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General News    H3'ed 2/10/09

Conservatism's Time Is Up ... Good Ridance To Bad Trash

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Message Jon Faulkner
Listening to the republicans promoting their version of the stimulus package is astonishing as they argue the same tired out nonsense that has put the nation on an ever deepening economic morass. As one would expect, they want more tax cuts instead of sending desperately needed money to the states. Increasing health maintenance funding, and restoring state’s budgets for depleted unemployment insurance and infrastructure expenditures in lieu of more tax breaks is proper. The vast majority of the world’s economists agree.

Of course the republicans insist that rewarding the people who have visited such calamity on the nation is the right course. They’re talking about the people’s money. Handing it over without question, or accountability is the conservative way. Screw them. Let all those conservative bankers and republican campaign contributors bite the dust. Socialism would be far more preferable than what the republicans have demonstrated as Free Market Capitalism. If one more congressional republican says trickle down economics! Private sector deregulation! Take Grover Norquist’s advice and drown the SOB in the nearest bathtub

Obama would give states additional funding for infrastructure projects. But the republicans, ignoring Obama’s clear mandate from American voters, are anxious to see the U.S. drop into a full depression. Robert Freeman says, “the U.S. needs to borrow in excess of $2 trillion this year, and perhaps as much again next year. It is an astonishing, almost inconceivable sum, four times the amount the nation borrowed in its first 204 years combined.” Such is the condition that the fiscally conservative republicans have left the nation in. Yet they continue their drooling diatribes - their loud, mule like braying.

It’s astonishing they have the gall to open their mouths at all. But open them they do, and out pours the same ridiculous assertions they’ve always ascribed to. Tax and spend liberals, they rave, as their own deliberate efforts have hamstrung the nation. They’re promising to do better if only Americans will give them another chance to whack them again, as if Americans could survive more of the conservative republicans contributions to democracy. They want less government. But every republican fat-cat CEO in the nation has his hand out to Uncle Sam, that under Bush the Dumber, got it filled with taxpayer cash. They want to keep lowering taxes until the nation is left without a revenue base. They don’t mention that would eliminate most, if not all, of the services the U.S. Government provides its citizens. That is, of course, what they want. They want the U.S. reduced to Third World Status. They’ve been driven for the last 8 years to do precisely that. If they haven’t succeeded they’ve certainly come close. Unless Obama can extricate himself and the nation from the quicksand the republicans left him as a fare thee well, the nation is doomed. It’s decent into Third World status is guaranteed.

Republicans should be shunned as lepers. They are bad news. They are against any advancement that free people may achieve. They don’t like the U.S. Constitution. It runs counter to their perceived notions of right and wrong. For instance. It’s right to consign the majority of Americans to servitude. They make perfect fools of Americans, and with the help of the Fox News Show, succeed admirably. The only question left to consider is whether or not they be ostracized as a viable political party. At the least they should answer for the last 8 years of war, debt, and the withdrawal from the world as a nation that’s now unwelcome in the World Community. Americans are going to have to realize that they’ve sung their last hurrah, and its hollow sound didn’t resonate. Rush Limbaugh should be publicly lynched. His stupidity is no excuse for his traitorous behavior.

George Bush was twice given office by nefarious means. The first appointment was by a Right Wing Supreme Court. Obama must demand the resignations of those so called justices who voted to award Bush the White House. If they had performed their service to the nation as they were sworn to do, none of the current nightmare would be happening. Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad must be revisited. Congress needs to revisit that decision from 1888, because obviously the Supreme a**holes can’t be trusted to act in the best interests of the nation.

The main stream media is accountable too. The Fox News Show is poisoness to the nation’s health. Rupert Murdoch couldn’t care less how his bank account grows. If it enriches Murdoch it’s good - for him. And that’s all he cares about. Murdoch is trash. And so isn’t his programming. That Americans have put up with him for so long is testament to their collective apathy and ignorance. Murdoch should be runoff, preferably tarred and feathered. He is squarely in the way of free society.

The republicans will keep lying, exaggerating and in other ways diminishing the truth. That’s what they must do, if they’re to remain a cohesive party. If Americans knew the truth about their motives for shrinking the government, republicans would be in fear for their lives. They want to see a weakened U.S. They desire a rudderless nation, with no clear goals, or long term hopes for the citizenry. They got that with Dubya. An intellectual pygmy, devoid of brains, and completely absent the qualities required to lead a Boy Scout Troop, never mind a nation. But the democratic majority in Nancy Pelosi’s House is still letting the republicans poke her with the scary stick. What the hell is wrong with the woman? And why is she still occupying her leadership position? She’s worse than the enemy. At least the enemy reveals itself.

