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Memorialize US Military's Worldwide Genocidal Crimes Against Humanity Awaiting Special Trial in ...

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House to house warsOwner: Jay Janson at opednews.com/author/author1723.htmlLicense: License Unknown
House to house warsOwner: Jay Janson at opednews.com/author/author1723.htmlLicense: License Unknown
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It's now the year 2022. Major world events during the last eight years have altered the economic, political, military balance of power in the world. As expected, emerging economies led by China, India, and Brazil experienced the greatest productivity and financial growth.

When US-NATO with its controlled UN failed to bring about a major conflict with Russia and China after neutralizing Iran, the wild and heavy US investment in war preparations and new weaponry for a great war that refused to happen, bankrupted the US economy (much the same as the Soviet Union had bankrupted itself in spending on its military and weapon arsenal attempting to keep pace with a wealthier US).

With the dollar ceasing to be the world's trading currency, the US ability to print new money to cover debts was lost. Japan's slowly moving into economic collaboration with China and Russia and a powerful nearly united Korea had the US falling back on its strength in agricultural production and rationalizing its economy out of arms manufacture. The European Union was no longer dominated by the German, French, and English economies, and its Central Banking had become more independent of a Wall Street, whose privately held Federal Reserve was finally forced to acknowledge publicly to have been neither 'federal' nor 'reserve' as the US Treasury floundered after decades of fictitious wealth.

An even more major impetus for such a drastic rearrangement of power in the world was the onrush of ecological disasters causing great loss of life and property as the mean temperature of the oceans rose nearly two degrees. It was no longer possible for the criminal media of ruling Caucasian-populated nations to continue to disinform with preposterous stories of terrorist attack in order to justify permanent war and the expenditure of much of the world's resources on weapons of mass destruction. It became clear that these enormous misspent resources were needed to be dedicated to massive world expenditures to keep the planet habitable. For the first time people all over the world were taking responsibility for the lives and living conditions of their grandchildren throughout their adulthood.

Frightening ecological changes in the weather and rises in ocean levels have caused poor or failed harvests due to climate change and food crises affecting most the nations made poor after centuries of plunder colonialism and neocolonialism.

An economically weakened US was no longer able to frighten and threaten nations it had invaded and destroyed with sanctions if these nations called for reparations. US citizens and corporations that had enriched themselves through war profits were suddenly faced with innumerable lawsuits for compensation for millions of wrongful deaths, for injury indemnification, and reparations for mega-destruction of property and theft of natural resources.

For a few years the United States and NATO nations were able to stave off having to pay up big, by disputing the International Court's jurisdiction, but in late 2021 a newly constituted United Nations reborn as 'Democratic Nations United' set up a Special Nuremberg Principles Court to try citizens of the United States of America and citizens of NATO nations for multiple genocides.


Chief Prosecutor:
Senator McCain, were you aware that the bombs you were dropping on a city filled with civilian residences and properties would most certainly bring death and maiming as well as destruction of utilities necessary to human survival?
John McCain:
Mr. Prosecutor, the bombs I dropped were aimed at legitimate targets of military use to the enemy, railroad yards, factories, bridges, communication facilities, though it be sad and regrettable it is inevitable non-military persons are killed, but this is the nature of war.
Mr. McCain, have you seen, or read, or heard that Robert Richter, an Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, and political director for CBS News from 1965 to 1968, recently wrote in Bomber Pilot McCain: War Heroism or War Crimes? published by Institute for Public Accuracy in 2008, "I will never forget how stunned I was when Gen. Telford Taylor, the Chief U.S. Prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials after World War Two, told me that he strongly supported the idea of trying the U.S. pilots captured in North Vietnam as war criminals -- and that he would be proud to lead in their prosecution."
Yes, I know of this book. But I believe I committed no war crime ...

Mr. McCain, this court will indict no one for war crimes, as in all these invasions and bombings we are investigating there were no nations at war. Were you aware that no war had been declared, and you were bombing in what was a French colony that had declared itself independent with no objection from any US authorities at the time of that declaration, spoken by a US-decorated Vietnamese ally, with a US Army Major standing at his side.
No, I was not. I believe President Truman and President Eisenhower took action against the spread of communism into Vietnam.
Mr. McCain, were you aware that President Eisenhower, almost five years before you bombed twenty-six times the cities of Hanoi and Haiphong, had written in his well-published memoirs, 'Mandate For Change,' that had he allowed the national elections called for by the Geneva Agreements, communist Ho Chi Minh, who had declared Vietnam independence, would have won more than 80% of the vote according to all experts on Vietnam that President Eisenhower knew of.
Not during my military service years, but I did learn after I had been discharged that Eisenhower had written that in his book. I believe President Eisenhower did right to prevent a communist takeover of all of Vietnam during his term as president.
Mr. McCain, the Court is trying to establish responsibility for a long series of genocidal invasions by US military, and whether officials of the US government have sought to implant in the public consciousness the concept of military attack on other nations be considered good. Do you remember what you were intending to promote when you, as a US Senator and US presidential candidate, playfully sang, "Bomb, bomb bomb Iran!"
I believe I was only joking at the time, in part using lyrics of a popular song.
Mr. McCain, the Court is trying to understand if there is a philosophy of war ingrained in public affairs in America. Mr. McCain, your father, who would of been indicted if alive, was Commander-in-Chief of all US forces in the Vietnam 'theater' from 1968 to 1972 - during which time millions of Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodia lives were taken. Your grandfather became executive officer of an armored cruiser patrolling off the coast of Mexico shortly after that ship had been landing and supporting US troops in Nicaragua. It would be helpful to the Court to know if you felt a family tradition of foreign invasion to uphold?

