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Don't Let What Happened in New York Happen to You. New Yorkers on Why Repeat Their Primary

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These comments were made on our moveon.org Petition that asks New York Attorney General to obtains a Federal Court order that New York Primary does its primary over again. While writing this, the petition has been signed by 3934 people, and several hundred were from New York and commented on what happened to them personally. Remember that Greg Palast wrote recently that the New York Primary was a harbinger and roll model for the November elections. These comments were all made between May 1 and May 4, 2016.

This is the petition: click here

The need for a new primary is warranted, and some of the evidence is clearly broached in these comments. If Eric Schneiderman, his Civil Rights Bureau Director, Lourdes Rosado, and their staff collectively take the time to read what their fellow New Yorkers are saying to them in the comments, surely they will move forward and ask a Federal Court to order that a new repeated York Primary be held.
1921. Linda LeTendre from Saratoga Springs, NY Don't cheat the people of NY out of their rights.
1918. Matthew Anderson from Camillus, NY If this is a true democracy, the answer is quite obvious.
1958. Ann Marie Gordon Alexander from Stanley, NY My vote should count!!!!!
1989. Tom Bulger from Canandaigua, NY We demand democracy.
2002. Jackie Lewis from Greenwood, IN The voter suppression from the NY primary is a huge embarrassment for our country. As the world champions of Democracy, OUR elections should be squeaky clean. Please correct the damage that has been done! Please do the right thing!
2001. Betty Carmand from Spring Valley, NY Because every vote counts and should be counted.
2000. Sally Silva from Pine City, MN This matters to the entire United States not just to New Yorkers. We demand accountability. You show us how this election has been Fair by any stretch of the definition. You can't do that so let's do this over again.
2017. Brinna Hoover from Shippensburg, PA The NY primary, along with other primaries this year, have had rampant amounts of voter suppression and what some would call cheating campaign tactics from the Clinton campaign. We need a new, fair primary election.
2024. Kayla Granados from Queensbury, NY I'll re-vote for Bernie a million times till he gets the votes he deserves
2032. Margret Linich from Sterling, NY A primary without representation for those registered to vote is flawed.
2030. Libra Deroo from New York, NY No matter who wins, it is important
to me that every step of the process was carried out honestly. That includes having and maintaining an accurate database. This is NOT the case in NYC. Thank you for your serious consideration