Congressional democrats are going to have to find some leadership. Without it, they’re consigned to impotence, or their standard, frightened neutrality. Democrats, a majority with a clear mandate are anxious, to avoid at any cost, a confrontation with the republicans. Somehow they’ve missed the message that voters gave them a clear mandate. Pelosi says that republican cuts to Obama’s stimulus package will “
"do violence to what we are trying to do for the future." Very good Nancy. So what’s keeping you from using that gavel you’ve got, and keeping the republicans from spewing more venomous vitriol to destroy Obama in any way they can, even as he attempts to stop the hemorrhaging that that the damned republicans brought about. Republicans would rather, being racist anyway, run their ugly mouths in attempting to take back what they so decidedly lost in the election. McCain, who got squashed like a bug is, like republicans everywhere, undeterred in his absolutions that government be deliberately paralyzed. The senile old fool can be depended upon to push Humpty Dumpty off the wall, over and over again.

Reid, the Senate majority leader, and Pelosi have got to come down hard. They need to show the republicans that after 8 long years of moronic allegiance to trickle down and private sector deregulation they will brook no more bullshit. Bang the gavel. Tell the conservative halfwits that despise the U.S. Constitution that there are new rules. Let them run squalling to Rush Limbaugh. But don’t let them influence any more decision making, now that a decent and good man is in the White House.

U.S. foreign relations experts, which mean they can’t find their ass with both hands, keep insisting the U.S. hegemony is alive and well. Nothing could be further from the truth. The World looks askance at the U.S, and wonders what’s wrong with a nation that had a prevalent influence over the world but threw it away. The U.S, thanks to the republicans, will shortly be reduced to begging for handouts from foreign lenders. Incredibly, the conservative republicans, which under another name would be, the fuckups who destroyed a nation, are still squalling full bore about the democrat’s propensity to favor the citizenry. Republicans should be outlawed as a philosophy of … thought? An oxymoron, to include the words republican and thought in the same sentence. For it’s very much outside the providence of rationality that they think at all. Deep within what passes for a republican brain, lies a deep seated conviction that if they don’t get everything, no one else should have it either.

Look at them. Their haircuts announce their strict conformity and their anxiousness to march in place with nary a thought entering their empty heads. They are unimaginative and forsaken of any hope or challenge for the future. For a conservative, this is a relief, as adverse to thinking as they are. Occasionally they may become aware of a spark. A dim and distant synapse between axiom and dendrite. But such things in a conservative are shrugged off as meaningless. Having no capacity for entertaining notions of progression, they disregard any invitation to the future. Conservatives have convinced themselves that by shutting off their minds, it follows that the rest of the world is doing the same. This is a form of insanity, or at least, mental illness. Conservative republicans should not be suffered as a political party. Today, as they scramble to recoup their losses, from the 2008 elections, they appeal to Americans to give them another chance with the wrecking ball. Many voters, who watched as they destroyed the U.S. economy and deplete the U.S. Treasury, are ready to put them back in charge. These are those Americans who think Sarah Palin is intelligent.

The democrats, for their part, don’t seem aware that the republic is being stolen from beneath their noses. Pelosi and Reid, those weaklings, must be replaced with other democrats of strength and conviction. Obama won the election overwhelmingly. The media didn’t like to say electoral landslide, but the racist, Rupert Murdoch, with his traitorous Fox News Show, considered counting too challenging. The truth? McCain and his retarded pal got steamrolled.

Is it campaign contributions that keep Pelosi and Reid from unequivocally supporting Obama? Or is it cowardice? And if it is, what do they think they have to loose? Are they somehow maneuvering for position? And if so, what position might that be? Their spineless propensities have been on public display for years. It’s impossible for Pelosi or Reid to restore any confidence the voters may have once had in them. Go away, Nancy. And take Harry with you. You’re nothing but a pair of pests, obstructing the way forward.

The republicans are determined to destroy the U.S. Harry and Nancy are determined to help them as they do nothing to obstruct the continuous and incalculable damage the traitorous republicans are determined to visit on the nation. Where is their patriotism? No one expects Thomas Jefferson to reincarnate in their place, but at least they could stop enabling more republican malfeasance. Foreign lenders watch the U.S. die from economic deprivation. They are not inclined to loan money to a nation of morons who stood by while their republic was stolen from under their noses. They consider, and rightly so, that if Americans aren’t smart enough to detect the root cause of their problems, then why should they extend more latitude, or loans?

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Jon Faulkner is a licensed Master Mariner. He has long considered the conservative republican mindset a form of mental illness. He lives in northern Maine.
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