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No Freedom Without Justice

By       Message Thomas Brown     Permalink
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What is the single thing we can do to improve the nation now and for the long run?

What really determines the direction of   the nation? What controls the progress a nation makes toward that more perfect union? What brings a sense of fairness and justice to all people simultaneously? What divides us most fiercely? What is the blocking mechanism for funding even approved legislation? What allows for the biggest and most influence on government policy? The answer to all is money. If that is   true then why haven't we at least re-examined the systems it functions under and what it is influenced by?   We must use the tools of advanced understanding to focus on education about,   and creating a public mandate for money system rebuilding so strong the political class cannot ignore it.

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This examination is a basic tenant of problem solving. The concept and discipline of problem solving has been around for decades and the tools available to determine the root cause of problems have increased in number, functionality and sophistication . Why isn't it mandated that politicians use these tools to solve problems and determine solutions free of ideology and aligned with justice for all? A mechanism to institute such proper use of complex problem solving is necessary to move from the politics of ideology to the politics of expanding freedom and integrating justice into everyday life is missing.

The constitution set up a structure for problem solving in a democratic fashion but we now need to move to a, constitutionally mandated if necessary, method of ensuring the use of the latest well tested methodologies and processes for problem solving. Maximum freedom, maximum justice, maximum citizen education, maximum citizen input should always be included in the methodology as regulating mechanisms of the problem solving methods used and determining which one(s) to use and update and to ensure there alignment with the freedom and justice or all paradigm. This may be the only way to break away from the current politics of destruction and obstruction dominating the 2 party system of government. But since all things like this must go through that same system and that there is no national referendum mechanism available to citizens it is a stretch to suggest any thing can get done from now on. There is one path forward for citizens -- FOCUS on the single most important problem now to force politicians to pay attention. Avoid all measures of opposition and never quit demanding direct action designed by us the citizens on this single most important problem. The problem is what is the single most important problem that if corrected has the most far reaching effects possible. This one argument making the case for what that single most thing is - money.

Economic Justice is primary justice. It is only primary because it controls and is superior to all other justice - today. It is superior to all other justice because it is the most powerful driver of behavior and its resultant activity in the world - today. Money is ubiquitous -- in our monetized/ financialized world it now affects every single person around the globe. Its methods of creation and by whom it is created, its valuation and its method of circulation are the bedrock components of a money system.   It is how they are done that is important. The creation is currently done as debt -- no new money comes in to existence without someone going into debt. No country would have an economy without government debt despite the crusade against more spending etc. by government. It's an oxymoron to say we must quit spending when in fact spending by borrowing is the fundamental tenant   allowing this structure of an economy to function at all. This oxymoron should be a huge red blinking sign telling us our politicians do not understand monetary systems or are completely complicit in the malfeasance the system is producing.

Economics is rooted in the administration, valuing and circulation of a means of exchange. This means of exchange is the foundation and the most basic of all communication. Money has the potential for good and bad activity in and of itself but its real and most powerful force is in how it is created, valued and circulated into the economy.

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In the final analysis who controls this administration and its valuing processes of money is who literally directs the course of the world over time. It is difficult to imagine how there is justice when there is not equal access into all aspects of the primary driver of all civilization.

Paymnets on Debt Keep Money in Circulation Insufficient by Mike Montag

Eventually maybe we need to move away from money and its derivatives and all its forms to accomplish a pure justice for all humanity. Moving away from money as the primary driver of justice is likely to take quite a while barring a spontaneous evolutionary event. It would likely take the enlightenment of a big majority of citizens to internalize and institutionalize value in some way that allowed all of us to   intuitively recognize and be able to communicate among ourselves,   that understanding of value across all aspects of humanity including and not limited to spiritual needs, physical needs, intellectual needs, academic needs, work, desire, rights, freedoms, politics, democracy and justice.