2061. Hugo Nery from New York, NY I was one of the long time voters whose name was missing and after many years voting at the same AND being a registered Democrat, I know nothing was done wrong on my part. My name being missing was absurd and a clear sign that something is very wrong! 2066. Peggy Lyons from Floral Park, NY Protect and stand up for our hard-won constitutional rights.
2111. Elsie Collins from Pawtucket, RI We're NOT going away on this, and it is so glaringly obvious that voter tampering is how the DNC plays the game!! NOT on our watch!! NEW primary!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
2122. Ron Benenati from Huntington Station, NY The citizens of NY deserve to have peace-of-mind knowing that our election process is being protected.
2136. Matthew from Middle Village, NY This type of election fraud and voter suppression should never be happening in an American society however I fear many of us have only now come to this realization. The people of NY have enough of these shenanigans so now our elected representatives must dole out the will of the people.
2141. Laurie Smyla from Sloatsburg, NY Hundreds of thousands thrown off the voting roles in Brooklyn and elsewhere around the state!! Disgraceful!!
2165. Wendy Dann from Brooklyn, NY This whole system has been trying to inhibit people from voting. New York is supposed to be "better" than those other states that do a lot to make it hard to register to vote and to vote.
2170. Maggie Carson from Santa Fe, NM
I have heard from friends in Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Venezuela, Bolivia, the UK, and South Africa about what a catastrophic primary this was in terms of the ruinous erosive effects it has had on the very roots of all democracies, and the Primary was only 12 days ago!
Imagine what this will become in the coming months in terms of worldwide perception of you, New York as the new Tammany Hall, and the US in general. However you do this legally, Attorney General, is up to you. Just get it done as relief from whatever you enter in whatever court you deem appropriate. Please don't let your prior membership in the Clinton Leadership Council cloud your thinking.
Ignoring this petition would ultimately be as bad for your career as were the amatory dalliances of your predecessor, Eliot Spitzer, for his career. The fellow who beat him for NY Comptroller ought to step out of his "investigation" of these heists and hijacks of more than 100,000 voting rights, mostly in African American and Hispanic American communities in the Bronx and Brooklyn, or renounce his affiliations with the Clinton Machine. Shame on New York! Please fix this really soon, Eric Schneiderman!
We can't fault the flawed voting processes in other nations when ours are so bad that people in fifteen states, including your own, have made serious inquiries for UN Observers to oversee our elections henceforth. That's all in the future, Eric: this coming week, however, we ask you to call for repeating this primary and getting it right, once and for all.
2183. Jose Venegas from New York, NY I would like to personally tell the investigators, Federal & State what I observed @ the polls. Massive fraud all over!
2187. Frank D Bradford from Freeport, NY The New York Primary was a travesty of democracy. The undemocratic closed primary system that disenfranchises millions of independent voters must also be ended. New York needs an Open Primary with same day registration to vote.
2196. Alfonso Mogaburo Cid from New York, NY Elections ought to be fair and clear. New York State obviously has draconian election rules which disenfranchise and don't encourage participation. Instead it turns voters away. These are the practices you would find in a Third World country rather than a developed society. I demand a re-vote of the New York Democratic Primary.
2200. Edilberto Montemayor from Holt, MI I hope NY's AG moves as expeditiously on this petition as the importance of the matter warrants!
2207. Joe from Elyria, OH My vote was stolen from me. Received a political poll phone call the day before the election that asked for the youngest voting male in the household and grilled me about how progressive and liberal I was. Next day my registration was deleted.
2228. Nadya Filippelli from Douglaston, NY Please do whatever can be done to make me believe in American democracy again!
2231. Ann Atwater from Castleton On Hudson, NY This should happen immediately , This was so shameful to the great state of NY!
2282. Jesse Platero from New York, NY The election was a mess. It is unacceptable that hundreds of thousands of people were dropped from their party affiliation or de-registered entirely. If the state has any intention of making politics at least appear to be fair and just, the election should be re-held.
2296. Arlene Erb from Brooklyn, NY I am a member of Move On and I am extremely worried and concerned regarding voting rights in this country.
2302. Diane Dubuque from Fairfax, VT It's absolutely not just the way voting is unjustly setup in NY. I watched the videos of those auditing the auditors in Chicago and I'm sure it's been so many other places. There is definitive proof that hand tallies were altered to match what the machines tallied. One woman verified she watched 21 votes erased from Bernie and 49 added to Hillary so that this 5% sample size could match. I beg you to take swift action and be concluded before the primaries end. It's the fate of our country at stake. Please!
2307. Harriet Russell from Endwell, NY : Though a registered Democrat voting at my usual polling station, my name was missing from the rolls! Had to file an affidavit ballot, and I have no idea if it was counted, or not! I tried calling your office...was given the # of the civil rights office....called mid-morning. Got a machine. No one ever called back!!!
2350. Charllotte Koons from Northport, NY People are screaming FRAUD! Irregularities! Like in kindergarten, Let's have a Do-Over!
2366. Christopher UHL from WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY I'm so upset at all the irregularities in the election. You'd think we were Alabama or something. This stuff shouldn't happen in New York. I have no faith in the results of the election.

