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Why be dry and boring intellects? Let's have fun!

Today I wish to speak about oral ecstasy. Yes, we are speaking of oral sex here, to some degree. Aren't all interactions an act of intercourse? What are these words if not seminal inputs entering into the black hole called the pupil of thy eye and being conceived in the back of your brain as an image?

Yes, reader, we are engaging in an act of intercourse.

It's all a luscious, sensuous dance of creation. Why else were Adam and Eve nude prior to the Fall in the Western Civilization mindset? Hey, don't take the story literally. Think of it this way, how many tribal peoples romp about nude without shame? These people, while almost extinct, are still around.

Gee whiz, speaking of shame, even the guy in the above picture appears tense.

What if repentance from original sin entails taking off our clothes? Oh, the Church needs to get rid of those benches for the sake of barren buns.

Life is sensual sexuality. Thus, when "explaining" it to the kids, we sometimes call the talk, "The Facts of Life." And, that's what sex is. Sexuality is THE fact of life!!!! Why else would an idea be considered a concept? It's a conception! Oh, tickle my fancies with Thy tongue and send me flying into heights unattained by any woman or man before me!

The term religion, in its epistemological roots, is reli-gere, literally meaning "to connect." Religion is NOT an idealism! It's about relationship, about connection. Religion is about holiness, which boils into wholeness. It's about unity through intercourse. What is this conversation? Yet, if you are talking about religion in a dogmatic or rational way, you ain't got it! Religion is a sigh, or a "YES!" and sometimes simply "OHHHHH!"

If you are immersed in theologies and church doctrine, you're way off base. These are not religion. They are idealisms. If you are nursing a baby and feeling a deep connection in looking into those big brown eyes, you've got religion. Anything else, dogma, theories, and theologies are simply ideal-isms. Ideas are nothing more, nor less, than ghostly vapors arising from your mind"or in the case of indoctrination, somebody else's mind.

So, therein lies the title to this piece"getting religion is loosing religion. You have to let go of the theories, philosophies, and ideals and become as you were when you were not. This is your beginning. To be newborn, you have to do the striptease of the mind and be as nude as the day you were born.

So, take off thy institutionalized religious clothes and dance! Experiencing barren feet upon naked ground is true connectedness.

Now, all this gets to be even more fun and inspirational when you awaken to the fact that whole, hole and holy are one word. Knowing this unity is true religion, or connection. What is empty (hole) is what is full (whole). Yes, empty thy mind of conditioning and be as "you were when you were not." When you enter this nudity, you enter into a virgin state of mind in which infinite potentials abound.

But don't follow me. Experience it. Become empty and be full! "Be newborn, be free of yourself," as Lao Tzu says in the Tao Te Ching. In that freedom from yourself, you will be full of yourself!

Oh, becoming virgin is the most remarkable state of sexual ecstasy you can ever encounter! Just ask Maria. Look at what She generated. Ok, so the Roman institutional foundations got hold of the virgin birth story and the so-called Church became identified with Rome. We'll discuss that one another time.

By the way, being virgin means being unconditioned"..what?

"You mean to say, Burl, that all these years of schooling and conditioning and I'm to throw it all away in order to give birth to the sacred within?" Yes, this is exactly what I'm saying.