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Is Organized Pedophilia Behind the Anti-Abortion Movement? (part two)

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Message Kathleen Murphy

Is Organized Pedophilia Behind the Anti-Abortion Movement? Part 2 (of 2)


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(The Blatant Pedophilia Behind the Anti-Abortion Movement)

If any one of our governors should declare a state of emergency against online pedophilia epidemic, we should not be surprised to find our highest ranking members of society involved in pedophilia crimes. In their news feed, regularly posts links covering actions by pedophilia-friendly government officials as they occur (their latest one is about a democrat who voted against prohibiting child abusers from contacting their victims: click here) which should be enough of a sign, by itself, that something is clearly corrupt inside our government. And since Obama has closed the investigation on the criminal bankers who destroyed the world's economy (source-, allowing them to walk off with $32 trillion in offshore accounts (source-, while more and more people throughout the world are falling into extreme poverty, it becomes less and less of a mystery as to who can afford to pay the billions that keeps the online pedophilia industry going, unhindered by law enforcement.

It is probably no accident that the strongest voices of the anti-abortion movement are the world's most organized and powerful pedophiles --the exposed Catholic hierarchy and the exposed GOP --though not as widely publicized by the media (despite the overwhelming evidence offered by Ted Gunderson, and in books by former Senator John DeCamp in 1996 and Nick Bryant in 2009 -see It was not that long ago when no one would've believed any victim of pedophilia, and any victim who dared to report it went through hell, especially if the pedophile was a high ranking pillar of society like a Catholic priest. Mercifully, victim testimony about pedophilia, at least in the Catholic church, is no longer doubted, and reported on regularly in the media.

Through regular media exposure, it has also become public knowledge that the pedophile's preferred victims are disadvantaged children. And as more reports come out about "upstanding citizens" engaging in pedophilia crimes, like the recent Sandusky trial and all the Oprah Winfrey shows on the subject, it is now generally accepted that children do not lie about being sexually abused and are incapable of inventing such horrific sex abuse stories. But if the pedophile is a Satanist, or a high ranking member of the GOP, media reaction to victim testimony returns to the Dark Ages. Even in their adulthood, victim's testimonies of satanic pedophilia continue to be ridiculed and shunned by the media to this day.

In the 80's, the media decided from the start that everyone involved in the McMartin Preschool case was lying except for the accused. In a nutshell, even with documented evidence of bleeding rectums, vaginal and rectal scarring, painful bowel movements, and the "anal wick reflex' associated with violent penetration, as well the team of archaeologists who found the tunnels exactly the way the victims described them (source-, the case was never taken seriously by the media. And the victims, along with everyone who tried to help the victims, were all met with intense ridicule and intimidation from the media (source- But what the media accepted without question in the McMartin Preschool case, were the arguments from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, despite the fact that its founding advisor was quoted in a Dutch pedophilia magazine (source-, describing pedophilia as "an acceptable expression of God's will for love."  Since the 1980's, media ownership has shrunk from 50 corporations down to a handful of corporations today (source- These people (or the 1%) own the media and they clearly, also own the anti-abortion movement - judging by their blatant preference for politicians who are against abortion rights. So, rampant pedophilia in the GOP is almost impossible to expose to the public.

A completed documentary film about rampant pedophilia in the GOP was about to air on the Discovery Channel in 1993 (the full-length "Conspiracy of Silence' documentary is available at-, but was pulled at the last moment. Even with 16 years experience as a Senator of Nebraska, John DeCamp felt useless as he found himself in the middle of an unfolding massive pedophilia scandal in Omaha Nebraska, "The Franklin Cover-Up,' involving the highest ranking members of the GOP. He did everything he could to help the victims bring the pedophiles to justice, but with all the unsolved murders of everyone around him who were also working to help the victims, as well as all the death threats he received himself, he had to conclude that it was bigger problem than he could handle: "It is too big. I am too small. They are too rich and powerful, and go up high in business and government, for me to touch them or do anything about it." (source- or The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp, last updated in 2005).

