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Krystal Ball: DNC Bias In Your Face

Message Crystal Ball

The DNC is rigging the primary from the getgo, and they don't seem to care who knows it.

DNC said they wanted to wait until all returns were in before making an announcement, in order to be fair to all. Then they leaked selective precincts, withholding others, while rejecting the returns reported by any precint that sought to bypass the cell phone app. Which app was, incidentally, programmed by Buttigieg supporters.

Before the primary, the media suppressed polls showing that Bernie was the hands-down favorite. After results are in, they cite those polls to spin Bernie's big win as a disappointment because of course he had been expected to sweep the state.

Here's the AI generated transcript from the youtube video:

all right crystal what's on your radar

well guys it was rigged what can I tell

you it's not a conspiracy

it is a simple objective statement of

fact let me explain what I mean here

after waiting nearly an entire day and

endless speeches about how it was better

to be late than wrong and a day of

chastising Sanders supporters for

doubting the fairness of a process run

by people with manifest contempt for

them the Iowa Democratic Party made the

absolutely inexplicable decision to

release a partial set of data from the

Iowa caucuses that showed 62% of the

vote totals let's listen we have said

all along that we were going to make

these caucuses the most transparent

possible this year we're reporting out

more data than we ever have reported

before and in addition to that we have

paper trails that we've never had before

and so we're gonna take the time we need

to verify these results but these

results are being based off what

happened in the precincts last night

why why in the world would you take a

mess of already historic proportions and

make it even worse sewing even more

mistrust into a process that was already

so catastrophic Li laden with mistrust

falling the dnc efforts to anoint

hillary back in 2016 as friend of the

show Matt Stoller tweeted yesterday

there is no better example a Bernie

Sanders implicit argument that everyone

in Democrat establishment politics needs

to be fired then last night let me just

say this trust is something that has to

be earned and today there is absolutely

no reason for any anti-establishment

supporter to trust that the process will

unfold fairly for them how can you

possibly look at a final Des Moines

Register poll with positive results for

birdie that gets spiked by the peek

campaign by the way followed by a caucus

in which Pete claims victory when zero

percent of the results are in that turns

into a gigantic debacle due to an app

developed by people with close ties to

be who have openly expressed contempt

for Sanders you cannot look at that

whole timeline and really expect a group

of people who are consistently smeared

and dissed by the establishment who feel

like they are getting a fair shake of

course they don't feel that way but as

if that wasn't enough as if they hadn't

done enough damage to any sense of trust

in our basic democratic institutions

which they have clearly sold to a

coalition of grifters and donors the PSD

resistance came yesterday evening I'm

not alleging a grand conspiracy here not

at all but a potent combination of media

and Democratic establishment contempt

combined with utter incompetence created

a perfect opportunity for local party

officials to cherry-pick the media

presentation of results and that is

exactly what happened again that's not

conspiracy it is just literally stating

what happened party officials decided to

release 62% of the results at 5:00 p.m.

