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Part 6 Heiress Lives In A Tent: The New Face Of The Homeless In America

Message Deborah Breuner
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March 24, 2012
So I see JPMorgan is being sued. Don't believe it. Besides the lame stream media will easily never say another word; the public will forget all about it if there isn't a victim amongst them. They'll fool themselves into believing this won't happen to them. However, if there is too much of a ruckus the government will have the media report something, such as another lie, that will calm the consumer down.
But any consumer doing business with any kind of financial institution is subject to serious federal crime, while nothing will be done about it.
Realize that manipulative sociopaths, called "The Fort" are controlling our bank accounts and our country. 
My situation proves the government authorities do not investigate these financial institutions, many of which the public never hears about, such as just one example KeyBank...600 lawsuits against them in Idaho alone back in around 2004. The government authorities report to the media that they are, in fact investigating, if there's enough scuttlebutt amidst the public; then don't actually follow through.
If you want to see what's really going on check out 4closurefraud.org, foreclosurehamlet.org or shamethebanks.org and there are a lot more social media websites with bloggers devoted to this subject, because they're living a nightmare and have nowhere to turn, but to try and find honest attorneys to file civil cases against federal crime?
It's outrageous!
If the government authorities enforced the federal laws, already in place to protect the public, there would be little reason for social outcry such as you'll see on the above websites. But, there's been nothing done. Do we wonder why?
Ask yourselves, "What has happened to the millions of homeowners (with their small children) who are today homeless, perhaps without employment and soon to be penniless if they aren't already? Caused by all the unlawful foreclosures?" You don't hear about them anymore do you? Larry and I do right here in our campground from hundreds of other victims. What you hear about via the lame stream and alternative news is the housing market is coming back. 
Sure it is, if one wants to consider that these homes are now being sold to lucky buyers for much less than they're worth, while the financial institutions or mortgage companies that broke many federal laws to foreclose on previous owners go about their day never being investigated for their crimes?
I have seen through my own experience federal crimes arrogantly broken one after the other by a few of the national financial institutions, with sunlight exposing every detail. When caught they arrogantly commit another crime and laugh in your face, because they know the financial watchdogs and government authorities won't investigate and actually sanction these crimes.
Let's just take one federal crime I've seen committed out in the sunlight while the world and government authorities watch. Non-judicial foreclosures on trust owned properties, that aren't in default, while the financial institution involved hides the borrower's mortgage payments. The law states these cases must go through a judicial review by a judge. But, arrogantly the financial institutions are completely ignoring this legal, sometimes, four-year step and foreclosing non-judicially because they know no authority will do anything about it" so why not, it saves time, while they commit grand larceny.
Hello, our trusts don't protect us from anything, not even federal crimes, no matter how well they're written.
What's worse, the homeowners today are forced to fight federal crime by filing their own civil cases which costs them hundreds and thousands of dollars; taking years to resolve. These are not civil laws that are being broken by the financial elite; they're federal. 
Besides this there's little truth in any news reported by the lame stream or alternative press. Hearing from the public with their personal experiences, blocked from hitting the eyes and ears of the rest of us by journalists, would be the only way we get the truth anymore.
While Bernie Madoff pays for his crimes with three meals and a cot, where are his partners in crime? Such as the financial institutions involved. Were they investigated? Somehow I doubt it as they continue with more crimes against the consumer. And, the victims to Madoff's ponzi scheme, what has happened to them?
You'll never know unless they are your friends or acquaintances.
It's now been fifteen years since my now ex-husband tried to murder me; twelve years since KeyBank started coming after me like financial mafia. The first complaint I made was to all thirty-seven members of KeyBank's Board of Directors by letters, addressed individually. At that time, I was so naive that I thought they'd care that KeyBank was viciously, unlawfully and criminally foreclosing on a three million dollar trust owned property, non-judicially, using a line-of-credit loan given to me, personally, on which I was paid ahead for a year. The property still had close to two million dollars of equity available. My loan and account statements had ceased coming to my mailbox. Even more confusing to me, at that time, was that I'd sold the property three times for the asking price to qualified buyers and the bank would not allow the sales to go through?