2370. Julia Vishnepolsky from New York, NY These Primaries elections should be voided
2369. Oliver Zeichner from Northfield, VT Disenfranchisement and
suppression of the common people's voice should not be accepted as the normal, and I do not accept that it is okay to silence us.
2388. Kimberly Traucins from Terre Haute, IN The only right thing to do to correct this and show the world NY is a leader in democracy. You can be the hero or the villain. Your choice.
2387. Katherine Schock from Rock Springs, WY This needs to be remedied! We will not yield on our voting rights!
2408. James Ansel from Port Washington, NY . On April 19, 2016 our democratic form of governance was by severe irregularities maligned. This attack compromising representative government is a greater danger than terrorism.
2412. D. Winter from Williston, VT . The conduct of an election, any election, goes to the heart of any nation's commitment to principles of democracy and of law. These principles become the foundation for any government's legitimacy to rule. Systemic unfairness in the electoral process casts a long dark shadow of doubt over both those who govern as well as those who administer the law. Faith and trust are all a people have, when these are taken away anarchy cannot be far behind.
2433. Marylis Saltzmann from Highland lakes, NJ . America has been trying to shove , I mean expose democracy in all parts of the globe. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could master it here first????? Otherwise it's just a complete sham, isn't it??????
2455. Mary Wallace from Bakersfield, CA . You expect California to fix this?
2460. Dan Shulla from Brockport, NY . New Yorkers insist on this!
2529. Patricia Goldsmith from Hudson, NY . Outrageous!
2527. Karen Fetty from Hudson, NY New Yorkers should be ashamed at how the 2016 Presidential Primary was handled.
2541. Jean Elizabeth Glass from Guilford, CT I hate what's happened in my home state. Please let New Yorkers voices be heard!
2547. B. E. Murphy from Park Forest, IL . I concur with the author of the Petition here. The tampering, interference with and obstruction exhibited and had in New York to mostly unsuspecting voters was so convoluted that there is no way that a lawsuit, itself, would adequately uncover the entire depth of election fraud and voter suppression had upon the tax-paying voters of New York. A new date set for a New York Primary should be set, with OPEN Primary, paper ballots offered, the same hours across the State at the polls and, poll watching in place at all polling locations. THIS needs to be done and done quickly ... this is the ONLY WAY that election integrity can be had in New York and the 2016 Primary.
2554. Astrid Luchian from Kew Gardens, NY . Counting provisional ballots is NOT good enough. I will encourage people to individually sue for their rights if you don't fix this.
2558. Dan Kelly from Mission Viejo, CA . The voter suppression in NY is reprehensible and counter to our democracy, regardless of who it is that is responsible. NY MUST have a new election!
2580. Doug Abramson from Poughkeepsie, NY We need to makes the voting in NY totally transparent and reliable and make it easy to register and vote in NY. Right now I have no faith that the voting counts are accurate. It is much too easy to hack into the current voting software. Independents need to be able to vote in the primaries and there should be same day voting registration.
2595. Diane O from St Petersburg, FL . Please do this in the name of true Democracy. It is imperative we return to the values our country was founded upon.
2669. Jill Obrig from Kingston, NY Find out why people were not registered, why people were purged from voting lists, why there were less times for upstate people to vote- it was suppression in NYS!
2698. Mitchel Cohen from Brooklyn, NY

I have spoken with so many eligible voters who should have been -- but were not -- provided with provisional ballots that it seems there was an intentional plot to keep them from voting. It's not sufficient remedy to simply count the provisional ballots that were submitted, as that would exclude the large number of eligible voters who were not afforded even THAT opportunity.
2717. Nabin Mandal from Forest Hills, NY . Dear Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Please protect New York voters and deliver us maximum justice. Please apply civil RICO or Enterprise Corruption against the Board of Elections. Restore our faith because too many New Yorkers have been demoralized by this blatant corruption. Please take a stand for New York today.
2725. Deborah Frichette from Lantana, FL . So how does it feel to know NY has joined FL in the crazy voting problems and manipulations by the supervisor of elections, in the selection of George Bush Jr.
2737. Daniel LaLiberte from Acton, MA . Or invalidate the election and throw out the delegates.
2811. Shauna Palmer from Norwood, CO . I appreciate your statement that you'd investigate what happened, but to accomplish a correction--re-balloting--of the NY Primary for this very election, I believe would be the only way to properly proceed.
2853. Pamela Wyeth from Copake Falls, NY .

I was very distressed as a New Yorker by the violations, people dropped from rolls w/o their permission & alleged criminal actions which kept people from voting. I would also like to see it changed so that all registered voters can vote. It is immoral to block half of the reg. voters from voting. Since it appears these machines can easily be hacked, I further request that all paper ballots be counted to ensure that they match the machines. I actually would love to see us go back to the old manual machines which were pretty much tamper proof & didn't experience failures as the new electronic machines do. The people have the right to vote & to have their vote counted!

