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August 2013

Saturday, August 31:

The Cosmic Story: Virgo New Moon, September 5, 2013 (3 comments)

Friday, August 30:

Subsequent Rotation

Through Music and Story Telling: Makana Speaks (4 comments)

Thursday, August 29:

Amanda Bennett and "The Cost of Hope: The Story of a Marriage, a Family, and the Quest for Life"

Age-Related Memory Loss: Potentially Reversible?

Wednesday, August 28:

Lot's Daughters

The Deadly Gaze of American Love (51 comments)

Rotation (a poem dedicated to Harold E. Lamb) (1 comments)

Tuesday, August 27:

*Why Men's Violence Against Women? Why the War on Women's Reproductive Rights? (4 comments)

Monday, August 26:

Why do Haters Hate? (2 comments)

so (2 comments)

Blackfish: Putting the 'Killer' Back in 'Killer Whale'

Saturday, August 24:

State of the Dream Ten Years Ago: The Fortieth Anniversary Commemoration of MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech

The Matrix of Four in Peace and War

Friday, August 23:

Checking Out the New Al Jazeera America AJAM News Network (6 comments)

" . . . wires and lights in a box." (1 comments)

The Absent Father Impact on Children: Divorce & Separation (1 comments)

Thursday, August 22:

YES! Magazine's Solutions-Oriented Journalism Wins Top Media Award (5 comments)

Mary Wentworth: Is The Way Way Back Really Funny Funny Funny?

Humanity Is Getting Verrrrrrry Close to Extinction (6 comments)

Tuesday, August 20:

LSD, Other Psychedelics Not Linked with Mental Health Problems (2 comments)

A terrible beauty is born (1 comments)

Rembrandt, Jews and Jesus: Putting Judaism Back in the Picture (9 comments)

Chefs stir the pot in hopes of influencing GMOs, Organic standards

Monday, August 19:

The Obama Administration is Thwarting State Laws for the Animals and Fish (2 comments)

How Living Apart Saved a Marriage: Ricki Lake Show Interview (2 comments)

Sunday, August 18:

KarmaTube: 7 Billion Others

NYC supporters of TradeJustice events this week - TPP lobby training & training

Rebel, Rebel: "The Company You Keep" and "The East"

Saturday, August 17:

Wretched of the Earth

We've Become a Nation of Us Versus Them (7 comments)

Great American Products to Buy Labor Day Weekend

Profiles in Cowardice

Wrestling Diplomacy

Soft Drinks and Behavioral Problems in Kids

It is not a coup, It is the will of Egyptian people - YouTube

The World's Oldest Yoga Teacher Turns 95

Friday, August 16:

The Cosmic Story: 2nd Aquarius Full Moon, August 20, 2013 (2 comments)

Conservatives Angry At 'Elysium' for Showing World Their Ideology Would Create (1 comments)

How he looks at you. How you look at him. Attractiveness and gender roles. (2 comments)

Songs, scams, and sailboats (1 comments)

White Ink Tattoos

Sad to Report, Lisa Robin Kelly, Laura Forman of "That 70's Show", has passed at the age of 43. (6 comments)

Thursday, August 15:

Poet's video about OCD and love goes viral

Wednesday, August 14:

Democracy is Coming to The USA (1 comments)

Can Veganism Save the World? (34 comments)

The Marriage of Mother Nature and Father God (7 comments)

Tuesday, August 13:

The Science for Life Extension Foundation

*Where Do We Stand Now? Some Cultural Considerations (3 comments)

The Future According to Elysium (1 comments)

Movie Review: Elysium; It Will Make Your Blood Boil (8 comments)

Monday, August 12:

The American People Are Not Sheep (5 comments)

Sunday, August 11:

The Further Adventures of the Bodhisattva (3 comments)

Climate Change "In Our Backyards" (4 comments)

the conscientious objector in us all

Saturday, August 10:

The PEN: Save the Bees Before We All Starve (2 comments)

Nosey, a Suffering Elephant

Revolution Goes Global: Elysium (2013) (3 comments)

Friday, August 9:

The rain is as beautiful

Scoops, Yucks, and Ratings

Fred Harrison: Treason Part 3: The Temple of Doom - Video

*Erich Fromm: A Secular Jewish Prophet for Our Times (4 comments)

Thursday, August 8:

Modern parenting styles may hinder brain development

Predictions for August 2013 and the terror attack threat (1 comments)

Daniel Patrick Welch: A Special School Celebrates Summer (8 comments)

Wednesday, August 7:

The Killing Fields (Documentary - Pricing for an eco-friendly society)

Will the Real Jesus Please Step Forward: Many Stories, Few Facts (18 comments)

Community Builds Mini Homes for Homeless (1 comments)

Blame poverty, not public schools (22 comments)

Tuesday, August 6:

A Tweet To Pope Francis (7 comments)

A Mythic Whistleblower Who Actually Gets Rewarded (3 comments)

Censorship (1 comments)

Will AWOL True Believers Leave GOP at the Altar (4 comments)

Monday, August 5:

Esoteric Knowledge, the Matrix of 4 (2 comments)

Research Points to Increased Creativity at Messy Workspaces (Finally!) - MediaJobsDaily (2 comments)

Sunday, August 4:

Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs Out of Garbage (2 comments)

Sunday Sermon on Killing Religious Hypocrisy and Where to Go from There (1 comments)

The Cosmic Story: Leo New Moon, Aug. 6, 2013 (6 comments)

Saturday, August 3:

Resource Revival Makes Discarded Bike Parts Come Alive (3 comments)

if there's any possibility

Behavior Problems for Children Who Get Less Sleep (1 comments)

Ocean City Beauty Pageant is Crabfully Wonderful

Abine - 7 tips to deal with Yahoo's TOS update (1 comments)

Friday, August 2:

Zen and the Art of Protest (1 comments)

The Street Angle, The Straight Anglo and The Real Fight Club


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