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August 2013

Saturday, August 31:

UN weapons inspectors leave Syrian capital (1 comments)

UK took three weeks to act over data at New York Times, says Guardian

Friday, August 30:

David Miranda was carrying password for secret files on piece of paper

Why Labor Should Oppose a U.S. Attack on Syria | The Labor Fightback Blog (1 comments)

The Latest Stupidity of the Right-Wing: "Medicare is Un-American"

If the British Can Stop Their Government From Waging War in Syria, Why Can\'t We? | Joseph A. Palermo (2 comments)

Paul Krugman: The Unsaved World

Thursday, August 29:

What Emerging Knowledge Economy? | Robert D. Atkinson, Ph.D. (1 comments)

Explaining Socialism To A Republican

Economy Grows Faster Than Expected As GOP Threatens To Derail Recovery -- Again

Wealth Distribution in America, Graphically Shown (1 comments)

Western pathological liars hold world to ransom

Wednesday, August 28:

David Corn: The Dark Side of "I Have a Dream": The FBI's War on Martin Luther King

House Republicans Have Collectively Voted To Repeal Obamacare Over 7,000 Times (1 comments)

Tobacco Uses the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Reverse World Health Gains; will the Gates and Buffett Remain Silent? (1 comments)

Even if Assad used chemical weapons, the west has no mandate to act as a global policeman

Federal Reserve Employees Afraid To Speak Put Financial System At Risk

Tuesday, August 27:

Making War In Syria (1 comments)

Laura Poitras on British Attacks on Press Freedom and the NSA Affair

Fail Whale | ThinkProgress (2 comments)

Boehner Demands Medicare, Social Security And Medicaid Cuts To Raise Debt Limit (4 comments)

John Boehner's escape hatch is closing

Monday, August 26:

Paul Krugman: The Decline of E-Empires

Sunday, August 25:

I'm Thinking. Please. Be Quiet. - By GEORGE PROCHNIK (2 comments)

How Technology Wrecks the Middle Class (5 comments)

Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing? - y VASILIS K. POZIOS, PRAVEEN R. KAMBAM and H. ERIC BENDER (1 comments)

The UnAmerican Way (1 comments)

Gail Collins: Where Credit is Due

Plutocrats' New Pitch: Let Us Rob You Now So You Can Plan Ahead for Poverty

Saturday, August 24:

Understanding The History And Purpose Of Fox News

What in the world was the state thinking? - (2 comments)

Plutocrats' New Pitch: Let Us Rob You Now So You Can Plan Ahead for Poverty

In Paper War, Flood of Liens Is the Weapon - (1 comments)

Friday, August 23:

Full Show: America's Gilded Capital (1 comments)

GOP senator says Obama "close" to impeachment. True?

Bill Black responds to Bhide: Pick a "Boring" Fed Chair because Supervision is the Key and it requires "Dullness" (2 comments)

Once Upon a Time...: If You Love Martyrs So Much, Then You Be One (4 comments)

Paul Krugman: This Age of Bubbles (3 comments)

Thursday, August 22:

Death by Corporation: America's Corporate Deathstar

Rand Paul Teaming Up With Dems? For This Cause, He Thinks It's Worth It (2 comments)

Amazon Received $600 Million CIA Computer Cloud Contract: Surveillance Shopping?

Secret Court Rebuked N.S.A. on Surveillance - CHARLIE SAVAGE and SCOTT SHANE, (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 21:

Bradley Manning case: Obama should commute sentence to time already served

An "Overwhelmed" NSA Still Doesn't Know What Snowden Took (1 comments)

Can Obama regain momentum?

Steve King's inhumane farm bill measure (2 comments)

Obama Wants to Close the SBA to Cover Up Fraud, Not Save Money

Monday, August 19:

RNC Boycott Of CNN, NBC Over Hillary Clinton Gets Control Of Debates (1 comments)

Are Utilities Ready for the Coming Death Spiral? : Greentech Media (5 comments)

War on the Core - (2 comments)

Should cops wear Google Glass? (1 comments)

War on the Border - (2 comments)

Sunday, August 18:

Gorgeous Glimpses of Calamity - (1 comments)

Paul Krugman: One Reform, Indivisible

New York Times: Complicit in the destruction of Egyptian democracy

Expecting the Unexpected From Jeff Bezos

How come officials could predict new test score results? By Valerie Strauss, (2 comments)

Saturday, August 17:

A New Danger to Campaign Law

The U.S. Behaves Nothing Like a Democracy, But You'll Never Hear About It in Our 'Free Press'

Jerry Resists - A Political Prisoner in the United States of America!