2860. Dianne Noblett from Mechanicville, NY

There have been to many irregularities in the voting process and they are all benefiting Hillary....so tell me something isn't rotten in her campaign!!! In order to make this primary actually mean something we need another one to prove Hillary is gaming the system and it must stop. When are we the American people going to be given a fair shake here, we don't want another candidate shoved down our throat that we do not want!!!
2909. RENEE SAHD from Albuquerque, NM ATTY GENERAL PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS SOON. The world is watching what you do about this.
2914. Karen Kuhnle from Marquette, MI . Ask the UN to hold them. With all the issues we are having a neutral group would be best to take the counts

2971. Ashala Gabriel from Nyack, NY . I was one of many names suddenly removed from the NY registered voting lists this primary , so had to use a Provisional ballot which didn't count. I like so many of us deserve to have my vote tallied.
2988. William Kelly from SPEONK, NY . It is the right thing to do
3025. Joanna Heller from Cos cob, CT . I am shocked and dismayed at the election fraud in my home state!
3022. Janis Swoveland from Rossville, GA . Our democratic process is being sabotaged- it's an outrage! We need justice!
3018. Susan Stilwell from Danville, VA . I expected disenfranchising voters in The South but never expected it would happen in the State of New York. Such a travesty to rig and manipulate America's voters.
3056. Ronald Kuriloff from Malverne, NY . The NY Primary was a disaster. Please consider the voters who were thwarted and possibilities of various frauds at that time.
3055. Kathleen L. Province from Santa Fe, NM . Dear Attorney General: Shame on NY for the abuses in the Primary, but this is your best chance to repair the damage, by pressing for a new primary.
3049. Judith Bristol from Ithaca, NY . It would be great to have a fair primary held with oversight to prevent this voter restriction and possible fraud from happening again.

3065. Johanna Belson from Beverly Hills, CA . Dear Attorney General: You have a chance and the obligation to get this done correctly.
3075. Helen Tirben from Dayton, OH . This is only fair and needs to happen so we can believe in this country again. New York and Pennsylvania and Arizona and Illinois where there has been proven election fraud need a do over!
3079. Anis Shivani from Houston, TX .
The New York primary was marked by unprecedented and dramatic violations of voting fairness. If this election cycle is to have any legitimacy at all, the only recourse is to have a redo of the primary. This would put New York in the Avant-garde of reestablishing the primacy of voting fairness.
3088. Carolyn Messina-Yauchzy from Syracuse, NY .
I am deeply ashamed of the blow my state has dealt democracy. A second primary might begin to address this, but only if we have poll watchers; let's ask the U.N., or Amnesty International. Seriously. And, this is just the tip of this election's corruption.
3096. Marcie J Newman-Perskin from Flushing, NY We want our Votes Counted 6 District in Flushing Queens FRAUD I asked a question and was Ushered out by Main Campaign Head
3110. Lena Desousa from Oswego, NY

NY is suppressing voters- NY must become open primary. NY allowed the Clintons to create distraction in Brooklyn at polling places thus making it impossible for many voters to vote- NY needs to not allow the fox in the hen house DNC to investigate itself. NY needs to listen to all the people who were disenfranchised during primary & had their party status illegally taken from them- many were Bernie Sanders voters who were not allowed their civil right to vote. NY needs to catch up with the times for the people have lost trust in both parties & in NY- Many NY people feel NY is completely corrupt- Please do your elected duty & investigate all that was done wrong during this 2016 Democratic primary!
3138. Paul Flansburg from Rochester, NY Just because other primaries tolerate fraud doesn't mean that we have to! Didn't we elect an attorney general to address grave matters?
3157. John Davis from Manhattan, NY . I was purged from the NY primary without my knowledge, without my consent. I was a democrat in good standing and there is no excuse for such duplicity. The NY Primary was a fraud and I demand justice!
3195. Nancy Walsh from St Petersburg, FL . My elderly father us one if the people who's status had been changed just prior to the election. He may not get another chance....His vote needs to count!

3254. Justin Weisberg from San Francisco, CA . Exit poll data shows major discrepancies in democratic polls, but not republican polls. I suspect foul play.
3249. Liuqi from Geneva, NY New York should not be shamed for corrupting democracy.
3268. Regine Urbach from New York, NY Correct the fraud.
3306. Michael Johnson from Gorham, ME . When hundreds of thousands of voters have been illegally disenfranchised, whether through malice or not, democracy has not been served. This must be corrected by the only
legitimate means, a new primary.
3322. Taraneh Vargha from Pittsford, NY . It is about justice and true democracy
3318. Lynda Garner from SPARROW BUSH, NY . Everyone should have the right to vote and every vote should be counted!

