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August 2013

Friday, August 30:

Hydrogen fuel from sunlight: Researchers make unique semiconductor/catalyst construct (2 comments)

Thursday, August 29:

Golden Rice: Fool's gold or golden opportunity? | Grist

Innovative Electric Drive System Has Only One Moving Part (17 comments)

Wildfires Projected to Worsen with Climate Change (1 comments)

Surveillance drone helps firefighters battle Calif. blaze (2 comments)

Tuesday, August 27:

The looming crisis of the death of Windows XP (30 comments)

Monday, August 26:

Ocean Acidification Amplifies Global Warming

Radio wave-treated water & CO2: New Technology Creates Hardier Crops (7 comments)

Sunday, August 25:

Record-Breaking Renewable Energy Capacity Pushes Fossil Fuel Plants to Close in Germany (2 comments)

Monsanto: Corporate Rap Sheet - by Corporate Research Project

Starship Congress Day 1 part 1 video, schedule and abstracts (1 comments)

Saturday, August 24:

Machine converts plastic back into oil (1 comments)

Our Brains Hardwired for Empathy and Friendship (26 comments)

Wednesday, August 21:

Bee-pocalypse: a third of US honeybees now gone

Tuesday, August 20:

The Firings at AOL Patch: A Study in Corporate Myopia (2 comments)

This is what it looks like when a building implodes (3 comments)

Sunday, August 18:

Solar Power "Dirt Cheap"? (1 comments)

Saturday, August 17:

Rechargeable Battery That Could Enable Cheaper, Efficient Energy Storage

Thursday, August 15:

German scientists stop light inside crystal: The basis of quantum memory (1 comments)

New mammal species discovered (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 14:

Neonicotinoids: DDT 2.0 (1 comments)

Tuesday, August 13:

Lavabit: A Profile in Corporate Principles and Personal Courage

Sunday, August 11:

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

Thursday, August 8:

The Chemical Industry Divides an Environmental Coalition into Disarray (3 comments)

Nuclear Fusion Brainstorming Session at Google's Solve for X

Wednesday, August 7:

Billboard in Peru Creates Potable Water Supply (2 comments)

Monday, August 5:

Israeli Inventor Builds Cardboard Bikes (2 comments)

Sunday, August 4:

Existing Cropland Could Feed Four Billion More (1 comments)

Saturday, August 3:

Climate-Disease Links Become Clearer

Friday, August 2:

Efficiently Producing Hydrogen (3 comments)

Revolutionary Energy Storage: Graphene-based Supercapacitors (1 comments)

Thursday, August 1:

Light completely stopped for a record-breaking minute (1 comments)

'Evolution will Punish You if You're Selfish and Mean


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