A Disturbance in the Force by Yves Smith

A New Danger to Campaign Law -

GPS Tracking and Secret Policies - (1 comments)

Friday, August 16:

LAUSD- The Academic Credentials Problem: Vallas and Deasy - (1 comments)

New York Legislature to Reconsider Testing, Common Core | by BAILEY PRITCHETTHeartlander Magazine (1 comments)

Encore: How People Power Generates Change | Moyers & Company | (1 comments)

White House tries to rewrite an entire NSA interview given to the Washington Post

Moment of Truthiness - By PAUL KRUGMAN

No Banker Left Behind - (1 comments)

Philadelphia Borrows So Its Schools Open on Time

A Limit on Consumer Costs Is Delayed in Health Care Law (1 comments)

School Standards' Debut Is Rocky, and Critics Pounce -By MOTOKO RICH (5 comments)

Paul Krugman: Moment of Truthiness (2 comments)

Richmond Mayor And Community Leaders To March On Wells Fargo Offices In SF

LAUSD- STILL ROTTEN TO ITS "COMMON CORE" - by Lenny Isenberg. (1 comments)

Thursday, August 15:

Democrats turn up heat on Republican climate-change skeptics

A Former WaPo Ombudsman's Very Specific Advice to Jeff Bezos: Fire Jennifer Rubin

GOP Hypocrisy: Three Republicans Who Opposed Sandy Relief Want Federal Aid for AZ Wildfire

Living in Dialogue - by Anthony Cody Education Week Teacher (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 14:

John Kerry: "This Little Thing Called the Internet ... Makes It Much Harder to Govern" (1 comments)

Labor's Edge Blog : The Truth Behind BART's Vilification of Its Employees

Robergt Reich: The 7 Biggest Economic Lies | Robert Reich

Tuesday, August 13:

The Conservative March Toward a Society of Sociopaths (1 comments)

How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets

Darkness at Noon: The Trap of 'Transparency'

Does the Chief Justice Have Too Much Power? (2 comments)

Monday, August 12:

Why is JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon immune from prosecution?

NYC Educator: Who's Afraid of Matt Damon? by Norm Scott (1 comments)

Government deficit cuts leading to another Recession, according to history

Sunday, August 11:

Paul Krugman: Milton Friedman, Unperson

Segregating ourselves into information tribes (1 comments)

Obama Tantrum and US Global Terror Alert Belie Washington's Inner Panic over Russia and Snowden

Obamacare: Is it worth shutting down the government? [VIDEO] (2 comments)

John Grisham: After Guantánamo, Another Injustice

Saturday, August 10:

Shouldn't National Security, Sustainability, and Citizenship be Highly Relevant to Our Trade Policy? (2 comments)

Friday, August 9:

Thou Shalt Not Praise His Name: Rep. Lewis Praises Snowden . . . Then Quickly Retracts Praise (2 comments)

Sigurdur Thordarson: Icelandic WikiLeaks volunteer turned FBI informant (1 comments)

Got Science? A Green Tea Party May Be Brewing (1 comments)

Teaching White-Collar Crime | New Economic Perspectives

Scarborough: Paul-McConnell relationship is "marriage of convenience' (3 comments)

Thursday, August 8:

How the Internet Can Save Journalism | Bruce Ackerman

Bill Black: Is B of A the Most Embarrassing Department of Justice Suit Ever? (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 7:

Decades behind: Sexual assault unchecked as Defense Department ducks reform

What Republicans Did Instead of Creating Jobs This Summer

Bay Area Citizens sues Plan Bay Area - SFGate (1 comments)

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (5 comments)

Tuesday, August 6:

Paul Krugman: PolitiFact and the Shape of the Planet, Deficit Edition

Monday, August 5:

Bradley Manning Verdict: Use of Espionage Act Shows US Hypocrisy

Sunday, August 4:

Paul Krugman: Republicans Against Reality

Al Jazeera America sets own course

Edward Snowden's Not the Story. The Fate of the Internet Is

A Washington Riddle - What Is "Top Secret"?

Court Rulings Blur the Line Between a Spy and a Leaker

The Trauma of Being Alive (1 comments)

Saturday, August 3:

Life in a Toxic Country (6 comments)

Obama in tough spot on Snowden (3 comments)

Petition to Serve Bradley Manning's Jail Time (1 comments)

Manning deserves Nobel Peace Prize: Opposing view (12 comments)

Friday, August 2:

McConnell, Lundergan Grimes to open political battle for Kentucky Senate seat | McClatchy

The GOP's Entire Budget Strategy Collapsed Yesterday, And Almost No One Noticed

Amazon Is Worse Than Walmart

Sex, Money and Gravitas

Thursday, August 1:

44 Facts About The Death Of The Middle Class That Every American Should Know (5 comments)

The Greatest Generation? (2 comments)

Congressman Scolds Catholic Nun For Asking Government To Help The Poor (2 comments)

Do corporations have religious beliefs? The Supreme Court will need to decide soon

House Falls Apart When The GOP Actually Tries To Implement The Ryan Budget

More Fog From the Spy Agencies


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