I was so frustrated in 2000 I didn't know what to do with myself, so before I reported this criminal enterprise to the authorities I tried to reason with them.
They ignored me twice.
After this I started writing every financial watchdog in the country; the US Attorney General; four different state attorney generals and the FB I. In twelve years of continued complaints, while KeyBank tortured me with more crimes between 2001 and 2007, they purposely ignored me.
I have yet to speak to any authority about this, other than an intake government worker, (probably an illegal alien who most of the time doesn't speak English) since I started my complaints, which are ongoing today in 2012. To this day I haven't received anything more than a form letter directing me elsewhere.
When you add the eighty million dollars I found in 2004 embezzled from my trust, one would think I'd at least deserve an interview or a personal letter back?
I mean we manage our families with family meetings to solve issues. How do the financial institutions and government authorities solve crimes without talking to the victims? Because they purposely don't want to hear about it! This is why they sit behind closed doors of secrecy and send out form letters, directing you elsewhere, while never mentioning the crimes. A trick of the trade in hopes the crimes committed against you will eventually fade away.
So amidst all my latest writing to save my life, I contacted the US Attorney offices in Los Angeles yesterday by cell phone on which I have six minutes left to speak. 
The secretary hung up on me!
I then found an e-mail address to the US Attorney's office via their website engineer, who's asking the public to comment on this government site. Oh and I commented all right. I wrote him indicating that there needs to be a way that victims like me can get to the authorities besides jumping through a hundred expensive hoops, we can't afford because we're homeless, penniless and jobless brought on by vicious federal crimes. 
I desperately pleaded that he please give my e-mail to an attorney in the criminal division, the FBI already has all my documents, which this Paul Bertram has had going on four years now. I'm confident they have never been reviewed.
So we'll see.
I then contacted the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral again two days ago. This time I e-mailed Dean Brian Baker from the onset. I've sent him links to all the work I've done on my own; praying he might have changed his mind, especially when he sees the truth in writing. I doubt that he's ever heard this tale through anyone other than my sister Winnie or her husband Bob Gaines"two people I suspect have something to hide?
So we'll see but I haven't heard from him yet, though my desperate contact was like an innocent death row inmate. If I were dependent on him, I'd be dead already.
Last night I e-mailed the same information, in complete desperation, to Bishop Beisner, the Episcopal Bishop of Northern California. I mean he could actually do something like issue a press release or contact the US Attorney's office for me.
Larry and I have run out of recourses, resources and money. We have no car and very little food"most of which would be discarded because of a past due date. We've lost everything while the authorities ignore the situation still after over twelve years of my continuous contacts. It won't be long before we'll have no Internet or phone.
The next step will be a long slow death in the streets.
This is exactly what our government wants for the public.
By the way did you see the latest Yahoo news, Girl Who L ooks like A Living Doll? For every one of these ridiculous  "gone viral" news pieces there's one that could actually make a difference in our lives, but the lame stream and alternative media won't report them, by government orders, so the above is what we get as fill-ins.
Since the media won't report the outrageous federal crimes attacking the consumer, that the government authorities purposely don't investigate, we can only imagine what will come next?
I've read that Sweden leads the way of no longer being allowed to use cash? How convenient for those of us who choose to bury our cash in safes under ground, to protect ourselves from federal crimes committed by the financial institutions? I've also read that it's already against the law in many states to feed the homeless. This too is convenient as a way to kill people off quicker, so there aren't so many dead bodies cluttering up our streets.
Dear God, do we get it yet? Our government wants as much of the public as possible dead and I'm not convinced that the churches aren't in on it?
It's "The Fort" again whom I once felt was made up of the financial institutions, unethical attorneys, corrupt judges, government authorities and the complete media, short of social of course. But, I have since learned that added to these are the liberal literary agents, most of the publishers and many of the large houses of God.
This is not about red tape; its corruption that has spread a disease called, attacked by financial mafia syndrome and it kills. There's no medication on the market yet.
Honestly, I feel how Anne Frank must have felt writing in her diary during the last days of her life.
By: Deborah Breuner
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I am a Fashion Designer, Writer and Heiress. I have had all of my millions stolen and now live in a tent. The authorities WILL NOT INVESTIGATE.
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