Instead of conducting an investigation, the FBI told the Franklin Scandal victims to recant their testimonies or members of their families would be killed. Only two witnesses did not recant, Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen --and her younger brother "committed suicide" under suspicious circumstances. Even though she was raped by Omaha's Chief of police and had a child by him, Alisha Owen went to prison and served almost 2 years in solitary confinement, while that police chief has never been required to take a paternity test to this day (more about her in "part 7' at click "In-Depth Overview'). The FBI made an example out of Alisha Owen to scare the other victims into silence, and with the help of the media, the case was buried with no convictions. Years later, Nick Bryant, who also reported receiving death threats while conducting his research, interviewed as many of the surviving victims as he could find. The witnesses, in both DeCamp's and Bryant's books, testified that Larry King (not the white Larry King on TV) was a pimp for pedophiles, who threw lavish parties for the GOP and raided orphanages to procure victims for the GOP pedophiles. To this day Larry King has not been convicted for pedophilia crimes. (sources- The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp 1996, The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant 2009,, and

The evidence compiled by John DeCamp and Nick Bryant of rampant pedophilia in the GOP is overwhelming. But with all the unsolved murders of key witnesses and death threats to people who tried to help expose GOP pedophilia, the cover-up so far has been more vicious and powerful. The surviving adult victims are still waiting to be heard, and although Nick Bryant took their testimonies to every major media outlet he could (including Oprah Winfrey), to at least get their testimonies out to the public, he was rejected every time. The 'Joe Paternos,' or Judas', are everywhere in the upper echelons of the media.

This refusal of the media to let the public know about overwhelming evidence of rampant pedophilia in our "highest" circles of government and financial power, is no different throughout the rest of the world. To name one example, an expose about the Holly Grieg pedophilia scandal in Scotland was about to air on Scotland's national TV and it too was pulled at the last moment (every detail of this case and its subsequent cover-up is beautifully explained by Robert Green in this video-  "and then there's Bill Maloney's unconventional video documentary about Jersey Island"). The examples listed so far are but tiny puzzle pieces to a massively big picture. Anyone learning about this for the first time can be forgiven for not wanting to believe it, but are encouraged to do their own investigation to further understand how powerfully organized and vastly worldwide these pedophiles are- the recent Forbes article-, as well as the website for the child protection lobbying group , are good places to start.

With all the mysteriously well-funded anti-abortion "clinics" popping up everywhere (source- www.prochoiceamerica/media/fact-sheets/abortion-cpcs.pdf), contrasted with everything else that is facing cuts in funding, we can no longer afford to leave the link between organized pedophilia and the anti-abortion movement ignored and uninvestigated, while they loudly proclaim themselves as "pro-life" Christians. The self-proclaimed "Christians" involved with the anti-abortion movement would do well to remember, that when Jesus said, "You will know them by their fruits/deeds" it was not a polite suggestion, it was a command (Matt 7:15-16). We have become so accustomed to claims of God's will, made by the anti-abortion movement that we have failed to notice that their silence on the most heinous cruelty to children, this ongoing pedophilia epidemic, cannot be called God's will, Satan's will perhaps, but not God's.

Poverty creates more disadvantaged children for pedophiles to exploit, and the recently leaked exposure of Obama's top secret Trans-Pacific Partnership is a most frightening piece of legislation that creates more poverty by striking down all people's laws, in all nations, which interfere with the plans of the 1% (sources- Currently Americans are spending $2 billion per week (source- to commit useless and heinous atrocities against civilians in Afghanistan (source- where record breaking numbers of returning veterans are committing suicide due to being unable to cope with their memories (source-

Warlike activities like this, and expensive drone warfare, along with our expanding military presence all over the world (the recent example of Jeju island is particularly tragic- source-, and so much more repressive legislation, as well as government propaganda being legalized by Congress (source-, leaves very little to differentiate the USA today from Stalin's Russia, or Hitler's Germany. All of it stems from a "war on terror" justified by the government's version of events on 9/11/01 -which from day one, has been thoroughly disproven by the hard evidence offered by 1,700 architects & engineers (as well as the pilots, firefighters, scholars, and all surviving victims who heard explosions, along with many videos of explosions which the government denies occurred) and their full documentary, "AE911Truth Experts Speak Out,' can be viewed at- matter what angle you look at it from, hard scientific facts are not conspiracy theories, and a top secret government is not a democracy.

After 11 years, Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth were finally allowed to present their case on public television in Colorado and immediately made PBS's "most watched' list. Many Americans seem to think we are exempt from the historical rule that "the bigger the lie the more likely it will be believed,' but in the case of 9/11, America is the shining example of why that is still true.

We could easily squash the 1%, along with the pedophilia epidemic, like the little bug that it really is. But to all of our great peril, most "progressive" media has given the platform over to the Obama apologists who ignore that the job ahead of us is much, much bigger than just defeating Romney, or the republicans. It is a simple truth that you cannot defeat the 1% by supporting the 1%. And a vote for Obama is clearly a vote for the "left" fist of the 1%, if you will. This idea of re-electing Obama is a bad idea. There comes a point in time when you have to say "this is wrong," and stop going along with it. And then do everything you can to put a stop to it, and that time is now. Otherwise, when you make your peace with evil, you become evil.

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