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Collosal failure of Democratic party

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John Peebles
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I've stopped writing at OpEdNews for some time due to the editorial bias that has crept in after the 2016 election.

I believe the President Obama authorized the use of propaganda on the American people in the last days of his administration. He created a group which has actively undermined the legitimately elected President by introducing false narratives and coordinating censorship of conservative views.

This unAmerican treachery has been justified under the grounds that Trump shouldn't have been elected. It's a revision of reality--a retreat to a PC world that doesn't solve real world issues but redefines the world in a way where Trump is the villain and they're our saviors. This self-infatuated, cloistered, Ivory Tower world isn't the flyover--it's a perversion of traditional American values and free speech by Big Tech monopolies.

The same crowd that blew it in '16 is still in charge of the only national party that can replace Trump and his party. The method to do this is winning elections and the Democrats have great candidates. What I don't get is why there obsessed with the Russia narrative and with that fishing expedition fading, the Kavanaugh rape allegations. Neither of these is substantiated. Both are propaganda that have no basis in truth.

Russia started out as election meddling. It ended up with prostitution predating the election. No one associated with Trump has been charged with a crime related to the election.

And now a similar baseless pogrom has pursued Kavanaugh with fake accusations. His family has been subjected to relentless harassment which has spread to GOP representatives, including death threats and other terroristic tactics. These are undemocratic, emotionally-hinged childish responses to things beyond their control.

I find it utterly repulsive that highly rational people on the Left are calling fro violence. Equally repulsive is the social media's acceptance of hatespeech against whites in the form of Sarah Jeong's comments. This despicable racism is tolerated by the Left and anyone who disagrees is censored.

For this reason, I have no choice but to side with the Republicans as the champions of free speech. This right is enshrined in the Constitution. No law much less some flash of temporal insanity like that which has struck the Democrats since the '16 election can be allowed to shake the foundations of our democracy.

What's missing is tact. The Democrats smeared Trump with the Russian lies and now it's Kavanaugh and mind control expert Ford. These are dated and unsubstantiated.

Why Democrats are succumbing to the hysteria is beyond me when so many more effective approaches exist to framing the party and GOP alternative based on rational appeal. Instead media repeats the lies ad nausea and mindless leftists screech in rage and indignation. None of this is political resistance--it's hysteria.

Look to what worked. Obama/Axelrod. Bush/Rove. Both these pairs knew how to attract the right parts of the electorate to their candidate. So they won. Emotional appeal, hysteria, indignation, etc. are not part of the winning formulae. Nor are identity politics--the insane idea the people will vote together because they share an identity.

The most alienating and gratuitous sale that politicians can make is one that treats groups of people the same way because of their race or ethnicity or gender or age or SO or... WE DON"T THINK LIKE THAT! So stop with your liberal think tank BS and get out here to the flyover and you'll begin to see what people really want not what you think they want. Your coastal hubs are dreary PC-controlled monocultures that lack any outreach to those who think differently and this cultural myopia dooms your party. Why not make inclusion the central focus of the party? Inclusion requires tolerance not intolerance, even if the behaviors in your PC-bottlenecked world justify any means possible under the guise of resistance. You're not resisting. Labor resisted. You're not labor. You're overpaid, over-credentialed, out-of-touch and ineffective. The liberal world has been deconstructed and we need a return to real political resistance not emotionally driven vitriol.

Real resistance is organized. People are diverse. There's no need to exclude anybody if they believe in better wages, health care, and less inequity. Instead you've alienated white males in your arrogant, sexist, racist, perversion of a unified front. Those of us who don't prescribe to your opinions are rejected outright.

We don't have to go out to dinner together after the event. Political associations are that--political. We don't have to agree on our favorite foods or go out on a date. We don't need to like each other. We don't need to ascribe to the same philosophies. What we do need is effective resistance. And in our two party system, all we have is each other. So why are you alienating anyone who can come to your side? This isn't politically wise, and like 2016 will result in massive defections from the Democratic party. The result will be predictable--at most a blue ripple; Republicans will keep the Senate and House. Americans don't like censorship, they don't like lies, and your party has become a sycophantic circle of chimers pretending their flaunting of political correctness and exclusivity is a viable strategy. It isn't.

There are two ways to learn--trial and error or learning. This Democratic cabal that stopped Bernie and suppresses real change isn't that much different from the Establishment Republicans. A return to Democratic values is necessary. We haven't had a pro-labor President since Carter and our manufacturing economy has been crushed. Where is the outrage? Perhaps y'all are crying in your coffee instead of really resisting like Labor did. Where are the marches? Where's the inclusivity? I don't see a political campaign. I don't see discussion of issues. I see propaganda and lies--things that keep the truth hidden and with its absence, a loss of the Democrat's most valuable source of appeal: resistance to Trump based on reason.

I see the entire election framed around the unpopularity of the President. This isn't a solution it's commiseration. Positivity attracts. Obama won because he wasn't Establishment. He didn't win based on negativity, which repels.

Why does the winning formulae have to be forgotten so easily? Why not a younger candidate? Why is the only opposition available based on repugnant censorship, lies, and bigotry? Why is our country in trouble? Because we don't have an effective resistance, we have hysteria which will degenerate rapidly after the fall election into acts of violence as helplessness replaces indignation. And this hate will certainly doom the Democrats as huge Americans are repulsed by the propaganda and character assassination. Take the higher road and you don't so you can't win.

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The author lives in Colorado, photographing the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Politically, John's an X generation independent with a blend of traditional American and progressive values. He is fiscally conservative and believes in (more...)

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