3335. Tristan Averett from Lisbon, Portugal Mr. Attorney General, As a former resident of the state of New York, I was very concerned to see the reports of voter disenfranchisement during this year's primary. The results should not be certified, in my opinion. There needs to be a comprehensive investigation, and disenfranchised voters who were turned away or given provisional ballots given a chance to vote correctly.
3344. Carl Wolf from Burlington, VT . This insults every soldier who has served our country in the name of Democracy.
3356. Barbara Beames from Santa Fe, NM Please take care of this soon. This cannot occur in the California primary or any of the others upcoming primaries. Our voices will be heard! Please send a great example for 49 other Attorneys General to follow.
3359. Dustin Watson from Binghamton, NY . The amount of voter disenfranchisement going on in our country, the 'birthplace of modern democracy', is disgusting.
3368. Janinne Rankin from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia . From far away in Australia, New York is starting to look like the old days in Tammany Hall. Can you please correct this impression, if it is not true, Attorney General?
3395. Neil Madero from Staten Island, NY . The great state of New York should lead in open and fair elections.
3392. Marilyn Perez from New York, NY . BOE --- Tammany Hall, you gotta go!
3403. Jacinta Rincon from Canandaigua, NY Our primary should also be open, too many voices are left unheard in a closed primary
3413. Ana Auspitz from Pittsford, NY, NY As a resident of NY state and as one of your constituents, I am certain that doing over this flawed primary is vital towards reaching an accurate and honest election for NY State's part of the Presidential Primary.
3436. Susan Halliman from BLASDELL, NY This type of interference in the American citizens right to vote cannot be tolerated. please right this wrong and allow New York State voters a clean, fair election!
3446. Ron Wetzell from Minneapolis, MN . If this Country can't stand on the principle of fair elections, then it betrays itself.
3490. Renee Hoffinger from Gainesville, FL . Do we need international observers? Really?!
3496. Jen Epstein from Brooklyn, NY . Every vote should count!! It is our right. The BOE is denying that right if they do not count these votes every NYer who showed up to the polls deserves to have a voice in the electoral process. Do the right thing!!!
3514. Ellen Gendron from Chicopee, MA . as a country we can't afford to allow a crooked election where it gave the election to the person cheating
3556. Jim Willson from Liverpool, NY . Without a re-vote this will be your biggest failure.

3564. Lisa Barri from New York, NY . It is imperative that this is done! Taking away the basic constitutional rights of the citizens of this country and this state undermines the cohesiveness of our people and society, and makes us further feel that we are no a part of this country, as we no longer have rights, and have no voice. What country do I live in?!
3571. Edie Bikle from Honokaa, HI . This voting fraud in many states is beyond ridiculous-come on-we are not stupid here-we see what's going on with the rigging. Jail those responsible and have a re-vote. or a revolution.
3609. Darin Singleton from Los Angeles, CA . The further erosion of public trust in your office, and of the integrity of the voting system is in your hands.

3608. Julia Nadeau from Lincoln, NE . This last primary election in NY has left a bad taste in my mouth because when so many voters have had their party affiliation changed, documented issues with voting machines and the outright disenfranchisement of more than 100,000 voters in one Brooklyn alone, it calls into question the validity of our elections and by proxy our very Democracy. Please restore my faith in a system that has been failing so many in our country for so long: request a Federal Court Order for a new primary election in the state of New York.
3618. Simonetta Sambataro from LIC, NY New York primaries should be open primaries. It goes against freedom to vote if you put restrictions.
3636. Jeffrey R. Broido from Kingston, NY . The 2016 New York State Democratic primary was marred and, yes, invalidated by clearly intentional fraud. The results should not be certified as certification would be fraudulent as well.
3664. Matthew Mackey from Kerhonkson, NY . The voter suppression in NY for this primary was ludicrous. Let the people's voice be heard.
3680. Rosemary Milici from High Falls, NY Poll sites were changed the day before primary in New Paltz and Kingston with no notice.
3679. John Thompson from Kingston, NY . Need honest results
3696. Renee Scorsone from Canandaigua, NY . Right the wrong now
3694. Gloria Waslyn from Port Ewen, NY . Fraud at the polls cheats all American citizens.
3718. Susan L. Schwartz from Suffern, NY . For goodness sakes... make this a real democracy! Do your job and make them do theirs!
3727. Linda Rasmussen from Henrietta, TX . I am outraged that the voter fraud is nearly negligent while the election fraud is rampant in our country!

