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Chicken Big

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How do we handle things in this economy?

First of all, I don’t think there is anyone who thinks the economy is sound. I don’t think we will hear any more of that garbage. Much like John Mc Cain was saying during his campaign, and GWB said last summer, “the fundamentals of the economy are strong”. Forgot that did you? That tells me one of two things. Either they did not know what they are talking or they are complete liars. Your choice, but neither is good. At the very least? Mc Cain is “ONLY” a senator and GWB has returned to Crawford, Texas to resume his job as village idiot.

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The problem now is that people may believe the talking heads on news channels and their all so devoted elected politician representatives when they are told that the “stimulus package” will make everything okay. Things will be alright. This is truly and utterly NONSENSE. The same seemingly intelligent people who believed Bush and Mc Cain will believe this latest rash of bullshit. I don’t proclaim to be a big fan of Obama. In fact? I don’t believe anything coming from the mouths of either party. Both Democrat and Republican parties are complete failures. BOTH got us into this mess. The “stimulus package” is but a band aid on an arterial bleed. It may restrict some of the flow of the blood we are losing, but cannot stop the bleeding.

In essence? It is up to each and every individual and family unit to stop their own bleeding. DO NOT look to the government for help. Instead? Do for you and yours. MOST uninformed people will be looking to the “government”.

SO, how do we do this?

1.      Buy gold and silver, if you can. I do not mean necklaces and bracelets. BULLION, gold and silver BULLION. There are many denominations of both that practically anyone can purchase. ( I will send an email in the future explaining how and what you should know about buying gold and silver) Until then? Get this mindset. Buy gold and silver with any investment dollars you can scrounge. Most importantly! Take physical possession of the bullion. Do not buy a “piece of paper” telling you that someone is going to hold it for you. Hold gold and silver in your hand. NOT a piece of paper.

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2.      FOOD. Ah yes, food. Who doesn’t need that? Think prices may go down? Not me. Prices WILL continue to rise. I tried to warn some people about 16 months ago about the rise in food prices. For example? At that time you could go to the supermarket and buy canned goods (vegetables) at a “can can” sale. The price? 6 for $2.00. Now? The same “can can” sale last week? 4 for $2.00. That is a difference of 33%. Think you will get 33% interest on your cash? You could have if you invested in food and eaten the same product with a 33% savings. I was advising to buy. Buy cases I wrote. STOCK UP was my point. Few listened. Those that did do not regret. Next year? 3 for $2.00.  5 for $5.00? Oh by the way? Did your salary go up 33%. The point is that there are so many variables with food production (droughts, hurricanes, cold and hot weather etc.) and NONE of them lead to lower prices. Food prices WILL go up. The best advice I can give to my loved ones is to continue to accumulate food at today’s prices. STORE FOOD. Canned goods. Not only vegetables. CANNED meat is also at a decent price right now( I don’t suggest it as a an everyday meal, I only suggest you have some stored). Instead of putting all your savings into a bank, as if you have some savings? BUY FOOD with some of it! “Save for a rainy day” has always been accepted as a good plan. Would you rather have $500 worth of food in your house or $500 in the bank? Once again, your choice. Another point to consider is that there are food shortages throughout the world. There have been food riots. There WILL be more. The only question is how bad will it happen here. Another old saying? “Better safe than sorry”. I recommend a minimum of a two week supply of food in your home. The more food you can accumulate now the better off you will be.

3.      Never thought I would be saying this, BUT you do need a gun in your home. A 12 gauge shotgun is the perfect weapon for home security. They are cheap to buy (around $200.00), and there are a couple of good rounds of ammo that they can use. You DO NOT have to buy hundreds of rounds of ammo. 25 to 50 rounds will get you through almost any attack. Attack I say? Yes, crime WILL go up. Burglary’s, home invasions and the very real possibilities of marauders. Groups driving around looking for “a score”. THEY WILL be armed. You with no weapon? Say goodbye to your food and your gold and silver. Don’t forget too, they will take your auto. If you don’t know how to use a weapon? LEARN! There are courses, but if you can’t? Shotgun pellets cover a pretty good area. Point and click. Marauders tend to leave when fired upon. It will be a sad state of affairs but they will then go after the weaker.

4.      Stock up now on the basic necessities. Sanitary needs that women and men both require. Toothpaste, soap, and toilet paper etc. What do all these have in common? WATER! Stock up on cases of water, the very basic need for life. If you listen to the likes of Dick Cheney? The “terrorists” are standing by with bags of cyanide to put in our water supply or some such crap. I don’t believe that crap, but when people can’t pay their water bill (and gas, and electric… ad nauseum) the price goes up and when the price goes up? More people cannot pay, which means prices go up again…ad nauseum.