with absolutely zero transparency about

how they pick those precincts or you

know when we might expect to get the

other 38% of the vote we did get a

little bit more over the night when's

the rest of it coming who knows

effectively erasing massive swathes of

Iowa voters not to mention the

incredibly hard

work of all of the volunteers and

organizers who put their heart and soul

into turning out every last person they

possibly could remember on election

night results roll in as they come

there's no cherry-picking there everyone

understands that results are incomplete

but this was something altogether

different this was a group of party

elites controlling which numbers the

public would get and when they would get

them with massive implications for the

media narrative which is by the way the

only thing that really matters coming

out of Iowa and sure enough every major

Network ran with it of course they did

they had no other choice you don't call

that rigging I'm not sure what it is

really now let's not forget that this is

the very same Democratic Party that has

been parading around for years now with

valid complaints about an electoral

college process that privileges rural /

urban this little gem didn't age very

well at risk of sounding a little

simplistic one thing I believe is that

in an American presidential election

person who gets the most votes ought to

be a person who wins something tells me

that all the folks who have been

relentlessly reminding us that Hillary

Clinton won the popular vote are not

going to do a similar celebration for

what appears to be a decisive popular

vote victory for Bernie Sanders or at

least for 62 percent of the results now

honestly no matter what candidate you

support you should be outraged by the

kind of incompetence and meddling that

could so tarnish the nominating process

of one America merica is two great

political parties if Russian Botts were

somehow involved you can bet that MSNBC

would be in full meltdown mode for years

to come but because it benefits one of

their anointed preferred candidates

they'll just accept it instead meanwhile

the media has decided that Iowa's

terrible for Bernie because he didn't

meet expectations just mentioned that

Bernie Sanders set expectations very

high and whatever happens it's not clear

he will have met them even if he does

eke out a lead it won't be a decisive

win in Iowa not the kind of decisive win

that I think he was looking for so I

could make the case that three

candidates underperformed expectations

Bernie Sanders who set them so high

he literally won the most votes what are

you even talking about right now but in

all of the days don't miss the fact that

bernie is in fact better position than

any other candidate right now to go the

distance he is truly the front-runner at

this point why well just take a look at

this key stat from the exit polls in

spite of all the direct attacks coming

from the health insurance industry and

many of the candidates for the

nomination on Medicare for all roughly 6

in 10 caucus goers said they supported

replacing all private health insurance

with a single government plan for

everyone this matches recent polling in

South Carolina which shows that 82% of

African Americans and voters aged 55 to

64 support Medicare for all at the same

time exit polls show that Bernie Sanders

won an astonishing 43% of voters of

color dominating the next closest

competitor among the type of voters who

will ultimately decide the Democratic

nominee Biden as of Lattin last night at

least he had not won a single majority

African American precinct in the state

which is stunning the party elites may

have to be dragged kicking and screaming

to it but the party base is making their

voice clear and ultimately they will not

be denied sauger the day before the Iowa

caucus of the day of we predicted how

the media would never give Bernie

Sanders a win here no matter what

happened now here he is like clearly I

mean one thing that looks quite clear is

that he will end up getting the most

votes we still don't have all the totals

and cetera et cetera but it was so

predictable that no matter what he did

it was that he didn't meet expectation

of win he didn't do well enough he

didn't he set the bar too high he's the

first loser somehow in the broth well

why are you undermining faith in the

democratic process crystal why you want

the Democrats to win and and this is

what I'm talking about which is that if

you open your eyes they can't win they

can't run a basic election then they

completely mishandle this entire thing

it's more than 24 hours after the votes

are cast in a tiny state with not that

many voters we do not know how many

people voted we do not know who won the

election even by their own metrics that

they have come out and we're supposed to

have faith in these people in order to

deliver a fair process I think

it's utterly and completely ridiculous

and so we like this we know these people

hate Bernie Sanders there's no secret

about and that's what drives me crazy is

the way that they attack you and many

others who are you know who are causing

doubt about this entire thing and saying

hey the implicit here's the thing most

of the time people don't consciously be

like let's screw him what they do is

they're like well we have two options

here we can wait until we have

everything or we can wait to release the

parcel results now and by the way it

doesn't hurt that it benefits another

candidate that's how it goes it's biases

all about the implicit little decisions

that compound that into something in

which everything anybody with open eyes

knows what is going on here and then

they gasp light and they say how dare

you undermine faith in the democratic

process and you're like I just want a

fair shake right all I'm asking is that

you release the results maybe all at the

same time so that we can just decipher

them you know with the full context that

they deserve instead they decided to

play this and by the way it doesn't hurt

that it hurts somebody that they don't

they don't like that's exactly right and

you just ask yourself this simple

question if it had been reversed if the

these 62 percent results I think now

we're at like 68 or 7 or so it's

everywhere there we go seventy-two

percent at this point if those results

had showed a Bernie Sanders narrow lead

would they still put out par spider

bolts yeah and see that's the thing it's

like they made a decision and this is

the part it's not a conspiracy this is

literally what happened party elites

decided we are going to put out partial

results wrote with no transparency into

why these pursuits that's just what we

have when are we getting the rest of

them none of that and it just so happens

to benefit a candidate that they happen

to like so it you know to to cast

aspersions on Sanders or yang or any

other anti-establishment supporters who

look at this process and say we don't

feel like we're getting a fair deal here

look they have every reason to be

mistrustful of these people you haven't

earned their trust and you've got a lot

more work to do I'm sorry at this you're

not crazy and neither are you if you

doubt this indeed all right Sagar

looking forward to your radar that is


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Krystal Ball: DNC Bias In Your Face

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