3740. Isaac from Brooklyn, NY . We do not accept the results of NY without a proper count, and accommodations to those disenfranchised by willful incompetence.
3737. Jesse Bonelli from Brooklyn, NY
There is more than enough evidence of fraud which plagued our election in New York to suspend and postpone our primary election results. Any less action would be criminal
3750. Jerry Maloney from Holiday, FL Corruption and fraud in the voting process is very serious and should be dealt with as such. If we as Americans are to have a representative democracy, we MUST protect and enforce voting rights with fair and honest regulations.
3755. John Chiarolanzio from New Paltz, NY What can you say when 100000 people are disenfranchised in Brooklyn alone?
3768. Jorge Ochoa from Penacook, NH . Can Brooklyn Vote Please?
3795. Jason Wingate from New York, NY . I witnessed ballot fraud, with the people counting the votes

3798. Linda Higgins-Green from Belleville, IL . We need a do over in EVERY state due to the preparedness of the BOEs and voter suppression!!!
3815. Cindy from Pasadena, MD . We need credible elections in this country. What happened in NY is shameful and embarrassment. How can we say we are the leader of the free world when this kind of a shenanigans is allowed to happen with the world watching? Would such a person be perceived as the real President? No. Would American be perceived as a fair country? No. We deserve for this election to be done over so that thousands of people who were illegally purged from the system can vote. This needs to be addressed!!!
3813. Anthony Hallt from Kidderminster, United Kingdom . Clinton-democrat; bush -republican; both guilty of Voter Fraud; both backed by Wall St.
3820. Elda Gentile from West Hurley, NY . They MUST not endorse the results of this Fraudulent election
3831. Marsha Wiley from Myersville, MD . Please do the right thing and show America and the world that America is a democracy and that we value every vote and we are willing to admit when things are incorrect and make them right. Thank you.
3830. Murad Sarameh from Albuquerque, NM . Please take this petition seriously and act on it soon with your instruction to your Director of the Civil Rights Division. Thank you.
3860. James Hollis from Nantucket, MA . Obviously, Brooklyn was a sham... The voters deserve to have a fair election process, as it is their right, regardless of whether the Clinton political machine feels it can just rig the process to their own advantage. That is corruption and fraud. Hillary Clinton has already lost thousands and thousands of votes due this nonsense and the Democratic Party would be wise to nominate Bernie Sanders, as he is the only one in the race with the vision and integrity to move this country into the future for the betterment of all humanity.
3878. Joyce Messing from South San Francisco, CA . It would be only right that we know how people of New York really voted!
3877. Anna White from Olympia, WA . We need honesty in our election process; do the right thing. And, it starts with you!
3894. Kristy Cash from Denver, CO

Please, Attorney General Schneiderman: Restore our faith in the integrity of all democratic processes, in every nation. The United States is always quick to criticize the breakdown of electoral integrity in developing nations, but, sir: what happened in your state was as bad as any of the nations we criticize.

Why don't you ask Jimmy Carter to head up the oversight committee for a new primary. He has recently made it clear that because of these phony primaries, he believes that America no longer has a functioning democracy. You can repair that, and also why not ask UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to participate, as well as ask the FBI Director to lend you some of his best computer forensic experts for the new primary?

For the FBI, seeing through voting machine fraud and "flipping" votes just might be quite easy for them to evaluate. Glad to learn through Facebook that your Civil Rights Bureau now is considering the request in this petition: this means that it becomes actionable under both Federal and NY statutes. Even if the mainstream media continues to remain oblivious to this effort, as Shakespeare wrote in the Merchant of Venice: "At the length, truth will out."
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