But until then there are a myriad of ways to dramatically extend justice and freedom using money organized and administered differently. Todays' incessant demand for unsustainable growth is driven by exponentially increasing debt just to pay the financial community. They create new money, dysfunctionally, from nothing. They charge and accrue interest to be paid back to them - on money that never existed mind you while NEVER creating the money to pay the interest. This creates accelerating money creation, and inflation as well as exponentially increasing debt from nothing just to pay the interest on that same debt and accumulating interest. Debt creation has been purposely made part of the money system as a positive (for the bankers -- not for us.) feedback loop which guarantees debt growth exponentially. Many others designs would stop this and provide us with an amazing powerful money that could fund accelerated progress across all worthwhile endeavors of humanity, and create expanded freedom and justice we've never experienced. Some feel we are 2000 years behind where we could/ should be had money been correctly designed.

If a nation truly believed in complete justice then nations, their leaders and its citizens would be fully educated on the matter of monetary systems. When this was done and fully understood, vast majorities would ask questions like why is "this or that necessary', "why is this or that done and why"? The answers to these questions would almost immediately change the course of national monetary policy and dramatically alter the course of the nation toward sustainability and equality without authoritarian mechanisms.

People would see monetary systems for what they are -- systems. Systems invented by humans. There is nothing sacrosanct about them. They can (and need) to be changed to serve man instead of man serving them as is now the case. The current system creates perpetual debt that can never be paid in the aggregate leading us into times we are experiencing now. The times are ludicrous by the way. We have banks dictating to nations the policies they must adopt -- how insane is that considering nations are supposed to produce the money.

It's the debt and criminal, inflation producing interest charges that make countries go broke -- not fake debt or over spending. Banks have the entire world tied up in knots unnecessarily and have inserted themselves in the middle of all world affairs where they would simply not be necessary, if we were to rebuild monetary systems to function for the benefit of civilization and not the profit of bankers. By the way, money should be a functionary mechanism meant to facilitate positive and just human interaction. There was never any mandate going back in history that one can find declaring banks should create and profit from the nation's money supply. Banks should be able to loan deposits (real already existing money) and make a profit for the depositors and the bank. Just to clarify - this is far different than banks creating the money as they do now. Banks loan newly created money not other's people money. They lend money to counties when countries should be creating and lending money to them. It is absolute insanity. The inmates truly are running the asylum.

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The fix is easily done:   cease creation of what is the nation's NEW money as debt by private for profit banks. Government then creates,   and circulates money by: 1.) circulating it directly to citizens since they are the reason we do anything and they need to be the catalyst, source and driver of the economy through a smart system of value creation and evaluation,   2.) spend into circulation for the commons -- defense, infrastructure etc., and loan it into circulation as necessary to states and other nonprofit entities and even business when necessary -- interest free -- (only principle needs paid back) -   (If anyone is going to profit on what rightfully belongs to citizens it should be the nation itself.) This needs to be done within a context of a process that includes the valuing it against a host of human necessities -- not gold or some other formal but divisive commodity, and circulate it directly to citizens as the owner/ operators of the country's economy and stated above.

It is time for progressives and all people to focus on the money system. Listen to successful business people, sports teams, athletes and almost every walk of life - The overused word is focus in order to achieve. FOCUS is necessary now for all interested in real and honest   freedom and justice for ALL .

Money is the most powerful arbiter of justice in the world. Cicero said "Freedom is participation in power."   In this financialized world more than ever money is power. There can be no freedom without justice. Therefore freedom is dependent on our direct participation in the monetary system. Moreover this is the ultimate democratic participation. What the people do with the nation's money -- their money - will determine the course of the nation as should be the case. Other necessities may be required to keep the system from being undermined again by those who use their freedom to amass money for the purpose of control as through bureaucratic, wasteful mega corporations dedicated to one purpose only -- accumulation of massive amounts of money. But deeper democracy, brought to fruition by real citizen participation in power, will deal will those effectively once all people know justice has been completely and thoroughly integrated into the systems, culture and character of the nation. The nation's purpose is not to pass judgment or govern through behavior control but simply to serve the mandate that the basic needs of all people are not violated or withheld and that we respect a commons that all people must decide together on. We ALL share this small planet and many decisions need to be made collectively. This cannot happen until the issue of monetary control is functionalized.

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I have worked in the IT industry for 30 years. I'm currently working as developer but had the opportunity in the past to manage a small IT software development group in a critical health care application. As such I have become familiar with systems (more...)

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