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Is Oil Blood Or Is It Just Crap?

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Message Peter Mirisola
It's always been my contention that there are more dire implications of oil depletion than simply the consequences which would be felt directly by the human race. There have been many studies and much information available regarding the effects of oil shortages on prices, transportation, alternative energy resources and the like. You can find everything that you could imagine about what will happen to society in the event of the loss of petroleum reserves, everything except what I believe may be the most devastating result of the earth's depletion of oil. What happens to the earth?

In the examination of the existence of any particular insect, animal, plant, geological entity or even bacteria we find that each particle, every being has a role in the continuation of the life process of the planet itself, not just on us. It could be a blow to our ego to discover that we are not the most important entity on this planet. As a matter of fact, we are most likely the only presence on earth that not only contributes nothing to the environment but habitually detracts from it or causes it harm. We can find many things which, in our small, self serving minds we consider nuisances or non necessities to us but the fact is that they are only a nuisance to us. Not only do these discomforts not have any negative effects on the environment whatsoever, they all somehow manage to contribute to the cleansing or perpetuation of the healthy growth of our planet.

We see lightning as a destructive force, burning our forests and homes but the fact is that lightning serves a most important function by starting fires which burn off many years of dead growth lying on the forest floor which , if not kept in check would eventually suffocate and destroy all growth. The implications of that would be flooding and an unnatural change in the landscape which would affect far more than the few people who are wealthy enough, although not quite environmentally aware enough, to build a home in the forest. The same applies to humans who insist on living on shorelines, at the base of volcanoes or the edge of a cliff hanging from the side of a mountain. Nature happens and it always,, always has a fundamental purpose.

Each action, every animal or insect, even,the invisible to the eye bacteria serve some positive purpose in the perpetual recycling process of the earth. We are the only creatures who would seek to impede that process with such arrogance that when we discover that we have just about expended an entire resource which the earth has spent millions of years manufacturing our only reactions are to hurry up and finish it off and squeeze every last cent out of it before someone else does and concern ourselves only with the problems that we will encounter when there is no more.

Has it occurred to anyone that the earth produces oil for its own purposes and not ours? I'm not a geologist so I tried to research this question, being the nosy, inquisitive person that I am and do you know what I found? Not much.

Apparently, the earth must be producing oil in an attempt to destroy itself before we do. From what I can gather, if we didn't exhume all of the oil there is in the earth it would eventually fill itself up like a water balloon until there was room for no more and would burst in a large fuel fed fireball and we would become a new sun. So, by sucking the world dry and selling off this dreaded liquid to the public at record breaking prices , the oil companies are actually performing acts of humanity, saving the earth, so to speak. And we thought that they weren't green.

Okay, back to reality. I still have this crazy delusion that crude oil, like every other thing on earth (aside from mankind) serves a useful purpose in the regeneration and upkeep of the planet.

Is it possible, since oil is such an excellent natural lubricant, that the earth needs it as a sort of coolant? Suppose that as the tectonic plates slide and grind across each other at unimaginable pressures building up tremendous levels of heat and energy the oil acts as a lubricant to lower friction and keep the planet from one day experiencing a shift of such magnitude it not only alters the landscape above but creates enough energy to literally blow a sizable chunk of the earth into space, creating a new moon called New England. Well, that just sounds preposterous so I suppose there's not any point in even discussing that. I mean, that's about as unbelievable as saying that someday, a man with the mental capacity of a Mexican jumping bean would somehow not be elected but become the president because of a bizarre array of coincidences, like his brother being the governor of the state with the deciding vote which is questioned but ignored because the Congresswoman of that same state, who makes the final decision, is also his campaign manager. How ridiculous is that?

Okay, then, how about considering that oil may contain certain elements or bacteria which function as an agent for cleansing the lower layer of soil, perhaps filtering and preventing other agents or microbes which may be harmful or deadly to living creatures or the atmosphere from reaching the topsoil and causing a pandemic event which could eliminate life as we know it. Or some other such function. Alright, I suppose when you say that out loud it sounds as stupid as that fictional president, who, after getting in office starts a war that no one wants by lying to everyone about threats which don't exist which goes on for years, contributing to the crash of the economy and lowering our world standing as the most pioneering, strongest ruling country in the world to that of a third world island with a petty dictator. Again, sounds totally impossible.

Try this on. Pockets of oil inside the earth acting as ballast, preventing the globe from wobbling out of control and altering the degree of location and climate of every continent on the sphere. We could wobble ourselves right out of orbit, what do I know?

There could be a multitude of reasons that the earth manufactures oil, the one thing that I'm fairly sure of is that it wasn't intended to be sucked dry by humans for use as a fuel. I mean to say that it's a fairly decent idea as human ideas go as far as a use but do we always put the proper amount of thought into the implications of our actions. Obviously, money blurs, or I should say obliterates our capacity to see much except the figures which follow the dollar sign and the more figures the less we see the effects of our actions on mankind.

Look at all of the multi-million and billionaires on this earth. I would venture that at one time these were decent folk. They maybe, at one time, had much empathy for their fellow man, would never have stood for, nevermind contributed to the madness which ensues when families struggle, people work so hard, at so many jobs to pay the bills, keep food on their families, save for their children's educations or, perish the thought, get seriously ill. All because the more figures that follow the dollar sign, the more they have to have and they have actually become blind to the fact that all of these people suffer simply because they themselves can't get enough. They don't care that they themselves are the reason that the world is going mad and they don't even dare ask what effects they're having on the ecology. Not greenhouse gasses, not water pollution, not even that they may somehow literally demolish the planet, themselves included.

Now, if there's a geologist in the house, could you please explain the basic function of crude oil on the earth and why should we be careful not to run out?

Or, is oil just the planet's excrement and we're doing it a favor by giving it enemas?

Would it be too much trouble to know the answer or are we too afraid?

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