On US Memorial Day celebrations, great compassion for the survivors of Americans who lost their lives in military action in poor nations overseas, but none in defending their US from invasion by those nations invaded and occupied by the US. Senator McCain, the Court would like to know if you have ever tried to find and compensate Vietnamese who lost loved ones because of your bombardments? Since the Court has so many cases demanding compensation before it, it would seem to be somewhat mitigating to know that Americans have their great number of victims families in their hearts on Memorial Days especially.
Chief Prosecutor, questioning a retired Staff Sargent whose name was picked at random from a list of US soldiers involved in three criminal campaigns or more:

"Your military record shows that in the course of your military service, you took part in combat during the following code-named campaigns: 'Power Pack,' the US invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965; 'Urgent Fury,' the US invasion of Grenada in 1983, and 'Just Cause,' US invasion of Panama in 1989. Did if ever occur to you that you were being commanded unlawfully to invade someone else's country? Did you ever become aware that you, by military code, are responsible for your acts in following any order, lawful or not, and were yourself prosecutable for your actions following an unlawful order.
Staff Sargent Smith:
No Sir, we were always made to understand that disobeying an command could land you in jail or worse.
Thank you. Now what the Court would be most interested in hearing is after any of these invasions and combat were you and fellow soldiers aware of what the invasion and combat and loss of lives was about? And was there any discussion among you as to whether an invasion and occupation was a crime against humanity according the Nuremberg Principles of the UN Charter, which had become part of the US Constitution.
Also, it would seem to the Court that all Americans would be aware that,
"I was only following orders," has been unsuccessfully used as a legal defense in hundreds of cases (probably most notably by Nazi leaders at the Nuremberg tribunals following World War II). The defense didn't work for them, nor has it worked in hundreds of cases since. [click here ]
Staff Sargent Smith:
Yes Sir, there were lots of rap sessions about being on the wrong side in the Dominican Republic, and not right to have killed so many Panamanians just to arrest their bad President, who was known to be working for the CIA. And Grenada, well, such a tiny island to be invading that even its former owner Britain condemned. But, we never thought to complain. I mean, we were little guys. All kinds of brass above us.
Chief Prosecutor:
Mr. Kerry, your complicity in funding terror in Syria in order to overthrow the Syrian government, and your public statements as Secretary of State threatening a US military attack on the Syrian government on deliberate false charges that the Syrian government used gas on its citizens on the very day an invited UN delegation was to arrive, has brought you an indictment for committing crimes against peace. The Court is in possession of documentation that you knowingly repeatedly cited, in war provocations, falsities regarding the vote in the Crimea, demonstrations in Venezuela, and distortions regarding what the Court shall show are US crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia over many years.

But today the Court is considering parallel lawsuits for compensation and how this configures in the Court's indictments for crimes against humanity. Mr. Kerry, your personal history seems indicative of the same philosophy of the US having the right to invade anywhere anytime that was reflected in Senator John McCain testimony.
As a young man, you enlisted twice to serve in the invasion and occupation of Vietnam, before testifying before a congressional committee stating that from personal knowledge what was called 'the Vietnam War' was in your opinion an obvious series of atrocities. Yet, later, as Senator and presidential candidate, you praised what Congressman Ron Paul called illegal, undeclared wars, and which Martin Luther King Jr. called atrocity wars and covert violence on three continents since 1945. [click here]

The Court seeks insight into the mercy that surely must exist, especially in battle-hardened Americans. Mr. Kerry, you are reported to be a man of some considerable wealth. Have you sought to contact the family of the Vietnamese patriot you killed to prevent his killing you and your men to offer compensation? If you have, it would both set a precedent and certainly be of interest to the Court in adjudicating the lawsuits for compensation that was not offered.

The Special Nuremberg Principles Court set up to investigate US-NATO crimes against humanity is currently still in Grand Jury mode in deciding whether or not to indict various American media-celebrity anchors and talk-show personalities, namely Wolf Blitzer, Christiane Amanpour, Charle Rose, Nic Robertson, and Anderson Cooper. One recalls that after World War Two five Nazi media personalities were convicted.

The CEOs of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications, and other corporations within what Court understands from American sources such as the Military-Industrial Complex, have been served subpoenas.

In President Obama's indictment, it was noted that Mr. Obama, with a JD in Law, had to know he was committing massive crimes against humanity in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen simultaneously over his eight years as Commander-in-Chief. The panel of judges from eighteen countries were amazed at the weekly overseeing of exactly who was to be assassinated without trial - even American citizens, even underage citizens.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, now ninety-two, is at the top of the list of those already indicted and the Court will be trying to better understand how this confident of David Rockefeller, who, through Brzezinski and other confidants Rockefeller had appointed, Henry Kissinger, and the Dulles brothers, oversaw America's crimes against humanity from the Korea genocide through the Syrian.

In light of US government officials, selected by the now ninety-nine-years-old David Rockefeller, and the criminal behavior of all the presidents starting with Truman that MIT Professor emeritus Noam Chomsky has said over and over again could have been hanged if tried under the Nuremberg Principles, the heartbreak of Americans for their military dead on Memorial Days is more poignant for knowing that these mostly young men were betrayed by the leaders of the country they were brought up to trust.

(Article changed on May 26, 2014 at 13:29)

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