacturing to foreign lands and our unemployment rate is skyrocketing. The Middle-class is virtually disappearing, and Americans are paying absurd prices at the pump when it's already been proven there is no gas shortage - but prices are being driven by speculation and Wall Street investors that eek out every penny they can from a population that is already on its collective knees, and won't be satisfied until American reaches "Third World" status and the rich and corporations rape and plunder those who made them the successful companies they are today.

Liberals and Progressives have to listen to the likes of Michael Reagan, who openly called for "911 Truther's" to be murdered and offered to buy the bullets himself - and yet this sick individual is still free, while a complicit government reuses to indict or even sanction an individual that has openly sought to incite violence. We sat in horror when Ann Coulter called for the bombing of the New York Times, and again, she was given a "pass" and chalked-it-up to journalistic bantering that "she really didn't mean", however, in the case of Coulter and Reagan, all it takes is one nut-case Bush supporter to take those remarks seriously and cause untold damage to innocent people.

Our Congress has the lowest approval rating in history, and Phil Gramm is an excellent example of why Congress is viewed with disdain and downright contempt by the public. Mr. Gramm seems to forget that it was America's "whiners" that elected him to Congress in the first place, a plague that seems to have infested our entire Congress! We elect them to represent the will for the people, and when they get to Washington, they look upon the public as their "subjects", believing their views trump the will of the people themselves - and instead of voting the will of the people, they vote the will of AIPAC and lobbyists that fill their re-election coffers and take bribes and gifts as payment for their votes instead of fulfilling their sworn duty, which lately, none have done and still cow-tow to a lame-duck President that is despised by most of the American public.

They speak of nuking Iran as if through it were nothing, and if war is declared on Iran, the American people will deal with our treasonous Congress and all of those who refuse to honor our constitution and the rule of law. A day of reckoning is coming, and those who have deified themselves and believe they are better then those who voted them into office are soon to find out that the public is tired of their treason and stripping us of our constitutional rights. We are watching, taking names, and those of you who have placed your personal interests ahead of the will of the people will suffer the consequences for your treasonous acts, maybe not tomorrow, or even next month, but mark my words, your day is coming, and the public has a long memory, and each and everyone of those that support this criminal Presidency will one day be held accountable for betraying America.

Mr. Gramm, you may believe that those of us who cherish our constitution and the rule of law are "Whiners", but in reality, we are the ones that are pushing for a return to the values and integrity that has ruled this nation for almost 200 years. It is excrement like yourself that blame those who are suffering who are the real culprits, and to quote Vice-President Dick Cheney, please remember his immortal words and take them to heart. "Go F**K Yourself" Mr. Gramm, and the next time you refer to the public as "whiners", perhaps you will allow yourself to be placed on a fixed-income, have your home taken away, your sons and daughters killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and try to feed yourself and family with prices that are spiraling out of control. You have become wealthy off the back of the American taxpayers, and to have the audacity to criticize us for demanding that our own government follow the constitution and rule of law and be called "whiners" for demanding accountability in government, take a reality check and look at yourself in the mirror. What we see is a pampered old man that cares about nothing but an agenda that will further destroy the "American way of life", and one day, I'm hoping that you will "whine" yourself, in utter despair because you have been labeled as a good-for-nothing SOB that places your own wealth and that of the "Corporatocracy" above that of the American people, those whom you seem to forget actually own this country, not "prima donnas" such as yourself that wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the face!

William Cormier

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