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America is a Cooked Goose!

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In an idealized society, if someone is allowed to loan money at interest, simple math tells us that this person will end up with all the money and own everything. There is a practical lesson to be learned from this hypothetical example.   In the real world, when we allow people to loan money at interest within a fractional-reserve banking system, the system will function fine early on when sufficient resources are available to feed it, but it is doomed to fail over time as resources become depleted and people lose their ability to carry huge amounts of debt.   Ultimately, the results are the same as in our hypothetical example.   The money lenders end up owning everything and everyone else becomes their economic slave.   So it is in the United States today.


In 1913, Congress was duped, bribed, and cajoled into passing the Federal Reserve Act, creating the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank.   By so doing, America's fate was sealed by a group of conspirators who were now positioned to own and control everything.   As if this wasn't bad enough, these conspirators induced Congress to amend our constitution so as to allow for a tax on personal income.   This new tax was needed to provide funds to pay the interest on our national debt, interest we would not have to pay if Congress coined our money as our constitution requires.   There you have it!   Early on in the previous century, Americans ceased being a free and independent people and were transformed into economic slaves by the money lenders.   As bad as this was, we were also saddled with a monetary system which was doomed to fail.   Today, it is failing and all we can do is watch in horror as it happens.


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At first, our rape was slow and insidious.   We felt good as we reveled in our newly found power and prosperity.   A chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage was the order of the day, but unseen and ignored was the fact that that we were slowly bleeding and this bleeding was relentless.   Each day the flow grew larger and each day, Americans owned less of what they thought was theirs.   The income tax robbed us our productivity, interest on our loans doubled and tripled what we paid for everything, and inflation ensured that no matter how much we saved, we would always have less than we thought.   At first, only husbands worked and wives were homemakers.   Soon wives had to pitch in and find a job.   Eventually, even this was not enough and today with both partners working, in far too many instances, second jobs are the necessary.   We were slowly being robbed blind and this made the money lenders rich beyond their wildest dreams.   They became so rich that, in the guise of the so-called New World Order, they were able to lay claim to the entire world.


Until the latter part of the previous century, the illusion that we were a free and independent nation remained unscathed.   Only a few people who were "out of touch" with reality thought anything was wrong and that disaster was looming on the horizon.   However, in 1994 this changed because Congress passed the unconstitutional General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) making the United States a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).   Unknown to most Americans at the time and still unknown to most till this day, upon passage of GATT, America was no longer a sovereign nation.   Our freedom and independence was gone.   This is not speculation and this is not conjecture because the verbiage of the GATT accord clearly establishes this to be the case.   According to GATT, this nation has agreed, without question or reservation, to ensure all our laws, regulations, and procedures conform to those of the WTO.   In other words, Congress, our President, and our Supreme Court are no longer our primary law givers.   Instead, a group of foreigners unknown to us and not elected by anyone creates the laws we will live under.  

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After passing GATT, to further seal our fate, Congress enacted the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).   Upon passage of these so-called "free trade" agreements, in conjunction with GATT, the doors to the world were fully open for American corporations and they began to leave our borders in droves to take advantage of the low taxes, cheap labor, and lax environmental controls offered by third-world countries.   All the while this was happening Congress held that the competition was good for America, never stopping to think that with our manufacturing base gone, Americans would no longer have anything to compete with.   Jobs were leaving our shores in droves and nobody in Congress considered this to be bad for our economy.   After all, this is the United States of America, the greatest nation in all of history.   We are such a great nation that the laws of nature no longer apply to us and reality is whatever we say it is.


The chickens have come home to roost.   Our demise began in 1913 when the incipient New World Order took control of our government and used their corrupt and doomed monetary system to bleed this nation of its wealth and resources.   The final coup-de-grace came when Congress passed GATT, NAFTA, and CAFTA.   These accords robbed us of our sovereignty and ended our existence as a free and independent nation.   Finally, in keeping with these legislative acts of plunder, Congress began deregulating everything in our economy including our financial institutions.   The latter led to an orgy of free and easy credit, which fueled a frenzy of real estate speculation.   You can never pay too much for a piece of property because property values always go up, was the mantra of the day.   Unfortunately, nothing always goes up and the inevitable mortgage meltdown we experienced led to the collapse of our financial industries.   How convenient this was for our government and its New World Order masters.   Now they could point to the mortgage meltdown as the reason for our economic collapse when the real reasons behind it was the blind acceptance of New World Order policies and initiatives by a Congress comprised of corrupt politicians who feathered their own nests at our expense.


And now we come to the final abomination.   The economic collapse this nation is experiencing today is the direct result of a century of duplicity, subterfuge, and criminality on the part of those in Congress who we elect and pay to look out for our best interests.   Now Congress has voted to give $700 billion of money we do not have in retribution to the bastards who did this to us.   They justify this deplorable action by claiming it is necessary to free up credit markets, never stopping to ask what good is credit to Americans who no longer can afford loans.  Think about it!   The banks loaned money like drunken sailors and got themselves into serious trouble such that they stopped loaning money.   Now to get them to loan money again, our government has to borrow $700 billion and gave it to them so they will once again do what they are supposed to do.   Is this the best way to instill confidence in America when the problem we have is that Americans can no longer find jobs?   It truly is beyond comprehension that Congress thinks it can save America by continuing to destroy it.   America's goose is cooked and to rectify the situation, Congress turns up the heat.   The truth is that we are not seeing a solution or even a possible solution to our problems.   What we are seeing is a final rush to plunder what we have left before the corpse of this nation is finally buried.

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Al Adaschik was born in New London, Connecticut, on June 27th, 1943. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York and attended Franklin K. Lane High School. Upon graduation, he was accepted as an engineering student at the University of Michigan in its (more...)

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