5.      A Ham radio, receive AND transmit.

6.      MOST IMPORTANTLY!! A network of family, friends, and neighbors that will help each other out, look out for each other, and have contingency plans in emergencies.

Why all the doom and gloom from me?

The above recommendations are the minimum things you can do RIGHT NOW.

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PLEASE realize we have entered an economy like no other in US history, including the great depression. Things are SO bad that there is literally NOTHING that the politicians or the banksters (a term coined during the great depression, a combination of gangster and banker) WILL do to head off the impending complete collapse of the economy (there are answers, but they know them and will not act on them, another future email). The stimulus as I said is a band aid, it only postpones the inevitable. The inevitable is scary beyond belief. Millions homeless and starving. People walking into supermarkets and just taking food. Armed guards at supermarkets protecting the food, not the cash? Rolling electrical blackouts countrywide? Broken down automobiles everywhere (out of fuel or a needed repair for locomotion with no money, think autos will be cheaper? Buy a new one?)? The inability to get “news” because you cannot use “rabbit ears” anymore to get a signal and watch, they are taking that away, you must listen to the radio. You had better be able to wind that thing up for power. Things will be SO BAD for our criminal justice system? The one where a judge sits up there and sentences people? You know, when people get caught doing something against the law? The judges become powerless, nowhere to put this criminal. What are they going to do? Fine somebody with no money? The police will stop arresting for growing, smoking, and selling pot, picking a pocket, and a host of other crimes. A waste of their time. Police will confiscate and send you on your way. It will become a system for only the violent and that will be your second major offense. There is no room in their hotel for people trying to feed their children who are not violent, only room for the neoviolent. Older violent people in jail now? Get out of jail free. There IS no other answer. We have also scraped the bottom of that barrel. There is not enough prison space for those angry and desperate but non violent. A few days ago? California was told by Federal Judges that it may have to empty their prisons of up to 40% of their prison population. Question? How many people caught stealing food for their children will be put in prison? I say none. I bet even you are worried about feeding yourself and your children. What about the people who are past that worry. They cannot do it? WHERE do they look?

Don’t agree? Then explain to me where the people who have lost their jobs and have no hope of finding one are going to find the means to exist? Explain to me how people who have not yet lost their jobs but depended on people with jobs to have a job are going to continue to have a job (restaurants, etc. etc. etc.)? Explain to me how we are going to put people to work when we no longer have an infrastructure in manufacturing? We don’t even make our own clothes anymore let alone a tv or a refrigerator and our automobile industry is in the crapper. Explain to me how many jobs will be left at a Mc Donalds when people can no longer afford that “luxury”? Explain to me how this stimulus package is going to make things okay? In essence? We are going to BORROW money or print it up. Give some money to US citizens to buy more stuff. This keeps the economy growing? In reality? We buy more stuff, but what happens when that money is gone? We owe the money we just “received”, and we still have to pay it back. You get a $1000.00 “rebate” from the government. You spend $1000.00 on a television. You STILL owe $1000.00, after all, you are the government and the government is broke. Maybe worst of all? Most of that $1000.00 goes overseas, to the country that produced that television. Explain to me where released prisoners will get jobs and what they will do to survive? Explain to me how the housing market is going to get better when even when people were working the subprime mortgage mess happened? The housing mess is far from over and the newly unemployed have entered the equation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t having no job equal no money and no money means the inability to pay a mortgage, not to mention car loans and credit card debt? Explain to me how the “white collar” people who have huge monthly mortgage payments but have lost their jobs are going to find another job to pay their mortgage? Explain to me how these same “white collar” workers deserve the sympathy of those of us who did not own anything more than a basic happy family, and it was all good, now look to US for a bailout and where are we going to get the money for that? Most of all, most of all, in fact most of all? Explain to me how the very people who got us into this mess are going to get us out of it? If you went to a mechanic to fix your auto and he made things worse? Would you go back to him? That is in essence what we have done to OURSELVES. We actually voted back in 96% of the Congressional thieves and actual traitors. Benedict Arnold would be celebrated as better than these a**holes.

I am not saying this is Armageddon, the end of the world, but it is the end of the world as we have known it to be. We have entered the nightmare that many of us could not have imagined and the sun has not gone down yet. When we re-elect Michael Myers because he changes his tune right before re-election? WE deserve and we get Michael Myers.


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Tired of the lies of the politicians. Tired of the fact that most Americans do not have the time to investigate and find what the MSM will not tell them.

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