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Life Arts    H4'ed 8/1/12

Changing Our Self; Changing the World

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Burl Hall
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In the movie, "The Day the Universe Changed, James Burke states at the end, "if the universe is what we say it is, then, by all means, say."

How we see the world defines what the world is.  Unfortunately, we define the world according to a rather shallow aspect of ourselves that the great mystics throughout the world call the ego.  What our egos call the world is but a narrow band sitting within an infinity of potentials.

In our world, we tend to define the world as being external to ourselves.  It is not.  It is in our head and our head only gives us a narrow band of what is "out there" in the real world.  Yet, we define reality by our head and our senses.  The world we see, smell, touch and perceive is not real.  It is a perception.  In Hindu, this is referred to as Maya, or illusion.

The universe as we see it today is objectified.  This means we turn everything into an object.  Now, many of the intellectualized liberals who are bought and sold into the objectivity of science and rational reason will rant and rave about these words. They will say this world "is at is it."

This is a lie for they say the world is as they say it and how they say is not necessarily what they say it is.  In other words, let's get rid of the experts.  The universe is beyond what we and the experts say it is.  This is why great wise men and women such as Christ, when confronted about the nature of the universe, remain quiet.  As one of the Hindu texts says, "those who speak don't know."  If we say the universe is what we say it is, then we need to say it knowing that others do not see it the same and that our way is not THE way. 

Even if you take sharing a beautiful view of a lake with a loved one, the two of you are having different perceptions.  Perhaps she smells something you don't.  Even in her standing where she is standing means, by definition, she is getting a different perspective on things. 

Furthermore, to say the universe is objective is to say it is an object, a noun.  Yet, if one attended to the wisdom of our elders, we would find they defined the universe as process, a verb.  As such, when Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching he defined the Tao as "The Way."  Now many in western culture think that this is some kind of dogma to follow.  It is not.  It is simply natural process...which entails the intercourse of the yin and the yang.  Thus, the Sun and Earth make love in the same fashion that people make love.  The Sun enters the atmosphere and the soils and the seeds within the Earth sprout and take form as the plants, trees, and bumble bees buzzing around. 

What people do, the Earth, the Sun, the Heavens, and the birds and bees do.  This is why when we have "The Talk" with our children, we sometimes call it the "Facts of Life." 

I would also say that if one says Christ is "The Way," it is not referring to an externalized God.  It is talking about our lives being a manifestation of a process.  Thus, in order for us to be resurrected into a higher dimension of consciousness, we need to die.  Or, as the old saying goes regarding going to our graves, "we'll be pushing up daisies."  In pushing up daisies, we will be entering into a universal process (of which we've always been a part of).  As Christ says in the Bible, we need to pick up the cross as He did.  In other words, it goes beyond the traditional Christian notion that He died for our sins to we need to die to our sins in order to enter a more evolved state of consciousness.  Indeed, we need to be the sacrifice in order for us to evolve into a "higher" state of consciousness, which links us to everything and everybody.  At this level of consciousness, we are all truly brothers and sisters. 

Think of it this way, when one goes into the skies, and even into space, one gets a more macroscopic view of the world.  Indeed, many of the travelers to the moon were deeply affected spiritually be viewing the Earth from a different perspective.  They received a vision regarding the bird's eye view of the world.  They saw its wholeness.  This deeply affected some of the travelers. 

When we speak of Truth, this sense of wholeness is what it is.  It is everything in its interrelated and unified state.  It is the puzzle completed.  Men and women are not opposites as in two warring factions.  They are mirror images of one another.  Likewise, the tyranny of the terrorists over in the Middle East is a mirror to the terrorists running our standardized, no child left behind, school systems in our country. "Line up, shut up, do as your told," and if you don't?  God help you!  This is terrorism in that you use fear to control. 

Evolution requires that we get beyond ourselves and to get beyond ourselves means transcending our fears to step into the waters of change.  We think in our technological world that we are the most awakened creature there is.  This is arrogance.  Nature has been creating planets, stars, ecosystems and people for several billion years.  Perhaps the process of creation and destruction is never ending.  Perhaps out of the death of the universe a new one will arise?  The ego that is typing this and reading this has not a clue. 

Yet, as Burke points out, the universe is as we say it is.  What we see in this world is opposition.  Yet, in theories such as the Gaia Hypothesis of James Lovelock, it appears that the world operates as a single organism.  In other words, all of us, the creatures, the land, the seas, the plants, the atmosphere are all in it together.  We can no longer afford Christian vs Muslim, or Nature vs Man, or Man vs Woman, etc.   We need to give up the dog eat dog mentality.  Even when the lioness takes down an antelope, it is maintaining balance in an ecosystem.  The lioness is doing her job.  And, we can do our job by realizing that in acts as simple as breathing, ridding ourselves or waste, eating, walking, making love, we are influencing the entire world.  Meditate on your breath.  In breathing out carbon dioxide, trees breathe that in and breathe out oxygen which you breathe in.  It's a dance and the two of you, together, tree and human being, are maintaining the atmosphere.  Knowing this, while taking this further, how can you feel alienated?

To become more connected, one needs to move beyond their self.  The first step in doing this is to go inward and challenge how you've been mesmerized and hypnotized by our great leaders in the corporate and government worlds throughout the past 6 to 8,000 years.  The trend during this time period has indoctrinated us into a belief system about who we are and what the world is about that is simply a fictitious lie.  Roll that over in your mind, it's a lie.  Most of what you have been taught is false, a horrific damaging lie.  You are a conditioned robot hypnotized into being a slave.

As Lao Tzu says in the Tao Te Ching, "Be newborn, be free of yourself."  Or as Christ says as He gazes upon a woman and her infant, "Be like that baby."  Rid yourself of conditioning.  That is the first step to our healing and the beginning of the evolution of humanity and the Earth.  Let go!  Get beyond this staged drama show of the corporate and government making.  Go deep within yourself.  Truth is there.  It is not in any new psycho therapy that changes as often as we change our clothes.  Nor is it in any belief system, political movement, perfume or technological gimmick.  These are all corporate lies.  You, your naked essence, is what you have been waiting for.  It is also what the world want from you.  We all, me, Gaia and the universe want you as naked as the day you were born.  In that nakedness, you will shine forth as the entire universe.  Your exposure is OUR exposure. 

So, as the Fall of Humanity is seen as Adam and Eve, the original male and female, putting clothes on due to shame, it is time, now to remove them.  We need to be who we are in our Truth, our Essence, our Nature.   It is at this point that we realize that no external God is going to place us into paradise.  We can only enter Paradise through our realization of the infinity of our inner world.          

The "Day the Universe Changed" can be read about at click here

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